GAME NIGHT 10/27: No. 1 Saint Louis/No. 2 Punahou

No. 1 Saint Louis 45, No. 2 Punahou 21

Crusaders nab their fourth straight ILH championship with their 24th consecutive win. Up next is the OIA runner-up on Nov. 16 in the state semis.

UPDATE: Punahou coach Kale Ane says QB Hugh Brady was taken to the hospital at halftime.

at Aloha Stadium
Punahou (7-3) 0 7 7 7 — 21
Saint Louis (9-0) 14 14 3 14 — 45

StL—Jordan Botelho 5 fumble return (Garyn Napuunoa kick)
StL—Jayden de Laura 4 run (Napuunoa kick)
StL—Makoa Close 50 pass from de Laura (Napuunoa kick)
Pun—Tamatoa Falatea 36 pass from Kobe Muasau (Tim Horn kick)
StL—de Laura 25 run (Napuunoa kick)
Pun—Falatea 5 pass from Muasau (Horn kick)
StL—FG Napuunoa 26
StL—Chance Beyer 19 pass from de Laura (Napuunoa kick)
StL—Connor Apo 67 run (Napuunoa kick)
Pun—Alex Thompson 5 pass from Muasau (Horn kick)

RUSHING—Punahou: Muasau 8-24, Sitiveni Kaufusi 3-6, team 1-(minus 1), Hugh Brady 1-(minus 13). Saint Louis: Robbie Paikai 9-104, Apo 1-67, de Laura 18-51, Dayton Sam 11-36, Chandan Sappal 1-(minus 1), team 1-(minus 1), Logan Kalawaia 2-(minus 4).
PASSING—Punahou: Muasau 35-63–3-308, Koa Eldredge 0-1-0-0. Saint Louis: de Laura 14-24–1-242.
RECEIVING—Punahou: Falatea 13-143, Moku Dancil-Evans 9-58, Raydan Kiaaina-Caires 4-37, Eldredge 4-19, Kanoa Kalahiki 3-27, Matagi Thompson 1-19, A. Thompson 1-5. Saint Louis: Beyer 5-66, Close 3-113, Roman Wilson 3-41, Paikai 1-10, Matt Sykes 1-7, Koali Nishigaya 1-5.

Punahou gets the ball back at the 10 with 25 seconds to go. Saint Louis calls a timeout. Tight end Alex Thompson catches a 5-yard TD pass from Muasau. 45-21, 11 seconds to go. Muasau 35-63, 308 yards, 3 TD, 3 INT.

(3:04) Saint Louis ball on its 14. Senior Chandan Sappal getting snaps now at QB.

(4:12) First-and-10 at the 20. Falatea with his 13th catch for 143 yards. Muasau closing in on 60 passing attempts. Punt.

(4:25) Saint Louis ball on its 38. Apo in at QB. de Laura 14-24, 242 yards, 2 TD, 18 carries, 51 yards, 2 TD. Apo keeps it and is gone. 67-yard TD run. Saint Louis with 258 rushing yards in this game. 45-14, 4:12, Q4.

(5:26) Punahou ball on its 12. Punahou tries a double reserve pass but Latu stays in coverage and makes a great play to break it up. Punahou three-and-out.

Paikai with an 8-yard gain and he has 100 yards rushing on the night. Crusaders trying to run this clock and Punahou doesn’t help with an obvious facemask. Chance Beyer with a 19-yard TD pass from Jayden de Laura and that will wrap it up. 38-14, 5:32 to go.

(8:47) Punahou ball on its 26. Three completions for Muasau to get it to the 40. Nick Herbig with a crushing hit on a receiver for a gain of only 1 and then Junior Wily with the INT. Wily has balled out tonight. Seven tackles and now the INT. Saint Louis with six takeaways.

(11:23) Crusaders ball on their 8. Sam runs for 11 to the 20. Robbie Paikai rips off a huge 55-yard run with de Laura blocking 50 yards down the field. Inside the 20. Sam drops the handoff on the next play though and Liufau recovers for Punahou.

(11:53) Punahou ball on the Saint Louis 37. Delay of game on Punahou. Matagi Thompson with his first catch for 19 yards and then a Saint Louis penalty puts it on the 12. Third-and-6 at the 8 and Muasau misses Falatea near the goal line. Fourth down. Pressure forces a throw a tad early and Eldredge can’t make the diving catch. Turnover on downs.

de Laura sneaks it and it’s SUPER close. He barely got any penetration. They will measure. HE IS STOPPED. Punahou ball.


at Aloha Stadium
Punahou (7-2) 0 7 7
Saint Louis (8-0) 14 14 3

StL—Jordan Botelho 5 fumble return (Garyn Napuunoa kick)
StL—Jayden de Laura 4 run (Napuunoa kick)
StL—Makoa Close 50 pass from de Laura (Napuunoa kick)
Pun—Tamatoa Falatea 36 pass from Kobe Muasau (Tim Horn kick)
StL—de Laura 25 run (Napuunoa kick)
Pun—Falatea 5 pass from Muasau (Horn kick)
StL—FG Napuunoa 26

RUSHING—Punahou: Muasau 8-24, Sitiveni Kaufusi 2-4, team 1-(minus 1), Hugh Brady 1-(minus 13). Saint Louis: de Laura 17-51, Robbie Paikai 5-37, Dayton Sam 7-27.
PASSING—Punahou: Muasau 26-47–2-234. Saint Louis: de Laura 12-22–1-216.
RECEIVING—Punahou: Falatea 11-119, Moku Dancil-Evans 5-41, Raydan Kiaaina-Caires 4-37, Koa Eldredge 4-19, Kanoa Kalahiki 2-18. Saint Louis: Chance Beyer 4-47, Close 3-113, Roman Wilson 3-41, Paikai 1-10, Koali Nishigaya 1-5.

(1:47) Crusaders ball on their 28. Third-and-3 after two runs. Paikai down right at the marker and they measure. Just short. Ball on the Crusaders 37. What will Cal do? They will let the quarter run out first.

(2:13) Punahou ball on its 20. Crusaders force a three-and-out.

Saint Louis ball on the Punahou 10 after the fumble return. A 10-yard TD is wiped away by a hold. Third-and-goal at the 19. Inside screen to Paikai goes for 10. Ball at the 9. Garyn Napuunoa 26-yard field goal. 31-14, 2:13, Q3.

(5:07) Saint Louis changes field with a 62-yard punt. Buffanblu on their 23. Crusaders jump early. Saint Louis has been a mess with the penalties. Muasau takes a big shot after a 7-yard run to the 39 moves the chains. Key drop sets up third-and-10. Falatea again with the big third-down catch, this one 11 yards to move the chains at midfield. Falatea with a drop on second-and-15. Would have been a first down. Muasau had time in the pocket. Punahou’s O-Line has done a pretty good job. Third-and-15 and Muasau is drilled and fumbles. Lawai’alani Brown with the recovery.

(6:12) Saint Louis ball on its 22. de Laura can’t handle the snap and it’s a loss of 6. A little jitters out there from both teams now perhaps? Saint Louis tries an inside screen but it’s incomplete. Third-and-long. de Laura has a receiver open but enough pressure forces an incomplete pass. Three-and-out.

(6:48) Punahou ball on the Saint Louis 38. Muasau on a keeper but holding on Punahou. The Saint Louis section with a round of applause. First-and-20. Muasau has a guy open by a step but a high throw and it’s PICKED. Kamo’i Latu with his second INT of the game to go along with a FR.

(8:04) Saint Louis ball on its 20. Incomplete pass and de Laura is down and he looks hurt. Squirming around in pain. Didn’t see it. Trainers looking at him now. It’s his left knee. Sophomore Connor Apo in for third-and-9 and a delay of game is called. Reply showed a Punahou end going low on de Laura. That didn’t look great. de Laura back in though because of the penalty. Check that, Apo takes the snap and it’s a run for 6 yards. Short punt and Punahou has excellent field position.

(12:00) Punahou starts on its 20. Muasau at QB. Eldredge with a 7-yard reception and another late hit by Saint Louis. Fourth-and-1 at the Saint Louis 49 and Muasau keeps for 2 yards and a first down. PI on Saint Louis moves it to the 32. Three straight incomplete passes brings up fourth down and Punahou goes for it. Falatea open for a 12-yard catch to move the chains. DL Stanley McKenzie with a sack of Muasau. Fourth-and-1 at the 11 and Muasau sprints out right. His pass is incomplete but roughing the passer is called on Sonny Masaniai who I think is in there for Botelho. Ball on the 5. Timeout Saint Louis. Muasau to Falatea for a 5-yard TD. 28-14, 8:04, Q3. Muasau 22-37, 213 yards, 2 TD. Falatea 8 receptions, 102 yards, 2 TD.

Punahou will receive.


Hiram deFries-Saronitman: Tackle
Trent Shiraki: 4 tackles
Alaka’i Gilman: 4 tackles
Marist Liufau: 5 tackles, 2 sacks
Dillon Lundberg: 6 tackles 2, sacks
Tevarua Tafiti: 2 tackles
Jonah Henry: Interception, 1.5 tackles
Kahanu Kia: 2 tackles
Kennedy Freeman: .5 tackles
Maninoa Tufono: 1 tackle
Sitiveni Kaufusi: 1 tackle
Tamatoa Falatea: 1 tackle
Kaulana Makaula: 4 tackles

Saint Louis
Jordan Botelho: 2 tackles, sack, forced fumble, fumble recovery, touchdown
Nicholas Herbig: 4 tackles
Kila Kamakawiwo’ole: 3 tackles, TFL, sack
Junior Wily: 5 tackles
Kamo’i Latu: Fumble recovery, tackle, INT
Koali Nishigaya: Tackle
Brian Cox: Tackle
Lawai’alani Brown: Pass breakup
Micah Tupua: Tackle
Harvey Welch: Tackle

at Aloha Stadium
Punahou (7-2) 0 7
Saint Louis (8-0) 14 14

StL—Jordan Botelho 5 fumble return (Garyn Napuunoa kick)
StL—Jayden de Laura 4 run (Napuunoa kick)
StL—Makoa Close 50 pass from de Laura (Napuunoa kick)
Pun—Tamatoa Falatea 36 pass from Kobe Muasau (Tim Horn kick)
StL—de Laura 25 run (Napuunoa kick)

RUSHING—Punahou: Muasau 4-16, Sitiveni Kaufusi 2-4, team 1-(minus 1), Hugh Brady 1-(minus 13). Saint Louis: de Laura 16-57, Robbie Paikai 3-34, Dayton Sam 3-12.
PASSING—Punahou: Muasau 16-26–1-169. Saint Louis: de Laura 11-17–1-206.
RECEIVING—Punahou: Falatea 5-76, Moku Dancil-Evans 5-41, Raydan Kiaaina-Caires 3-33, Koa Eldredge 2-6, Kanoa Kalahiki 1-13. Saint Louis: Chance Beyer 4-47, Close 3-113, Roman Wilson 3-41, Koali Nishigaya 1-5.


(:11) Punahou ball on its 9 after a penalty. Buffanblu take a knee.

(4:15) Crusaders ball on their 11 after another personal foul on the Crusaders. False start on Saint Louis. Paikai breaks off a 23-yard run right up the middle. Crusaders doing a lot of their work on the ground, setting up the big pass. 18 runs/15 passes so far as the ball is at the Punahou 41. Buffanblu timeout. Liufau gets his second sack but de Laura finds Wilson for 9 yards on third down. Saint Louis timeout with a minute to go. Second-and-9 at the Punahou 35. Lundberg gets a sack and Saint Louis has to call a timeout. Two sacks each for Liufau and Lundberg. Third-and-17 at the 43. de Laura hits Wilson for 18 yards. First down. One timeout and 30 seconds left? de Laura don’t care. 25-yard rushing TD. 28-7, :19, Q2.

(5:36) Punahou ball on its 33 after a short punt of 16 yards. Senior Tamatoa Falatea makes a defender miss and picks up 23 yards into Saint Louis territory on the catch. Punahou has a man open deep but Muasau JUST overthrows him. Close to six. Third down. Pass over the middle is tipped by two different Saint Louis DB’s and into the hands of Falatea who is in for a 36-yard TD. Punahou catches a break and is on the board. 21-7, 4:21, Q2.

(7:00) Saint Louis ball on the Punahou 49. Close with a 14-yard reception and he’s got 113 receiving yards already. Punahou’s Dillon Lundberg with a sack to set up third-and-15. Illegal forward pass and Saint Louis punts.

(7:49) Punahou ball on its 20. Muasau with four short completions and then a shot over the middle goes off the receivers hands and is picked off by Kamo’i Latu. LB Jordan Botelho has been whistled for taunting and that’s his second personal foul and he is ejected.

(9:44) Saint Louis ball on its 14. de Laura hits Beyer for 23 yards. Another snap infraction by Saint Louis. Third-and-8 at midfield. de Laura buys time and then hits a wide open Makoa Close for a 50-yard TD. 21-0, 7:49, Q2.

Punahou second-and-9 at its 45 to start the second quarter. Muasau hits Falatea for 5, Dancil-Evans for 6 and then keeps it for 12 yards to the 32. He gets 11 more to the 21 on the same play. Muasau sacked on third down by Kamakawiwo’ole but then Kamakawiwo’ole is called for an unsportsmanlike penalty after the play. Fourth-and-2 on the 14 and Punahou calls timeout. Incomplete pass and Saint Louis takes over.


at Aloha Stadium
Punahou (7-2) 0

Saint Louis (8-0) 14

StL—Jordan Botelho 5 fumble return (Garyn Napuunoa kick)
StL—Jayden de Laura 4 run (Napuunoa kick)

RUSHING—Punahou: Sitiveni Kaufusi 2-4, Kobe Muasau 1-1, Hugh Brady 1-(minus 13). Saint Louis: de Laura 8-27, Dayton Sam 3-12, Robbie Paikai 1-9.
PASSING—Punahou: Muasau 6-11–0-71. Saint Louis: de Laura 4-6–1-67.
RECEIVING—Punahou: Koa Eldredge 2-6, Raydan Kiaaina-Caires 1-24, Moku Dancil-Evans 1-23, Kanoa Kalahiki 1-13, Tamatoa Falatea 1-5. Saint Louis: Chance Beyer 2-13, Makoa Close 1-49, Koali Nishigaya 1-5.


(:35) Punahou starts on its 20. Muasau remains in the game. A 24-yard pass to Raydan Kiaaina-Caires right before the end of the quarter.

(3:18) Saint Louis will start on its 14. de Laura has run it on seven of Saint Louis’ first 12 plays. Now two carries by RB Dayton Sam and it’s third-and-1. Sam gets 3 and a first down. Make that 10 running plays out of first 15 for the Crusaders. RB Robbie Paikai in and he gets 9 yards on his first carry. Second-and-1 and Saint Louis catches one deep as Makoa Close with the 49-yard reception. De Laura 4-yard TD run. Perfection. 14-0, :35, Q1.

(4:08) Punahou ball on the 40 and Muasau remains in the game. He gets drilled from behind on an incomplete pass on the first play. Crusaders force quick three-and-out.

(7:48) Saint Louis starts on its 8 and Roman Wilson turns a short pass into a huge gain but a penalty wipes it out. Punahou hit with a late-hit penalty as well. Ball on the 22. Punahou’s Marist Liufau drops de Laura for a loss of 15 yards on a sack. Safety Jonah Henry with an INT on the next play.

(9:52) Punahou starts on its 34. Sophomore Kobe Muasau in at QB. Perfect throw on third down to Moku Dancil-Evans for a gain of 23 yards into Saint Louis territory. Crusaders jump offsides twice to give up a first down. Muasau hits four different receivers on the drive but Kila Kamakawiwo’ole forces a fumble by the Punahou RB inside the 10 and Kamo’i Latu recovers for Saint Louis.

(10:10) Punahou starts on its 18 after an excellent punt. Junior Hugh Brady at QB. First play is junior Jordan Botelho off the edge. SACK, forced fumble, fumble recovery, 5-yard TD. All by Botelho. Brady is hurt. Botelho came in off the edge and had a straight line right at Brady. Crushed him. 7-0 Crusaders, 10:00, Q1. Brady would not return.

(12:00) Saint Louis starts on its 20 after a Tim Horn touchback. Junior Jayden de Laura at QB for Saint Louis. de Laura keeps it for 15 yards on the first play. Same play again but its a loss of 1. First third down is a pass to Chance Beyer for 5 yards but Alaka’i Gilman with the tackle a yard short. Crusaders punt.

Punahou wins the toss and will defer. Crusaders will get the ball first.



Click here for Punahou’s roster
Click here for Saint Louis’ roster

The ILH Open Division championship will be decided in tonight’s winner-take-all final between the top-ranked Crusaders and the second-ranked Buffanblu.

This will be the 18th time No. 1 plays No. 2 in the eight-year history of the Honolulu Star-Advertiser rankings. The No. 1 team is 11-6.

Here are a few links to tide you over until kickoff.

Star-Advertiser Game Preview
Q&A: Saint Louis coach Cal Lee
Q&A: Punahou coach Kale Ane
Q&A: Saint Louis defensive tackle Faatui Tuitele

SERIES HISTORY: Saint Louis leads 66-28-1 (since 1973)


Hugh Brady10161-288-92,30926
Kobe Muasau765-124-37737
Koa Eldredge100-1-000
Vincent Terrell9703793
Sitiveni Kaufusi10702703
Kobe Muasau717530
Theo Chun26241
Blake Furuta22100
Malcolm Liufau1160
Gunnar Locke3460
Maninoa Tufono9211
Hugh Brady1044-1232
Tamatoa Falatea10741,05711
Koa Eldredge104173410
Moku Dancil-Evans10464945
Kanoa Kalahiki8182604
Vincent Terrell9191630
Matagi Thompson44620
Alex Thompson35541
Sitiveni Kaufusi105521
Rayden Kiaaina-Caires25520
Christopher Paige61511
Treyden Buden-Nakasone22400
Noa Takeyama11380
Zachary Johnson22140
Noah Kameehonua22130
Yoshi Kobayashi11-20


Jayden de Laura10145-213-102,36819
Connor Apo1034-51-22692
Chandan Sappal43-3-0391
Alexander Bianco64-4-0160
Dayton Sam11795388
Robbie Paikai11764869
Jayden de Laura108029210
Connor Apo10271572
Logan Kalawaia513850
Ka'ohu Kamakawiwo'ole823821
Chandan Sappal43480
Alexander Bianco66461
Alema Scanlan36182
Micah Tapua11120
Kainalu Tumpap1221
Roman Wilson10307447
Chance Beyer11535786
Koali Nishigaya11435204
Makoa Close11274823
Matt Sykes66890
Tame Albert Sula710871
Prince Solomon35561
Cheyne Beyer11260
Po'okela Louis22190
Keanu Wallace22190
Makena Ramos-Kamaka11100
Robbie Paikai111100
Isaac Silva1190
Lexzen Rhain Ramos-Kamaka2280
Dayton Sam11170
Ikalewa Paaoao11-20


  1. To da hale October 27, 2018 1:00 pm

    #1 vs #2 in the state.

    This is the REAL state championship game!

    Looking forward to a great game!

  2. 88 October 27, 2018 1:55 pm

    Real State Championship game? Let’s forget the fact that Punahou got their @$$es handed to them out on the North Shore. The Crusaders should AUTOMATICALLY be the ILH CHAMPIONS because they beat Punahou already.

  3. To da hale October 27, 2018 3:14 pm


    When you refer to getting your @$$es handed to them out in the north shore, are you also referring to the beat down that Mililani did on them in the north shore? How about losing to Campbell? #2 was earned and by not losing to ANY lower ranked team.

    Also, based on what you’ve stated, should Mililani AUTOMATICALLY be OIA champions since they beat every OIA team?

    StL is definitely #1 in the state and deserving of it. However, anything can happen, look at what Castle did to the undefeated Moanalua (Castle lost in the reg season).

    Let’s just see a good competitive game for all the fans to enjoy.

  4. "UNITY=STRENGTH" October 27, 2018 3:24 pm

    My best to the best ILH teams in the State playing for the ILH Championship. Play your game in the zone to the end!!! Use time outs wisely to stop any momentum and to regroup or the wheels might fall off!!! Work together to address the problems that might arise deal with it and move forward!!! Serious speed 100%!!! “ROCK ON”!!!

  5. 88 October 27, 2018 5:43 pm

    I’m just referring to the @$$ pounding they got from Kahuku when BOTH teams were HEALTHY. As to an undefeated Mililani automatically crowned OIA champion, don’t be an idiot. For the past 1000 years the OIA has ALWAYS had a playoff (9-11being the exception) regardless of record to determine who the OIA champion is. The ILH does ROUNDS. They play 2 rounds cause there is only 3 of them. If a team sweeps the first round than happens to lose to a team in the 2nd round those 2 teams play a 3rd time. It seems unfair to the Crusaders that if they lose tonight their season is done.

  6. Charles Amai October 27, 2018 6:44 pm

    Awesome coverage! Thank you Coach Paul!!!

  7. BleedRed October 27, 2018 7:40 pm

    If the Crusaders come out victorious,does Botelho have to sit out next game

  8. Charles Amai October 27, 2018 7:54 pm

    1st half ejection should not go into the next game.

  9. BleedRed October 27, 2018 8:04 pm

    Mahalos for the clarification

  10. Austin Chang October 27, 2018 8:12 pm

    Did you Hugh Brady got injured?

  11. Austin Chang October 27, 2018 8:12 pm

    Excuse me Did Hugh Brady got injured?

  12. Charles Amai October 27, 2018 8:18 pm

    Botelho with a KO sack. RT missed assignment..Check YT for vid

  13. Im at the game October 27, 2018 8:20 pm

    Hugh Brady gone from first drive. Punahou keeps going low at the STL Qb. Both teams playing a little dirty but the refs are calling it on StL.

  14. Realist808 October 27, 2018 9:10 pm

    So now they play the runner up from the OIA tournament? How does the playoff format make sense? They’ll be the number 1 seed but they’ll play the 3 seed while the 2 seed plays the 4. Format needs to fixed.

  15. Wake up October 27, 2018 10:46 pm

    STL defense is the real deal this year. As for Puns getting @ss pounded on the North shore, the game was tied at the half. Kahuku pulled away only in the second half. Doesn’t really matter though because STL is gonna put a whoopin on whoever they face. Unless their starting QB goes down, I don’t see any team coming close. The game tonight could’ve been worse but the refs kept extending Punahoes drive with lame calls. Officiating was terrible and one sided tonight

  16. Dafun October 27, 2018 11:13 pm


    Im going to have to agree not because I went to St. Louis, but damn man let the boys play. And be fair. I’ve never seen any set of refs destroy a game as much as this one. Seriously we need mainland refs or something because unfortunately we have the worst refs I have ever seen. St Louis won the game but was held back massively because of strange calls that never happened all season until punahou comes along…

  17. To da hale October 28, 2018 12:03 am

    Awesome game by StL!
    StL coaching did a good job.

    No OIA will stop StL.
    I believe Mililani will get beat even worst than how Punahou beat them.

    StL D is legit. Tonite, their backers played well. Didn’t hear the big 3 DL names called as much as they normally do. Is Tuitele injured? Didnt see any stats for tackles.

  18. Fan of California & Hawaii HS sports October 28, 2018 12:41 am

    To suggest that the refs tried to do all they could to help Punahou win, let me remind you of THIS: Punahou had a chance to tie the game in the 1st game before the refs missed an obvious PI that would’ve given the Puns a 1st down.

  19. Robocop October 28, 2018 1:06 am

    The 1st game didn’t mean much this one was big. Loser is done. The refs really were bad

  20. 3-Peat! October 28, 2018 4:00 am

    Crusaders left no doubt, period! A league of there own and Koa stays at Kalaepohaku.

  21. Penalties October 28, 2018 7:20 am

    If the refs wanted to help Punahou, then they should have called all that holding that the crusader OL was doing all night long. I think maybe just 1 holding penalty was called on them for the entire game.

  22. Lou October 28, 2018 8:55 am

    Goshima was like ref? Wow, alum ?

  23. Robocop October 28, 2018 9:06 am

    Everyone always cries about ST Louis holding but no one brings up how bad they get held every game.

  24. Wake up October 28, 2018 9:24 am

    The first game the refs spotted Puns a touchdown that should’ve been a safety. Did anyone else besides me see this bogus call? And to be fair, you can call holding on EVERY play if you really wanted to

  25. hiusername October 28, 2018 9:24 am

    punahou double teamed tuitele with the tackle and guard, and that left bothelo free. punahou did not consider double teaming bothelo. but, if they did, tuitele and the other two dl would be sacking the qb.
    the awesome 7.

  26. ABC 123 October 28, 2018 10:39 am

    Saint Louis is on a different level than all other in state teams. When the O is struggling the D steps up and vice versa. Even though Kahuku typically ups their game during states, this year doesn’t seem to have the same feel as the past years. That leaves Mililani which if HHSAA was smart, they would seed it to where a Saint Louis vs. Mililani would meet for the Title. But that won’t happen. Saint Louis will have to go thru the top two OIA teams again to earn their 3-peat.

  27. Chris October 29, 2018 7:15 pm

    If Jordan Iosefa had to sit out 2 games for being ejected, is it the same for Botelho? If so, he wouldn’t be able to play for the rest of the season?

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