GAME NIGHT 11/2: Kahuku/Mililani

No. 2 Mililani 27, No. 4 Kahuku 7,  FINAL

Final box

At Aloha Stadium
Kahuku (7-4)    0    7    0    0    —    7
Mililani (9-2)    7    14    6    0    —    27

Mil—Ryan Chang 67 pass from Dillon Gabriel (Liam McGehee kick)
Kah—Mason Paulo 60 pass from Robert Sauvao (Duke Heffernan kick)
Mil—Cy Kuboyama-Hayashi 29 pass from Gabriel (McGehee kick)
Mil—Kilifi Malepeai 11 run (McGehee kick)
Mil—Reichel Vegas 47 pass from Gabriel (kick blocked)

RUSHING—Kahuku: Wes Alo-Maiava 6-10, Toalei Lefau 4-9, Sauvao 10-(-54), Zealand Matagi 3-1, Thorton Alapa 4-(-10). Mililani: Malepeai 11-40,  Raysen Motoyama 6-19, Gabriel 2-9, Javon Miller 1-2, RJ Javar 1-(-8), Team 2-(-5).
PASSING—Kahuku: Sauvao 9-21-0-127, Alapa 1-1-0-(-1). Mililani: Gabriel 26–39-2-375.
RECEIVING—Kahuku: Heffernan 3-15, Paulo 4-89, Lefau 1-2, Kainoa Crismon 1-4, Alo-Maiava 1-16.
Mililani: Chang 6-133, Vegas 5-86, Malepeai 3-27, Maka Hill 2-33, Mystik Sampaga 2-26, Kuboyama-Hayashi 5-57, Keola Lanias 1-5, Kai Banks 1-11, Motoyama 1-(-3).

Gabriel’s night is done with RJ Javar at QB. He takes a sack but it matters little. Mililani fumbles and Kahuku recovers with the clock at :00. Official puts :02 back on. Kahuku ball at its 38. Red Raiders take a knee and Mililani wins the OIA Open Division championship.

Sauvao hits Alo-Maiava over the middle for 16 yards and Paulo for 11. Holding on first down pushes the Red Raiders back as does an 18-yard sack on third down. Kahuku punts on fourth and 38. Mililani ball with 1:30 left.

Malepeai picks up 9 yards on two carries, the third down run is called back by an illegal shift. Gabriel to Kuboyama-Hayashi on a WR screen for 12 yards on third down. Kuboyama-Hayashi stays down after the play but is able to walk off the field. First down at the Kahuku 44. Raysen Motoyama picks up 11 up the middle. He’s dropped for a loss of 3 and is called for a facemask to move the Trojans back to the 40. Kahuku calls timeout before third-and-28. Screen to Motoyama goes for a loss of 3. Trojans punt. Kahuku ball at its 12 with 3:44 left.

Sauvao is sacked on second down and the Red Raiders go three and out for the third time in the second half.

Gabriel hits Chang for 10 yards and connects with Mystik Sampaga for 12 to the 39 on the final play of the third quarter. Gabriel to Maka Hill for 24 to the Kahuku 37. Drive stalls there and a fourth down pass sails high. Kahuku ball.

Red Raiders bring the return out to the 33. Sauvao back in at QB for Kahuku. He completes two passes for 13 yards to pick up a first down. Sauvao is dropped for a loss of 11 and the Red Raiders will punt again. Mililani ball at its 22.

Kahuku goes backward again and punts on fourth and 17. Mililani ball at the Kahuku 47. Gabriel wastes no time and goes deep to Vegas, who runs under it for the 47-yard TOUCHDOWN MILILANI. PAT blocked. 3:41 Q3.

Gabriel completes his first five throws of the half, working the right side, with Chang picking up 23. Trojans drive to the Kahuku 11 but consecutive holding calls brings up first and 27 from the 28. After three incomplete passes, McGehee attempts a 45-yard field goal, but it’s wide again. Kahuku ball. 6:07 Q3.

Mililani kicks off to start the second half. Kahuku starts at its 27. Thorton Alapa at QB for the Red Raiders. Kahuku goes three and out after a net loss of 6 yards. Mililani ball at its 36.

Halftime box

At Aloha Stadium
Kahuku (7-3)    0    7    —    7
Mililani (8-2)    7    14    —    21

Mil—Ryan Chang 67 pass from Dillon Gabriel (Liam McGehee kick)
Kah—Mason Paulo 60 pass from Robert Sauvao (Duke Heffernan kick)
Mil—Cy Kuboyama-Hayashi 29 pass from Gabriel (McGehee kick)
Mil—Kilifi Malepeai 11 run (McGehee kick)

RUSHING—Kahuku: Wes Alo-Maiava 5-7, Toalei Lefau 3-8, Sauvao 6-(-24), Zealand Matagi 3-1. Mililani: Malepeai 8-33, Gabriel 2-9.
PASSING—Kahuku: Sauvao 5-11-0-87. Mililani: Gabriel 11-17-2-208.
RECEIVING—Kahuku: Heffernan 2-16, Paulo 2-69, Lefau 1-2. Mililani: Chang 3-96, Reichel Vegas 2-33, Malepeai 3-27, Maka Hill 1-9, Mystik Sampaga 1-14, Kuboyama-Hayashi 1-29.

Sauvao tries a draw and is dropped for a loss of 4. After an incomplete pass and a 3-yard run, Mililani calls timeout with :18 left. Kahuku punts and Vegas brings it back 20 yards to the Kahuku 30 with :07 left. Trojans send out Liam McGehee for a 47-yard field goal. Kahuku calls timeout. McGehee’s kick goes wide right and that’ll end the half.

On second down, Gabriel hits Reichel Vegas over the middle and Vegas gets loose for a 29-yard gain to the Kahuku 15. Malepeai takes the next two handoffs and breaks through for an 11-yard TOUCHDOWN MILILANI. PAT good. 1:03 Q2.

Kahuku starts at its 20 and loses three yards. The drive ends with a sack by Kady and the Red Raiders punt. Mililani ball at midlfield.

Mililani starts at its 45. Gabriel takes off up the middle for 17 to the Kahuku 38. Gabriel to Malepeai on a screen for 11. On second and 12, Gabriel lofts a throw to the right side and Cy Kuboyama-Hayashi leaps to make the grab over a defender for a 29-yard TOUCHDOWN MILILANI. PAT good. 4:22 Q2.

False start moves it back to the Kahuku 1. On second down, Sauvao drops the snap, recovers and throws deep. Pass interference, Mililani. First down at the 16. Holding moves it back to the 8. Mililani stuffs a screen for 2 yards. A 9-yard completion is well short. Kahuku punts.

On second and 8, Sauvao is sacked by Mykah Tuiolemotu and fumbles. Shane Kady recovers for Mililani. After a Gabriel completion and a personal foul on Kahuku, Mililani had first and goal at the 9. Gabriel tries to throw an out to the left, but Joseph Taufa jumps it and comes up with the interception in the end zone and momentum brings him out to the 3. Kahuku ball. 7:35 Q2.

Mililani’s Kai Banks picks up a bouncing kickoff at the 15, circles back then hits a seam to the Kahuku 45. But holding brings it back to the Mililani 25. Timeout Mililani. Gabriel goes deep down the middle and it’s intercepted by Frisco Aveau at the Kahuku 45.

Wes Alo-Maiava picks up 6 yards on two runs. On third and 4, Sauvao hits Mason Paulo on a quick slant, Paulo slips away from a defender and he’s gone for a 60-yard TOUCHDOWN KAHUKU. PAT good. 9:04 Q2.

Gabriel is sacked for a loss of 8 on first down. Malepeai picks up 9 on a draw on third down, but the Trojans will punt again. Kahuku ball at its 34.

Lefau picks up 7 yards on first down. Encroachment gives Kahuku a first down. Sauvao’s pass is tipped but caught by Heffernan for 4 yards. Sauvao fakes a handoff and is swallowed up by Ezra Save for a 4-yard loss. Sauvao’s third down pass sails out of bounds on the final play of the first quarter. Kahuku opens the second with fourth and 10. A low punt bounces and is muffed but recovered by the Trojans at their 18.

Holding on first down brings up first and 18 from the 7. Gabriel to Kilifi Malepeai on a shovel pass for 13. A hold on Kahuku gives Mililani a first down at the 30. Cy Kuboyama-Hayashi makes a diving grab of a short throw but it comes back due to offensive pass interference. Malepeai gets 6 yards back on second down but Gabriel has to throw it away on third down and the Trojans will punt. Kahuku takes over at its 25. 1:53 Q1.

Kahuku faces third and 9 after two runs. Sauvao’s deep ball to Heffernan is long, but flags come in and pass interference gives the Red Raiders a first down at their 42. Time out Mililani. Toalei Lefau takes a snap and is stopped after 2 yards. Sauvao’s next two throws are incomplete. Red Raiders punt. Mililani ball at its 15. 4:04 Q1.

Gabriel finds Chang for 16 on first down. Holding and a delay of game push the Trojans back and Mililani punts. Kahuku ball at its 26. 6:33 Q1

Kahuku starts at its 20 after a touchback. Robert Sauvao’s first throw goes to Duke Heffernan for 12 yards. Sauvao fumbles on first down but the Red Raiders recover for a loss of 2. Trojans stuff a run up the middle and a third down pass is high. Ethan Erickson gets a big roll on his punt, which rolls to the Mililani 8.

Mililani starts at its 19. Dillon Gabriel’s first throw is incomplete. The next goes to Ryan Chang for 13 yards and Gabriel is the 11th Oahu QB to throw for 3,000 yards in a season. On the next snap, Gabriel rolls away from pressure, lofts it deep for Chang, who gets behind the secondary and takes it the distance for a 67-yard TOUCHDOWN MILILANI. PAT Good. 10:58 Q1.

Kahuku wins the toss and defers. Mililani will receive the opening kickoff. It looks like the teams are ready to take the field, but then remember to sing the alma maters first.

After a 3-hour-plus third-place game — Campbell def. Farrington 42-26 — the OIA Open final is about to get started. Probably one of the smaller crowds for an OIA championship.

For Kahuku’s roster, click here
For Mililani’s roster, click here
SERIES HISTORY: Kahuku leads 12-3


Robbie Sauvao12114-254-101,57614
Thorton Alapa915-25-11631
Alex Fonoimoana-Vaomu101-2-0541
Jason Mariteragi13-7-1260
Braxton Cravens30-3-000
Ethan Erickson111-1-0-30
Wes Alo-Maiava910946010
Zealand Matagi12964495
Toalei Lefau12873724
Robbie Sauvao12752171
Kahiona Chang1280
Laakea Faifili2671
Alex Fonoimoana-Vaomu10150
Duke Heffernan12342
Alan Talanoa1120
Jack Tito1110
Jason Mariteragi13-10
Braxton Cravens33-100
Thorton Alapa922-150
Ethan Erickson111-150
Mason Paulo10325957
Duke Heffernan12313822
Kainoa Crimson6101462
Toalei Lefau12171362
Lokana Enos591280
Ethan Erickson1191210
Wes Alo-Maiava9121150
Paniau Lindsey22591
Thorton Alapa94591
Ikaika Wells11181
Braxton Cravens31170
Kampala Miller1190
Zealand Matagi12260
Kade Naka’ahiki-Bourgeois1160
Nalu Emerson121-30


Dillon Gabriel13279-492-133,74738
RJ Javar512-17-0591
Mystik Sampaga90-1-000
Cy Kuboyama-Hayashi110-3-100
Kilifi Malepeai1110354010
Raysen Motoyama13491473
Dillon Gabriel13103954
Cy Kuboyama-Hayashi111450
Dreyston Barquis511351
RJ Javar512281
Javon Miller57201
Keola Lanias82140
Darius Muasau13270
Kekoa Kuluoia1110
Reichel Vegas121-10
Mystik Sampaga91-60
Ryan Chang12619918
Reichel Vegas12395874
Maka Hill10365619
Cy Kuboyama-Hayashi11425006
Mystik Sampaga9193051
Kai Banks11192533
Raysen Motoyama13222082
Kilifi Malepeai11191692
Jansen York38830
Dreyston Barquis43422
Dylan Cozloff12361
Keola Lanias89320
Darius Muasau131111
Benaiah Pritchard1190
Frank Luna1190
Kanoa Gibson2250
Dayne Dowsett1140
Javon Miller5430


  1. notes November 2, 2018 8:19 pm

    First game started at 5:10pm? Now the 2nd game got a 8:40p start and will probably end at midnight. This happens every year. Bad for the players and young fans.

    May the better prepared team win.

  2. JetWavy November 2, 2018 8:48 pm

    I’ve been curious as to what has happened to Kaonohi Kaniho this season? He was major for them the last 2 seasons and I haven’t seen him play since the pre-season vs Punahou. I thought this would be a breakout year for him but haven’t seen his name on a starting lineup basically this entire season. Any info from anyone?

  3. notes November 2, 2018 9:09 pm

    injured, dont know if its season ending.

  4. Choloropicrin November 2, 2018 9:18 pm

    Kahuku playing good defense, Mililani shooting themseves in the foot.

  5. P Parent November 2, 2018 10:08 pm

    Mrs.Cuban wins the red vw.

  6. P Parent November 2, 2018 10:10 pm

    Half time 10:30 pm?

  7. Robocop November 2, 2018 10:11 pm

    Kahuku side of the stadium is empty. All it took was 2 losses for the wheels to fall off the bandwagon

  8. notes November 2, 2018 10:19 pm

    or 90% of their games on TV, Facebook live all games and increased stadium fees.

    Winner of this game should be playing STL for the prep bowl, the state tourney is redundant, an extra useless game for injuries.

    central Oahu 21 Kahuku 7 halftime

  9. Robocop November 2, 2018 10:35 pm

    Last year the Kahuku side of the stadium was packed i was there, same with the year before. Everyone loves a winner. The “best fan base in the state” is no exception

  10. Mililani hammer November 2, 2018 10:44 pm

    @cholocopicrin Don’t know what game you watching ,refs is playing good defense against mililani!!smh!

  11. Robocop November 2, 2018 10:47 pm

    88 can I order Kahuku 2017 State Champs shirts along with Kahuku 2018 OIA Champs shirts both in XXL please I know you guys printed them. One of the 30 Kahuku fans that showed up to support the team probably has them. Thanks lil guy

    Also big congrats on all the wins in 2016 that was great!

  12. notes November 2, 2018 11:07 pm

    Robocop I have a question for you, are you a true Mililani fan or a district exempt fan? bwhaahaaha

  13. Robocop November 2, 2018 11:09 pm

    Not a loser fan

  14. Robocop November 2, 2018 11:12 pm

    I used to live next to coral kingdom but I got a part time job at ruby tuesdays so I had to transfer. I guess in your eyes I’m a “recruit fan” which is cool. You are a cry baby fan and an excuse making fan.0

  15. notes November 2, 2018 11:17 pm

    Two kids same age, girl and boy on my street here in Wahiawa apply for district exemption to Mill last year. Girl gets denied, boy is starting on defense for trojans tonight. Go figure! York pulling some strings.

    Anyways it is what it is! Grats to the individual kids and their families for the Win and pursuing a college scholarship. Kahuku get better we got STL next week.

  16. Austin Chang November 2, 2018 11:19 pm

    Am so happy and absolutely proud of my Mililani team winning OIA Championship, this is well deserved championship, they have been work there butts off every day to win championship, I feel like my team can beat St. Louis in the state championship. I have known Dillon since my freshman year, am current JR. Am very proud of you, we got one more to go. Go Trojans

  17. Juju Bee November 2, 2018 11:25 pm

    Based on the seedings Mililani #1 because they will be Campbell #3 in Open Division (but ranked 4 in Open). St. Louis #2 and plays Kahuku because they are #2 in open (OIA). That is weak. St. Louis #1 and should be playing Campbell 1 VS. 4 and 2 vs. 3 but OIA doesn’t set it up that way cause they don’t want the same teams playing twice in one week. Well then next year add 2 more teams, the #4 seed OIA and a 2nd ILH team but OIA won’t let that happen. To me that is more fair.

  18. Get Real November 3, 2018 12:18 am

    StL should be playing #4, but it won’t even matter.

    StL should roll everyone in the tournament.

    Mililani will see what they missed on that hurricane week.

  19. Rrforlifebaby November 3, 2018 12:21 am

    Straight up dominant performance by the Trojans. I haven’t gone to the last 3 OIA championship games, wonder what happened to everyone else??
    Back to work Big Red. Still get an outside chance.

  20. to good times November 3, 2018 3:32 am

    Got to say Robocop. Your comments about Kahuku’s fan base during a down season is absolutely spot on. I work in Laie and hear the negativity almost every day this year.

  21. to good times November 3, 2018 3:46 am

    Hey Notes. Televised games, increased stadium fees, or whatever had little to do with Kahuku’s low turnout at the game. I was told there were tons of Kahuku people at Kapolei’s carnival.

  22. notes November 3, 2018 7:28 am

    Well as far as attendance, the past 2 home games at Kahuku the school admins decided to put 15 ft black construction screen walls to block fans from seeing in from the outside of the stadium. They couldnt wait till after the season? This gesture pissed off the community and was the last straw for fans that are already fed up with the admins BS all these years.

    Aloha stadium is also doing things to piss off Kahuku families.
    – No tailgating, come on now after driving 1hr from Kahuku we need to unwind and have a “cheaper then concession food” potluck meal. Since town schools are close enough to not need a tailgate, it seems this rule is directed at Kahuku only.
    – Price hikes in parking, concessions and gate tickets.
    – and the last straw was amping up their bag check at the STL game as to accuse Kahuku fans of sneaking in food. St. Louis fans said their side of stadium gates the bag check wasnt enforced.

  23. Robocop November 3, 2018 7:56 am

    Hahahaha note you reaching so hard. You think there is a designated St Louis and Kahuku gates to get into the stadium? Everyone gets their bags checks. Punahou, St Louis, Kam, Waipahu, Mililani, everyone.

    Mililani charges more for a regular ticket and does not allow ILH kids to sue their studen ids for student prices. They charge more than Aloha stadium lol

    But hey if kahuku goes undefeated next regular season I can guarantee you that they will fill the stands for the OIA title game. All they gotta do is win. Then the community won’t complain, coaches won’t get fired, people will support. Just win.

  24. Too Meke 2 November 3, 2018 9:26 am

    @notes. Stadium prices for food and admission has not risen since last year. The same amount of tv coverage has been provided for the casual fan. The only difference is the quality of play and overall record. There’s nothing wrong with choosing to save money, relax and watch the game at home, or only want to support a winner.

    But please don’t make like the Kahuku fans are any better than other communities. This shows they are no different than other communities. They support a winner, often disappear when they are not as successful.

    Like I said, nothing wrong with that. But, just be transparent and tell it like it is.


  25. Too Meke 2 November 3, 2018 9:28 am

    OIA Championship Game Final Score:

    Central Oahu All-Stars – 27
    Northern Oahu/Utah/Samoa/New Zealand/Tonga/Micronesia All Stars – 7

    @Notes, please be transparent man.

  26. Too Meke 2 November 3, 2018 9:31 am

    @Notes, you are begging now buddy. Once again be transparent. If Kahuku was 12-0 and mauling everyone, fans would be paying $30 or more to get into the games. No one would care about tailgating. No one would care about the long drive in traffic. No one would care about gas prices.

    And, there would be 40-50 Kahuku bloggers instead of a few.

    Please, please, please….BE TRANSPARENT.

  27. Dafun November 3, 2018 11:47 am

    @notes you’re a joke. Just accept your team is losing and st Louis is gonna win. And get off this site

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