GAME NIGHT 11/9: Maui/Hilo

Hilo 35, Maui 24

Hilo will defending its D-I state crown on Nov. 24.

at Keaau H.S. field
Maui (5-6) 3 7 14 0 — 24
Hilo (9-1) 7 14 7 7 — 35

Hilo—Kalae Akui 1 pass from Kyan Miyasato (Joshua Rosario kick)
Maui—FG Brex Delray 32
Hilo—Guyson Ogata 2 run (Rosario kick)
Maui—Naia Nakamoto 70 pass from Delray (Delray kick)
Hilo—Ogata 45 pass from Miyasato (Rosario kick)
Hilo—Kyler Aguiar 1 pass from Miyasato (Rosario kick)
Maui—Mone Tongi 57 fumble return (Delray kick)
Maui—Tongi 17 run (Delray kick)
Hilo—Aguiar 1 run (Rosario kick)

RUSHING—Maui: Tongi 4-34, Nakamoto 12-24, Mitchell Hirose 3-5, Torryn Kauha’aha’a‐Sulusi 1-3, Taelen Bates 1-(minus 5), Delray 4-(minus 17). Hilo: Kaleo Ramos 25-139, Aguiar 5-14, Lyle Silva 3-12, Ogata 4-9, Kaimi Tiogangco 1-7, Elijah Apao 1-2, Miyasato 3-(minus 2), team 2-(minus 4).
PASSING—Maui: Delray 4-17–1-118, Bates 1-5-1-15, Kauha’aha’a‐Sulusi 1-2-0-4. Hilo: Miyasato 19-31–2-230.
RECEIVING—Maui: Nakamoto 2-92, Kauha’aha’a‐Sulusi 2-25, Trent Takara 1-16, Christian Lee 1-4. Hilo: Aguiar 7-66, Akui 7-45, Ogata 3-79, Legend Figueroa 2-40.

(2:56) Hilo ball on its 36. Vikings will run this out.

(4:23) Maui ball on its 20. Elijah Apao with an INT for Hilo on fourth down. That will come close to ending this.

(5:10) Hilo ball on its 31. Sabers use two timeouts and force a three-and-out.

(5:20) Maui ball on its 5. Sophomore Klyson Kaiwi with the pick on a deep ball for Hilo.

Hilo third-and-13 on the Maui 29 as the clock runs under 6 minutes. Aguiar gets loose for a TD but can’t keep a foot inbounds. Fourth down. Hilo looks like it will try a 46-yard field goal. They line up to kick a field goal but then punt it down to the 5.

(8:05) Maui will start from its 26. Kalen White forces a fumble on first play and Kapana Kanae-Kana on the recovery.

(11:47) Hilo ball on the Maui 35. Vikings second-and-10 at the 18 as a player is down with what looks like a cramp. Hilo settles for a made 33-yard field goal but a roughing the kicker penalty is called. First-and-goal at the 8. Aguiar runs it three times to the 1. Fourth-and-goal at the 1. Kyler Aguiar 1-yard TD run. Hilo 35, Maui 24, 8:13, Q4.


(1:08) Nakamoto back in. END 3. Maui will punt to start the fourth.

(3:06) Hilo ball on its 44. Vikings called for a hold as this game has slowed to a crawl. Hilo stays with Ramos at RB after two fumbles and he rips off a 25-yard run to more over 100 yards for the game. Kevin Cacho forces Hilo’s FOURTH fumble of the third quarter and Viliami Makoni recovers.

(3:20) Maui ball on the Hilo 17. Vikings with three fumbles in the third quarter. Tongi out of the jumbo package with a direct snap. A 17-yard TD run. Penalty on the play for a celebration but the TD counts. Hilo 28, Maui 24, 3:12, Q3.

Drama as the punt is dropped and a man scramble ensues. Maui’s Kevin Cacho comes out of the pile with the ball but the refs call it Hilo ball. Now they confer and they give it to Maui at the 17.

(4:53) Maui ball on its 38. Nakamoto down after a 3-yard run. He has 115 scrimmage yards so far. Maui tries a double pass for a TD on third-and-long but the first pass was definitely forward. Illegal forward pass wipes away the TD.

Hilo starts on its 37. Another Vikings fumble and Cameron Russell recovers for Maui at the Hilo 38.

(6:23) Guyson Ogata has a 39-yard punt return for a TD called back by a penalty. Hilo ball at the 50. Junior Elijah Evangelista with a forced fumble and Mone Tongi returns it 57 yards for a TD. Maui stays in it. 28-17, 5:19, Q3.

(8:06) Maui ball on its 16. Delray slips on third down for a loss of 10 and Maui punts from endzone.

Hilo will receive. Vikings start on their 33. Hilo throwing the ball around the field as Miyasato completes his first three throws on drive. Kyler Aguiar with five catches on the drive after not catching a single ball in the first half. His last is a 1-yard TD from Miyasato, who has three TD passes. 28-10, 8:12, Q3.


at Keaau H.S. field
Maui (5-5) 3 7
Hilo (8-1) 7 14

Hilo—Kalae Akui 1 pass from Kyan Miyasato (Joshua Rosario kick)
Maui—FG Brex Delray 32
Hilo—Guyson Ogata 2 run (Rosario kick)
Maui—Naia Nakamoto 70 pass from Delray (Delray kick)
Hilo—Ogata 45 pass from Miyasato (Rosario kick)

RUSHING—Maui: Nakamoto 9-21, Mone Tongi 3-17, Mitchell Hirose 1-11, Torryn Kauha’aha’a‐Sulusi 1-3, Delray 1-(minus 1). Hilo: Kaleo Ramos 9-56, Ogata 3-13, Kaimi Tiogangco 1-7, Lyle Silva 2-7, Miyasato 3-(minus 2).
PASSING—Maui: Delray 4-13–0-118, Kauha’aha’a‐Sulusi 1-2-0-4. Hilo: Miyasato 9-14–2-124.
RECEIVING—Maui: Nakamoto 2-92, Trent Takara 1-16, Kauha’aha’a‐Sulusi 1-10, Christian Lee 1-4. Hilo: Akui 5-25, Ogata 3-79, Legend Figueroa 1-20.

(6:03) Hilo starts on its 34. Hilo responds with a 59-yard TD pass..NO. Illegal man downfield. Akui with the 16-yard reception for a first down. Offenses really starting to pick it up. Hilo goes for it fourth-and-5 at the 29. Maui jumps early and is going to give up another huge first down on a penalty. No they call it short. Fourth-and-inches. Or not. Officials timeout. They measure and it is a first down at the 24. A holding penalty and a loss and it’s second-and-30 at the 45. Deep ball to Ogata and the ball pops in the air and Ogata GRABS IT. TOUCHDOWN VIKINGS. A 45-yard TD with 23 seconds to go. 21-10.

(7:22) Maui starts on its 14 after a penalty on the kick return. Maui gets a third-down completion from Delray to Kauha’aha’a‐Sulusi and then BOOM. A swing pass to Nakamoto goes for a 70-yard TD as he shows off his speed. 14-10, 6:13, Q2.

(11:33) Hilo ball on its 15. Vikings with an impressive drive. Hurry up but they go nine plays and 74 yards before calling timeout facing third-and-3 at the 11. Out of the timeout, Hilo gets Maui to jump. First-and-goal at the 6. Guyson Ogata finishes it off with a 2-yard TD run. 14-3, 7:31, Q2.

Maui ball first-and-10 on the Hilo 15 to start the second quarter. Three incomplete passes and it’s a turnover on downs.


(2:31) Maui ball on its 25. Kaoha Wilson with a pass breakup to force third-and-9. Delray completes his first pass, a screen to Nakamoto for 22 yards to move the chains. A nice run and then a pass to Tyler Takata for 16 yards to the 25. Mitchell Hirose goes 12 yards on the reverse to the 14 to end the first quarter.

(3:21) Hilo ball on the Vikings 43. Miyasato hits Guyson Ogata for 20 yards and Hilo tries to go quick but Sione Aholelei with an INT for Maui.

(3:49) Maui ball on its 27. False start backs them up and Delray overthrows an open receiver on third down. Punt.

(4:58) Hilo ball on its 20. Two incomplete passes and a short run. Punt.

(6:41) Maui ball on the 14. Jumbo set with Nakamoto at wildcat QB and he is tackled by Silva. Third-and-7 and Maui is called for a delay. Third-and-12. Delray with a great throw to the corner and it’s dropped. Should have been six. Great throw by Delray, who then kicks a 32-yard field goal. Hilo 7, Maui 3, 4:58, Q1.

(6:52) Hilo starts on its 15. Miyasato tries an inside shovel pass but LB Cameron Russell with the diving INT for Maui.

(8:57) Maui starts on its 30. Junior Brex Delray at QB. Third-and-4. LB Lyle Silva with his second tackle on the drive for a 1-yard loss and Maui punts.

Junior Kyan Miyasato at QB for Hilo. After a Maui personal foul, Miyasato hits Legend Figueroa for a 20-yard pass to the 1 and then throws a 1-yard TD to Kalae Akui. 7-0 Vikings, 9:04, Q1.

Sabers will start at their 28. Torryn Kauha’aha’a‐Sulusi in at QB. Third-and-3 and Naia Nakamoto, the MIL’s leading rusher, fumbles on his first carry on a hit by Kahoa Wilson. Kalen White recovers.

Hilo wins the toss and will defer. Maui will get the ball first.

Torryn Kauha’aha’a‐Sulusi, Mitchell Hirose, Atu Falekaono, Jaeden Fontanilla
Hilo: Kahiau Walker, Kalen White, Kyan Miyasato, Kaleo Ramos

2000: Waianae 21, Maui 0, at War Memorial
2014: Farrington 22, Maui 6, at Aloha Stadium
2017: Hilo 26, Maui 7, at Wong Stadium

Rushing attempts, game: Chad Gerard, 10
Rushing attempts, career: Naia Nakamoto, 24
Rushing yards, game: Tualau Malafu, 29
Rushing yards, career: Naia Nakamoto, 127
Rushing touchdowns, game: none
Rushing touchdowns, career: Naia Nakamoto, Daniel Kelly, 1
Passing completions, game: David Tufaga, 9
Passing completions, career: David Tufaga, 9
Passing attempts, game: David Taufaga, 21
Passing attempts, career: David Taufaga, 21
Interceptions, game: David Taufaga, Austin Lee Hoe, 2
Interceptions, career: David Taufaga, Austin Lee Hoe, 2
Passing yards, game: David Taufaga, 102
Passing yards, career: David Taufaga, 102
Passing touchdowns, game: none
Passing touchdowns, career: none
Receptions, game: Tristan Nichols, 4
Receptions, career: Tristan Nichols, 4
Receiving yards, game: Tristan Nichols, 48
Receiving yards, career: Tristan Nichols, 48
Receiving touchdowns, game: none
Receiving touchdowns, career: none



2000: Kaimuki 20, Hilo 0, at Wong Stadium
2003: Farrington 27, Hilo 0, at Keaau
2013: Campbell 42, Hilo 27, at Keaau
2014: Kahuku 20, Hilo 10, at Aloha Stadium
2015: Mililani 62, Hilo 18, at Aloha Stadium
2016: Leilehua 26, Hilo 25, at Keaau
2017: Hilo 26, Maui 7, at Wong Stadium
2017: Hilo 35, Damien 19, at Aloha Stadium

Rushing attempts, game: Kaleo Apao, 20
Rushing attempts, career: Kahale Huddleston, 49
Rushing yards, game: Kahale Huddleston, 216
Rushing yards, career: Kahale Huddleston, 364
Rushing touchdowns, game: Kahale Huddleston, 2 (twice)
Rushing touchdowns, career: Kahale Huddleston, 5
Passing completions, game: Kaale Tiogangco, 14
Passing completions, career: Kaale Tiogangco, 23
Passing attempts, game: Kaale Tiogangco, 30
Passing attempts, career: Kaale Tiogangco, 49
Interceptions, game: Sione Atuekaho and Matt Hassenritter, 2
Interceptions, career: Sione Atuekaho and Matt Hassenritter, 2
Passing yards, game: Kaale Tiogangco, 182
Passing yards, career: Kaale Tiogangco, 270
Passing touchdowns, game: Kaale Tiogangco and Kaleo Apao, 2
Passing touchdowns, career: Kaale Tiogangco and Kaleo Apao, 2
Receptions, game: Mister Aiona, 5
Receptions, career: Kahale Huddelston, 9
Receiving yards, game: Donovan Faoa Kelly, 70
Receiving yards, career: Kahale Huddleston, 92
Receiving touchdowns, game: Donovan Faoa Kelly, Kainalu Tiogangco, Isaac Lerma, Shelton Lerma, Ka’aho Kaawa-Wilson, Makana Kanehailua, 1
Receiving touchdowns, career: Isaac Lerma, 2
Longest field goal, game: Rayce Takayesu, 31
Most field goals, career: Rayce Takayesu, 2

Career rushing
1. Kahale Huddleston, 364
2. Kaleo Apao, 223
3. Kaale Tiogangco, 147
4. Royden Nabarro, 141
5. Tristan Spikes, 117

Career passing
1. Kaale Tiogangco, 270
2. Sione Atuekaho, 147
3. Kaleo Apao, 134
4. Donovan Kelly, 102
5. Davin Feary, 83

Career receiving
1. Kahale Huddleston, 97
2. Donovan Kelly, 70
3. Kaonohi Botelho, 66
4. Mister Aiona, 60
5. Kainalu Tiogangco, 52


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