2016 AUGUST 03 – HSA Photo by Cindy Ellen Russell/crussell@staradvertiser.com

Kahuku Red Raider defensive back Kekaula Kaniho photographed at practice on Wednesday evening.


  1. Mika Tufuga-Valai November 24, 2016 9:52 am

    It’s obvious to me that you idiots that camp in this sorry site are just that, morons. This is my last post on here and I won’t be coming back on here because this place is a joke.

    You asking me how I’m going to get his ip addy? Seriously? The same way I got your email addresses. This is the 21st century your morons.

    I’m not sure who you people are pretending to be, but you don’t represent St Louis. You just a bunch nobody’s looking for attention, and this site seems to be your ticket, you found your purpose in life in here, a place where you think you can get away with talking big and using a fake name.

    I know, because judging from the way you write, and way you talk, you have no clue about anything.

    First, thank you for watching the video I sent, mission accomplished. Whether agree with it or not, my purpose was fulfilled because you watched it.

    Secondly, I don’t need to guess your ages, I already know, because you have no idea what the rule changes were in 1999. I’m not going to even go there because I know I’m dealing with either a bunch of uneducated adults looking for attention, or a bunch of moemimis. I’m guessing the latter.

    I’m not going to talk down on St Louis to you, because you don’t represent that Christian institution with honor, if anything, you are defacing it.

    I got good friends that devote their time to St Louis, that are proud Red Raiders. So I’m not going to be negative towards the school.

    But welcome back to the top. I know some of you Kahuku haters were waiting six years, to unload, so I’m asking the Red Raider supporters to please, let these haters unload, it’s been a while, all that build up must have been causing serious mental and physical issues. This is good therapy for them.

    Go ahead you educated people, let it out. If we have time from working our two jobs, we’ll stop in and join the support group, give you a reason to feel important, and feel loved, by responding to your wealth of knowledge that you’ve been dying to share the last five years.

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    So, while I wait for your response, I’m going to make some pop corn using the microwave we bought from the salvation army store, put in a bowl we got from savers. Was on sale for .25 cents, awesome sauce.
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