Mililani’s Mayu Wise leaves state judo slam on the table

Mayu Wise of Mililani ends her high school judo career with three state titles. Dennis Oda / Star-Advertiser

For all the great female judoka who will be competing in the Atlas Insurance Agency/HHSAA Judo State Championships on Saturday at the Stan Sheriff Center, a lot of minds will be on a girl who will not be on the mat.

Mililani senior Mayu Wise has won three straight state titles, the only girl from her school to do so. She was expected to go for the slam this year, the first girl to do so since Bree Rapoza of Kamehameha in 2013, but had knee surgery in April.

Seven girls have completed the slam over the years, and Wise joins four other girls who fell just short for various reasons. They all have different stories about not getting the slam.

Tabitha Lum, Maryknoll and McKinley
Lum took state gold in the final three years of her career. She can probably claim to have earned the slam, since the first state tournament didn’t occur until her sophomore year. She won the ILH championship and an islandwide “Goodwill Championships” as a freshman two weeks later.

Tani Ader, Farrington
Ader’s slipup came in the state final in her junior year, but it could hardly be called a mistake. She lost by Wazari to McKinley’s Lianne Tomishima in what might be the best judo match the state has ever seen. Tomishima took the title to complete her slam, becoming the first girl to climb the highest heights and rob Ader of the chance. Ader beat Tomishima the week before for the OIA championship and had the Tiger on her back with a minute left in the five-minute state championship.

Risha Mishima, Hawaii Baptist
Mishima got an early lesson in the sport, meeting Ader in the state final as a freshman and falling to a girl who may have been the top judoka in the state that year. Mishima recovered from the loss to win her first state crown with four ippons the next year and stopped nine of her 12 matches early on her way to three state titles. No other HBA girl has more than two.

Sanoe Spencer, Pearl City
Like Mishima, Spencer’s hopes for four straight state titles ended early. Spencer got caught as a freshman, losing in 58 seconds to Waipahu’s Keisha Marcelino in the state final despite rising from third in the OIA to the state final. She went to three more state finals and ended each of them early including leading the Chargers to the team title as a senior.

Even without Wise, there will be plenty of champions in the girls draw on Saturday.

Kamehameha’s Skye Realin and CJ Pascual-Tabuyo of Mid-Pacific will be going for repeats with the Owl looking to make her third state final. Kapoina Bailey of Konawaena will also look to repeat, and she could see a very familiar face in the final. Bailey is the top seed at 172 and the second seed is none other than OIA champion Kelani Corbett of Leilehua.

Corbett beat Bailey to complete the slam in wrestling to wrap up the winter season and this is Bailey’s chance to atone for the loss. Bailey, who also plays football for the Wildcats, met Corbett twice two years ago, losing to the Mule by han soku make in the first round and then losing to her by han soku make again in the third-place match. Bailey shook off the twin disqualifications to take the state title last year on three ippons with Corbett toiling in another weight class.

Bailey will be going for her second state title and third medal.

Bailey has been to the top of the podium before, the rest of the tournament will be about girls taking that final step after losing in the state final the year before.

Moanalua’s Faith Joy Okubo will be going for her fourth state medal and has reached the final twice but lost by ippon both times. She enters her final tournament as the top seed at 154 pounds.

Tangeteina Niutupuivaha of Kahuku (220), Moanalua’s Taylor Araki (115), Maddy Kogachi of Punahou (103) and Waiakea’s Samantha Yamamoto (98) are also top seeds this year who have lost in a state final before.

Hokulani Bautista of Kapolei (109) and Waiakea’s Raelyn Ai-Yoneda (122) are the other top seeds, neither of them have placed higher than fifth at states.

Here are the brackets.

And here is a list of all time state medalists:

201898PreciousTamposWaipahuIppon, 1:41Jazmin Lazo, MoanaluaSamantha Yamamoto, WaiakeaGiana Ragudos, AieaDeriecka Tapia, CampbellKaycie Tanimoto, Hawaii Baptist
2018103XiaolinMaiRooseveltShidoMaddy Kogachi, PunahouNicole Shimizu, MoanaluaMaia Fernandez, Pearl CityNicoelle Nishimura, AieaAnnicah Hong, Moanalua
2018109LiannYamamotoWaiakeaYukoKayla Odo, Pearl CitySophia Saiki, Mid-PacificKari Tanji, IolaniJena Agena, MoanaluaHokulani Bautista, Kapolei
2018115AmandaHigaMoanaluaIppon, 1:28Taylor Arakaki, MaryknollChelsea Johnny, CampbellJennifer Kimura, KaiserRaelynn Ai-Yoneda, WaiakeaNiya Matutino, KS-Maui
2018122MayuWiseMililaniShidoMarisa Iha, PunahouAlyson Hayashi, IolaniAlana Vivas, KamehamehaMariah Spix, LeilehuaMacy Higa, Roosevelt
2018129SkyeRealinKamehamehaIppon, 4:00Emily Paulino, KalaniPhoebe Pineda-Abaya, KalaniShanna Inouye, Pearl CityGabby Perez, MoanaluaAmber-Jaye Nagatani, Leilehua
2018139ZoeTateyamaKalaniIppon, 0:34Charlize Jasmine Pascual-Tabuyo, Mid-PacificRebekah Garcia, MoanaluaChantel Hunter, Pearl CityWaipuilani Estrella-Beauchamp, BaldwinNoelle Nakaoka, Punahou
2018154NinaSeoanePearl CityIppon, 1:54Faith Joy Okubo, MoanaluaDana Sugai, KonawaenaKelani Corbett, LeilehuaJennifer Tongi, KahukuTeana Motoyama, Kalani
2018172KapoinaBaileyKonawaenaIppon, 3:00Alana Dela Pena, MoanaluaJayda Toleafoa, AieaMelissa Kansou, Pearl CityMichelle Tanuvasa, Pearl CityJaye Lee-Kaiwi, Keaau
2018220JennieFuamatuPearl CityIppon, 1:24Kyrah Hughley, MoanaluaPrincess Leota, MoanaluaKehani Siuta, AieaKayla Cuizon, CampbellAgnes Aiaimalo, Nanakuli
201798PresciousTamposWaipahuWazariSamantha Yamamoto, WaiakeaMeagan Funasaki, MililaniAnjelynn Baron, RooseveltSarah Obra-Nakata, PunahouJenna Enoka, Punahou
2017103XiaolinMaiRooseveltippon, 2:14Sophia Saiki, Mid-PacificNicolle Nishimura, AieaKaylee Johnson, MililaniRaelyn Ai-Yoneda, WaiakeaMaia Fernandez, Pearl City
2017109YutingHeRooseveltYokuKayla Odo, Pearl CityLiann Yamamoto, WaiakeaBrooke Kawamura, KamehamehaKari Tanji, IolaniChelsea Johnny, Campbell
2017115CzarinaPineda-AbayaKalaniWazariAlexandria Nelson, RooseveltMariah Spix, LeilehuaChelsey Chaves, MauiDiamonique Inouye, MoanaluaIlima Kepano, Keaau
2017122MayuWiseMililaniShidoMikayla Abe, Pearl CityPhoebe Pineda-Abaya, KalaniAnne Platt, CampbellMegan Mena, RooseveltCameryn Kahalewai, Molokai
2017129CJPascual-TabuyoMid-PacificipponZoe Tateyama, KalaniFaith-Joy Okubo, MoanaluaMacy Higa, RooseveltChannel Hunter, Pearl CityShanna Inouye, Pearl City
2017139TeniyaAloKahukuYukoNoelle Nakaoka, PunahouNina Seoane, Pearl CityGabby Perez, MoanaluaKaianne Kawai-Jose, KapoleiLainey Sanborn, Sacred Hearts
2017154JackieFuamatuPearl CityWazariMahea Lewis, KamehamehaKayla Araki, KS-HawaiiCassandra Tongi, KahukuSapiomoa Steffany, McKinleyChynesty Acia, Keaau
2017172IvoryAyersKeaauippon, 1:02Mana Borden, KamehamehaKelani Corbett, LeilehuaKapoina Bailey, KonawaenaMichelle Tanuvasa, Pearl CityShea Charles, Roosevelt
2017220JennieFuamatuPearl CityYukoTangiteina Niutupuivaha, KahukuKayla Mae Cuizon, CampbellOlivia Mataele, Pearl CityRoxie Umu, KealakeheAllison Jones, Campbell
201698AmandaHigaMoanaluaIppon, 3:23Jenna Enoka, PunahouPaige Franczyk, DamienXiaolin Mai, RooseveltKayla Kahoaka, McKinleySarah Obra-Nakata, Punahou
2016103MenjamTamangRooseveltIppon, 2:40Nicole Shimizu, MoanaluaLiann Yamamoto, WaiakeaBailey Hoshino, PunahouNicolle NIshimura, AieaKari Tanji, Iolani
2016109MikaylaAbePearl CityWazariBrianna Leong, LeilehuaHaylee Fujioka, RooseveltAlex Nelson, RooseveltHilinai Meyer, KamehamehaAnne Platt, Campbell
2016115MayuWiseMililaniShidoMacy Higa, RooseveltCzarina Pineda-Abaya, KalaniKayla Odo, Pearl CityMare Kitabiyashi, KapoleiKailey Milhorn, Moanalua
2016122SiennaHoMoanaluaIppon, 0:38Taryn Ichimura, PunahouPhoebe Pineda-Abaya, KalaniNetanya Kang, Pearl CityMegan Mena, RooseveltCameryn Kahalewai, Molokai
2016129RisaHigaMcKinleyIppon, 2:17Faith Joy Okubo, MoanaluaZoe Tateyama, KalaniAlyssa Fusato, King KekaulikeKeiko Sanders, Pac-FiveTeniya Alo, Iolani
2016139TeshyaAloKamehamehaIppon, 0:12Sarah Kaaiakamanu, Pearl CityKasiane Kawai-Jose, KapoleiDeedra Fabella, King KekaulikeAlex Simon, MolokaiWisdom Matsuzaki, Punahou
2016154KaylaArakiKS-HawaiiWazariJaclyn Fontanilla, KamehamehaEsther Torres-Umi, MolokaiDana Sugai, KonawaenaKelani Corbett, LeilehuaKaili Labanon, Damien
2016172JackieFuamatuPearl CityShidoIvory Ayers, KeaauKayla Mae Cuizon, CampbellKeely Lindsey, KS-MauiKilinoe Gora, DamienShea Charles, Roosevelt
2016220KaylahSamiaRooseveltIppon, 3:48Roxie Umu, KealakeheJenine Fuamatu, Pearl CityFrances Nosis, DamienMichelle Tanuvasa, Pearl CityLa'a Peleihulani, KS-Hawaii
201598MenjamTamangRooseveltIppon, 3:39Jackie Agena, MoanaluaJenna Enoka, PunahouKarly Ayano, Sacred HeartsUmi Kobayashi, Kalani
2015103TaylorMiyaoSt. AndrewsIppon, 1:13Xiao Lin Mai, RooseveltSkye Sakashita, PunahouLouise Pekelo, Pearl CityAmanda Higa, MoanaluaLiann Yamamoto, Waiakea
2015109MacyHigaRooseveltYukoHilinai Meyer, KamehamehaMikayla Abe, Pearl CityKaitlyn Funai, HiloMegan Lam, PunahouDiamonique Inouye, Moanalua
2015115KristenKojimaRooseveltWazariCzarina Pineda-Abaya, KalaniMalia Soberano, AieaBrooke Kawamura, KamehamehaMichie Okura, McKinleyTia Inoue, Punahou
2015122TeniyaAloIolaniIppon, 3:13Sienna Ho, MoanaluaTaryn Ichimura, PunahouHaylie Shinsato, MililaniRhea Quezon, RooseveltCourtney Gima, Mililani
2015129ZoeTateyamaKalaniIppon, 3:01Sarah Murallos, LeilehuaKayla Araki, KS-HawaiiMaya Nakasone, MililaniKayla Gaspar-Takahashi, KamehamehaAlyssa Fusato, King Kekaulike
2015139GezlenRagudosAieaWazariRisa Higa, McKinleyKayelah Arakaki, Pearl CitySarah Kaaiakamanu, Pearl CityJamie Hoe, King KekaulikeSophia Straton, Punahou
2015154KariOkuboAieaWazariJaclyn Fontanilla, Kamehameha
Tara Lbanon, DamienKelsey Kim, PunahouTiana Peterson, KapoleiAngellyn Bas, Mililani
2015172KaelaFiestaSacred HeartsWazariMana Borden, Pearl CityIvory Ayers, KeaauKayla Mae Cuizon, CampbellKilinoe Gora, DamienJacqueline Fuamatu, Pearl City
2015220SabrinaHollinsWaipahuIppon, 0:59Arianna Harris, MoanaluaSarah Miner, AieaFrances Nosis, DamienJennie Fuamatu, Pearl CityMichelle Tanuvasa, Pearl City
201498JackieAgenaMoanaluaShidoMaia Phanthadara, RooseveltJenna Enoka, PunahouSharlyn Arakaki, HiloAdrienne Nazareno, Pearl CityKristen Kadooka, Kalaheo
2014103KristynTakaiMoanaluaShidoLouise Pekelo, Pearl CityAshley Lawhn, KalaniTaylor Miyao, St. AndrewsChristine Ushijima, IolaniKelly Rivera, Mililani
2014109ChastyneDolorPearl CityShidoKaylin Castro, MililaniHilinai Meyer, KamehamehaJessica Oda, PunahouMichie Okura, McKinleyHayley Urabe, McKinley
2014115HaylieShinsatoMililaniShidoKristen Kojima, RooseveltCzarina Oineda-Abaya, KalaniMikayla Abe, Pearl CityLia Tengan, LeilehuaSummer Carras, Kapolei
2014122ShanaDillinerKamehamehaIppon, 2:13Taryn Ichimura, PunahouSienna Ho, MoanaluaJoen Tominaga, Pearl CityAlanda Nguyen, FarringtonRhea Quezon, Roosevelt
2014129SkyeMatsuuraWaiakeaIppon, 3:54Netanya Kang, Pearl CityAngela Ortiz, KalaniAlyssa Fusato, King KekaulikeWisdom Matsuzaki, PunahouSarah Murallos, Leilehua
2014139KariOkuboAieaIppon, 1:04Kayla Arakaki, Pearl CityRisa Higa, McKinleyKassandra Tongapalan, HiloTaylor Higa, MaryknollSara Kaaiakamanu, Pearl City
2014154JaclynFontanillaKamehamehaIppon, 1:24Megan Ramos, Pearl CityKim Mendez, Pearl CityNeula Aarona, KS-MauiTara Labanon, DamienAlexia Harrell, HIlo
2014172Taylor JeanAllenCampbellShidoTrudi Eltagonde, Pearl CitySarah Miner, AieaKaela Fiesta, Sacred HeartsJocelyn Tabion, KapoleiKealani Bergfeld, Waiakea
2014220SabrinaHollinsWaipahuIppon, 1:49Stephanie Times, AieaAshlyn Antonio, Pearl CityRika Sarkar, PunahouEbony Ayers, KeaauFrances Nosis, Damien
201398ChaleCheeKahukuWazariMaia Phanthadara, RooseveltThai Ha Sloan, PunahouShanelle Ramelb, KapoleiRocel Flores, CampbellKylie Leong, Kamehameha
2013103JahyaCostaKahukuWazariKaelynn Canyete, KapoleiKelly Rivera, MililaniChristine Ushijima, IolaniHilinai Meyer, KamehamehaAshley Lawhn, Kalani
2013109KaylinCastroMililaniYukoTaylor Miyao, St. AndrewsKelli Ann Omatsu, Sacred HeartsBreanne Takaesu, Pearl CityLia Tengan, LeilehuaJessica Oda, Punahou
2013115KristenKojimaRooseveltIppon, 3:54Haylie Shinsato, MililaniTaylor Castro, Pearl CityMarina Higa, McKinleyXandria Ford, Pearl CityRuby Suarez, Konawaena
2013122BreeRapozaKamehamehaWazariSherese Ader, Pearl CityAlyssa Miya, LeilehuaSienna Ho, MoanaluaJoen Tominaga, Pearl CityAzraelle Belisario, Leilehua
2013129TeshyaAloKamehamehaIppon, 2:00Skye Matsuura, WaiakeaTanalei Louis, KonawaenaKhrysten Gameng, CampbellNetanya Kang, Pearl CityAirra Asuncion, Waipahu
2013139PharinHicksMililaniIppon, 2:51Trudi Eltagonde, Pearl CityKari Okubo, AieaAmber Hakkei-Nagaoka, CastleLahi Kanakanui, HiloRebecca Yamashiro, Kalani
2013154JaclynFontanillaKamehamehaWazariKaela Fiesta, Sacred HeartsAriana Fernandes, Pearl CitySharmaine Tiburico, WaipahuMegan Ramos, Pearl CityNicolina Pascua, University
2013172LiaNakamuraHiloIppon, 3:08Alex Fautanu, IolaniKacie Awa, Pearl CityKailey Lapenia, KS-HawaiiTaylor Allen, CampbellKawehilani Dumaran, Baldwin
2013220AimeeShirakiKonawaenaIppon, 3:11Talia Jones, LeilehuaManaia Siania, Pearl CityDioan Cantiller, FarringtonKiana Perreira, KS-HawaiiStpehanie Times, Aiea
201298KaelynnCanyeteKapoleiIpponAlexis Raia, MoanaluaTaylor Vidad, Pearl CityThai Ha Sloan, PunahouJahya Costa, KahukuJaclyn Agena, Moanalua
2012103MeganAinaKS-HawaiiIpponShanelle Ramelb, KapoleiKristyn Takai, MoanaluaBreanne Takaesu, Pearl CityMary Jane Garcia, WaipahuTaylor Miyao, St. Andrews
2012109DianeMikuniKapoleiIpponMarissa Rogers, McKinleyMarina Higa, McKinleyAshley Lawhn, KalaniAngela Enos, RooseveltHolly Kogachi, Punahou
2012115NicoleTaniguchiPunahouWazariKristen Kojima, RooseveltTaylor Castro, Pearl CityShana Dilliner, KamehamehaLauren Dias, MililaniAlyssa Miya, Leilehua
2012122BreeRapozaKamehamehaIpponCassidy Chandler, KaiserSharese Ader, Pearl CityAmber Hakkei-Nagaoka, CastleHaylee Shinsato, MililaniSydney Cofran, Kapolei
2012129TanaleiLouisWaiakeaIpponPhairin Hicks, MililaniKari Okubo, AieaTara Srirangarajan, IolaniAbcde Zoller, KamehamehaKhrysten Gameng, Campbell
2012139MindyChowPunahouIpponLindsay Villarmia, AieaMorgan Yamaguchi, MililaniTrudi Eltagonde, Pearl CityLahi Kanakanui, HiloDioan Cantiller, Farrington
2012154TiaraKayePunahouYukoKaela Fiesta, Sacred HeartsAriana Fernandez, Pearl CityMylinda Jefferson, Pearl CityNissi Flores-Jumalon, KamehamehaNicolina Pascua, University
2012172LiaNakamuraHiloIpponBrianna Jeffries, RooseveltTaylor Allen, CampbellKailey Lapenia, KS-HawaiiKacie Awa, Pearl CityDonalyn Naihe, Hana
2012220SanoeSpencerPearl CityIpponDora Matsushima, Pearl CityKiana Mello-Waiwaiole, Ka'uRainbow Ulii, KamehamehaJamelyn Chinen, Kailua
201198KaelynCanyeteKapoleiIppon, 0:40Marina Higa, McKinleyMegan Aina, KS-HawaiiMary Jane Garcia, WaipahuKristyn Takai, MoanaluaThai Ha Sloan, Punahou
2011103MarissaRogersMcKinleyYukoAngela Enos, RooseveltKimmi Lum, UniversityBreanne Takaesu, Pearl CityLauren Dias, MililaniAlexis Raia, Moanalua
2011109BrittanyBalanayMcKinleyIppon, 1:01Nicole Taniguchi, PunahouDiane Mikuni, KapoleiShana Dilliner, KamehamehaUy-Di Nancy Le, KalaniAlanda Nguyen, Farrington
2011115BreeRapozaKamehamehaIppon, 4:07Amber Hakkei-Nagaoka, CampbellAyame Higa, McKinleyAlyssa Miya, LeilehuaIlisha Badua, KapoleiChristine Rioca, Waipahu
2011122MarisaFukunagaRooseveltIppon, 0:31Taylor Castro, Pearl CityBrittney Shinsato, KalaniKaela Shiigi, IolaniCarmela Go, FarringtonTiare Mashima, Kamehameha
2011129ChrissyChowPunahouIppon, 2:46Kianna Borengasser, KamehamehaKasie Kashimoto, IolaniPhairin Hicks, MililaniJasmine Brown, MoanaluaApril Rilles, Farrington
2011139MindyChowPunahouIppon, 3:56Uilani Freitas-Smith, KahukuRachel Factora, CampbellTara Srirangarajan, IolaniKanani Silva, WaiakeaLahi Kanakanui, Hilo
2011154TiaraKayePunahouIppon, 4:28Megan Alexander, King KekaulikeMylinda Jefferson, Pearl CityBrandi Lopez, KapoleiNissi Flores, KS-HawaiiNicolina Pascua, University
2011172MakanaBordenKaiserIppon, 3:32Kacie Awa, Pearl CityAimee Shiraki, KonawaenaBrianna Jeffries, RooseveltJoo Yeon Kang, MoanaluaSydney Ibarra, Baldwin
2011220SanoeSpencerPearl CityIppon, 4:15Libby Petrie, KahukuPatrice Yamane, CastleAngela Kim, UniversityDrea Colobong, FarringtonKristin Miyahira-Dumara, KS-Maui
201098ErinUeharaPunahouWazariMarina Higa, McKinleyMegan Aina, KS-HawaiiTaylor Vidad, Pearl CityVictoria Meno, MoanaluaMary Jane Garcia, Waipahu
2010103MarissaRogersMcKinleyIppon, 0:07Shayla Pang-Kee, CastleKimmi Lum, UniversityJamie Kakugawa, CampbellToni Uyehara, Pearl CityShanelle Ramelb, Kapolei
2010109BrittanyBalanayMcKinleyWazariKayla Martin, KahukuNIcole Taniguchi, PunahouTaylor Castro, Pearl CityDiane Mikuni, KapoleiMary Coroando, Kaimuki
2010115BreeRapozaKamehamehaIppon, 0:58Megan Yamaguchi, KalaniMarisa Fukunaga, RooseveltAyame Higa, McKinleyJenna Aina, KS-HawaiiIlisha Badua, Kapolei
2010122BrittneyShinsatoKalaniWazariTiare Mashima, KamehamehaJulia Afuso, IolaniLiko Fukumoto, MoanaluaRochelle Pagaduan, WaipahuShayla Rivera, King Kekaulike
2010129ChrissyChowPunahouIppon, 1:40Tanalei Louis, KonawaenaKiana Borengasser, KamehamehaTara Srirangarajan, IolaniAbigail Helenihi, KapoleiLindsay Villarmia, Aiea
2010139MindyChowPunahouHan Soku MakeMorgan Yamaguchi, KalaniKayla Mishima, Hawaii BaptistRachel Factora, CampbellKalena Shiroma, KS-HawaiiLacey Katakura-Enos, Pearl City
2010154KaimanaLundquistPunahouIppon, 1:59Amber Ah Sue, KahukuKasie Kashimoto, IolaniJayna Koko, RooseveltMeridian Burrhus, AieaTiffany Kotani, Moanalua
2010172Mei LingKeikiPearl CityIppon, 1:13Tiara Kaye, PunahouMakana Borden, KamehamehaAja Gample, St. FrancisErika Bareng, WaipahuJoo Yeon Kang, Moanalua
2010220SanoeSpencerPearl CityIppon, 1:38Patrice Yamane, CastleJamilyn Chur, Pearl CitySade Hendricks, LeilehuaAngela Kim, UniversityLia Nakamura, Hilo
200998TaylorIberaFarringtonIppon, 2:04Tryslynn Nakamoto, McKinleyAryn Meguro, WaiakeaErin Uehara, PunahouTyara Pascua, Pearl CityLauren Dias, Mililani
2009103MacyYonamineKamehamehaIppon, 0:23Nicole Taniguchi, PunahouMegan Aina, KS-HawaiiMarissa Rogers, McKinleyDarian Auna, KahukuMichelle Lazaro, Mililani
2009109BrittanyBalanayMcKinleyIpponKayla Martin, KahukuKaele Shiigi, IolaniBriana Delos Santos, Pearl CityAndrina Ramos, KahukuMalia Medeiros, KS-Maui
2009115ChrissyChowPunahouIppon, 5:05Marisa Fukunaga, RooseveltKaety Enos, Hawaii BaptistKayla Gomes, Mid-PacificKelly Ancheta, Pearl CityAyame Higa, McKinley
2009122MindyChowPunahouIppon, 4:03Jordan Kealoha, Mid-PacificMegan Yamaguchi, KalaniKathy Kamiya, MililaniJenna Aina, KS-HawaiiKeri Uyehara, Pearl City
2009129RishaMishimaHawaii BaptistIppon, 2:02Stephanie Soon, CastleMorgan Yamaguchi, CastleElyse Bojorquez, Pearl CityCaitlyn Chandler, KaiserShelby Asato, Punahou
2009139RachelOstovichMoanaluaIppon, 0:53Kalena Shiroma, KS-HawaiiKristen Kono, KapoleiKayla Mishima, Hawaii BaptistTiare Kaye, PunahouKayla Brown, Maui
2009154JTOjerioPunahouIppon, 1:53Amber Ah Sue, KahukuJackie Donovan, Mid-PacificJamilyn Chur, Pearl CityMonique Rodriguez, CampbellShelby Picanco, KS-Hawaii
2009172KaimanaLundquistPunahouIppon, 0:50Mei Ling Keiki, Pearl CitySharyce Laroya, KahukuMakana Borden, KamehamehaRan Lee, CampbellErika Bareng, Waipahu
2009220KeishaMarcelinoWaipahuIppon, 0:58Sanoe Spencer, Pearl CityPatrice Yamane, CastleLori Takafuji, BaldwinAngela Kim, UniversityReyna Autele, Kahuku
200898TaylorIberaFarringtonWazariErin Uehara, PunahouSunny Nohara, KapoleiKim Miyamasu, MoanaluaHazel Asperin, Pearl CityJayci Ventura, Campbell
2008103KeikoAkamineIolaniIpponHeather Omori, MililaniBriana Delos Santos, Pearl CitySheri Tabion, KapoleiAndrina Ramos, KahukuAryn Meguro, Waiakea
2008109BrittanyBalanayMcKinleyWazariMarisa Fukunaga, RooseveltMacy Yonamine, KamehamehaKaety Enos, Hawaii BaptistKira Hagi, KapoleiKelly Ancheta, Pearl City
2008115ChrissyChowPunahouIpponJessica Domingo, Pearl CityKayla Gomes, Mid-PacificLiko Fukumoto, MoanaluaAyame Higa, McKinleyChirsty Burt, Kahuku
2008122MeganYamaguchiKalaniIpponDanica Auna, KahukuDarcy Kagawa, PunahouKayleen Kobashigawa, McKinleyJenna Aina, KS-HawaiiKathy Kamiya, Mililani
2008129TaniAderFarringtonIppon, 3:41Reiko Campos, KamehamehaShelby Asato, PunahouSarah Mizukawa, AieaKalena Shiroma, KS-HawaiiSheri Suzuki, McKinley
2008139RishaMishimaHawaii BaptistWazariPiikea Kalalau, BaldwinRachael Ostovich, MoanaluaKristin Kono, KapoleiLacey Katakura, Pearl CityKaris Langdon, Mililani
2008154AmandaSoliaiKahukuIppon, 1:37Akaneki Lind, KamehamehaJT Ojerio, PunahouSade Hendricks, LeilehuaJamilyn Chur, Pearl CityAbigail Antonio, Kaimuki
2008172PatriceYamaneCastleIppon, 1:06Mei Ling Keiki, Pearl CityLorraine Baldonaldo, MauiLori Takefuji, BaldwinSharyce Laroya, KaimukiJoy Andrade, KS-Hawaii
2008220OliviaFatongiaIolaniWazariKasey Fujihara, Pearl CityKeisha Marcelino, WaipahuKayla Kaohu, KeaauAngela Kim, UniversitySJ Kama, Farrington
200798TaylorIberaFarringtonMacy Yonamine, KamehamehaErin Uehara, PunahouSara Tsukamoto, IolaniHeather Omori, MililaniKeani Hueu, Pearl City
2007103KeikoAkamineIolaniAryn Meguro, WaiakeaJessica Domingo, Pearl CityKelsie Mita, Mid-PacificKelcie Suda, St. AnthonyKimberly Miyamasu, Moanalua
2007109CarlaWataseIolaniKira Hagi, KapoleiKalae Johnson, KahukuJordan Lee Higa, MililaniKaety Enos, Hawaii BaptistEran Oshiro, Waiakea
2007115MeganYamaguchiKalaniElisha Lum, MaryknollMegan Morisada, IolaniDarcy Kagawa, PunahouReiko Campos, KamehamehaChaelynn Tan, Kapolei
2007122LianneTomishimaMcKinleyTani Ader, FarringtonDanica Auna, KahukuJenna Aina, KS-HawaiiShelby Asato, PunahouJamie Ahuna, Kamehameha
2007129RishaMishimaHawaii BaptistAlicia Ikehara, Christian LibertyRaena Campos, KamehamehaSarah Mizokawa, AieaCianah Hee, KahukuKalena Shiroma, KS-Hawaii
2007139NoraKentMcKinleyJillian Fontanilla, Pearl CityKara Takasaki, PunahouJT Ojerio, PunahouAmanda Keliihoomalu, KahukuKatrina Johnson, Castle
2007154RelleSatoHiloAmanda Soliai, KahukuJoy Yamane, KalaniKeala Baricar, FarringtonAshley Vega, McKinleyRebecca Jong, Punahou
2007172AsamiKobataMcKinleyKesley Awa, Pearl CityMei Ling Keiki, Pearl CityAkaneki Lind, KamehamehaTiffany Wicks, KapoleiLorraine Baldonado, Maui
2007220RandolynNoharaKamehamehaKasey Fujihara, Pearl CityKanoe Tani, KahukuTereisa Mosley, FarringtonKeisha Marcellino, WaipahuKimi Tom, Maui
200698TaylorIberaFarringtonCandace Sakamoto, CastleKeiko Akamine, IolaniNing Feng, McKinleyJoyce Transfiguracion, KealakeheKayla Asato, Punahou
2006103MeganMorisadaIolaniTani Mashima, KamehamehaHaloye Wilcox, MoanaluaJessica Domingo, Pearl CityLeisha Onishi, WaiakeaKira Hagi, Kapolei
2006109SamanthaBatoonFarringtonLisa Katsura, MoanaluaCarla Watase, IolaniAryn Meguro, WaiakeaRen Yamashita, AieaErika Okamoto, McKinley
2006115TaniAderFarringtonRisha Mishima, Hawaii BaptistDarcy Kagawa, PunahouClarissa Reidy, KapoleiKayleen Kobashigawa, McKinleyReiko Campos, Kamehameha
2006122DanicaKamakanaMoanaluaNora Kent, McKinleyDanica Auna, KahukuRaena Campos, KamehamehaTonya Kageno, Pearl CityRaquel Guron, Farrington
2006129LianneTomishimaMcKinleyCianah Hee, KahukuAlicia Ikehara, Christian LibertyAmanda Keliihoomalu, KahukuJamie Ahuna, KamehamehaJT Ojerio, Punahou
2006139JillianFontanillaPearl CityPiikea Kalakau, BaldwinKara Takasaki, PunahouLaura Petko, IolaniAshley Vega, McKinleyJanice Kunishige, Kapolei
2006154RelleSatoHiloBN Alafanso, FarringtonJoy Yamane, KalaniTiyana Arakaki, Pearl CityAkaneki Lind, KamehamehaKeala Barricar, Farrington
2006172MarleneSuckelKahukuAsami Kobata, McKinleyTiffany Wicks, KapoleiSheldeen Silva, CastleKelsey Awa, Pearl CityNalani Root, Punahou
2006220KanoeTaniKahukuAkemi Holmes, IolaniAshley Lilo, FarringtonKimi Tom, MauiKeisha Marcelino, WaipahuKasey Fujihara, Pearl City
200590KiraTamashiroIolaniKayla Asato, PunahouKimberly Miyamasu, MoanaluaSara Tsukamoto, IolaniLerissa Aranaydo, Pearl CityEspy Fortez, Farrington
200597TabithaLumMaryknollMegan Morisada, IolaniCandace Sakamoto, CastleNing Feng, McKinleyKelcie Suda, St. AnthonyLeisha Onishi, Waiakea
2005106AliciaHuangLa PietraCatherine Chan, IolaniSamantha Batoon, FarringtonSachi Lopez, McKinleySerine Tsuda, PunahouTonya Kageno, Pearl City
2005114TaniAderFarringtonCorey Jo Tashima, MililaniLisa Katsura, MoanaluaRaena Campos, KamehamehaClarissa Reidy, KapoleiKimberly Rivera, Pearl City
2005125NikkiMorinLe PietraAmber Horn, Pearl CityCorey Arisumi, RooseveltBritany Sung, LeilehuaKora Kent, McKinleyMarynell Shaw, Farrington
2005139LianneTomishimaMcKinleyAshley Poling, KaiserKara Takasaki, PunahouKrystal Kiyuna, AieaJasmine Lafradez, Pearl CityRobin Travis, Pearl City
2005154KelliFujiharaPearl CityRelle Sato, HiloMika Campos, Christian AcademyFaye Toyama, AieaBN Alafanso, FarringtonAngela Lin, Kaiser
2005172KaleiKawaaKamehamehaAsami Kobata, McKinleyKelcie Meguro, WaiakeaKelsey Awa, Pearl CityRachel Tachibana, KahukuAmber Cha, Kaiser
2005220KanoeTaniKahukuCasey Fujihara, Pearl CityDesiree Memea, UniversityKanoelehua Akana, MoanaluaKira Adams, King KekaulikeMakana Richards, McKinley
200498TabithaLumMcKinleyNing Feng, McKinleyWhitney Elizaga, FarringtonCarla Watase, IolaniAgrianna Aquino, KahukuJoyce Transfiguracion, Kealakehe
2004103CatherineChanIolaniAlicia Huang, La PietraSachi Lopez, McKinleyAmanda Aquino, KahukuSamantha Batoon, FarringtonDinah Rivera, Campbell
2004109Corey JoTashimaMililaniLisa Katsura, MoanaluaTonya Kageno, Pearl CityJoy Malanog, LeilehuaMarynell Shaw, FarringtonAbigail Manegdeg, Baldwin
2004115LianneTomishimaMcKinleySharde Betances, FarringtonTraci Yamashita, WaiakeaBritany Sung, LeilehuaRaena Campos, KamehamehaClarissa Reidy, Kapolei
2004121RoslynMaiavaKahukuCory Arisumi, RooseveltKellianne Chong, KealakeheRory Santos, Pearl CityAlyssa Abila, KapoleiLauren Tuthill, Iolani
2004128KaraTakasakiPunahouMelissa Kunz, KonawaenaNikki Morin, La PietraGinger Salera, KealakeheRobin Travis, Pearl CityNora Kent, McKinley
2004136AprilDueKapoleiPua Nunies, FarringtonLauren Primiano, PunahouLeilani Relator, KahukuKrystal Kiyuna, AieaJoy Takafuji, Baldwin
2004145JennaNihipaliKahukuJasmin Lafredez, Pearl CityJilian Fontanilla, Pearl CityAshley Galieto, KealakeheShyla Iokia, BaldwinLisa Hufanga, Farrington
2004160AliciaFuMoanaluaTilana Kawaa, KamehamehaDenna Macanas, LeilehuaCheynne Opiana, WaialuaChaneal Meletia, Hawaii BaptistPenny Rodriguez, Kealakehe
2004200RandolynNoharaKamehamehaMerita Jennings, LeilehuaAkemi Holmes, IolaniKelsi Meguro, WaiakeaRachel Vendiola, FarringtonKelli Fujihara, Pearl City
200398TabithaLumMaryknollWhitney Elizaga, FarringtonShea Kamakaala, KamehamehaKira Tamashiro, IolaniAmanda Aquino, KahukuApril Utanes, Waipahu
2003103CatherineChenIolaniTonya Kageno, Pearl CityAngelee Homa, AieaRandi Akasaki, RooseveltDinah Rivera, CampbellShari Wong, Kaiser
2003109Corey JoTashimaPearl CityElizabeth Torres, KahukuTraci Yamashita, WaiakeaSharde Betances, FarringtonTaria Enos, KamehamehaLisa Katsura, Moanalua
2003115CayleneValdezMoanaluaEisha Matsubara, WaiakeaNicole Fonda, KahukuSachi Lopez, McKinleyJaynee Kim, PunahouJessica Poling, Kaiser
2003121KimberlyKidoKailuaNikki Morin, La PietraAmy Sumida, BaldwinCory Arisumi, RooseveltSavannah White, KapoleiChun Nam, Waiakea
2003128KellianneChongKealakeheLeilani Relator, KahukuRobin Travis, Pearl CityEmily Samson, CampbellKrystal Kiyuna, AieaTiara Johnson, Moanalua
2003136AmberHornPearl CityApril Due, KapoleiJasmine Norman, KealakehePualani Nunies, FarringtonKira-Lyn Kow, WaiakeaLauren Primiano, Punahou
2003145ChelseaBerdonKamehamehaJenna Nihipali, KahukuAshley Galieto, KealakeheClisha Visesio, MauiMarissa Kobayashi, Pearl CityDanielle Kusaka, Mililani
2003160KehauKamauohaKahukuAshley Truchan, HiloKalei Kawaa, KamehamehaDenna Macanas, LeilehuaCathleen Biala, CampbellCherish Pobre, McKinley
2003200MaimitiHoKamehamehaLisa Best, KaiserAlicia Fu, MoanaluaAmy Fujimoto, IolaniShyann Freitas, Leilehua


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