GAME NIGHT 8/30: Bishop Gorman/Saint Louis

Saint Louis 31, Bishop Gorman 19

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At Aloha Stadium
Bishop Gorman (1-1) 0 7 6 6 — 19
Saint Louis (3-0) 7 14 7 3 — 31
StL—Roman Wilson 31 pass from Jayden de Laura (Lason Napuunoa kick)
StL—Koali Nishigaya 10 pass from de Laura (Napuunoa kick)
StL—Ka’ohu Kamakawiwo’ole 5 run (Napuunoa kick)
BG—Rome Odunze 12 pass from Micah Bowens (Dylan Hamika kick)
BG—Bowens 11 run (kick failed)
StL—Nick Herbig 11 fumble return (Napuunoa kick)
StL—FG Napuunoa 30
BG—Odunze 19 pass from Bowens (run failed)

RUSHING—Bishop Gorman: Bowens 8-45, Cam Barfield 9-40, Jadyn Ott 4-4, Zachariah Branch 0-9. Saint Louis: Kamakawiwo’ole 12-70, de Laura 16-55, Jason Cruz 2-6, Maile Fa 3-6, Mason Taliulu 2-5, Kainalu Tumpap 2-1, team 1-(minus 1).
PASSING—Bishop Gorman: Bowens 12-21–0-163. Saint Louis: de Laura 23–30–1-296.
RECEIVING—Bishop Gorman: Odunze 6-107, Branch 3-15, Barfield 2-35, Ott 1-6. Saint Louis: Nishigaya 10-103, Isaac Silva 6-61, Matt Sykes 4-64, Wilson 3-68.


(3:30) Saint Louis ball on its 35. Gaels force a punt with 1:53 to go. Nope Saint Louis goes for it on fourth-and-11 and de Laura finds Wilson for 12 yards. Gaels use their second timeout.

Bishop Gorman whistled for a penalty and tries an onside kick on its own 25 but it’s recovered by Sykes.

(4:52) Gaels ball on their 27. A pass and a penalty and quickly it’s at midfield. Now a late hit on Bowens and it’s another 15 yards. Adunze with a . 19-yard TD catch from Bowens as the Crusaders gave up half a field of penalties. It’s getting chippy out there. All kinds of flags on the failed 2-point conversion.

(11:36) Crusaders ball on their own 49. Three runs and a first down. Saint Louis converts on third-and-12 on a simple option play. Crusaders eating up clock. Nine straight runs and it’s fourth-and-2 at the 6. Crusaders call timeout to think it over. They’ve taken more than six minutes off the clock on this drive. They decide to go for it. De Laura on the option keeper for a 6-yard TD run but a holding penalty is called. Saint Louis will kick the field goal. Lanson Napuunoa with a 30-yard field goal and it’s a three-score game, 31-13, 5:02, Q4.

Bishop Gorman is second-and-1 on its 26 to start the fourth quarter. Third-and-1 and the Gaels are whistled for a delay of game. Incomplete pass and punt.


(:11) Gorman ball on its 17 after a penalty on the kickoff. END 3.

(1:29) Gaels ball on their 20. Barfield rips off a 19-yard run but a low block on the next play makes it first-and-22. Now a holding penalty by the Gaels as flags fly everywhere. Third-and-25 on the 24. Stunning play. Gorman throws a pass out to the running back who drops it and then thinks the play is over but it was actually a backwards pass. He picks the ball up thinking the play is over and just get drilled in the back by Saint Louis. Ball out and Nick Herbig recovers it for an 11-yard fumble return for a TD. What a disaster play by Gorman and Saint Louis was right there to take advantage. Video of the play coming shortly. 28-13 Crusaders, :19, Q3.

(4:06) Crusaders ball on their 25. Sykes gets open for a 26-yard gain but it’s third-and-6 on the 45 and de Laura scrambles for 4. Interesting decision here. Saint Louis. Touchback.

(7:38) Gaels ball at the 20. Bowens with a screen to Barfield for 27 yards on third-and-7. Lawai’alani Brown knocked the ball loose at the end but Gorman recovers at midfield. Jadyn Ott with a power un for 5 yards to move the chains. Things are getting interesting now. Gorman playing with a little swag. Odunze with a 17-yard catch and then an audible to Odunze one-on-one on the top. He burns the corner but the pass is too far. Would have been an easy TD. Bowens keeps and WALKS IN for the 11-yard TD. This is a whole new ballgame. 21-13, 4:15, Q3.

(11:51) Crusaders start on their 25. Saint Louis called for a hold on first play but Gorman whistled for a defensive hold to give up a first down. The Crusaders are just carving the Gaels up from the slot. Nishigaya with eight catches now. de Laura scrambles for 12 and the Crusaders are threatening. De Laura keeps on the option on third-and-2 for 9. Second-and-goal from the 10. De Laura with a pass to the end zone deflected into the air and intercepted by Charlotin Charles in the end zone. Huge play for Gorman.

Saint Louis will receive.


At Aloha Stadium
Bishop Gorman (1-0) 0 7
Saint Louis (2-0) 7 14
StL—Roman Wilson 31 pass from Jayden de Laura (Lason Napuunoa kick)
StL—Koali Nishigaya 10 pass from de Laura (Napuunoa kick)
StL—Ka’ohu Kamakawiwo’ole 5 run (Napuunoa kick)
BG—Rome Odunze 12 pass from Micah Bowens (Dylan Hamika kick)

RUSHING—Bishop Gorman: Bowens 1-16, Cam Barfield 7-12, Jadyn Ott 2-12. Saint Louis: Kamakawiwo’ole 5-29, de Laura 5-22, Jason Cruz 1-3, Maile Fa 1-2, Kainalu Tumpap 2-1.
PASSING—Bishop Gorman: Bowens 7-12–0-86. Saint Louis: de Laura 17-22–0-214.
RECEIVING—Bishop Gorman: Odunze 4-71, Zachariah Branch 3-15. Saint Louis: Isaac Silva 6-61, Nishigaya 6-59, Matt Sykes 3-38, Wilson 2-56.


(:37) Gaels will get it with one timeout at their 33. Three incomplete passes and a punt. HALF.

OK so we eventually are going to restart. Saint Louis ball second-and-8 on its 34-yard line with 2:55 to go in the half. Nishigaya with an 8-yard reception for a first down but then a personal foul makes it first-and-34. Crusaders just running clock now. Gorman electing not to call timeout. NOW they call timeout. Let a lot of time come off. Crusaders will punt with 52 seconds on the clock.

Loud ovation for Mesake as he gets stretchered into the ambulance.

Bishop Gorman linebacker Dahlin Mesake gives a thumbs up as he was taken off the field in an ambulance in the second quarter. Photo by Jamm Aquino/Star-Advertiser.
Bishop Gorman coach Kenny Sanchez, left, shook hands with Saint Louis quarterback Jayden de Laura during an injury timeout. Photo by Jamm Aquino/Star-Advertiser.

(3:09) De Laura scrambles for 2 yards and a scary play on defense. Two defenders go helmet to helmet and the guy who fell on top of de Laura crumples to the ground. De Laura motions to the Gorman sideline immediately. LB Dahlin Mesake is the injured player and it doesn’t look good. Really long delay now as we are likely waiting for an ambulance. Yup. Ambulance now on field.

Bishop Gorman’s Rome Odunze goes up to haul in a 12-yard TD pass with a Saint Louis defender draped on his back. Photo by Jamm Aquino/Star-Advertiser.

(5:33) Gorman starts on its 13 after a penalty. Bowens fakes the handoff on second down and keeps it for 16 yards and the Gaels have a first down. Odunze with a catch for 20 yards. Gaels going up-tempo now that they have been able to move the chains. Welcome to the Odunze show as he hauls in another for 23 yards and then a jump ball in the end zone for a 12-yard TD. Four catches in four plays for Odunze and Gorman strikes QUICK. Four catches for 69 yards for Odunze on that drive.

Ka’ohu Kamakawiwo’ole ran in untouched for a 5-yard TD to give Saint Louis a 21-0 lead over Bishop Gorman midway through the second quarter. Photo by Jamm Aquino/Star-Advertiser.

(8:30) Saint Louis ball on its 40. de Laura overthrows two deep balls and it’s third-and-10. de Laura finds an open Sykes for 26 yards and then a great throw to Silva for 14 more yards to put it inside the Gaels 20. de Laura finds Wilson over the middle for a 17-yard TD but a holding call brings it back. Huge penalty as now it’s second-and-28 at the 35. de Laura finds Sykes for 8 and then Silva for 17. Fourth-and-4 at the 11 and Saint Louis goes for it and de Laura hits Silva out of the slot for 6 yards to the 5. Ka’ohu Kamakawiwo’ole 5-yard TD run. 21-0, 5:40, Q2.

(9:47) Gaels will start at their 26 as they try for their first first down of the game. Barfield with a run up the middle and then a lateral and it’s third-and-3. Gaels go I-formation and try to power un with Barfield but linebacker Sonny Masaniai just blows it up for a loss of 2. Another three-and-out.

Koali Nishigaya catches the second TD pass thrown by Jayden de Laura to give Saint Louis a 14-0 lead. Photo by Jamm Aquino/Star-Advertiser.

Crusaders on the Gorman 30 to start the second quarter. Third-and-2 at the 22. De Laura hits Nishigaya for 17 yards to the 5. de Laura goes bootleg for the 5-yard TD run but the running back coming back to block is called for an illegal block. Obvious penalty there. Timeout Saint Louis. de Laura finds Nishigaya in the slot who then spins back and beats the defender and jaunts into the end zone for a 10-yard TD. 14-0 Crusaders, 9:54, Q2. de Laura 11-13, 136 yards, 2 TD.


(:30) Crusaders with great field position at the Gorman 48. Kamakawiwo’ole busts loose for 18 yars to the 30. Quarter ends.

(2:25) Bishop Gorman starts on its 12. A holding penalty pushes the ball back to the 4. Rome Odunze with a 16-yard reception to make it third-and-2. Heavy pressure from Saint Louis and Bowens with a terrible throw off his back foot up in the air to nobody. Odunze does a great job to play defender and break up a Saint Louis INT. Three straight three-and-outs to start for Bishop Gorman.

(5:03) Crusaders fumble the punt but get it back and start on their 18. De Laura to Koali Nishigaya for 17 yards. Pass out to Wilson who makes Hicks miss and goes for 45 yards down to the 20 but a holding penalty brings it back. Third-and-5 and de Laura gets a receiver wide open down the Gorman sideline but overthrows him. That would have been six. Crusaders punt for first time. de Laura 8-10, 103 yards, TD.

(6:42) Gorman starts on its 25. Gaels get 9 yards on a pass play but then run twice and can’t get a first down. Nick Herbig with the tackle for loss on third down flying off the end. Gaels will punt.

Saint Louis receiver Roman Wilson hauled in a 31-yard touchdown pass in the first quarter against Bishop Gorman. Photo by Jamm Aquino/Star-Advertiser.

(10:19) Crusaders start on their 24. Roman Wilson wide open on second play for a big gain but just drops it. No problem for QB Jayden de Laura on third down as he hits Isaac Silva for 16 yards and a first. A great play by Jaden Hicks knocking away a deep ball from Wilson goes for naught as Gorman roughs de Laura. Junior Ka’ohu Kamakawiwo’ole gets the first carry at RB for Saint Louis and gets 3. Third-and-6 and de Laura scrambles up the middle for 7 to move the chains. Wilson TORCHES Hicks and de Laura finds him with a beautiful ball. 31-yard TD on the go route. Touchdown Saint Louis. 7-0, 6:50, Q1.

(11:52) Gaels start at their 21. Micah Bowens, the Penn State commit, at QB. Gaels move early before first snap. Cam Barfield with two runs for 9 yards. Gaels try a quick throw on third-and-6 but it’s dropped. Saint Louis had it snuffed out anyway. Gaels three-and-out.

Saint Louis wins the toss and will defer. Gaels will get ball first.

Bishop Gorman:
Micah Bowens, Rome Odunze, Lincoln Tuioti-Mariner, Bryan Certain
Saint Louis: Jordan Botelho, Nick Herbig, Kamo’i Latu

UPDATE: Kickoff has been delayed at least 15 minutes. Apparently it is a nightmare trying to get into the stadium to park.

Both teams on the field going through warmups. Photos and video to come. We will be posting live video highlights during the game.

Q&A: Saint Louis coach Cal Lee
Q&A: Bishop Gorman coach Kenny Sanchez
Bishop Gorman prepares to play at “historic” Aloha Stadium
Series history: Bishop Gorman leads 1-0
Bishop Gorman roster
Saint Louis roster


  1. “UNITY=STRENGTH” August 30, 2019 5:44 pm

    High tempo all night boy’s “LET’S GO”!!!:)

  2. Athletes safety first August 30, 2019 9:36 pm

    It is absolutely unforgivable that there was not an ambulance on standby this evening at Aloha Stadium.

  3. Rrforlifebaby August 30, 2019 9:44 pm

    St Louis front must be causing some havoc for the visitors.

  4. Rrforlifebaby August 30, 2019 10:17 pm

    Did they bring in outside officials?

  5. Rrforlifebaby August 30, 2019 10:24 pm

    Saw the video of the fumble return, Gorman rb stopped playing and the Crusaders just playing til the whistle. Good hustle

  6. ??? August 30, 2019 11:13 pm

    Gorman got totally out-coached! Big win for stl. Kids played well.

  7. ??? August 30, 2019 11:14 pm

    Ron had a great game plan!

  8. ItIsWhatItIs August 30, 2019 11:18 pm

    Brace yourself Hawaii Prep World!!!
    The Saint Louis Haters are coming!! Hahaha
    Shout out to the KapCity, MiliVill, & The Lou!!
    Putting the mainland teams on notice. Them Hawaii Boys are for real!!

  9. ilh August 31, 2019 12:09 am

    The haters of St. Louis is hiding now and looking for excuses, LOL Cal Lee, Ron Lee had a great game plan, awesome Coaches

  10. Home of the Brave August 31, 2019 1:47 am

    Be on the lookout for them Cali boys in a few weeks. Definitely gonna put up hella points. SJB firing on all cylinders! Aint no team from the islands stand a chance against SJB.

  11. […] De Laura finished 23-for-30 with 296 yards and two touchdowns, according to Hawaii Prep World. […]

  12. 96730to89 August 31, 2019 7:29 am

    I just knew someone was gonna bring up SJB. Were you one of the many that said Liberty was going to smash Mililani?

    Mililani needs to get healthy for SJB. Mililani ran all over Liberty…w/out their starting RB.

  13. kapakahi August 31, 2019 8:31 am

    College coaches (Lee brothers) over high school coaches were clearly the difference.

    BG might’ve had their big-screen HD TV on the sidelines to show the players what STL was doing……but the adjustments didn’t make much difference.

    BG coaches were too proud & hard head… try to play “bully ball” against the Crusaders D by calling inside running plays most of the 1st quarter (with Alualu & Kang rotating at NG since McKenzie didn’t play last night)……..and didn’t start to target #4 (who was getting single coverage all night long) until the end of the 2nd quarter.

    Herbig’s TD play was huge……but so was STL being able to run clock by consistently running left into short boundary yet kept getting the edge and staying in-bounds in the 4th quarter.

    If wasn’t for STL’s self-inflicted penalties (2 TDs called back), the score wouldn’t have been that close.

  14. ??? August 31, 2019 8:43 am

    Well said!

  15. Obama August 31, 2019 9:15 am

    Proud of our boys (Saint Louis & Mililani) who represented for their team, their families and their state! Beating both the #1 & #2 team from another state is big for Hawaii Football. Great job boys!!

  16. LESTER September 2, 2019 10:56 am

    St. Louis is a very small school with a high school enrollment of only 444 students. Many other schools in the islands have twice that many male students. Football powerhouse, St. John Bosco has 842 male students. The numbers would allow St. Louis to be in the smaller division, if not for their records.

    Coach Lee never runs up the score on purpose. When He get that large a lead, he starts running the ball more.

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