GAME NIGHT 10/11: Moanalua/Damien

No. 10 Damien 22, No. 6 Moanalua 17

At Aloha Stadium
Moanalua (8-1, 6-0) 0 0 0 17 — 17
Damien (8-2, 6-2) 8 7 7 0 — 22

DMS—Jake Holtz 5 run (Bubba Kauhi pass from Duke Hoohuli)
DMS—Amo Sulu 2 run (Christian Souza kick)
DMS—River Iaea 8 run (Souza kick)
Moan—FG Griffin Motas 47
Moan—Rudy Kealohi 16 pass from RJ Javar (Ayzeiah Callo-Saquiton pass from Javar)
Moan—Jansen York 51 pass from Javar (pass failed)

RUSHING—Moanalua: So’onaoso Saole-Teixeira 6-19, RJ Javar 13-(minus 12). Damien: Sulu 16-114, Holtz 10-45, Iaea 9-28, Chance Maghinay Santos 7-17, team 2-(minus 5), Ezra Kaina 1-(minus 6).
PASSING—Moanalua: Javar 18-34–1-254. Damien: Holtz 8-18–1-102, Iaea 1-1-0-25.
RECEIVING—Moanalua: York 6-129, Kealohi 6-72, Lawsen Lee 3-27, Dacyres Domingo 3-26. Damien: Makanalea Meyer 4-33, Jarvis Natividad 2-52, Sulu 1-25, Kaina 1-11, Iaea 1-6.

Damien’s Kyle Kinney gets the onsides kick and that will do it.

(2:12) Moanalua ball on its 32. Dacyres Domingo with a catch for 11 yards to the 49. Javar finds York streaking over the middle and he’s GONE. 51-yard TD. Big two-point conversion pass is incomplete however. 22-17, DMS, 1:03, Q4.

(3:15) Damien recovers the kick but it was close. Ball on its 28. Moanalua burns its first timeout to stop the clock with 2:26 to go and Damien facing a third-and-4 from its 34. Iaea gets 3 but is short. Timeout Na Menehune. Damien will likely punt here.

(6:13) Moanalua ball on its 20. Javar finally getting into a groove as he hits Kealohi for 12 yards and then Lee for 13 yards. Damien jumps offsides and then commits a pass-interference penalty. Tyler Kulinski with his second sack for Damien. Moanalua comes back though as Javar finds York down the middle for 26 yards to the 9. Timeout Damien. When the Monarchs get in trouble they just pick it up with the pass rush as Duke Hoohuli tackles Javar for a loss of 2. Third down and Javar scrambles and finds Kealohi for a 16-yard TD. Conversion is good as well. 22-11, DMS, 3:15, Q4.

(7:13) Damien ball on its 37. Iaea with the carry and he fumbles but Damien again recovers its own fumble. That’s twice in two plays now. Holtz goes deep on the next play and Tanner picks it off for Moanalua.

(8:19) Moanalua ball on its 28. Na Menehune can’t do anything with it but Griffin Motas with a nice 47-yard field goal. 22-3, DMS, 7:13, Q4.

Short punt and York returns it 15 yards to the 18. Flag comes in at the end of the play. Personal foul on Moanalua.

(10:08) Damien ball on its 17. Ugly possession there as the Damien running back just stops with the ball in his hand before the whistle. Then a fumble on third down but the Monarchs are lucky to recover it at the 1. Damien will punt from its end zone.

Moanalua has it first-and-10 on the Damien 48 to start the fourth quarter. Iaea finishes off a sack of Javar to set up third-and-10. Jayce Jay-Pedro gets another sack for Damien as the coverage down the field has been excellent. Javar has not known where to go with the bal. Punt.


Third Quarter Box
At Aloha Stadium
Moanalua (8-0, 6-0) 0 0 0
Damien (7-2, 5-2 8 7 7

DMS—Jake Holtz 5 run (Bubba Kauhi pass from Duke Hoohuli)
DMS—Amo Sulu 2 run (Christian Souza kick)
DMS—River Iaea 8 run (Souza kick)

RUSHING—Moanalua: So’onaoso Saole-Teixeira 6-19, RJ Javar 7-3. Damien: Sulu 16-114, Holtz 9-40, Chance Maghinay Santos 6-32, Iaea 5-18.
PASSING—Moanalua: Javar 9-19–1-102. Damien: Holtz 8-17–0-102, Iaea 1-1-0-25.
RECEIVING—Moanalua: Jansen York 3-45, Rudy Kealohi 3-41, Lawsen Lee 2-14, Dacyres Domingo 1-2. Damien: Makanalea Meyer 4-33, Jarvis Natividad 2-52, Sulu 1-25, Ezra Kaina 1-11, Iaea 1-6.

(3:52) Damien ball on its 21. Maghinay Santos rips off a 20-yard run. Monarchs cross the 50 but then have to punt to end the third quarter.

(6:51) Moanalua ball on its 20. Na Menehune has run 23 plays to the Monarchs’ 47. Moanalua gets one to bounce its way as a possible INT goes off the defender’s fingertips into the arms of Kealohi for 34 yards inside the Damien 25. Fourth-and-5 on the 18 and Moanalua will go for it. Moanalua goes with a handoff and it’s a loss of 3. Turnover on downs.

When it’s going your way, it’s going your way. Damien hits the kickoff right into a Moanalua player 10 yards away and the Monarchs recover on their 46. Holtz converts a third-and-1 with a QB sneak. Damien gets pass happy with a couple of incomplete throws and will try a 47-yard field goal. Christian Souza has the distance but it’s wide right. Had plenty of leg.

(10:31) Damien ball on its 49. Chance Maghinay Santos in at RB. First play is a deep shot and it’s complete to Natividad for 43 yards. River Iaea 8-yard TD run. Two plays, TD. 22-0, DMS, 9:54, Q3.

(12:00) Moanalua ball on its 35. Rudy Kealohi, Na Menehune’s leading receiver with 71 catches in eight games coming in, gets his first reception but takes a big lick and only gets 2 yards. Javar scrambles for 6 yards but is short of the marker on third down. Na Menehune three-and-out.

Moanalua will receive. Suku remains in uniform with his helmet but has ice on his right knee.

At Aloha Stadium
Moanalua (8-0, 6-0) 0 0
Damien (7-2, 5-2 8 7

DMS—Jake Holtz 5 run (Bubba Kauhi pass from Duke Hoohuli)
DMS—Amo Sulu 2 run (Christian Souza kick)

RUSHING—Moanalua: So’onaoso Salle-Teixeira 3-9, RJ Javar 4-(minus 6). Damien: Sulu 16-114, Holtz 7-33, River Iaea 3-9.
PASSING—Moanalua: Javar 5-13–1-59. Damien: Holtz 5-11–0-40, Iaea 1-1-0-25.
RECEIVING—Moanalua: Jansen York 2-43, Lawsen Lee 2-14, Dacyres Domingo 1-2. Damien: Makanalea Meyer 3-25, Sulu 1-25, Jarvis Natividad 1-9, Iaea 1-6.

(:57) Moanalua ball on its 30. Damien’s Tyler Kulinski ends the half with a sack. Great opening two quarters by Damien.

(3:03) Damien ball on its 4. Holtz with a 17-yard run out to the 21 for a big first down. Marcus Marion tackles Holtz for a loss of 7 and it’s third-and-15. Tanner comes up and makes an open-field tackle on Sulu for a gain of only 2 and Sulu is hurt on the play as Moanalua calls timeout to stop the clock with 1:12 to go. Sulu has to be helped off and isn’t putting any pressure on his right leg. Doesn’t look good.

(4:50) Moanalua ball on the Damien 45 after another good kick return. Javar avoids a sack but the pressure forces a high throw and he’s now missed on four passes in a row after completing his first four. Axton Manaku-Ching with a sack to force third-and-long. Javar has nowhere to go and throws it away but Damien is whistled for roughing the passer. Huge penalty there. Moanalua first-and-10 on the 38 of Damien. Timeout Na Menehune. Iaea tips a pass away there and Javar is lucky that wasn’t picked. Third-and-10 and York goes up high to make a leaping grab for 11 yards and a first down. Javar takes another deep shot but it’s right to Alohi Arecchi who picks it off inside the 5.

Monarchs start the second quarter first-and-10 on their 44. Third-and-7. Holtz finds Meyer open for 10 yards and another third-down conversion. Third-and-4 at the 37 after a Sulu run. Nelson Jr. stops Sulu for a yard. Fourth-and-3. Damien will go for it. Holtz hits Meyer again on the same route for 8 yards and a first down. Sulu bounces one outside for 14 yards to the 14 and is over 100 yards rushing. Tanner with another TD-saving tackle. Iaea runs three times for 9 yards and it’s fourth-and-1 at the 5. Or is it? They will measure. Ball is just short. Exactly seven minutes elapsed on the drive as Damien lines up to go for it. Holtz on the QB sneak gets it. Sulu finishes off a nearly eight-minute drive with a 2-yard TD. 16-play, 67-yard drive, 7:46. 15-0, DMS, 4:58, Q2.


First Quarter Box
At Aloha Stadium
Moanalua (8-0, 6-0) 0
Damien (7-2, 5-2 8

DMS—Jake Holtz 5 run (Bubba Kauhi pass from Duke Hoohuli)

RUSHING—Moanalua: So’onaoso Salle-Teixeira 3-9, RJ Javar 2-6. Damien: Amo Sulu 7-83, Holtz 3-21.
PASSING—Moanalua: Javar 4-7–0-48. Damien: River Iaea 1-1-0-25, Holtz 3-9–0-22.
RECEIVING—Moanalua: Jansen York 1-32, Lawsen Lee 2-14, Dacyres Domingo 1-2. Damien: Sulu 1-25, Jarvis Natividad 1-9, Makanalea Meyer 1-7, Iaea 1-6.


(:44) Damien ball on its 33. Holtz finds Natividad for 9 yards on third-and-8 to end the first quarter.

(2:51) Jansen York with a 37-yard kick return to the 47 where Moanalua will start. Javar hits Lawsen Lee for 9 yards on third-and-2 to move the sticks. Javar has completed his first four passes. Pressure from Damien’s front four forces a throw out of bounds and it’s third-and-7. Lee drops a pass and it’s fourth down. Moanalua will go for it at the Damien 33. Javar goes to the end zone for Rudy Kealohi but he can’t haul it in. Turnover on downs.

(4:39) Damien ball on its 20. Sulu finds a gap off left tackle and is off to the races. Moanalua’s Rashod Tanner does a heckuva job to catch him from behind but not before he picked up 55 yards. Holtz keeps for 10 yards on third-and-3 and it’s first-and-goal at the 8. Sulu picks up 3 yards to the 5 and Moanalua calls timeout. Play-action pass but Holtz elects to keep it and dives over a defender for a 5-yard TD run. Damien goes for 2 and Bubba Kauhi catches the pass from Duke Hoohuli. Damien throwing the kitchen sink out early. 8-0, DMS, 3:00, Q1.

(7:58) Na Menehune ball on their 27. Senior RJ Javar at QB. His first pass is complete to Jansen York, who breaks two tackles and picks up 32 yards to the Damien 40. A holding penalty kills the drive and Moanalua will punt.

(11:53) Damien will start on its 23 with senior Jake Holtz back at QB after a two-game suspension. RB Amo Sulu, one of two players to top 1,000 rushing yards so far this season on Oahu, rips off a 19-yard gain on his first run. Jett Tanigawa stops Sulu for no gain to force third-and-7. Ezra Kaina gets WIDE OPEN with nobody around him but he drops a sure TD. Monarchs will punt. Missed chance there, OR IS IT? Damien fakes the punt and River Iaea finds Sulu wide open for 25 yards to the Moanalua 24. After a Damien timeout, Holtz goes deep to Jarvis Natividad, but the coverage is tight. Third-and-9. Holtz finds Iaea for 14 yards to the 10 but a flag on the play. Block in the back on Damien. Holtz incomplete on third down but Monarchs line up to go for it. Moanalua’s Rodley Nelson Jr. brings the pressure to force the incomplete pass. Turnover on downs.

Damien will receive.

Jansen York, Gabriel Suka, Marcus Marion, Rudy Kealohi
Damien: Amo Sulu, Jarvis Natividad, Bronson Su’a, Kyle Kinney

Series history: Moanalua leads 3-1
Moanalua roster
Damien roster


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