Football playoff scenarios on Oahu

Pearl City receiver Thomas King caught eight touchdown passes this season. Photo by Steven Erler/Special to the Star-Advertiser.

The OIA-ILH football alliance has brought a lot of change this season, including to the playoff formats in the respective leagues.

The regular season ends this week for all teams except for the OIA Open Division, which is making up two games next week due to Hurricane Lane back in August.

The playoff picture is pretty clear but there are still a couple of meaningful games left. Below is a look at where teams stand.


All 3 teams involved in playoff tournament
No. 1 Saint Louis (6-0)
No. 2 Punahou (4-2)
No. 3 Kamehameha (3-3)
NOTES: Regardless of the outcome of this weekend’s games, No. 2 seed Punahou will play No. 3 seed Kamehameha at Aloha Stadium on Friday, Oct 19, at 7:30 p.m. The winner will play Saint Louis at Aloha Stadium on Saturday, Oct. 27, at 6 p.m. The winner of that game will be crowned ILH champion and represent the league in the Open Division state tournament, beginning Friday, Nov. 16, at Aloha Stadium. Even if the Crusaders beat both Punahou and Kamehameha in the regular season, there is no tiebreaker for the Oct. 27 game. The winner is in.
Best league record advances to states
1. ‘Iolani (6-1)
NOTES: With a two-game lead over Damien and one game to play, the Raiders have clinched a berth in the Division I state tournament. With only two teams however, no champion is crowned and thus the ILH representative is not eligible to be seeded in the state tournament. ‘Iolani will open the state tournament on Friday, Nov. 9.
Best league record advances to states
1. St. Francis (7-0)
NOTES: The Saints have clinched a berth in the Division II state tournament. With only two teams however, no champion is crowned and thus the ILH representative is not eligible to be seeded in the state tournament. St. Francis will open the state tournament on Saturday, Nov. 10.


Top 4 teams advance to the playoffs
1. Mililani (5-0)
Nos. 2-4 TBA
NOTES: Miilani has locked up the top seed and Campbell can clinch the No. 2 seed in the playoffs with a win over Kapolei on Saturday. All five teams remain in playoff contention. Even with a loss to Kahuku, Farrington, which would be 1-4, could still be in the playoff chase with a Waianae loss to Campbell on Oct. 19 and Kapolei losses against Campbell and Kahuku, which would force a three-way tie at 1-4. The top three teams out of the four to make the OIA playoffs will advance to the state tournament. The OIA runner-up will draw the ILH champion in the state tournament and the OIA champion will play the OIA third-place team.
Top 4 teams advance to the playoffs
1. Moanalua (6-0)
2. Leilehua (5-1)
3. Waipahu (4-2)
4. Castle (4-3)
NOTES: Everything is settled here. Moanalua/Castle and Leilehua/Waipahu are the two OIA D-I semifinal games the weekend of Oct. 19-20 regardless of this weekend’s games. Only the winner advances to the four-team state tournament and would play on Friday, Nov. 9, on Oahu.
Top 4 teams advance to the playoffs
1. Kaimuki (6-0) or Roosevelt (6-1) or Pearl City (5-1)
2. Kaimuki (6-0) or Roosevelt (6-1) or Pearl City (5-1)
3. Kaimuki (6-0) or Roosevelt (6-1) or Pearl City (5-1)
4. Kaiser (3-3)
NOTES: The most meaningful game of the weekend is Kaimuki against Pearl City on Saturday at Skippa Diaz Stadium. A Chargers win would force a three-way tie for first that would be decided by a coin flip according to Pearl City coach Robin Kami. A Kaimuki win would make the Bulldogs the No. 1 seed, followed by the Rough Riders, and then the Chargers. Kaiser has locked up the No. 4 seed regardless of Friday’s game against McKinley. The two semifinal winners in the playoffs clinch berths into the six-team Division II state tournament. The OIA runner-up would play on another island on Saturday, Nov. 10, while the champion would likely host a semifinal game on Saturday, Nov. 17, depending upon the HHSAA tournament seeding.


  1. EZ October 10, 2018 3:28 pm

    Goodluck to all Teams.

  2. KalihiFB October 10, 2018 4:06 pm

    For the open division, why not the 4 top ranked teams play in the playoff? Or better yet, the top 6 team format where #1 & #2 get a bye and #3 thru #6 play in quarter final games? Does not make sense to have only 1 ILH team represented in the open division tournament. I mean the ILH and OIA teams played each other during the regular season anyway. This can be a plan for the division I & II tournaments too.

  3. Save Our Schools October 10, 2018 4:45 pm

    I ASSume the ILH sold their souls, no seeding in States. Does that mean both D1 and D2 State teams representing, may have to travel this tourney or in the future?

  4. anywaaaays!! October 10, 2018 6:03 pm

    You assume the ILH and people like “Coach”Cal Lee and other members of the ILH Agenda had souls to begin with. If the HHSAA really cared about the kids and cared about high school football, they would kick the ILH out of the state tournament and demand that the ILH ends its unfair recruiting and return the children they recruited back to play for their actual communities. Not made up “brotherhoods” that are bought with recruiting cash. If not, disband the ILH athletic programs and we’ll see how many people still attend their “educational schools” without the prestige and profit of football.

  5. KalihiFB October 10, 2018 6:20 pm

    For the open division tournament, why not let the top 4 ranked teams have a playoffs? Better yet, the top 6 teams with #1 and #2 getting a bye, and #3 to 6# in the quarterfinal playoffs? Does it make sense to have only 1 ILH team? This year, the ILH and OIA played regular season games against each other anyway. This can be the same style tournament for the division I & II football tournament.

  6. Jimmy H October 10, 2018 7:44 pm

    I think you need to run for Governor so you can put an end to all of this. Don’t allow parents with athletically gifted children to enroll their kids into private schools so your OIA schools can keep their players and restore the competitive balance in HS football.

    “Anywaaays is the only waaays!!!” I got your campaigne slogan.

  7. ILH October 10, 2018 8:56 pm

    What is the reason for a first round winner Saint Louis, say playing Punahou or Kamehameha the Play off winner and winner takes all, really a bum deal, Blaine Gaison and Gilbert Georges should know better than that, that is a raw deal, why was the format changed from last year, this really does not make sense, yet, those two clowns, takes away a victory for Punahou over Mililani and cancels Kamehameha’s lost to Mililani, not a good play off system this year for the ILH.

  8. Question October 10, 2018 9:02 pm

    Does this mean ‘Iolani would have to play the one seed? How does that work?

  9. BROTHERHOOD!! not neighborhood October 10, 2018 10:23 pm

    I love it when clowns like Kaleo or anywaaaays!! come on here and talk philosophical.

    Sole geeettttt oooouuuutttaaa heeeaaaaa.

    True RR4L no cry every week about nonsense pusiti. There ain’t no kids being taken and forcefully made to play for any school. Kids and families go where they can afford and what fits for them. Now days kids are investments for families. Football offers up another avenue for kids to get a scholarship if they are not academically smart. Instead of coming on here every week get out there coach and build a program that kids want to stay and play for. Coming on here and crying is doing nothing for you struggling program. Focus your efforts and fix things at home before you try go out and try solve every else’s issues.


  10. "UNITY=STRENGTH" October 10, 2018 11:54 pm

    The format sounds good to me the top teams in the state playing each other during the regular season getting better as they go along with the playoff format of the previous years. Winner of Punahou and Kamehameha game has a second shot at beating St. Louis for the ILH Championship crown more the fair on there side. Mean time the OIA is playing for there Champion. I think that is fair since roster sizes and talent weighs more on the side of the ILH recruitment and such. It would be next man up for them and not so much for the OIA when they lose there top players it would be hard to replace this format balance’s things. Keep this up for the coming years and watch what it produces!!! Since websites like HPW and SL have been up along with feedback and the help from all of the coach’s,parents, fans, ASS****S. Hawaii has produced some of the best football talent around and in the NATION!!!:)

  11. Descartes 22 October 11, 2018 6:50 am

    Anywaaays can’t get past his hate for the ILH that was likely caused by being cut from the Punahou girls dance squad, thus, all of his comments can never evolve into a productive discussion. Anywaaays is also Notes, Go Figure and the ???. This sistah-brahdah is so sad. If it wasn’t for the ILH, the OIA wouldn’t have cashed in on virtually all of the inter-league games….Farrington grossed over $33,000 (from ticket sales and parking fees) on Friday night as a result of playing STL. Kahuku, Campbell, Mililani and Kapolei grossed similar amounts from their games against Punahou, etc. Many OIA schools who have hosted 3-5 interleave games will reap close to a $100K for the season. This gives HI tax payers a small break while giving the OIA extra funds to cover needed athletic expenses. Whine all you want about the ILH but the OIA needs the inter-league games to cover huge DOE shortages in athletic expenses. Small-minded minions like Anywaaaays/ ??? will never get it.

  12. mommy4 October 11, 2018 7:02 am

    Jimmy H I’m with you… And this anywaaays character doesn’t have a clue that “RRFL nation” recruits in every sport! And they even recruit from the mainland… I’m sure this wouldn’t be an issue if Kahuku was having a winning year (rolling my eyes)…

    I don’t care for the structure of the playoffs but hopefully being that it’s the first season they can work out the bugs and make it great for all our boys!

  13. Ugly Olos October 11, 2018 7:14 am

    Yes #8 Question, Iolani will likely play Hilo at that bust up Hilo stadium where the stands are about 70 yards away from the field. The OIA rigged it so that Moanalua or Leilehua will play weak Maui HS on Oahu who just got dirty hurts from Lahainaluna. The OIA rigged all divisions in the State tourney in their favor, including hosing Punahou who is the number #2 team in the State and sending Iolani to an outer island where all Oahu teams get screwed every year by homer refs. Damien also gets tea bagged as they beat Waipahu and will likely pound Castle this week. When the leagues combined, they should’ve included all teams in the playoffs regardless of league affiliation. You have a season with different rules for each league even though they played against each other. But no worries, when its all said and done, STL will win the Open, Iolani Div 1 and St. Francis Div 2.

  14. Question October 11, 2018 11:36 am

    Ugly Olos, why is it this way? Iolani should be seeded and have a home game regardless of not having been crowned “ILH CHAMPIONS”. It should be based off of record and competition not league championships. STF too should be able to be seeded becasue they are getting work done in the D2. Any thoughts?

  15. Geek October 11, 2018 11:39 am

    The HHSAA should fix one problem and one problem only, get the best teams in the state tournament.
    It shows, #1 and #2 are both ILH and only one can go? Lol this is a joke. And to top it off, Kamehameha should be in that tournament lol. Bottom line, you make a super league, the top 6 go to the state tournament regarless of what you league you in. That only makes sense and its fair. Or better yet go back to prep bowl, the outter island schools are no longer affiliated with the D1 so why not go back to that. The whole set up is wrong, somebody needs to fix it. ITS JUST PLAIN WRONG.

  16. Farney October 11, 2018 6:42 pm

    Haha. Dang. Mililani cheering for Punahou.

  17. Sea Dog October 12, 2018 2:12 am

    Forgot to say that I agree with Prurpp that its been an exciting season.

  18. Ugly Olos October 12, 2018 12:36 pm

    Geek is right, if you want the best teams in the state tournament, then you should use the rankings of SA’s poll and Scoring Live’s poll and perhaps make a coaches poll as a potential tie-breaker that’s what they essentially do at the FBS College level (yes it will still be controversial but a #1 or #2 team will never be excluded as will occur this year and virtually every year since 1999). Every year college football applies a similar metric (more sophisticated though). But I doubt that the OIA will ever agree to having the best teams in the tournament bc it will be forced to acknowledge the ILH teams’ prowess. Old grudges die hard.

  19. Farney October 13, 2018 11:22 am

    On yeah, playoffs.

  20. Keane Foster October 16, 2018 6:17 am

    Change the format for the ILH where 2 teams make it . 2 out of 3 teams should make it. (St. Louis, Kameh, and Punohoe.

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