GAME NIGHT 11/29: Kapaa/Lahainaluna

No. 8 Lahainaluna 21, No. 10 Kapaa 10



At Aloha Stadium
Kapaa (8-2) 7 3 0 0 — 10
Lahaunaluna (11-1) 7 7 0 7 — 21

Lah—Joshua Tihada 4 run (Kaihulali Casco kick)
Kapa—Baba Na-O 1 run (La’akea Gonsalves kick)
Lah—Tihada 22 run (Casco kick)
Kapa—FG Gonsalves 23
Lah—Tihada 40 run (Casco kick)

RUSHING—Kapaa: Na-O 20-108, Kahanu Davis 21-48, Hanohano Kuhaulua 4-19. Lahainaluna: Tihada 36-310, Derek Perez 5-15, Nainoa Kulukulualani-Sales 4-12, Blare Sylva-Viela 1-7, Esekielu Storer 1-1, Treven Tihada 1-(minus 1), team 1-(minus 2).
PASSING—Kapaa: Davis 4-8-0-37, Cody Relacion 0-1-0-0. Lahainaluna: Storer 0-2-0-0.
RECEIVING—Kapaa: Dreyden Iwamoto 2-18, La’akea Gonsalves 1-15, Na-O 1-4. Lahainaluna: None.

(1:39, Q4) Kapaa ball on its 25. Davis hits Gonsalves for 15 yards to the 40. Flag down as Davis is sacked. Holding is called on Kapaa. Penalty declined. Rabinno with his second sack. Fourth down and Davis is sacked by Kulukulualani-Sales. Ball game.

Tihada goes over 300 yards rushing and has broken the state-tournament record previously held by Failauga. Kapaa gets a start and will get the ball back with less than two minutes to go.

(8:10, Q4) Kapaa ball on its 32. Davis gets 5 on third-and-5 to move the chains. Kapaa timeout with 5:50 to go facing third-and-10. Davis scrambles for 10 yards and it is indeed a first down. Sylva-Viela and Tuipulotu Lai combine on a sack. Junior Tre Rickard with the pick on third down for the Lunas’ D and that will do it.

Lunas start the fourth quarter first-and-10 on their 19. Tihada goes up the middle for 9 yards to surpass 200 for the game. A steady diet of Tihada on this drive. Third-and-4 and Tihada finds a crease to pick up 8 yards to the 49. Tihada now 28-227-2 in the game and looking for more. TIHADA AGAIN. He runs into a pile but he is behind his O-line and then sneaks around the side and is GONE. 40-yard TD. 278 rushing yards now is the D-II single-game record and behind only 283 yards by Alfred Failauga of Waipahu. 11-play, 92-yard drive. XP is good. 21-10, LAH, 8:16, Q4.


Third Quarter
At Aloha Stadium
Kapaa (8-1) 7 3 0
Lahaunaluna (10-1) 7 7 0

Lah—Joshua Tihada 4 run (Kaihulali Casco kick)
Kapa—Baba Na-O 1 run (La’akea Gonsalves kick)
Lah—Tihada 22 run (Casco kick)
Kapa—FG Gonsalves 23

RUSHING—Kapaa: Na-O 19-105, Kahanu Davis 13-49, Hanohano Kuhaulua 3-17. Lahainaluna: Tihada 24-199, Derek Perez 5-15, Nainoa Kulukulualani-Sales 3-10, Blare Sylva-Viela 1-7, Esekielu Storer 1-1.
PASSING—Kapaa: Davis 2-5-0-18. Lahainaluna: Storer 0-2-0-0.
RECEIVING—Kapaa: Dreyden Iwamoto 2-18. Lahainaluna: None.


(1:48, Q3) Lunas ball on their 8 after a penalty on the punt. Injury timeout with the Lunas facing third-and-4. Perez gets 5 yards and a first down. We’ll head to the fourth quarter.

(4:30, Q3) Kapaa ball on its 42. Third-and-6 and Kapaa with the quick snap to catch the Lunas with 12 men on the field but Davis runs it for a first down anyway. After a holding call, Iwamoto catches his second pass of the game for 6 yards. Those are the only two receptions in the game for either team. Third-and-13 at midfield. Miscommunication on the deep ball. Punt.

(6:16, Q3) Lunas ball on their 34. Adjustments were clearly made at halftime on defense as linebacker Nikki Kamelamela shoots in for the tackle for loss to force third-and-13. Now a delay of game as both teams going the wrong way on offense. Storer forced to scramble out of bounds for a loss. Three-and-out.

(8:19, Q3) Kapaa ball on its 41. Matthew Rabinno with the TFL and then he sacks Davis on third down for impressive back-to-back plays to force a three-and-out.

(11:56, Q3) Lahaina ball on its 16. Tihada opens with a 9-yard run as he closes in on the single-game rushing record in the state tournament. Just the second penalty of the game on the Lunas is a hold so it will be second-and-17 at the Lahaina 37. Solomone Malafu with a TFL for Kapaa and the Lunas will have to punt.

Lunas will receive.

At Aloha Stadium
Kapaa (8-1) 7 3
Lahaunaluna (10-1) 7 7

Lah—Joshua Tihada 4 run (Kaihulali Casco kick)
Kapa—Baba Na-O 1 run (La’akea Gonsalves kick)
Lah—Tihada 22 run (Casco kick)
Kapa—FG Gonsalves 23

RUSHING—Kapaa: Na-O 15-99, Kahanu Davis 9-50, Hanohano Kuhaulua 3-17. Lahainaluna: Tihada 15-156, Nainoa Kulukulualani-Sales 3-10, Derek Perez 2-9, Blare Sylva-Viela 1-7.
PASSING—Kapaa: Davis 1-3-0-13. Lahainaluna: Esekielu Storer 0-2-0-0.
RECEIVING—Kapaa: Dreyden Iwamoto 1-13. Lahainaluna: None.


(:19, Q2) Lunas rush Blare Sylva-Viela for 7 yards to end the half.

(3:55, Q2) Kapaa ball on its 33. Warriors burn a timeout to avoid a delay of game. After a 9-yard run by Na-O, Kapaa takes a deep shot and Davis just overshoots his receiver who had two steps on the DB. Na-O comes right back and busts loose for 19 yards on third-and-1. Davis keeps for 9 and quickly Kapaa is at the Lunas’ 30. Kuhaulua goes for 10. Lunas call timeout. Davis with an impressive run to the 9. Man he looks as big as most of the guys on the front seven defensively for the Lunas. Second-and-goal at the 7 and Davis fakes the handoff and throws the slant but a low throw. Good pass would have been seven. Timeout Kapaa. 54 seconds on the clock. Davis runs for a yard on a designed pass play. Nainoa Irish with the stop. Fourth down. Timeout. Looks like Kapaa will try a field goal with 24 seconds on the clock. La’akea Gonsalves with a 23-yard field goal. 14-10, LAH, :20, Q2.

Tihada has scored 11 touchdowns in state championships games and is now the first player to record five different 100-yard rushing games in the state tournament.

(7:21, Q2) Lunas start on their 20. Tihada churning out yardage and Kapaa gets hit with a 15-yard face-mask penalty. Lunas already on the Kapaa 28 as the clock goes under five minutes. Lunas averaging 8.2 yards a carry. Tihada off the direct snap goes off left tackle, takes it outside and is gone. A 22-yard TD for Tihada and Lahaina is back in front. 15 carries, 156 yards, 2 TD for Tihada. XP is good. 14-7, LAH, 4:03, Q2.

(10:34, Q2) Kapaa ball on its 17. Na-O breaks one for 17 yards on second down to the 37. Third-and-4 on the 43 and Davis is stopped on the keeper for no gain. Big play by Kaihulali Casco and Kulukulualani-Sales to get the stop and force a punt.

Lunas third-and-1 on their 29 to start the second quarter. Tihada picks up 18 and is already closing in on 100 yards. Second-and-6 and QB Esekielu Storer attempts back-to-back passes, first of the game for the Lunas. Both are incomplete and Lahaina punts.


First Quarter
At Aloha Stadium
Kapaa (8-1) 7
Lahaunaluna (10-1) 7

Lah—Joshua Tihada 4 run (Kaihulali Casco kick)
Kapa—Baba Na-O 1 run (La’akea Gonsalves kick)

RUSHING—Kapaa: Na-O 10-49, Kahanu Davis 3-30, Hanohano Kuhaulua 1-5. Lahainaluna: Tihada 7-78, Nainoa Kulukulualani-Sales 3-10, Derek Perez 1-5.
PASSING—Kapaa: Davis 1-1-0-13. Lahainaluna: None
RECEIVING—Kapaa: Dreyden Iwamoto 1-13. Lahainaluna: None.


(:35, Q1) Lunas ball on the 20. Quarter.

(5:08, Q1) Kapaa ball on its 29. Another good gain to start as Davis fakes the handoff and picks up 7 yards. Na-O busts loose for 11 yards to the 47. Kapaa Na-O with 8 more as the Warriors are churning out yards running out of a variety of sets. Kapaa averaging more than 6 yards a carry. Hanohano Kuhaulua gets 5 yards on his first carry and then Davis on the keeper breaks loose for a big gain of 13, just throwing tacklers off him. Na-O moves the sticks and it’s first-and-10 at the Lahaina 15. After 12 straight runs, Davis’ first pass is complete for 12 yards to Dreyden Iwamoto to the 3. Na-O in from 3 yards out it looks but he’s marked at the 1. Could challenge but Kapaa elects to run it instead with Na-O hoping over the pile into the end zone for a 1-yard TD run. XP is good. 7-7, :35, Q1.

(9:07, Q1) Lunas will start on their 11 after a 55-yard punt. Third-and-1 on the 20 and RB Joshua Tihada breaks one. Kaiola Lingaton catches Tihada from behind but not before a gain of 55 yards to the Kapaa 25. Looks like Lingaton is hurt on the play. Looking at his shoulder on the Lahaina sideline. Timeout for injury. Lunas rotating guys at QB with Derek Perez getting a snap and then Tihada handing off. Third-and-2 at the Kapaa 7. Tihada STUFFED by a group led by Iosefa Le’ae. Fourth-and-1 and Tihada hands off to Nainoa Kulukulualani-Sales for 2 yards. Tihada with a 4-yard TD run. Lunas strike first. 7-0, LAH, 5:13, Q1.

(11:54, Q1) Kapaa will start backed up after a penalty on the kickoff. Warriors start on their 11 and running back Baba Na-O with a nice 6-yard run to open. He gets 11 more on the next run as plenty of green in front of him to start the game. First third down coming up. Kapaa needs 4 yards. Na-O gets about 3 yards and it’s fourth-and-1. Kapaa decides to punt after gaining 26 yards on five carries. Excellent punt backs Lunas up.

Lunas win the toss and defer to the second half. Kapaa will receive.

La’akea Gonsalves, Stetson Telles-Kelekoma, Kahanu Davis, Kaiola Lingaton
Lahainaluna: Kai Bookland, Joshua Tihada, Nainoa Kulukulualani-Sales
Series history: Lahainaluna leads 2-1 in state tournament
Kapaa roster
Lahainaluna roster



  1. "UNITY=STRENGTH" November 29, 2019 1:56 pm

    Which Team’s wants it more tonight!!! let’s see some hitting and speed out there Offense and Defense!!! Braddah’s gotto team up and get mean and want it more force your will for four quarter’s with the right play’s of course HeHe:)”ROCK ON”!!!:)

  2. Hawaii November 29, 2019 3:03 pm

    Kapaa time to start recruiting!!!!!!

  3. Falcon Future November 29, 2019 3:56 pm

    @Hawaii, not really Kapaa’s fault. It is Lahainaluna that needs to stop playing down just so they can keep winning the D2 title. This should be the final straw and HHSAA should step in and do something.

    Again as a reminder, Lahainaluna won the overall Maui championship over Baldwin and Maui, and it wasn’t even close. This is not the first time either. But still yet when comes time for states, Lahainaluna signs up for D2 and Baldwin goes to D1.

    That’s lame. I at least give credit to Baldwin for having the olos to fill Maui’s D1 slot.

  4. DIIfan November 29, 2019 4:00 pm

    Totally agree with falcon future

  5. RidgeRunnerDD-214 November 29, 2019 4:41 pm

    It took 6 consecutive DII state titles for people to realize that maybe ‘Iolani shouldn’t be competing in DII, even then, it took another three years to bump them up to DI. Don’t repeat that with Lahainaluna.

  6. Football Fan November 29, 2019 5:18 pm

    Before the game. Kapaa’s coaches protested.

    Normally the higher seeded team gets the side with the shade. They complained so there was a coin flip.

    Kapaa won the coin flip and got the shaded side.

    That’s so weak. You were the lower seed. You lost to Lahainaluna straight up earlier in the season.

    Strap it up and play.

  7. Choloropicrin November 29, 2019 6:23 pm

    No one cares about their 4th participation trophy. I mean they beat the D1 competition on Maui, they belong with D1.

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