P4P: Kalaheo’s Rysan Leong jumps to No. 2

Kalaheo's Rysan Leong, left, lost to Pearl City's Makoa Cooper in the OIA final last year but came back to pull the upset in states and is now ranked No. 2 in Hawaii Prep World's pound-for-pound rankings. Photo by Steven Erler/Special to the Star-Advertiser.

Kysen Terukina keeps the top spot in Hawaii Prep World’s pound-for-pound rankings and is approaching Terao territory despite his shocking loss to Kahiliwala Joy a year ago.

Terukina prepped for Officials by taking his lumps in an elite mainland tournament and then came back home to dominate three league rivals at Officials including talented Brady Hoshino of ‘Iolani.

After Terukina, Kalaheo’s Rysan Leong vaults up to second after breezing his way through Officials before a tough match in the final against surprising Blaze Pascua of ‘Iolani. Leong took down a Cooper in a state final last year and has been unbeatable ever since.

With Leong moving up, Branden Pagurayan of Kapolei moves into the third spot even with a loss to Boltyn Taam of Moanalua. There is no telling if they will stay in the same weight class or take a guaranteed state title elsewhere, but here’s hoping they renew the rivalry in OIA and states. If they stay the course, it could be the biggest state match since the epic KJ Pascua vs. Liam Corbett final in 2016, as Pagurayan and Taam have wrestled to within one point in each of their matches with decisions by officials making both matches iffy.

The biggest movers are Taam and Leilehua’s Kaena DeSantos, who made a huge jump at Officials until surviving a close match against tough Kanaipono Tapia of Kamehameha, who helped make the Warriors the prohibitive favorite for the state team title.

Here are your new boys Top-10 rankings.

Previous rankings: Nov. 29

1. Kysen Terukina, Kamehameha junior
Previous: No. 1
2018 state champion (120), 2017 state champion (113)
2018 Officials champion (126), 2016 Officials champion (113)
2018 ILH champion (120), 2017 ILH champion (113)
Officials: Oliver Nishikawa (Punahou) W, 0:51; James Lum (Pearl City) W, 1:45; Elijah Kaawa (Saint Louis) W, 7-1; Brady Hoshino (Iolani) W, 10-2.

2. Rysan Leong, Kalaheo senior
Previous: No 3
2018 state champion (160)
2018 OIA East champion (160)
2018 Officials champion (170)
Officials: Cesar Caoili Li (Campbell) W, 1:30; Andrew Adiniwin (Moanalua) W, 3:30; Matai Mataafa (Saint Louis) W, 3:25; Blaze Pascua (Iolani) W, 5-3.

3. Branden Pagurayan, Kapolei sophomore
Previous: No. 4
2018 state champion (152)
2018 OIA champion (152)
2018 Officials champion (152)
2018 OIA West champ (152)
Officials: Colton Millet (Radford) W, 16-1; Stone Franczyk (Pac-Five) W, 8-3; Braden Akima (Kamehameha) W, 7-2; Boltyn Taam (Moanalua) W, 3-2
Others: Noah Wusstig (Moanalua) W, 3-0; Boltyn Taam (Moanalua) L, 1-0.

4. Noah Wusstig, Moanalua senior
Previous: No. 5
2018 state champion (138)
2018 OIA champion (138)
2018 OIA East champion (138)
2018 Officials champion (145)
Officials: Chaden Mic Kahalioumi Vini (Kamehameha) W, 1:55; Billy Treu (Baldwin) W, 10-4; Naikoa Simao (Leilehua) W, 5-3; Vincent Terrell (Punahou) W, 10-1.
Others: Brandon Pagurayan (Kapolei) L, 3-0

5. Boltyn Taam, Moanalua sophomore
Previous: No. 9
2018 state second (145)
2018 ILH champion (145)
Officials: Derek Perez (Lahainaluna) W, 13-3; Kanoa Aruba Starwood (KS-Maui) W, 12-5; Cameron Nishida (Pac-Five) W, 4-0; Jhael JB Jose (Leilehua) 4-1; Brandon Pagurayan (Kapolei) L, 3-2.

6. Coby Ravida, Baldwin
Previous: No. 3
2018 state champion (106), 2017 state fifth (106)
2018 MIL champ (106), 2017 MIL champ (106)

7. Elijah Asuncion, Moanalua junior
Previous: No. 2
2018 state champion (113), 2017 state fourth (113)
2018 OIA champ (113)
Officials: Kobi Tanioka (Iolani) W, 0:34; Joseph Vento (Waiakea) W, 1:09; Gabriel Valdez (Baldwin) W, 11-1; Brant Porter (Kamehameha) L, 3-1.

8. Kawehi Gillcoat, Lahainaluna senior
Previous: No. 7
2018 state second (138), 2017 state fifth (120), 2016 state sixth (120)
2018 MIL champ (138), 2017 MIL champ (122), 2016 MIL champ (120)
2018 MIT champ (138)
MIT: Pinned Jared Sugiyama (Lanai) 3:20; Pinned Nainoa Flores (Baldwin) 1:57; Beat Elijah Diamond (Mililani) 20-11.

9. Kaena Desantos, Leilehua junior
Previous: NR
2018 state third (132), 2017 state sixth (132)
2018 OIA champ (126)
2018 Officials champion (138)
Officials: Kamakana Rivera (Saint Louis) W, 3:33; Jayven Lomavita (Pearl City) W, 4:26; Blaze Sumiye (Moanalua) W, 9-3; Kanaipono Tapia (Kamehameha) W, 5-4

10. Brant Porter, Kamehameha junior
Previous: No. 10
2018 state second (106), 2017 state third (106)
2018 ILH champ (106)
2018 Officials champ (120), 2017 Officials champ (106)
Officials: Brayden Gushiken (Moanalua) W, 0:50; Rylan Smith (Waiakea) W, 1:08; Koby Chun (Kaiser) W, 5-4; Elijah Asuncion (Moanalua) W, 3-1
MIT: Gabriel Valdez (Baldwin) L, 8-6; Jake Rapanut (Maui) W, 1:17; Aaron Sumabat (Baldwin) W, 14-4; Abiyomi Vidal (Century) W, 10-6.

Next 10 (alphabetical order)

Laakea Ane, Kamehameha senior
2018 state second (195)
2018 ILH champ (195)
2018 Officials champ (195)
Officials: Shingo Narita (Moanalua) W, 6-0; Boston Opetaia (Saint Louis) W, 3:26; Andrew Canonico (Punahou) W, 10-4; Darius Mynar (KS-Maui) W, 4-2
MIT: Pinned Robert Russell (Maui) 0:36; Lost to Loudyn Reese (Century) 7-5; Pinned Kaimipono Fisher (Kamehameha) 0:14; Beat Spencer Gerst (La Grande) 2-1.

Cody Bollig, Kamehameha senior
2018 state second (285)
2018 ILH champ (285)
Officials: Gregory Rucilez (Kalani) W, 2:45; Kamren Arrington Kaeo (Nanakuli) W, 1:25; Marcus Lombard (Kahuku) L, 1:47; Rafael Leapaga (Kapolei) W, 1:37; Pontus Thiravong (Radford) W, 2-0
MIT: Setu Vole (Kealakehe) L, 5:55; Colton Chase (La Grande) W, 2:16; Benjamin Tokanang (Baldwin) L, 2:03; Joel Rogers (La Grande) W, 1:53.

Koby Chun, Kaiser
2018 state third (120)
2018 OIA champion (120)
2018 MIT champion (120)
Officials: Ammen Tawfik (Pac-Five) W, 13-8; Carmello Castillo (Hilo) W, 6-4; Brant Porter (Kamehameha) L, 5-4; Joseph Vento (Waiakea) W, 17-2; Gabriel Valdez (Baldwin) W, 1:47.
MIT: Herman Santos (Baldwin) W, 1:41; Aaron Sumabat (Baldwin) W, 10-7; Gabriel Valdez (Baldwin) W, 1:54

Kainalu Huddy, Kamehameha (182)
2018 Officials champion (182)
Officials: Parker Stockdale (Mililani) W, 19-3; Lahaina Kane (Kailua) W, 21-6; Ty Bates (Lahainaluna) W, 7-6; Vance Keliihoomalu (Kapolei) W, 7-3.
MIT: Christian Talana (Maui) W, 1:40; Nathan Reed (La Grande) L, 1:22; Kyler Navarro Hiwauli (Waianae) W, 10-1; Ariston Bartley (KS-Maui) W, 11-2.

Marcus Lombard, Kahuku (285)
2018 state fifth (285)
2018 Officials champion (285)
Officials: Pontus Thiravong (Radford) W, 2-0; Maleafofo Ale (Moanalua) W, 1:47; Cody Bollig (Kamehameha) W, 6-4; Benjamin Tokanang (Baldwin) W, 10-7.

Mason Stefanelli, Punahou (106)
2018 Officials champion (106)
Officials: Robert Frias (Iolani) W, 1:45; Dayne Takai (Moanalua) W, 1:24; Khansity Chanthabouasith (Leilehua) W, 1:16; Tobey Ravida (Baldwin) W, 1:31

Kanaipono Tapia, Kamehameha junior
2018 state second (152) 2017 state third (152)
2018 ILH champ (152)
2018 MIT champ (145)
Officials: Jules Marinas (Baldwin) W, 1:59; Zachary Urabe (Punahou) W, 17-2; Elijah Apao (Hilo) W, 1:38; Elijah Diamond (Mililani) W, 11-5;
MIT: Jacob Taguiam (Lahainaluna) W, 1:32; Billy Treu (Baldwin) W, 15-3; Jesse Dudoit (Lahainaluna) W, 16-1; Kaena Desantos (Leilehua) L, 5-4.

Makana Tapia, Kamehameha (160)
2018 state second (152), 2017 state third (152)
2018 Officials champion (160)
Officials: Taylor Daack (Radford) W, 10-6; Austin Murray (Baldwin) W, 1:30; Craig Nava (Pac-Five) W, 3:20; Hudson Pak (Punahou) W, 12-0.

Sheydon Tomisato, Kamehameha
2018 Officials champion (113)
2018 MIT champion (113)
Officials: Scott Fujishima (Pac-Five) W, 6-4; Benjamin Vento (Waiakea) W, 18-3; Dreddin Villalpando (Saint Louis) W, 3-1; Braydon Spain (Waiakea) W, 7-4.
MIT: Braydyn Baldonado (King Kekaulike) W, 2:36; Roden Zyru De Guzman (Baldwin) W, 3:39; Sean Cabanban (Century) W, 18-3.

Ansen Ursua, Saint Louis (132)
2018 state fourth (132), 2017 state fourth (126)
2018 Officials champion (132)
Officials: Waylon Spain (Waiakea) W, 9-2; Isaac Ignacio (Iolani) W, 5:49; Zeff Dudoit (Lahainaluna) W, 9-4; Casen Watanabe (Punahou) W, 7-3.

Honorable mention: Kahiliwala Joy, Baldwin (120); Braden Akima, Kamehameha (160); Brock Ai, Kamehameha (220); Charles Hanohano, Kapolei (220); Vance Keliihoomalu, Kapolei (182); Tobey Ravida, Baldwin (106); Legend Matautia, Punahou (220); Brady Hoshino, ‘Iolani (120); Casen Watanabe, Punahou (132).


  1. Wrasssler December 31, 2018 10:55 am

    Porter beat Asuncion. Why would he not be ranked higher now? Did they wrestle again since officials?

  2. No Excuses December 31, 2018 12:57 pm

    Why is Porter still @ 10 & how does Desantos who wasn’t even on the top 10 rank higher then Porter didn’t Porter beat a state champ to win Official’s who did Desantos beat

  3. Overrated January 1, 2019 1:01 am

    Ranking doesn’t mean anything it’s what you pull off at the end so good luck to all individuals .

  4. Sensei808 January 4, 2019 12:26 pm

    Down year for wrestling. Weakest classes in decades, hopefully the new younger generation will build it up again.

  5. Hayabusa January 5, 2019 2:07 pm

    My boys top 5
    1. Terukina

  6. No excuses January 7, 2019 1:02 pm

    Five wrestler’s named in your top 5 have losses & your # 2 didn’t even win a state championship & you have all of them above Leong who has dominated everyone since winning his State championship & beat one of the top wrestler’s @ the time Makoa Cooper

  7. Hayabusa January 7, 2019 4:57 pm

    This I believe is the top 5 right now not last year. Didn’t Wusstig Dominate Leong in an offseason tourney 10-0 or 15-0 was it? I don’t care bout state titles exspecially if it came from a weak class or lineup. Steffaneli though a freshmen wrestles at a high level.

  8. FlyMat January 8, 2019 8:58 am

    I hope more top wrestlers challenge each other rather than hide from each other! A state title losses its luster if the class is weak or you have not beat a few of the “top” wrestlers.

  9. No Excuses January 8, 2019 2:44 pm

    Wusting beat Leong in a Greco match not in a folk style or freestyle match Wusting is a National Judo champ & Greco is like Judo

  10. FlyMat January 18, 2019 7:30 pm

    Worst season ever. No big matchups no elite Vs elite. This years class is soft, I hope someone does a late season change to move weight and challenge themselves instead of HIDING in a weak class because there is a bunch of weak classes-106-126-145 lots.

  11. Coach Umlauf February 25, 2019 2:18 pm

    Anyone know where I can find Hawaii rankings or results with what year the wrestlers are. I am a the assistant wrestling coach at Itasca Community College in Minnesota. I am looking to recruit Hawaii wrestlers as I really would like to tap into the area and provide opportunities for Hawaiian wrestlers to prove they deserve a shot at big name schools. We have a 100% success rate of getting our guys scholarship opportunities to continue wrestling after graduating from our school. Please if anyone knows where or who to contact I would love to get information and contacts for Hawaiian wrestlers.

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