Pupule Top 10: Damien’s landing; Mules, Waipahu, PC nearing

Waipahu linebacker Centennial Kulikefu pressured Kalani quarterback Justin Gatewood on a play that led to a safety after intentional grounding was called. The undefeated Marauders are ranked No. 8 in the state by Paul Honda. Photo by Steven Erler/Special to the Star-Advertiser.

If it feels like the state’s elite teams aren’t quite as elite as we’ve seen in recent years, so be it.

How does the state fare after Tua Tagovailoa graduated? On the whole, quite well, I’d guess. We are closing in on nearly two decades of official Division II football statewide, and what we’ve seen is that there is a yin and yang to the whole shebang. On one hand, there’s the clear reality that quality of football in D-II isn’t going to ever match what we see at D-I powerhouses that have the ability to draw talent from around the island, the state, even out of state.

On the flip side, those programs that have the luxury of being in D-II — rather than be required to play the Kahuku’s and Saint Louis’ of the world — can embed their systems, particularly the teams that have leaned on pass-first offenses. Damien landed in the Top 10 for the first time in 14 years, and it’s a few weeks late, but better late than never by the panel of voters.

If Damien and St. Francis had been forced to play a D-I schedule, would their passing attacks be as sound as they are now? How about Waipahu? Or Kaimuki? Or Kalani. If they had to deal with heavyweights every week, would they have the freedom to develop their young QBs?

I think not. I think they would’ve done it the best they could, but the lack of depth at O-line, the lack of overall bulk, plays into that equation. Damien and St. Francis have emphasized the ground game from day 1 under their current head coaches. But they’ve be able to progress with balanced offenses thanks to proper classifying by the ILH, a league familiar with divisional splits for a half-century.

Faced with Waianae, Kapolei, Mililani, Leilehua, Campbell, Waipahu in an old-school OIA West Division/Conference would have been quite tempted to stick with a run-first, spread-option type offense — which is what they had for years — to shorten games and keep pace with the bigger and stronger programs out Leeward side.

On the East side, no D-II would’ve meant Kaiser, Kalani, McKinley, Kaimuki, Castle, Roosevelt, Moanalua all in the same division with Farrington, Kailua and Kahuku. That would’ve afforded Kaimuki and Kalani more opportunity to expose their quarterbacks than smaller programs in the West. The East is not the beast and hasn’t been in ages, hence the OIA’s change in format a few years back.

What does any of this have to do with my one, little ballot? Not a whole lot, just this: as long as balanced teams with perfect or near-perfect records are out there, I’m not so concerned with classification. The ceiling is not so high for a team like Damien, a team I’ve had on my Top 10 ballot for weeks now, but as long as they win, they’re going to be where they belong, which in my opinion should be No. 6. How much could they have done?

Of course, the teams with softer schedules lack SOS (strength of schedule), and that’s why Hilo — which lost at Konawaena 24-14 — went from No. 6 on my ballot to completely off, and I’m not the only panelist who felt this way. When there are no ranked teams on the slate, it’s tough to recover on this list, at least in the eyes of coaches and media. With their 220-mile round trip now history, the Vikings are in position to run the table if they get past the hottest team in the BIIF: Kamehameha-Hawaii. Regardless, Hilo won’t be seeing D-II Konawaena and KS-Hawaii in the playoffs.

No ballot has perfect logic, not as long as we’re in mid-season. But things tend to clear up as we near the playoffs. The Tangled Web of OIA D-I teams remains. Many of these teams have taken turns musical-chairs style. But with Kapaa losing last week and Hilo this week, the doors open. I still have the Lunas of Lahainaluna right behind Damien; their lone loss was to Kamehameha, which I have at No. 5.

And though I’m not about to say Waipahu would whoop Waianae, Kapolei, Farrington or Campbell, I do know that they’re still unbeaten in Black Flag country. Even with what is probably the lightest schedule to this point of any team in the OIA or ILH, the Marauders have won with authority.

It makes all the tangles below the Top 5 — this includes the wild goose chase in the KIF — quite interesting to track. How long has it been since all three teams in the KIF took turns knocking each other out of first place?

Pupule FB ballot 9/18/17
1. Saint Louis
2. Kahuku
3. Mililani
4. Punahou
5. Kamehameha
6. Damien
7. Lahainaluna
8. Waipahu
9. Campbell
10. Farrington


Not a lot of major reshuffling on this pupule ballot this week, but definitely some minor tweaks with another decisive Mililani win, a lopsided Punahou loss, and Hilo’s first defeat of the season.

1. Saint Louis Crusaders (4-0, 2-0 ILH)
Star-Advertiser Top 10: No. 1
How I voted last week: No. 1

Over the weekend: def. *Punahou 49-13
Wins: @ *Waianae 49-7, Baldwin 61-0, *Kamehameha 44-0, *Punahou 49-13.
Losses: None.
Next: *Narbonne (Calif.), Aloha Stadium, Saturday, 6 p.m.

The skinny: There are only a few humans on earth — I won’t include players since they are often self-critical anyway — who would consider the Crusaders’ win over Punahou on Saturday less than perfect. Faatui Tuitele, the front seven, the entire defense, really, sparkled. They managed to make a prolific offense look mostly ordinary. That makes this next game against CIF powerhouse Narbonne so fascinating. Coach Cal Lee and his staff love a great challenge. This matchup is not only one that might be a toss-up, but it might be outright necessary for these Crusaders to keep their competitive juices percolating.

Offensively, this feels more like a Marcus Mariota senior season than a Tua 2.0 campaign by QB Chevan Cordeiro. The numbers are more efficient than explosive: 227.5 passing yards per game, seven passing TDs, one INT, 39 rushing yards, six rushing TDs. Good as Mariota was as a senior, his best moments were as a selective, pinpoint passer and ballcarrier, while Tagovailoa was a unique blend of monster numbers, accuracy, power running, speed and, ultimately, fantastic game management. That last factor is one of the ties that bind all three QBs.

Sumo rank: Yokozuna.

2. Kahuku Red Raiders (5-1, 5-0 OIA)
Star-Advertiser Top 10: No. 2
How I voted last week: No. 2

Over the weekend: def. Kaiser 2-0 (forfeit)
Wins: Leilehua 24-0, @ *Waianae 37-0, Moanalua 40-6, @ Aiea 51-7.
Losses: *Bingham (Utah) 21-0 at Las Vegas.
Next: vs. Radford, Saturday, 6:30 p.m.

The skinny: As well as Big Red has played, with injury issues, they have plenty of room for improvement. Should they get past Radford, that sets up a showdown at Campbell for the OIA Blue title. What does that mean? It means top seeding, which is not a guarantee of home field in the playoffs. The normal procedure is that a first-round bye is in place for the division’s first-place team, and then at least one home game in the playoffs. Still, the league has the power to move games to any other site, and it has happened before.

Sumo rank: Yokozuna.

3. Mililani Trojans (6-0, 5-0 OIA)
Star-Advertiser Top 10: No. 3
How I voted last week: No. 4

Over the weekend: won @ *Kapolei 42-21.
Wins: Kaiser 2-0 (forfeit), Leilehua 47-0, Castle 49-0, @ *Clayton Valley Charter (Calif.) 49-30, @ *Farrington 42-6, @ *Kapolei 42-21.
Losses: None.
Next: vs. Nanakuli, Saturday, 6:30 p.m.

The skinny: Another decisive victory against a (former) Top 10 team, and Punahou’s loss to Saint Louis made it simple for me. The only reason I had Punahou ahead of Mililani until this week: tougher schedule. But losing, and losing by a wide margin, are both factors in my criteria, and Punahou did both. Mililani certainly can make an argument for being higher, at No. 2 or even No. 1.

Sumo rank: Ozeki.

4. Punahou Buffanblu (4-1, 1-1 ILH)
Star-Advertiser Top 10: No. 4
How I voted last week: No. 3

Over the weekend: lost to *Saint Louis 49-13.
Wins: Moanalua 35-7, *Torrey Pines 23-7, *Junipero Serra (Calif.) at San Diego, *Kamehameha 21-0.
Losses: *Saint Louis 49-13.
Next: vs. *Kamehameha, Friday, 6 p.m.

The skinny: Well, coming into last weekend’s showdown, the resumes of Punahou and Saint Louis were fairly similar. Unbeaten. Big offensive outputs. Plenty of historical success. Saint Louis’ win can do at least two things for the Buffanblu: 1) trigger Punahou to fix what needs fixing, 2) evolve so much that they win the ILH. This time, Punahou QB Stephen Barber dinged his throwing (right) elbow early in the second half and didn’t return. He seemed optimistic about it after the game, but the team will know more during this week.

Sumo rank: Ozeki.

5. Kamehameha Warriors (3-2, 0-2 ILH)
Star-Advertiser Top 10: No. 5
How I voted last week: No. 6

Over the weekend: Idle.
Wins: @ *Farrington 34-15, @ *Lahainaluna 34-10, Carson 33-10.
Losses: *Saint Louis 44-0, *Punahou 21-0.
Next: vs. *Punahou, Aloha Stadium, Friday, 6 p.m.

The skinny: It’s been a week of rest and reps, and the Warriors would love to have starting QB Thomas Yam back from the injury he suffered recently. There’s still an outside chance that Kamehameha can control a share of the first-round title in the ILH. The Warriors would have to beat Punahou and Saint Louis, and hope Punahou beats Saint Louis along the way. Long shot, but still possible.

Sumo rank: Sekiwake. One of the few certainties of this season is that there are clear tiers, and one of them is the expanse between the top four and the next group. A strong performance, better yet a win, by the Warriors this weekend would bridge that gap. Otherwise, Kamehameha is the lone team standing in that sea between Ozeki and Komusubi. Sekiwake fits Kamehameha; they beat Lahainaluna soundly on the road, so there has to be separation between the Warriors are the other Komusubi.

6. Damien Monarchs (5-1, 3-0 ILH D-II)
Star-Advertiser Top 10: No. 10
How I voted last week: No. 7

Over the weekend: def. St. Francis 27-20 at Skippa Diaz Stadium.
Wins: @ Castle 42-7, @ Kealakehe 20-7, ‘Iolani 35-21 at Aloha Stadium, Pac-Five 39-18 at Aloha Stadium, St. Francis at Diaz Stadium.
Losses: Villa Park 14-6, Diaz Stadium.
Next: @ ‘Iolani, Friday, 3:15 p.m.

The skinny: Balanced teams tend to have the best shot against the state’s monster programs. Think back to Waimea pushing Kahuku before losing 21-7 at the state tourney a decade and a half ago. Damien fits that mold, a smart team with a balance of ground game, passing attack, defense and special teams. Maybe it is coincidence, but the former UH players who entered the prep coaching ranks tend to have that balance, particularly with strong special team units. Eddie Klaneski. Randall Okimoto. Nelson Maeda. Tim Lino. And on and on.

Sumo rank: Komusubi.

7. Lahainaluna Lunas (5-1, 4-0 MIL)
Star-Advertiser Top 10: No. 9
How I voted last week: No. 8

Over the weekend: won @ Kamehameha-Maui 39-19.
Wins: @ Pearl City 20-7, King Kekaulike 45-0, @ Maui 32-13, Baldwin 28-20, @ Kamehameha-Maui 39-19.
Losses: *Kamehameha 34-10.
Next: vs. Maui, Saturday, 7 p.m.

The skinny: The Lunas keep rolling against D-I and D-II foes alike. The defending D-II state champions are fully prepared for every game, as disciplined a team year after year as any I see. And yet, that wasn’t enough to beat ILH powerhouse Kamehameha, much less keep the score close. It isn’t a final argument about the strength of D-I over D-II, but it is definitely undeniable. But the simpler reason why I have Kamehameha, a team with two losses, ahead of the Lunas: head to head competition matters most. Usually.

Sumo rank: Komusubi.

8. Waipahu Marauders (5-0, 4-0 OIA D-II)
Star-Advertiser Top 10: Not ranked
How I voted last week: Not ranked

Over the weekend: def. Kalani 49-0 at Kaiser Stadium.
Wins: @ Nanakuli 51-14, Kalaheo 2-0 (forfeit), Roosevelt 35-8, Waialua 63-7, Kalani 49-0 at Kaiser Stadium.
Losses: None.
Next: vs. Pearl City, Friday, 7:30 p.m.

The skinny: The Marauders have a classic ledger of lopsided wins over an overall light schedule. This is the part of the season where doubters can and most certainly will voice their predictions. Kalani might have made a game of it last weekend if not for the injury to its QB. For me, Waipahu’s lack of schedule strength masks how streamlined and balanced the offensive unit is, and Pearl City’s defense offers probably the most stifling in OIA D-II.

Sumo rank: Maegashira.

>> Twisted web v2.0
Waianae beat Campbell
Campbell beat Farrington
Farrington beat Kapolei
Kapolei beat Waianae
Leilehua beat Kapolei

We didn’t get any added twists over the weekend, but I like to post the list of craziness in case anyone forgets how much parity the OIA has this season, and most years.

9. Campbell Sabers (5-2, 5-1 OIA)
Star-Advertiser Top 10: No. 8
How I voted last week: No. 9

Over the weekend: Idle.
Wins: *Farrington 26-20, Aiea 48-13, Kaiser 71-0, Moanalua 51-6, @ Radford 35-19.
Losses: *Kapolei 23-7, @ *Waianae 27-14.
Next: Bye this week.

The skinny: Balance, balance, balance. They have their share of youth and inexperience, but Coach Darren Johnson has been able to build around a stellar defense with an improving offense that has run the ball better with each week. The arm strength of first-year starting QB Krenston Kaipo is the edge Campbell has over most foes.

Sumo rank: Komusubi.

10. Farrington Governors (3-3, 3-2 OIA)
Star-Advertiser Top 10: No. 7
How I voted last week: No. 10

Over the weekend: Idle.
Wins: @ Nanakuli 35-0, *Kapolei 28-7, @ *Kailua 3-0.
Losses: *Kamehameha 34-15, @ *Campbell 26-20, *Mililani 42-6.
Next: vs. Castle, Saturday, 6:30 p.m.

The skinny: The bye week came at a good time for the youthful Governors. They’ve made big plays defensively and on special teams, helping out an offense with several first-year starters. Coach Okimoto’s low-risk approach puts the game in the hands of his defense, and it has worked out rather well so far.

Sumo rank: Komusubi.

Waianae Seariders (3-3, 3-2 OIA)
Star-Advertiser Top 10: No. 6
How I voted last week: Not ranked

Over the weekend: Idle.
Wins: *Campbell 27-14, Moanalua 43-20, @ Radford 47-15.
Losses: *Saint Louis 49-7, *Kapolei 7-0, *Kahuku 37-0.
Next: vs. Aiea, Friday, 7:30 p.m.

The skinny: Talent-wise, the Seariders are Top 10, no doubt. Resume-wise, it’s a tangled-web effect, and for me, Farrington and Campbell have done a wee bit more. The Seariders might be playing their best football right now, though.

Sumo rank: Maegashira.

Leilehua Mules (4-2, 3-2 OIA)
Star-Advertiser Top 10: Not ranked
How I voted last week: Not ranked

Over the weekend: def. Nanakuli 51-14.
Wins: St. Francis 13-9, @ *Kapolei 20-19 (OT), Castle 43-6, Nanakuli 51-14.
Losses: @ *Kahuku 24-0, @ *Mililani 47-0.
Next: vs. *Kailua, Saturday, 6:30 p.m.

The skinny: The early struggles may have created a whiplash effect, but at this point, the big picture is a pretty one for the Mules. St. Francis has, as expected, turned out to be a formidable team regardless of division. The win over previously-ranked Kapolei was a signature victory, even though Kapolei has struggled at times. The Mules have found their footing with two runaway wins since the successful journey to Kapolei. If any unranked team can make a strong case, it would be Leilehua.

Sumo rank: Maegashira.

Kapolei Hurricanes (3-4, 2-4 OIA)
Star-Advertiser Top 10: Not ranked
How I voted last week: Not ranked

Over the weekend: lost to *Mililani 42-21.
Wins: @ *Campbell 23-7, @ *Waianae 7-0, @ *Kailua 33-0.
Losses: Castle 2-0 (forfeit), @ *Farrington 28-7, Leilehua 20-19 (OT), *Mililani 42-21.
Next: Bye this week.

The skinny: This program was sailing along at 3-0 after a big win over Castle. Then came the self-report of academic ineligibility. Forfeit loss. Then two more defeats. If the ‘Canes qualify for the playoffs, they might be the sleeper. Lonenoa Faoa has the arm strength and finesse to move the chains, and his ceiling is very high. He is still getting familiar with the playbook, which means the offense and all its weapons will probably be fully utilized come playoff time.

Sumo rank: Maegashira.

Kailua Surfriders (4-2, 3-2 OIA)
Star-Advertiser Top 10: Not ranked
How I voted last week: Not ranked.

Over the weekend: def. Castle 26-7.
Wins: @ Moanalua 44-0, Buckeye Union (Calif.) 28-27, Nanakuli 40-14, Castle 26-7.
Losses: *Farrington 3-0, *Kapolei 33-0.
Next: @ Leilehua, Saturday, 6:30 p.m.

The skinny: The Surfriders have back-to-back games in Central Oahu starting with Leilehua and then Mililani next week. They knew they needed to be tested, and though the losses hurt emotionally, Kailua is still in strong position for a higher seed in the OIA playoffs. The offense, which was gangbusters in the first three weeks, has scored seven points in its last three games.

Sumo rank: Maegashira.

Pearl City Chargers (5-1, 5-0 OIA D-II)
Star-Advertiser Top 10: Not ranked
How I voted last week: Not ranked

Over the weekend: def. Kaimuki 17-15, Diaz Stadium.
Wins: Kalani 22-16 at Ticky Vasconcellos Stadium, Roosevelt 42-0 at Aloha Stadium; Waialua 64-0, Kalaheo 31-0, Kaimuki 17-15 at Diaz Stadium.
Losses: *Lahainaluna 20-7.
Next: @ Waipahu, Friday, 7:30 p.m.

The skinny: The only loss is against a ranked Lahainaluna squad. So what’s holding the Chargers off the ballots of most every voter? If that game with Lahainaluna had been closer, I could see the argument for Pearl City being somewhere in the poll. This weekend’s battle against Waipahu will clear some of the dust in the OIA D-II battle.

Sumo rank: Maegashira.

KS-Hawaii Warriors (6-1, 4-0 BIIF)
Star-Advertiser Top 10: Not ranked
How I voted last week: Not ranked

Over the weekend: won @ Waiakea 47-0.
Wins: Maui 23-0, Waiakea 56-0, Keaau 40-6, @ Kealakehe 15-13, Hawaii Prep 62-7, @ Waiakea 47-0.
Losses: Kauai 10-7 at Vidinha Stadium.
Next: vs. Hilo, Friday, 7 p.m.

The skinny: The ledger looks like the one from those BIIF D-II title years for Coach Dan Lyons and company. But here comes Hilo, the team that was unbeaten until losing at Konawaena over the weekend. The Vikings no doubt will be on fire.

Sumo rank: Juryo.

St. Francis Saints (4-2, 2-1 ILH D-II)
Star-Advertiser Top 10: Not ranked
How I voted last week: Not ranked

Over the weekend: lost to Damien 27-20 at Diaz Stadium.
Wins: Kauai 42-0 at Punahou, @ Konawaena 39-20, Pac-Five 35-21 at Aloha Stadium, @ ‘Iolani 43-26
Losses: @ Leilehua 13-9, Damien 27-20

The skinny: The Saints keep banging on the door to these castles, and turned away. The direction they are traveling in is all good. They led Damien 12-0 at the half last weekend.

Sumo rank: Maegashira.

Hilo Vikings (4-1, 3-1 BIIF)
Star-Advertiser Top 10: No. 6
How I voted last week: No. 5

Over the weekend: lost @ Konawaena 24-14.
Wins: @ ‘Iolani (62-35), @ Hawaii Prep (73-6), Honokaa (41-0), Waiakea (54-0).
Losses: @ Konawaena 24-14.
Next: @ Konawaena, Friday.

The skinny: Eight years of covering Big Island prep sports taught me one thing — traveling across the island and then having to compete at elite level is almost impossible. Two-three hours in a cramped bus. Hills and long turns. Travel on Oahu is a breeze compared to Hilo-to-Kona driving in school buses. How much is it worth? I calculated that it’s anywhere from 6 to 10 points advantage for the home team, sometimes much more. So, at best, Hilo is even with Konawaena, say on a neutral field. Hilo had pummeled all opposition with its stout ground attack, but losing is sometimes what a title contender needs in order to evolve.

Sumo rank: Maegashira.

Konawaena Wildcats (4-2, 4-0 BIIF)
Star-Advertiser Top 10: Not ranked
How I voted last week: Not ranked

Over the weekend: def. *Hilo 24-14.
Wins: @ Kealakehe 46-16, Keaau 50-0, Honokaa 40-7, *Hilo 24-14.
Losses: Kapaa 33-13 at Vidinha Stadium, St. Francis 39-20.
Next: at Waiakea, Saturday, 2 p.m.

The skinny: This is not the same lineup that was on the field in preseason, so the question is, why do so many student-athletes slip in the classroom during the fourth quarter? Konawaena has one of the proudest and most amazing histories in prep sports when it comes to football. It is disturbing to see that the current group of Wildcats was anything less than 100-percent aware and in tune with their history. A chance to play Kapaa and St. Francis, and a whole bunch of talented players weren’t academically eligible. Sure, it’s a similar problem for many schools, but how can turning in homework and carrying a C average be an issue? There’s only one (public school) program I know of that didn’t have any academically ineligible players during the first three weeks of the season: Campbell. The good news is that Konawaena is at full strength, with the exception of injuries. Know thy history, young Wildcats. Aaron Sumida was a great QB AND played at Cornell. Billy Stephens was a terrific running back AND played at Hawaii. And on and on… There is no hate here. There is a great respect for what decades of Wildcats did during the Jim Barry years. The Roy Aukai years. The Bob Fitzgerald years. The benchmark is already there. Coach Brad Uemoto and his staff know this by heart. Who will listen?

Sumo rank: Maegashira.

>> Tangled web II
Kauai def. Kapaa 27-17
Kapaa def. Waimea 47-21
Waimea def Kauai 16-14

Kauai Red Raiders (3-2, 2-1 KIF)
Star-Advertiser Top 10: Not ranked
How I voted last week: Not ranked

Over the weekend: lost to Waimea 16-14 at Vidinha Stadium.
Wins: Kamehameha-Hawaii 10-7 at Vidinha Stadium, Waimea 34-20 at Hanapepe Stadium, 27-17 Kapaa at Vidinha Stadium.
Losses: St. Francis 42-0 at Punahou’s Alexander Field, Waimea 16-14, Vidinha Stadium.
Next: Bye this week.

The skinny: A week ago, there was quite a bit of promise for the Red Raiders, at least on my ballot. Then came the loss to Waimea, and now we have to wonder who the top dog in the KIF really is. Group the mishmash of the KIF along with Kauai’s blowout loss to St. Francis, and it would be easy to assume that KIF football is a peg or two down from the ILH.

Sumo rank: Juryo.

Kapaa Warriors (3-1, 1-1 KIF)
Star-Advertiser Top 10: Not ranked
How I voted last week: Not ranked

Over the weekend: Idle.
Wins: Maui 24-7 at War Memorial Stadium, Konawaena 33-13 at Vidinha Stadium, Waimea 47-21 at Vidinha Stadium.
Losses: Kauai 27-17 at Vidinha Stadium.
Next: vs. Waimea, Friday, no time announced.

The skinny: It’s been some time since the KIF had this much parity. What happens from here? Waimea has been without a KIF for so long, but the Warriors are three-time league champions. The burden and pressure of playing the same teams three times each are always enjoyable to view for non-Garden Island fans.

Sumo rank: Juryo.

Waimea Menehune (2-2, 1-2 KIF)
Star-Advertiser Top 10: Not ranked
How I voted last week: Not ranked

Over the weekend: def. Kauai 16-14 at Vidinha Stadium.
Wins: Pac-Five 49-21 at Hanapepe Stadium, Kauai 16-14 at Vidinha Stadium.
Losses: Kauai 34-20 at Hanapepe, Kapaa 47-21 at Vidinha.
Next: vs. Kapaa, Hanapepe Stadium, Saturday, 7 p.m.

The skinny: I’m listing Waimea for context. They overpowered Pac-Five in preseason and are playing their best football now.

Sumo rank: Juryo.


  1. Falcon Future September 19, 2017 1:05 pm

    Seriously? There’s time for this kind of nonsense but no update on the Kaiser situation?


  2. Awrite!! September 19, 2017 2:22 pm

    The SA writers have been bashing the OIA for years about doing something about the mismatch games between the big dogs and medium dogs in D1. Another storyline is merging ILH with OIA to see more competitive games.

    …and yet they still continue on with their ridiculous singular poll that includes D1 and D2. How hard is it to simply grab another piece of paper from the printer tray and write “D2 poll” on it? cmon it aint rocket science or engineering. Waipahu over Farr/Waianae/Kapolei? are you serious, that is a total disrespect to the D1 teams.

    The fact that waipahu nor anyother of these D2 teams will never meet up against the d1 teams to prove their ranking is a safety net for these dumb@$$ SA writers to continue to put them in the same poll as D1.

    I guaranteed you right now that if the hhsaa created playoffs based on the SA polls we would see those D2 teams get man-rolled and the SA would quickly fix their polls to prevent injury and blowout games where the D2 teams are playing D1

  3. Mike D September 19, 2017 6:43 pm

    I bet you some D-2 teams can wax some of these D-1 teams.you stupid.

  4. D2aintD1genius September 19, 2017 6:51 pm

    they should rename PUPULE POLL to FANTASY POLL.. get outta here with this rubbish lol

  5. 808 sports fan September 19, 2017 7:30 pm

    Mike D
    D1 and D2 is no comparison. That’s why waipahu and pearl city have been turning down the opportunity to play d1. But teams like Aiea and castle battle with the big boys year after year. Put aiea and castle in the D2 they guarantee be on the top making this pupule ranking…

  6. Mike D September 19, 2017 8:20 pm

    Waipahu been in D1 few years back when they we’re rebuilding so get your facts right.and you’re right aiea is a D2 caliber team playing in D1 same goes for castle.

  7. 808 sports fan September 19, 2017 9:13 pm

    Waipahu choose to go down to d2 in 2014.. That year they beat aiea and made the playoffs. Aiea was the team that suppose to move down… They turned down the opportunity to move up… waipahu has one of the biggest enrollment and they choose to move to d2… unreal

  8. Awrite!! September 19, 2017 9:39 pm

    Mike D you idiot listen to what 808sportsfan is saying. Castle and Aiea are both D1 teams with losing records and getting hammered. Let Waipahu play in D1 this year and they would be right next to Aiea/Castle on the bottom of the list but no they stay in D2 with a winning record and the SA poll rewards them as the #8 best team in the state? get tfoh!

    Castle lost to Kapolei 46-7 but I bet if Castle started the year in D2 and had an easy schedule, including beating Waipahu, they would be undefeated and the SA polls would put them at #8 best team in the state while Kapolei is down at #13 or something. smh

  9. KamNewton September 20, 2017 6:20 am

    Eh Pupule rankings..is PUPULE! We lost to 2 great programs, gotta be top 3 state wide! I bet we can beat teams in the top 10! And I like your ranking us #5, it seems right and fair! We beat the Govs, Lunas, and Carson so, losing to The crusaders and Punahou is “ok I guess”..

    To Awrite!!, braddah/sistah, you mento!! You don’t know crap about football! Cutting down D2 teams?..stupidity! Example: *lahinaluna* is no chump dummeh!! Score doesn’t define that game against us! They are well disciplined and coached!!! Damien?..they are a STRONG TEAM and very sound! And Waipahu?..2 years ago, they were weak, they grew! We still would spank’em, but they can beat solid teams!

  10. localboy September 20, 2017 10:01 am

    Hmmmm….D1 n D2 is how it should be. Classification is standard in the mainland as it matches teams up according to enrollment and records. In WA, we have 6 classifications with champions in their own right per perspective classification.

    We already know what will happen if St. Francis plays St. Louis every year so that is a rhetorical question…why even ask it again?

    Keep schools competitive with those who are comparable and have it fun for the kids. High school sports is for the kids….not you spectators . Save fantasy football for your fantasy league

  11. anywaaaays!! September 20, 2017 4:47 pm

    This is how the poll should look.

    1. Kahuku

    The rest of the ILH teams should be disqualified for their recruiting and stealing of children from our backyards. That’s how the ILH runs: They wait for our local communities to develop those players and then they steal them with recruiting money and benefits in order to keep the prestige of their schools up. Because there would be no prestige in the ILH if it wasn’t for football and if it wasn’t for all the Kahuku players they turn against their own families. Everyone is complicit including this poll. The media supports the ILH agenda just like the HHSAA.


  12. Grabum.by.da.puppy September 20, 2017 5:36 pm

    lol ^ anywasy not dat samrt using big word, fake guy

  13. C-Pop September 20, 2017 8:44 pm

    Paul, Paul….Kamehameha Keaau “Hottest Team in BIIF” You dreaming, after Wildcats beat down of BIIF Juggernaut Hilo, please!!! We’ll how “HOT” your Warriors are vs Hilo this Friday!

  14. UsiLemu September 20, 2017 10:37 pm

    Localboy, go back to Washington then cause dis is Hawaii! Who said this poll defined D1 and D2? It’s JUST a ranking. Everybody commenting on here is their own opinion, neva mind bringing in how other states do’em. Who the news paper editors up dea? Seattle Times and the News Tribune? How many schools and divisions get dea?..Hawaii only get 3 (open/D1, D1 and D2). Obviously St Francis cannot beat Saint Louis, but how bout Saint Francis or Damien vs Campbell or Lahainaluna or Waipahu vs Farrington or Konawaena vs Kailua?..better yet the D1 Championship going have 2 teams originally belongs to D2 (KIF Champions and D2 ILH Champion) we’ll see at the end if these “little scrubs” can handle. Kahuku ALL DAY!!

  15. Paul Honda September 21, 2017 12:19 am

    I think you’re right C-Pop. I was looking only at the longer win streak. Konawaena is the hotter team.

  16. Hyn September 21, 2017 1:02 am

    Anywaays- their you go again whining like a little baby!!!!! Nobody cares about yo damn recruiting so shaddup already.

  17. C-Pop September 21, 2017 9:21 pm

    Paul you are a man of reason!

  18. Paul Honda September 22, 2017 1:15 pm

    Mom said I’m pupule. Mama knows best.

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