GAME NIGHT 10/11: Punahou/Mililani

No. 2 Punahou 3, No. 3 Mililani 0


Mililani shut out for first time in 213 games dating back to 2000

At Aloha Stadium
Mililani (7-3, 5-0) 0 0 0 0 – 0
Punahou (9-1, 7-1) 0 0 0 3 — 3
PUN—FG Quinn Maretzki 40

RUSHING—Mililani: Malosi Sam 15-66, Jasiah Alcover 10-23, Brendyn Agbayani 1-(minus 7). Punahou: Vincent Terrell 12-55, team 5-(minus 45), John-Keawe Sagapolutele 9-(minus 50).
PASSING—Mililani: Agbayani 15-29–2-130. Punahou: Sagapolutele 17-23–0-129, Ian Eveleth 2-3-0-50.
RECEIVING—Mililani: Raysen Motoyama 3-18, Kai Banks 4-35, Kanoa Gibson 2-45, Pono Hookano 2-12, Rayvin Yacapin 1-9. Jarin Kalama 1-7, Mystik Sampaga 1-3, Sam 1-1. Punahou: Koa Eldredge 8-92, Christopher Paige 5-20, Raydan Kiaaina-Caires 3-47, Moku Dancil-Evans 2-18, Terrell 1-2.

(1:31) Trojans with one timeout. This should about do it.

(3:58) Punt downed at the 2 for Mililani. Rayvin Yacapin with a 9-yard catch for his first grab and Sam gets 4 yards on third-and-1. Ball at the 15. Agbayani tries to go deep but Gilman is there for the breakup and nearly a pick. Third-and-10. Agbayani finds Banks open for 23 yards to the 42. Second pass of more than 20 yards tonight for Mililani. Three straight incomplete passes and it’s fourth down. Agbayani heaves one down field but isn’t on same page as receiver. Turnover on downs.

(6:09) Punahou ball on the Mililani 24. Sagapolutele sacked Hoohuli and Kady for a loss of 6. Timeout Punahou with 4:39 to go. Third-and-9 on the Mililani 23. Sagapolutele sacked for a loss of 2 and then Punahou is whistled for a late hit after the play to take them out of field-goal range. Huge mistake. Semeatu credited with his second sack.

(7:08) Trojans ball on their 17 after a penalty wipes out a good kick return. Punahou blows up a screen on first down. Third-and-1 and Alcover fumbles on the handoff and Kia recovers for Punahou.

(11:42) Punahou ball on its 30. Sagapolutele back in at QB. He hits Moku Dancil-Evans for 14 yards to the 45 but is then whistled for intentional grounding. Second-and-22. Kady and Penitani in on a sack. Punahou going backwards now. Third-and-35 and the handoff goes to Terrell who picks up 34.9 yards at least. They will measure to see if he got it. What a run. Potential game-changing play right there. He is an inch short. Interesting decision here at the Mililani 46 with 9:11 to play. Punahou will go for it. Terrell has to make a man miss in the backfield but gets 2 yards and a first down. That was a great run. Short pass to Paige for 4 yards but tack on 15 more for the late hit on Mililani. Ball on the 25 of the Trojans. Draw to Terrell for 3 yards on third-and-10 and Punahou will try a field goal. Quinn Maretzki‘s 40-yard field goal is GOOD. 3-0, PUN, 7:17, Q4.

Mililani has it third-and-10 on its 37 to start the fourth. Mililani tries to go deep to Gibson. Incomplete. Punt.

Third Quarter
At Aloha Stadium
Mililani (7-2, 5-0) 0 0 0
Punahou (8-1, 6-1) 0 0 0

RUSHING—Mililani: Malosi Sam 13-62, Jasiah Alcover 9-25, Brendyn Agbayani 1-(minus 7). Punahou: Vincent Terrell 9-15, team 1-(minus 16), John-Keawe Sagapolutele 6-(minus 24).
PASSING—Mililani: Agbayani 12-18–2-85. Punahou: Sagapolutele 13-17–0-99, Ian Eveleth 2-3-0-50.
RECEIVING—Mililani: Raysen Motoyama 3-18, Kai Banks 3-8, Pono Hookano 2-12, Kanoa Gibson 1-36, Jarin Kalama 1-7, Mystik Sampaga 1-3, Sam 1-1. Punahou: Koa Eldredge 7-85, Raydan Kiaaina-Caires 3-47, Christopher Paige 3-11, Moku Dancil-Evans 1-4, Terrell 1-2.

(2:24) Mililani ball on its 18. Raysen Motoyama with the big catch for 13 yards on third down to pick up the first. End 3

(4:30) Punahou ball on the 20 after a flag on Mililani. Kady with a sack for the Trojans. The Oregon State commit is having a huge game. Loss of 6. Third-and-16. Ian Eveleth into the game at QB and he throws an absolute DIME to Eldredge down the sideline for 46 yards to the 40. Incredible throw. Eldredge gets 4 more yards on the next play but a personal foul is called on Punahou after the play. There is definitely some trash talking going on down there. Punahou has to punt. I believe Evelth came in after the sack but will double check.

(7:26) Mililani ball on its 29 after a penalty. Trojans have to use a timeout. Agbayani floats one up deep to Gibson, who goes up and makes the catch for 36 yards. Agbayani doubles his passing total on that one play. Third-and-6 at the Punahou 31. Agbayani throws one out of bounds but they call pass interference on the defensive back. First down at the 16. Alcover runs for 13 yards to the 3 but a holding penalty is called. Agbayani off target on a throw but now a hold is called on a DB. Alcover runs to the 8 and then a short pass is complete to Pono Hookano who gets down to the 5 when Alaka’i Gilman forces the fumble on the strip from behind. Nathaniel Kia recovers for Punahou.

(7:58) Punahou ball on the Mililani 46. Another third-and-1 after a 9-yard reception by Eldredge. Punahou goes deep to Eldredge, who has a step, but the ball is just overthrown. Fourth down and they go for it. Sagapolutele loses 7 on the scramble.

(9:24) Mililani ball on its 25. Agbayani with his best throw of the game on third down to Kanoa Gibson, for his first catch, but it’s coming back because of a hold. Punt.

(11:52) Punahou ball on its 26. Manu Penitani with a TFL on the first play but then Sagapolutele finds Kiaaina-Caires for 15 yards on the next play. Third-and-1 near midfield and Terrell is blown up for a loss of 4. Penitani, Wynden Hoohuli, Kady were all in there. Punt.


At Aloha Stadium
Mililani (7-2, 5-0) 0 0
Punahou (8-1, 6-1) 0 0

RUSHING—Mililani: Malosi Sam 12-62, Jasiah Alcover 3-9, Brendyn Agbayani 1-(minus 7). Punahou: Vincent Terrell 5-13, team 1-(minus 16), John-Keawe Sagapolutele 3-(minus 16).
PASSING—Mililani: Agbayani 7-11–2-28. Punahou: Sagapolutele 11-12–0-75.
RECEIVING—Mililani: Pono Hookano 1-9, Jarin Kalama 1-7, Mystik Sampaga 1-3, Kai Banks 3-8, Sam 1-1. Punahou: Koa Eldredge 4-26, Christopher Paige 3-11, Raydan Kiaaina-Caires 2-32, Moku Dancil-Evans 1-4, Terrell 1-2.

(:21) Ball on the Punahou 45. Punahou goes five-wide. Sagapolutele isn’t ready for the snap and it’s a loss of 16. Half.

Trojans go three-and-out and Punahou calls timeout with 29 seconds remaining.

(2:36) Punahou ball on the Mililani 20. Sagapolutele is sacked from behind and fumbles. Sonny Semeatu with the strip-sack and Bam Amina with the recovery.

(3:20) Mililani ball on its 20. Junior Eli Thompson with the pick as the ball is batted up into the air and Punahou is in business.

(4:44) Punahou ball on its 29. Sagapolutele hits a big throw down the sideline to Kiaaina-Caires for 26 yards and then Eldredge picks up 16 after making a defender miss. Third-and-1 and Sagapolutele tries a forward pitch to Eldredge in motion and it goes nowhere. Loss of 10. Timeout Punahou. Quinn Maretzki tries a 47-yard field goal but it comes up short.

(9:00) Mililani ball on its 20. Sam with a 10-yard gain and he’s already up to 45 yards on seven carries. Punahou whistled for a 15-yard flag for hitting a defenseless receiver. Sam breaks off a 10-yard run on third-and-1. Ball on the Punahou 36. Two short passes to Kai Banks for 6 yards and then Sam gets 2 as Malcolm Liufau makes the tackle short of the marker. Fourth-and-2 and Agbayani has the first read taken away so he goes deep to an open receiver but it’s overthrown. Turnover on downs.

(11:52) Punahou ball on its 25. Koa Eldredge gets his first reception for 11 yards to move the chains. Sagapolutele is 7-for-7 but only for 35 yards as everything is short. Terrell with a 2-yard catch on third-and-4 and Punahou won’t hesitate to punt. Mililani senior Seth Ebesugawa shaken up on the punt.

Mililani has it second-and-7 at the 39 to start the second quarter but calls timeout first. Agbayani tries to go deep but is picked off by junior Kilinahe Mendiola-Jensen.

First Quarter
At Aloha Stadium
Mililani (7-2, 5-0) 0
Punahou (8-1, 6-1) 0

RUSHING—Mililani: Malosi Sam 6-35, Jasiah Alcover 2-9, Brendyn Agbayani 1-(minus 7). Punahou: Vincent Terrell 3-9, John-Keawe Sagapolutele 2-(minus 12).
PASSING—Mililani: Agbayani 3-4–0-13. Punahou: Sagapolutele 3-3-0-16.
RECEIVING—Mililani: Pono Hookano 1-9, Mystik Sampaga 1-3, Sam 1-1. Punahou: Christopher Paige 2-9, Raydan Kiaaina-Caires 1-7.

(2:13) Mililani ball on its 21. Jasiah Alcover gets his first carry and gets close to the 30 but fumbles. Mililani manages to get on it. Sam gets 16 yards on a draw play for a first down.

(4:01) Punahou ball on its 38. Nice play from Shane Kady off the edge to stop Terrell for no gain. Kady then again up the middle and gets a strip-sack of Sagapolutele. Punahou manages to recover it. Short pass and Punahou goes three-and-out.

(5:29) Mililani ball on its 38. Trojans are three-and-out after three pass attempts.

(8:31) Punahou ball on its 32 with freshman John-Keawe Sagapolutele at QB. He completes his first pass for 5 yards and then Vincent Terrell runs for 5 yards and a first down. Third-and-2 becomes third-and-7 after a false start and then Sagapolutele isn’t ready for the snap and falls on it for a loss of 4. Punt.

(12:00) Mililani ball on its 20. Junior Brendyn Agbayani is at QB. Malosi Sam gets the first carry for 2 yards. Sam gets 6 more and it’s third-and-2. Sam up the middle for 3 yards and a first down. Sam has the ball ripped away from him at the last second but the referee’s rule forward progress has been stopped. Good call. It will be third-and-2 but not before an injured Mililani player is able to get off the field. Looks like it is Sam. He is able to walk off. Agbayani mishandles the snap on third down and it’s a Mililani punt.

Mililani will receive.

Game will kick off at 8:10 p.m.
Series history: Punahou leads 4-3
Mililani roster
Punahou roster


  1. IDGAF October 11, 2019 9:43 pm

    Tough game remind me of last weeks Mililani and Kapolei game 0-0 At Halftime.

  2. Chicken Grease October 11, 2019 10:34 pm

    QB Ag. Hope your aspirations are to throw for CC or Div II. Or maybe unc’ give you ‘nough mahney. Dunno WHERE you throwing, brah. Or WHY you’re being allowed to throw like that (yeah, that part on YOU, coaching staff)

    3-0. Ah CAHM on!!!

  3. 2ndstring October 12, 2019 4:31 am

    @Grease…go EZ…Punahou’s Defense is tops in the state. Every QB has played their worse game of the year against them. The kid is young and in his first year as the starter. A full summer at Coach Vinnys camp and he will be much improved. Played with his dad he has the bloodline to be great! Good luck in playoffs.

  4. HHSFB October 12, 2019 7:22 am

    So Millville gets totally smoked two times, and loses to Punahou 3-0, and somehow ends the regular season 7-0 ??? But if they beat an ILH team it counts in the “win”? Now that’s what I call “FANTASY FOOTBALL “ !!!

    The proven #2 team in the state won’t be in the play offs !?!?!
    That totally needs to be fixed, if you’re penalizing the ILH for recruiting, fine but then you also need to penalize Mililani for recruiting too.

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