GAME NIGHT 8/18: Buckeye Union/Kailua

Kailua's Cameron Dudoit-Kamai directed Kaniala Williams where to block for him against Moanalua. Photo by Jay Metzger/Special to the Star-Advertiser.

One of the most impressive victories last week was No. 9 Kailua’s 44-0 shutout of Moanalua to open its season last week. The Surfriders are have entered the rankings for the third straight season for the first time since 2002-04. They now host Buckeye Union (Ariz.), a 4A team from Arizona which went 8-3 last season.

Kailua is 4-0 against mainland competition over the years.

2001: Beat Snow Canyon (Utah) 29-28 on the road
1996: Beat Sunny Hill (Calif.) 8-7
1974: Beat Jackson (Ore.) 28-0
1973: Beat Jackson (Ore.) 13-7

Head coach: Kelley Moore
2017 Hawks roster


Head coach: Joseph Wong
2017 Surfriders roster

No. 9 Kailua 28, Buckeye Union (Ariz.) 27, FINAL

8:47: Kailua takes a knee and runs the clock out to seal the win. WHAT A GAME. This team is something special.

8:45: Seeing as though Buckeye only has one timeout left, Kailua can take knees from here on out.

8:44: Buckeye’s onside kick is recovered by Kailua with 1:02 left.


8:40: TOUCHDOWN HAWKS. Perez and Smart connect again, this time for an 8-yard touchdown. They appear to be going for two and call time. THIS COULD BE IT.

8:38: Kailua calls timeout with the Hawks facing first-and-goal from the Surfriders’ 8 with 1:10 to go. If Buckeye scores here, will they go for two? We shall see.

8:35: Hawks are driving. Now on the Kailua 35 with 2:34 left.

8:27: KAILUA IS BACK IN THE LEAD. Kealoha “Kolo” Hanawahine-Wong punches it in for a 1-yard score. Vega’s kick is good. Surfriders up 28-21 with 4:52 left. Let’s see how Perez & co. respond.

8:25: Kailua is back in business after a 40-yard pass from Mejia to Williams, who is downed at the Buckeye 5.

8:20: Buckeye kicks off from midfield after a penalty and the kick sails in the end zone for a touchback.

8:18: AND WE’RE TIED AGAIN. Perez sneaks it up the middle for a 2-yard score. Cisneros with the PAT. We’re squared up at 21 with 9:06 left in the game.

8:16: An absolutely WILD play to set the Hawks up at the Kailua 2. Wright picks off Perez but then gets the ball punched out, Buckeye recovers with 9:22 left.

8:11: Mejia and Rasay connect for a 24-yard gain on third down, but that’s still one yard short of a first so they punt. Buckeye takes over from its own 30 with 11:11 left in the game.


8:08: And that’s the third. Kailua 21, Buckeye 14. Surfriders face third-and-very long from their own 25 after a 15-yard loss on a fumble.

8:05: The Hawks go three-and out. The punt is downed at the Kailua 40 with 34 seconds to go in the quarter.

8:02: TOHCDOWN KAILUA. Mejia scrambles on fourth-and-goal and narrowly gets in the end zone for a 5-yard score. Vega’s extra point os good. 21-14 Kailua, 1:57 to go in the third.

7:58: After a brief injury timeout, the Surfriders face third-and-goal from the Buckeye 10.

7:50: Three-and-out for Buckeye. Kailua takes over from its own 41 with 5:35 to go in the third.

7:45: AND WE’RE TIED. Kaniala Williams hauls in a 13-yard pass from Mejia. Vega’s PAT is good. 14-all with 7:36 left in the third.

7:43: Surfriders driving, now first and goal from the Buckeye 10 with 8:10 to go in the third.

7:39: Kailua’s Bruddah Spencer-Choy Foo (yes, that is his listed name) picks off Perez and takes it to the Buckeye 37.

7:36: Mejia is PICKED OFF by Key-L Richardson. After his return, the Buckeye’s will take over from the Kailua 45 with 10:17 to go in the third.

7:32: Surfriders will start the half from their own 25 after the kickoff.


7:13: Kailua takes a knee and we’re at the half. Surfriders will receive to start the second half down 14-7.

7:10: TOUCHDOWN BUCKEYE. Perez lobs it up for Anthony Smart, who out-jumps his man and takes it to the house. Cisneros’ PAT is good, and the Hawks lead 14-7 with 12 seconds to go in the half.

7:03: Kailua again goes for it in Buckeye territory and doesn’t get it. Hawks taking over from their own 25 with 2:03 left in the half.

7:00: Perez is picked off by Dylan Kurahashi-Choy Foo with 3:37 left in the half. Surfriders taking over from the Buckeye 30.

6:56: Surfriders go for it on fourth down from the Buckeye 21 but to no avail. Hakws take over with 5:14 left in the half.

6:51: Kailua responds with by forcing a three-and-out of their own. Surfriders take over from the Buckeye 36 after a shanked punt. 7:37 to go in the half.

6:49: Three-and-out for Kailua. Buckeye looks like they’re getting over their jet lag with a nice defensive stand. Hawks to take over from their own 10 with 9:30 left in the half.

6:46: Kailua takes over at the Buckeye 45 after a nice return by Solomon Farley.

6:44: TOUCHDOWN BUCKEYE. Perez keeps a read option and takes it 17 yards TO THE HOUSE. Impressive footwork there, especially for a quarterback. Albaro Cisneros kicks the extra point through and we’re tied at 7 with 11:11 to go in the half.


6:39: We’ve reached the end of the first quarter here in Kailua with the hosts up 7-0. But the Hawks have a fresh set of downs on the Kailua 20 to start the second quarter.

6:37: Hawks driving here. Now on the Kailua 32 with a minute to go in the first quarter.

6:27: Surfriders go for it on fourth and goal but turn it over on downs. Hawks take over from their own 10 with 5:01 to go in the quarter.

6:20: Hawks go for it on fourth down in their own territory but to no avail. Surfriders to take over from the Buckeye 38, 6:51 to go in the first.

6:18: Hawks to start their next drive from their own 40.

6:16: TOUCHDOWN SURFRIDERS. Samson Rasay takes a handoff nine yards to the house. 3 rushes for 23 yards in total that drive. Joshua Vega‘s extra point is good. Kailua with an early 7-0 lead with 8:48 to go in the quarter.

6:14: Aajon Mejia and Tanner Wright hook up for an early 60-yard pass. Surfriders now in the Buckeye red zone.

6:12: Buckeye Union punts from midfield for a touchback. Kailua to take over from its own 20.

6:10: Buckeye quarterback Joseph Perez showing his feet early. Hawks pick up an early first down.

6:07: Buckeye will receive to start things off and the Hawks will start from their own 33.


6:02 p.m.: We’re almost set for kickoff here. Buckeye, dressed in Blue from head to toe, have about twice as many players as Kailua does. Let’s see how/if translates to the field.



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