LIVE BLOG: Officials wrestling championship matches

Kamehameha's Kysen Terukina defends his No. 1 pound-for-pound ranking in the finals of Officials tonight. Photo by Bruce Asato/Star-Advertiser.

Results of championship matches at the Hawaii Officials tournament follow.



(1) Mason Stefanelli (Punahou) vs. Tobey Ravida (Baldwin)

>> Stefanelli scores with a takedown midway through the first period.
>> Stefanelli wins by pin 1:30 first period.
>> Ravida won at the Maui Invitational last week.


Brayden Spain (Waiakea) vs. Sheydon Tomisato (Kamehameha)

>> Tomisato scores with a takedown with 30 seconds left in the first period — 2-0.
>> Tomisato is dominating and drops Spain with another takedown. It’s 5-0 with 47 seconds left in the second period.
>> Spain scores on a takedown and then Tomisato comes back with a quick and powerful reversal. It’s 7-4 with 7 seconds left.
>> Tomisato wins 7-4. He now has a victory at Officials and Maui Invitational.


(1) Elijah Asuncion (Moanalua) vs. Brant Porter (Kamehameha)

>> Asuncion, who is No. 2 pound-for-pound and the defending 113-pound state champion, is up 1-0 after a second-period escape.
>> Porter is No. 10 p4p.
>> We’re headed to the third period. It’s still 1-0.
>> These guys are really going at it. Very tough to score.
>> It’s all tied up 1-1. Looking like OT.
>> Porter nearly had a takedwon as time ran out. The crowd was calling for it, but no can.
>> Porter pulls off the upset 27 seconds into OT with a ferocious takedown. He was eliminated in the Maui Invitational quarterfinals, but appears to be back on track.


(1) Kysen Terukina (Kamehameha) vs. Brady Hoshino (‘Iolani)

>> Terukina, as expected, is dominating, up 8-0 with 1:06 left in the second period. This is a rematch of last year’s 120-pound ILH championship and state championship, both won by Terukina.
>> Terukina, a two-time state champion, is No. 1 pound-for-pound.
>> It’s 8-2 with 1:27 to go in third period.
>> The domination continues. Terukina up 10-2 with 0:41 to go.
>> Terukina wins 10-2.
>> Terukina after the match: “I just always had that memory of me getting pinned (at last year’s Officials). it always helps me remind myself to stay in good position, never take anybody lightly and just go in and give my best effort.”


(1) Casen Watanabe (Punahou) vs. Ansen Ursua (Saint Louis)

>> Ursua has a commanding 7-2 lead late in the second period.
>> Watanabe makes it a bit closer at 7-3, but time is running out.
>> Ursua wins 7-3.


(1) Kaena Desantos (Leilehua) vs. Kanaipono Tapia (Kamehameha)

>> Desantos is up 4-1 heading into the final period. Tapia won at the Maui Invitational last week.
>> Tapia gets closer, making it 5-4, but Desantos hangs on to win. Final score 5-4.


(1) Noah Wusstig (Moanalua) vs. Vincent Terrell (Punahou)

>> Wusstig, the defending 138-pound state champion, gets a takedown 30 seconds into the match and then builds his lead to 5-0.
>> It’s now 7-0 and Wusstig is in command.
>> Terrell makes a burst and pushes Wusstig out, but doesn’t get points for it.
>> Wusstig, who is No. 5 p4p, wins 10-0.


(1) Branden Pagurayan (Kapolei) vs. Boltyn Taam (Moanalua)

>> Pagurayan is up 3-1 deep into the third period.
>> Taam gets an escape with 15 seconds left to make it 3-2.
>> Pagurayan wins 3-2, avenging a 1-0 loss to Taam two weeks ago.
>> Pagurayan is No. 4 p4p and he is the defending 152-pound state champion. Taam is No. 9 p4p.
>> After the match, Pagurayan said, ““Last week, I know my conditioning was just really junk. This week, I’ve just been trying to build my conditioning so I can last longer and push all the way. I knew Boltyn was gonna be my final match, so I had to take it each step at a time. No taking anyone lightly. I just took it each step of the way, never stopped and kept pushing through.”


(1) Makana Tapia (Kamehameha) vs. Hudson Pak (Punahou)

>> Tapia has a 4-0 lead in the first period.
>> It’s 7-0 deep into the third period.
>> Tapia is in complete command, 11-0.
>> Tapia is now 12-0.


(1) Rysan Leong (Kalaheo) vs. Blaze Pascua (‘Iolani)

>> Leong, who is No. 6 p4p, takes a 2-0 lead late in the first period.

>> It’s 5-0 with a minute left in the second period.

>> Pascua isn’t done, though. He fights back to 5-3.

>> Leong wins 5-3.


(1) Vance Keliihoomalu (Kapolei) vs. Kainalu Huddy (Kamehameha)

>> Huddy takes a 4-1 lead, end of first period.

>> Huddy wins 7-3. He placed runner-up at Maui Invitational.


Darius Mynar (Kamehameha-Maui) vs. Laakea Ane (Kamehameha)

>> Mynar was the runner-up at the Maui Invitational last week.
>> It’s 0-0 midway through the second period.
>> The second period closes out scoreless.
>> A minute left and it’s 2-2.
>> Ane ends up winning the intense battle, 4-2.


Zion Lista (Farrington) vs. Charles Hanohano (Kapolei)

>> Hanohano is up 3-0 after two periods.
>> Lista is back in it at 3-2.
>> Hanohano goes up 5-2, but Lista is not giving up, making it 5-3.
>> Hanohano holds on for a 5-4 victory.


Marcus Lombard (Kahuku) vs. Benjamin Tokanang (Baldwin)

>> Lombard holds off Tokanang, 10-7.



Liana Ferreria (Baldwin) vs. Jazmyn Enriquez (Campbell)

>> It’s 0-0 and the second period is starting.
>> Third period and it’s 1-0. Enriquez scored with an escape.
>> Enriquez just went up 3-0 with a takedown.
>> Enriquez wins 3-1. Ferreria won at the Maui Invitational last week.


(1) Tianna Fernandez (Baldwin) vs. Brianna Funakoshi (Aiea)

>> One minute to go in the second period and it’s still scoreless.
>> Second period is over. Still scoreless.
>> Fernandez gets a reversal and then wins by pin at 1:39.
>> Fernandez is now the Officials and Maui Invitational winner.


(1) Sami Saribay (Lahainaluna) vs. Allicia Mahoe (Kapolei)

>> This is a tight one so far. It’s 0-0 midway through second period.
>> Both wrestlers get 1. It’s 1-1 with one minute left in second period.
>> Saribay gets a takedown to make it 3-1.
>> Mahoe, with a reversal, ties up 3-3.
>> Saribay scores again with a takedown with three seconds to go in the second period. It’s 5-3, headed to the third.
>> With 1:30 left in match, Mahoe makes it 5-4.
>> With 1:10 to go, Mahoe makes an energetic takedown to go ahead, 6-5.
>> Saribay gets the needed escape with 15 seconds left in match. It’s 6-6. Going to overtime.
>> Saribay ends a thrilling match with a takedown 33 seconds into overtime, 8-6.
>> Saribay, who is No. 10 pound-for-pound, is the champion of Officials and Maui Invitational. She is also the defending 107-pound state champion. Mahoe placed second at states at 97 pounds last year.
>> Saribay after the victory: “Being a state champ last year, I know everyone’s trying to beat me. I’ve just been working hard, hard, hard, hard, so I can stay on top. Personally, I know it’s hard rather than getting there because to focus getting on top, but staying on top is way harder.”


(1) Alizeih Villalpando (Campbell) vs. Shantelle Mangrobang (Leilehua)

>> Villalpando scores an early takedown for a 2-0 lead.
>> First period runs out with Mangrobang in dire straits and nearly pinned.
>> The domination looked like it was going to continue with Villalpando taking a commanding lead, but Mangrobang isn’t going to go down easy. She fights back to make it 6-4. One minute left in second period.

>> Mangrobang placed sixth at 117 pounds two seasons ago.

>> Villalpando is back to controlling the match. It’s 9-5. Less than 40 seconds to go.

>> Just when you think it’s close to over, boom. With a flurry of points, Mangrobang takes a 10-9 lead, but before time runs out, Villalpando gets the needed takedown to finish off a rough-and-tumble match. Final score: 11-10.


(1) Alana Vivas (Kamehameha) vs. Sadie Reyes (Waianae)

>> Vivas scores a three-point near fall with one minute left in the second period. It’s 3-0.
>> This is a rematch of the Maui Invitational final, which was won by Vivas by pin in 4:35.
>> Vivas gets a reversal and another near fall for three more points to make it 8-0 — just a few seconds before she pins Reyes at 4:17.


(1) Ashley Gooman (Kamehameha) vs. Katie Reyes (Waianae)

>> Gooman gets a quick takedown for a 2-0 lead in this rematch of the Maui Invitational, which was won by Gooman.
>> Gooman is a two-time state champion — 117 pounds two seasons ago and 97 pounds three seasons ago. She lost to Tiare Ikei as a junior.
>> Gooman, who is No. 2 p4p, is ahead 6-0 and in control. 1:24 left in second period.
>> Gooman leads 8-0 going into the third period.
>> Gooman wins 10-0.


(1) Nanea Estrella vs. Waihulakap Kahookaulana (Hilo)

>> Estrella, a two-time state champion (117 and 122), makes quick work of her Vikings opponent, getting the pin at 1:34.
>> Estrella, who is No. 3 p4p, also won at the Maui Invitational.


(1) Waipuilani Estrella-Beauchamp (Baldwin) vs. Faith Joy Okubo (Moanalua)

>> Estrella-Beauchamp takes a quick 2-0 lead and then the pin follows soon after at 1:50.

>> Estrella-Beauchamp is now the Officials and Maui Invitational champion and she is the defending 127-pound state champ. She is No. 8 p4p.


Heavenli Sardinha (Campbell) vs. Paige Respicio (Kamehameha)

>> Respicio has a 2-0 lead going into the second period. She is No. 7 p4p and she is the defending 132-pound state champion.

>> Respicio gets the pin at 2:39.

>> Jahnea Miguel of Baldwin, a two-time state champion and a winner at the Maui Invitational, did not make weight for the final day of Officials at 138 pounds.


(1) Taylor Peligrino-Hayase (Lahainaluna) vs. Tiare Carlson (Waianae)

>> It’s 2-2 deep into the first period. Looks like it’s going to be a good one. A week ago, at the Maui Invitational, Peligrino-Hayase beat Carlson by pin at 1:44.
>> And Peligrino-Hayase wins again by pin, this time at 2:37.

>> Peligrino-Hayase takes a 4-3 lead at the end of the first period.


Kira Jhun (Moanalua) vs. Shayna Kamaka (Baldwin)

>> Kamaka won the Maui Invitational last week.
>> Kamaka is in command — 12-3 near the end of the first period.
>> It’s 17-4 going into the second period.
>> Kamaka goes up 20-4 and wins by technical fall.


(1) Kelani Corbett (Leilehua) vs. Alexis Tupuola (Moanalua)

>> Corbett, a three-time state champion who won on Maui last week, is up 6-3 late in the second period. It’s a pretty physical match.

>> Corbett, the No. 1-ranked pound-for-pound girl wrestler in Hawaii, gets another takedown to end the second period. It’s 8-3.

>> For the last 10 seconds, Corbett worked for the pin, but didn’t get it. She wins 13-3.


(1) Siera Vida (Baldwin) vs. Shannon Jaramillo (Lahainaluna)

>> Vida leads 2-1 after one period.
>> It’s now 4-1 after the second period.
>> Vida was runner-up on Maui last week and runner-up in the state 184-pound class last season, both times to Kealakehe’s Roxie Umu, who is not entered at Officials. Umu is NO. 6 p4p.
>> Jaramillo comes back to make it 4-4, but Vida goes up 5-4.
>> Jaramillo is now ahead 6-5.
>> The match ends in Jaramillo’s favor — by disqualification.


Lavenia Fotu (Farrington) vs. Shannlynne Mahoe (Nanakuli)

>> Fotu, who won the 225-pound state title two seasons ago, is up 3-2 one minute into the first period.
>> The lead is now 6-3 in favor of Fotu, with 1:40 left in second period.
>> Mahoe is hanging tough, but the deficit is up to 8-4.
>> Headed to the last period, still 8-4.
>> Fotu’s lead builds to 10-5 before she pulls off the pin at 4:10.


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