D-II STATE FINAL: Lahainaluna/Kapaa

Lahainaluna 34, Kapaa 32

Lahainluna (11-0) claims its third consecutive Division II state title in yet another THRILLER in Division II.


at Aloha Stadium
Kapaa (7-3) 13 13 0 6 — 32
Lahainaluna (11-0) 7 0 7 20 — 34
Lah—Joshua Tihada 28 pass from Nainoa Irish (Kaihulali Casco kick)
Kap—Lanakila Pagtolingan 3 pass from Kahanu Davis (Chysen Lagunes-Rapozo kick)
Kap—Jai Alapai 52 pass from Davis (Lagunes-Rapozo kick)
Kap—Davis 5 run (Lagunes-Rapozo kick)
Kap—FG Lagunes-Rapozo 55
Kap—FG Lagunes-Rapozo 45
Lah—Tihada 1 run Casco kick)
Lah—Tihada 2 run (Casco kick)
Lah—Tihada 4 run (run failed)
Lah—Derek Perez 23 run (Casco kick)
Kap—Tyson Tranilla 1 pass from Davis (pass failed)

RUSHING—Kapaa: Ryno Banasihan 25-197, Davis 6-48, Kawika Na’o 6-13. Lahainaluna: Tihada 27-152, Irish 11-71, Perez 3-38, Kamalei Watson 3-25, Etuati Storer 4-10, Jesse Dudoit 1-8.
PASSING—Kapaa: Davis 5-8–0-83, Pagtolingan 0-1-1-0. Lahainaluna: Irish 10-15-1-132, Tihada 1-1-0-11, Esekielu Storer 1-2-1-6.
RECEIVING—Kapaa: Pagtolingan 2-30, Alapai 1-52, Tranilla 1-1, Banasihan 1-0. Lahainaluna: Kaihulali Casco 3-34, Kawehi Gillcoat 3-30, William Kai Bookland 3-19, Tihada 1-28, Brian Sandoval 1-27, Dudoit 1-11.


Etuati Storer recovers the onside kick for Lahainaluna. 2:15 to go. Neither team has a timeout.

(3:58) Kapaa will start on its 44. Davis rushes for 27 yards to the Lahainaluna 29 and now Banasihan goes for 18 yards to the 9. First-and-goal. Second-and-goal at the 9 and timeout Lahainaluna with 3:06 on the clock. Banasihan with a tough 6-yard run to the 3. Banasihan for 2 yards to the 1. FOURTH-AND-GOAL. Banasihan at 197 rushing yards. Clock running. Timeout Kapaa. PLAY-ACTION. Davis to a WIDE-OPEN Tyson Tranilla. 34-32. Warriors go for 2. Pass INCOMPLETE. Lahainaluna holds up 34-32. Onside kick coming.

(6:08) Lahaina ball on the Kapaa 43. Junior Derek Perez rushes for 14 yards and then breaks off a 23-yard TD run. 34-26, 4:05 to go. Lunas have scored 27 unanswered points in the second half.

(6:57) Kapaa ball on its 24. Banasihan with a 2-yard run. He’s up to 169 rushing yards but just 16 in the second half. Kapaa with a handoff and it’s a deep ball but three Lunas defenders are there. Ball is tipped into the air and PICKED OFF BY KAMALEI WATSON. Watson returns it deep into Kapaa territory but the return will come back with an illegal block. Lunas ball however.

(9:49) Lunas ball on their 35. Irish with a 17-yard run to the Kapaa 43 and Kamalei Watson with a 16-yard run to the 27. Timeout Warriors. 8:57 on the clock. Irish breaks two tackles and gets to the 16 for an 11-yard run after an incomplete pass. Kapaa was making every tackle in the first half. Now they are having trouble finishing off plays. Irish with another scramble to the 4. First-and-goal. Injured Kapaa player on the field. Tihada stuffed for no gain. Second-and-goal. Tihada’s third rushing TD of the second half is a 4-yard run. Lahainaluna in front. Kapaa stuffs Tihada on the two-point try and it’s a one-point game.

(11:49) Ball on 33. Elijah Oliveira-Kalalau with a TFL for Lahainaluna forces a three-and-out.

Joshua Tihada begins the fourth quarter with his state-tournament record 13th rushing TD. A 2-yard run and it’s 26-21, 11:55, Q4.


(1:25) Lahainaluna ball on its 25. Irish comes out throwing and complete a pass for 6 yards. Casco on the reception and then Gillcoat with a reception to move the ball past the 40. Tihada breaks off a 51-yard run to the 8. END 3.

(3:41) Kapaa ball on its 30. Davis with a big 18-yard run on the keeper and Kapaa has it just shy of midfield. Holding call pushes Kapaa back. Two incomplete runs and then a tackle for loss and Kapaa will punt.

(9:54) Lunas ball on the 1. Kapaa jumps offsides twice. Make that three times as the Lunas are now past the 40. Etuati Storer rushes for 8 yards and Kapaa subs out its entire defensive line. Tihada rushes for 9 yards to the 30 and the Lunas’ fan section is getting loud. Timeout Kapaa. After eight straight runs, Lunas call their first pass since the INT and Kapaa is called for defensive holding. Ball inside the 20. Lunas have problems on another snap and the QB has to jump on it for a short loss. Fourth-and-1 at the 10. Lunas go to their money man, Tihada, and he gets 8 yards to the 1. Joshua Tihada 1-yard TD run to cap a 13-play, 99-yard drive in 6:08. Tihada ties St. Louis’ BJ Batts for the state-tournament record with his 12th rushing TD.

(10:33) Kapaa ball on the 7. Banasihan fumbles inside the 5 and Kaihulali Casco recovers for Lahainaluna on the 1.

(10:51) Lunas ball at the 6 after Kapaa pins them deep in their own territory. Irish is PICKED OFF by Kaiola Lingaton, who returns it inside the Lunas 10.

(12:00) Warriors ball at midfield after a kick out of bounds. Davis short-hops a pass on third down for his first incompletion and Kapaa goes three-and-out

Warriors will receive.


at Aloha Stadium
Kapaa (7-2) 13 13
Lahainaluna (10-0) 7 0
Lah—Joshua Tihada 28 pass from Nainoa Irish (Kaihulali Casco kick)
Kap—Lanakila Pagtolingan 3 pass from Kahanu Davis (Chysen Lagunes-Rapozo kick)
Kap—Jai Alapai 52 pass from Davis (Lagunes-Rapozo kick)
Kap—Davis 5 run (Lagunes-Rapozo kick)
Kap—FG Lagunes-Rapozo 55
Kap—FG Lagunes-Rapozo 45
RUSHING—Kapaa: Ryno Banasihan 13-153, Kawika Na’o 3-17, Davis 3-3, Connor Payomo 1-1. Lahainaluna: Irish 5-18, Tihada 7-17, Jesse Dudoit 1-8, Kamalei Watson 1-4.
PASSING—Kapaa: Davis 4-4-0-82. Lahainaluna: Irish 7-10-0-111, Tihada 1-1-0-11, Esekielu Storer 1-2-1-6.
RECEIVING—Kapaa: Pagtolingan 2-30, Alapai 1-52, Banasihan 1-0. Lahainaluna: Kaihulali Casco 2-28, Kawehi Gillcoat 2-20, William Kai Bookland 2-14, Tihada 1-28, Brian Sandoval 1-27, Dudoit 1-11.


(1:36) Kapaa ball on its 15. Warriors going to run out the clock but Banasihan breaks off a 46-yard run. 5 seconds to go and Kapaa has no timeouts but LAHAINA calls a timeout. Not sure why. Lagunes-Rapozo will try a 45-yard field goal. IT IS GOOD. 26-7, HALFTIME.

(2:48) Lunas ball at the 20. Third-and-3 and Lunas whistled for delay of game. Deep ball by QB Esekielu Storer and pass interference called on Kapaa. Alapai with an INT for Kapaa.

(5:01) Warriors ball on the Lunas 36 after a bad punt. Lunas come up with a couple of good tackles and Kapaa will try a 55-yard field goal. Senior Chysen Lagunes-Rapozo will try the kick. Timeout first. KICK IS GOOD. A STATE-TOURNAMENT RECORD. 55 yards. 3 yards shy of the state record set by Konawaena’s Harry Hill last year (58 yards). The state-tournament record was 53 yards by Punahou’s Jet Toner.

(6:48) Lunas start on their 39. Bad snap and it’s a loss of 18. Lunas all out of sorts right now. Lahainaluna three-and-out.

(9:41) Kapaa ball on its 41. Kapaa’s Diego Hernandez, a 6-foot-2, 255-pound junior offensive lineman, is injured after a play and has to be helped off. Third-and-4 and Kapaa calls timeout. Banasihan runs for a hard-earned 6 yards to move the chains. Kapaa now with 100 rushing yards on 11 carries as a team. Davis attempts his third pass and it’s complete to Pagtolingan for 27 yards to set up Davis’ 5-yard TD run. Kapaa is dominating the Lunas up front right now. Warriors 20, Lunas 7, 6:55, Q2.

Tihada picks up 4 yards to move the chains to start the second quarter. Lahainaluna nearly loses a fumble but gets it back but it’s quickly third-and-16. Irish is able to scramble for 8 yards but Lahainaluna will have to punt.


END 1: Kapaa 13, Lahainaluna 7

Kapaa scored more points in the first quarter against Lahainaluna than the Lunas had allowed in any game this season. Photo by Jamm Aquino/Star-Advertiser.

(:52) Lunas ball on their 14. Third-and-1 at the 23 as quarter ends.

(2:40) Kapaa ball on its 28. Banasihan carries twice for 11 yards to move the chains. Kahanu Davis with an absolute DIME to Jai Alapai for a 52-yard TD and the Warriors lead 13-7 after a blocked extra point. :59, Q1. Nainoa Kulukulualani‐Sales with the blocked PAT. First time Lunas have trailed in a game since to this season Kapaa team in the preseason. Already the most points Lahainaluna has allowed this season.

(5:59) Lunas will start on their 20. Irish continues to go to work in the passing game, hitting Gillcoat for 8 yards and then Brian Sandoval for 27 yards. Third-and-4 at the 25 and QB Etuati Storer dropped for a loss of 2 on the keeper by Raffy Perono. Fourth-and-6 and the Lunas go for it and Irish is hit for no gain by Joshua Baltazar and Patrick Peters. Turnover on downs.

(7:42) Warriors will start on their 40. Junior Kahanu Davis in at QB as Kapaa goes four-wide. He keeps it for a yard on the first play. Senior Ryno Banasihan busts loose for 53 yards on his first carry. Lunas junior Brysen Rickard makes a TD-saving tackle in the open field to force third-and-goal at the 3 and Kapaa calls timeout. Davis on the bootleg hits Lanakila Pagtolingan for the 3-yard TD. Nice play call, there. Extra point is good. 7-7, 5:59, Q1. Just the fourth TD Lahainaluna has given up all year.

(12:00) Lahainaluna starts from its 20. Junior Joshua Tihada starts at QB and runs for 3 yards. Tihada one shy of the state tournament record for rushing TD’s in a career with 11. Junior Nainoa Irish at QB for the second snap and hits Kaihulali Casco for 22 yards to the 45. Tihada with a run for 4 yards. Irish quickly 2-for-2 passing as he hits Kawehi Gillcoat for 12 yards into Kapaa territory. Third-and-6 on the 35 and Tihada completes his first throw, 11 yards to Jesse Dudoit for a first down. First pass of the year for Tihada. Lahaina though backed up after an illegal blindside block. First-and-18 at the 32. Irish to Tihada for a 28-yard TD to cap a 10-play, 80-yard drive. Kaihulali Casco in to keep for the injured Rico. Kick is GOOD. 7-0 Lunas, 7:52, Q1.

Lunas will receive.

Jai Alapai, Lanakila Pagtolingan, Stetson Telles-Kelekoma, Kahanu Davis
Lahainaluna: Lennox Kahahane-Lived, Nyles Pokipala-Waiohu, Ikaika Viela, Apakasi Felemi

Lahainaluna K Pablo Rico will not play after suffering a strained right knee in practice. He’s currently on the field using crutches.

For Kapaa’s roster, click here.
For Lahainaluna’s roster, click here.
STATE TOURNEY HISTORY: Series tied 1-1 (Kapaa is last team to beat Lunas in state tournament).

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2011: Kapaa 7, Pearl City 0, at Vidinha Stadium
2011: Iolani 17, Kapaa 13, at Iolani
2014: Kapaa 30, Pearl City 22, at Vidinha Stadium
2014: Iolani 29, Kapaa 24, at Iolani
2015: Kapaa 24, Lahainaluna 0, at Vidinha Stadium
2015: Radford 30, Kapaa 16, at Aloha Stadium
2016: Kapaa 21, Damien 14, at Vidinha Stadium
2016: Lahainaluna 21, Kapaa 14, at Aloha Stadium
2018: Kapaa 20, Kaimuki 12, at Vidinha Stadium

Rushing attempts, game: Kalena Harder and Bronson Aiwohi, 20
Rushing attempts, career: Telli Fonua, 42
Rushing yards, game: Shain Davis, 122
Rushing yards, career: Shain Davis, 224
Rushing touchdowns, game: Shain Davis and Kalena Harder, 3
Rushing touchdowns, career: Shain Davis, 5

Passing completions, game: Teili Fonua, 11
Passing completions, career: Teili Fonua, 20
Passing attempts, game: Teili Fonua, 23
Passing attempts, career: Teili Fonua, 49
Interceptions, game: Teili Fonua, John Das and Rudy Agoot, 1
Interceptions, career: Teili Fonua and Rudy Agoot, 2
Passing yards, game: Teili Fonua, 150
Passing yards, career: Teili Fonua, 237
Passing touchdowns, game: Teili Fonua, John Das and Rudy Agoot, 1
Passing touchdowns, career: Teili Fonua, John Das and Rudy Agoot, 1

Receptions, game: Gabe Keener, 6
Receptions, career: Gabe Keener, 9
Receiving yards, game: Gabe Keener, 93
Receiving yards, career: Gabe Keener, 109
Receiving touchdowns, game: Gabe Keener, Aaron Baltazer and Austyn Carvalho-Toloai, 1
Receiving touchdowns, career: Gabe Keener, Aaron Baltazer and Austyn Carvalho-Toloai, 1

Longest field goal, game: Clifton Oliver, 45
Longest fumble return TD: Jonathan Bilyeu, 8

Career rushing yards
1. Shain Davis, 224
2. Bronson Aiwohi, 146
3. John Das, 111
4. Kekoa Kaluhine-Cacal, 104
5. Leighton Moniz, 101
Active: Baba Nao, 91

Career passing yards
1. Teili Fonua, 237
2. John Das, 159
3. Kurt Napoleon, 109
4. Kahanu Davis, 85
5. Rudy Agoot, 70

Career receiving yards
1. Gabe Keener, 109
2. Kaikea Sonoda, 78
3. Lanakila Pantoligan, 68
4. Justin DeForge, 60
5. Dazmon Sasil, 46

2001: Kahuku 57, Lahainaluna 14, at Aloha Stadium
2003: Lahainaluna 21, Hawaii Prep 14, at War Memorial
2003: Aiea 24, Lahainaluna 14, at Kunuiakea
2004: Lahainaluna 41, Mililani 34, at War Memorial
2004: Kamehameha 21, Lahainaluna 6, at Aloha Stadium
2007: Lahainaluna 52, Kaimuki 20, at War Memorial
2007: Iolani 28, Lahainaluna 21, at Aloha Stadium
2008: Radford 33, Lahainaluna 27, at War Memorial
2009: Aiea 20, Lahainaluna 12, at Aiea
2010: Kaimuki 28, Lahainaluna 27, at War Memorial
2011: Lahainaluna 23, Konawaena 6, at War Memorial
2011: Waipahu 19, Lahainaluna 14, at Waipahu
2012: Lahainaluna 28, Nanakuli 0, at Aloha Stadium
2012: Iolani 36, Lahainaluna 33, at Aloha Stadium
2013: Kaiser 20, Lahainaluna 9, at War Memorial
2014: Lahainaluna 52, KS-Hawaii 7, at War Memorial
2014: Iolani 31, Lahainaluna 14, at Aloha Stadium
2015: Lahainaluna 7, Kaimuki 0, at Lahainaluna
2015: Kapaa 24, Lahainaluna 0, at Kapaa
2016: Lahainaluna 52, Waipahu 14, at War Memorial
2016: Lahainaluna 28, Konawaena 13, at Konawaena
2016: Lahainaluna 21, Kapaa 14, at Aloha Stadium
2017: Lahainaluna 35, Iolani 27, at War Memorial
2017: Lahainaluna 75, Konawaena 69 (7 OT), at War Memorial
2018: Lahainaluna 48, Roosevelt 10, at Lahainaluna

Rushing attempts, game: Joshua Tihada, 29
Rushing attempts, career: Joshua Tihada, 86
Rushing yards, game: Joshua Tihada, 167
Rushing yards, career: Joshua Tihada, 463
Rushing touchdowns, game: Joshua Tihada, 5
Rushing touchdowns, career: Joshua Tihada, 11
Passing completions, game: TJ Rickard, 10
Passing completions, career: TJ Rickard, 18
Passing attempts, game: Preston Medeiros, 21
Passing attempts, career: Mahi Medeiros, 34
Interceptions, game: Mahi Medeiros and Luke Filikitonga, 3
Interceptions, career: TJ Rickard, Mahi Medeiros and Luke Filikitonga, 3
Passing yards, game: Nainoa Irish, 188
Passing yards, career: Nainoa Irish, 280
Passing touchdowns, game: Jake Manning and Nainoa Irish, 3
Passing touchdowns, career: Jake Manning, 5
Receptions, game: Nahe Akoi, 5
Receptions, career: Nahe Akoi, 9
Receiving yards, game: Kahiulai Casco, 120
Receiving yards, career: Stanley Malama and Scott-Isaac Medeiros-Tamgatailoa, 139
Receiving touchdowns, game: William Kai Bookland, 3
Receiving touchdowns, career: William Kai Bookland, 3
Longest field goal, game: Pablo Rico, 42
Most field goals, career: Pablo Rico, 2
Longest fumble return for TD: Mark Alamon, 61
Longest interception return for TD: Makoa Filikitonga, 66
Longest kick return for TD: Kamalei Watson, 87
Longest punt return for TD: Tre Rickard, 54
Punt return TDs, career: Tre Rickard, 2

Career rushing yards
1. Joshua Tihada, 463
2. Jared Rocha-Islas, 429
3. Makoa Filikitonga, 353
4. Elijah Ragudo, 352
5. Donovan Defang, 225

Career passing yards
1. Nainoa Irish, 280
2. Preston Medeiros, 266
3. TJ Rickard, 261
4. Mahi Medeiros, 240
5. Luke Filikitonga, 203

Career receiving yards
1. Scott-Isaac Medeiros-Tamgatailoa, 139
1. Stanley Malama, 139
3. Nahe Akoi, 135
4. Kahiulai Casco, 120
5. William Kai Bookland, 117


  1. "UNITY=STRENGTH" November 24, 2018 11:09 am

    Let’s go boys it’s time to get it on!!! A champion will be won for each division so give it your best today!!!
    You made it this far now it’s time to reap the GLORY!!! OH BABY FEELS GOOD!!! SPEED SAFE HEHE!!!:) ROCK ON!!!:) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v2AC41dglnM

  2. jj2000 November 27, 2018 6:31 am

    Congrats…..Lunaz way over due 2 move up 2 D1 they’ve been spankin their D1 rival on Maui for years now. They definitely have the program to be competitive at a higher level.

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