GAME NIGHT 8/16: Moanalua/Kailua

No. 10 Moanalua 19, Kailua 18 FINAL

10:40: Moanalua is able to take a couple knees and that does it. Na Menehune win by a point for the second straight week.

10:37: Kailua’s destiny drive is thwarted. Friel tosses one off the mark and Aukai Grace is there to snare it. Friel’s third pick comes at a very inopportune time for the hosts. Just a minute left.

10:33: Nothing doing for Moanalua. Three-and-out and the visitors are punting with 3:15 on the clock. Kailua’s Samson Rasay advances it from the Kailua 30 to the 43. Kailua has 3 min to work.

10:28: Friel tries to do a little too much on a keeper and he loses it. Tanigawa, who just left the game a few minutes ago, recovered the fumble for Moanalua.

10:26: OK, now Friel is back in. Kailua at the Moanalua 24.

10:24: Friel back in the game for Kailua. … nevermind, he has to come back off.

10:23: Scary moment here as a Moanalua linebacker collapses. It’s linebacker Jett Tanigawa. Trainers from both teams tend to him and thankfully he’s able to jog off after a couple minutes.

10:21: On third and 9 from Kailua’s 5, QB Cameron Friel rolls around the left side and is in open space. He gains 57 yards before he’s forced out of bounds at the Moanalua 38 … could’ve been a late hit on Na Menehune, too. No call. Joseph Wong is furious on the Kailua sideline. Friel looks shaken up and comes out of the game.

10:15: Just as I say that, he makes an ill-advised throw deep where no one except Kailua’s Elijah Pittman is waiting for his second pick of the game and Javar’s fourth.

10:13: Javar is in a groove, dinking Kailua for a dozen yards at a time. He’s completed seven of his last eight attempts. Na Menehune up to the Kailua 30. He has 333 yards passing.

10:10: Three-and-out for Kailua. Moanalua looking to build on its lead from its 27.

10:05: Running back Darius Johnson plunges in the TD from 1 yard. Moanalua goes for the 2-point conversion to go up three points, but Kailua makes a nice tackle on a receiver to keep him out at the 1. It’s Na Menehune by a point with 2.8 seconds left in the third.

10:03: Moanalua again on the march looking to reclaim the lead. They’ve got it at the Kailua 1 after a flurry of 10- to 15-yard pickups on dart passes by Javar.

9:56: After a 9-yard pickup on a keeper by Friel on first down, Kailua has a couple of penalties and has to punt. Moanalua fair catches at midfield.

9:52: Javar throws his third pick tonight. This time it’s Hastings Yee Hoy coming down with it over the middle with a short return to the Kailua 17. That was big for the Surfers. Moanalua was on the march.

9:46: Three-and-out for Kailua, but the Surfriders get a great bounce on a low punt and it goes for 53 yards. Moanalua from its 25.

9:41: Moanalua nearly converts on fourth and 20 but York can’t come down with it over the middle. Kailua takes over at its 26.

9:39: Oh my. Javar’s pass on third and 20 over the middle hits an umpire straight in the head. He’s down holding his head but gets up to some applause after a few minutes.

9:36: Moanalua gets an awesome return on the ensuing kickoff, as (sorry, didn’t catch the return man) goes from about the Moanalua 10 all the way to the Kailua 16.

9:33: WHOA. Friel takes off and heaves it long to Kamryn Kahoonei just before he crossed the line of scrimmage. Kahoonei catches it over his head and that of the Moanalua DB, spins around, and goes untouched for the 65-yard score. Kailua’s 2-point run attempt is stopped at the goal line. 18-13 Surfriders. Back and forth we go. That’s two hookups between Cameron and Kamryn.

9:30: Third quarter underway. Moanalua kicking off to Kailua left to right. It carries out of bounds and Kailua will begin at its 35.

9:25: Two picks and two touchdown passes for each quarterback at halftime.

9:12: A 16-yard holding penalty proves costly for Moanalua. Javar is picked deep on fourth and long by Elijah Pittman and Kailua takes a knee to go into halftime down a point.

9:06: Uh-oh time for Kailua. Friel’s first pass of the drive is tipped straight up and Rashod Tanner comes down with it and advances it to the Kailua 25 with a minute left in the half.

9:00: Moanalua hardly needs the full 2 minutes. Javar finds Jansen York on consecutive impressive grabs, the first a diving effort deep for 33 yards, the second a 17-yard fade-route TD. Kailua commits a personal foul on the kicker and Moanalua gets a 2-point try from the 3. But Javar’s pass is behind his target and Moanalua’s lead is only 13-12.

8:56: Moanalua’s Jesus Lopez Jr. picks off Friel with a diving effort. That was well done. Na Menehune have it at the Kailua 34 with under 2 minutes left in the half.

8:53: Whoa … Friel takes it on a keeper, leaps for the first down and is upended in midair, flipping almost 360 degrees over his head and nearly back onto his feet. Looks like he got the first down.

8:49: Javar fires consecutive passes of 37 and 31 yards to Jansen York and Rudy Kealohi to get all the way to the Kailua 5 in an absolute hurry. But a penalty and a sack push Na Menehune back and the hero of last week, Griffin Motas, has a 36-yard field goal try go wide.

8:43: Friel absorbs an 8-yard sack back to the 20 and Kailua calls timeout. The play drawn up is perfect, as Friel fires a dart over the middle to Raynen Ho-Mook just in front of the goal line. He eludes the man on his back and takes it in. Kailua’s having trouble with its PATs, though, and it’s a busted run on the extra attempt. Kailua back up 12-7 with 6:12 to play in the second.

8:38: Fumble! Moanalua loses it on a rushing play and Kailua linebacker Molena Kekauoha recovers it on the hop and returns it about 6 yards to the Moanalua 32. Then, on first down, Friel takes it on a 20-yard scamper. Kailua in the red zone.

8:36: It’s a three-and-out for Kailua, even with an encroachment call on Moanalua. Na Menehune fair catch it at their 35.

8:31: Moanalua could do no wrong on that drive. They move it 53 yards in a hurry, capped with Javar’s 9-yard strike to Dacyres Domingo for the TD. XP is good and it’s Na Menehune by a point.

8:25: Kailua punts near the end of the first and Moanalua takes over on its 48. Na Menehune on the move into Kailua territory as the opening period ends.

8:22: Correction from earlier … Kailua’s extra point was no good. It’s 6-0 Surfriders.

8:20: The ejected player on the opening kickoff was No. 12, receiver Lawsen Lee for Moanalua.

8:17: Moanalua goes for it on fourth and 5 from the Kailua 33. Javar keeps it … and is turned back a yard or two shy of the first down. Kailua takes over.

8:16: Moanalua going no huddle and up tempo. They’re really moving it up the field now.

8:09: Kailua takes over on its 39. Friel is dropped for a loss of 2 on first down and Kailua can’t recover. The Surfriders punt it with no return to the Moanalua 37.

8:08: Kailua sacks Javar on the first two plays of Moanalua’s second drive and he goes incomplete on third down. Blazen Lono-Wong with the impressive second sack. Na Menehune with minus-13 yards of offense and an interception so far coming off their rousing win over ‘Iolani last week.

8:04 p.m.: Kailua has put up its first points of the season. QB Cameron Friel goes fade route on the far side of the field and Kamryn Kahoonei comes down with a beauty from 14 yards. XP is good and it’s the host Surfriders by an early touchdown.

7:59 p.m.: RJ Javar’s first pass for Moanalua is PICKED OFF. Jayden Kamakele comes down with it for Kailua at the Moanalua 27.

7:56 p.m.: Kailua kicks off left to right to Moanalua. It’s bobbled at the 17 … but looks like a penalty on Kailua. Nope, on Moanalua. Might’ve been an ejection too. Na Menehune start at their 9.

7:21 p.m.: JV final score is 39-7 Moanalua. Looking at about a 7:50 p.m. kickoff for the varsity.

Series history: Kailua leads 12-5
Moanalua roster
Kailua roster


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  2. HawaiiMongoose August 17, 2019 5:12 am

    Terrific blog coverage, thank you Brian.

    Seeing all of your Warrior World posts it looks like you’re pulling triple or quadruple duty. It must have been a long Friday for you. Keep up the great work! We fans do appreciate it.

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