LIVE BLOG: HHSAA State Swimming Trials

Swimmers warmed up for the opening day of the HHSAA Swimming and Diving State Championships at KS-Hawaii. Photo by Jerry Campany/Star-Advertiser.
Swimmers warmed up for the opening day of the HHSAA Swimming and Diving State Championships at KS-Hawaii. Photo by Jerry Campany/Star-Advertiser.

The OC-16/HHSAA Swimming and Diving State Championships begin Friday afternoon at KS-Hawaii. We will post all of the results as they come in.

The girls 200 medley relay run starts at 3:30 p.m.

Girls 200 Medley Relay

Notes: Punahou is trying for its third straight gold in the event. The last time a school three-peated was Punahou from 2006-2009 behind Rachel Cote, Christel Simms and Kelli Moy.

Results: 1. Punahou, 1:48.13; 2. Kaiser, 1:51.20; 3. Hawaii Prep, 1:51.70; 4. Kamehameha, 1:52.95; 5. Moanalua, 1:53.01; 6. ‘Iolani, 1:53.24; 7. Le Jardin, 1:54.29; 8. Baldwin, 1:54.40.

No real surprises here based on seed times. Kamehameha and ‘Iolani each improved by two seconds. Maui and Maryknoll are alternates.

Boys 200 Medley Relay

Notes: ‘Iolani is favored to repeat after winning the event last year. The Raiders were less than a second off Hawaii Prep’s record in 2011.

Results: 1. Maryknoll, 1:39.08; 2. ‘Iolani, 1:39.95; 3. Punahou, 1:40.48; 4. Kamehameha, 1:42.49; 5. Kalani, 1:42.65; 6. Baldwin, 1:43.25; 7. Mid-Pacific, 1:43.60; 8. Roosevelt, 1:43.81.

Maryknoll sneaks ahead of ‘Iolani for the top spot going into the finals, improving nine seconds from its seeding time. Le Jardin and Hawaii Prep are alternates.

Girls 200 Freestyle

Notes: Nohea Lileikis of Punahou has to contend with defending champion Le Grand Pound. Lileikis could become the first freshman to win the event since Christel Simms in 2006.

Results: 1. Maia Petrides, MPI, 1:53.85; 2. Nohea Lileikis, Punahou, 1:54.34; 3. Cagla Brennan, ‘Iolani, 1:55.23; 4. Le Grand Pound, Sacred Hearts, 1:55.32; 5. Jasmine O’Brien, Seabury Hall, 1:56.32; 6. Frida Berglund, Hawaii Prep, 1:56.36; 7. Taylor Doherty, Hawaii Prep, 1:56.53; 8. Mari Yasumi, Kaiser, 1:56.54.

Petrides slides into the No. 1 spot shaving seven seconds off her qualifying time. She was seeded outside the top eight. Three freshman make the final eight. Both alternates, Mina Poppas of Waiakea and Cannel Ng of Punahou, are freshmen as well.

Boys 200 Freestyle

Notes: Aukai Lileikis of Punahou will be looking to defend his title and possibly breaking the record he set last year. He would be the first Punahou swimmer to repeat since Noa Sakamoto in 2003-2004.

Results: 1. Aukai Lileikis, Punahou, 1:35.35 (NEW STATE RECORD); 2. Michael Petrides, Mid-Pacific, 1:44.32; 3. Jack Machorek, Kauai, 1:44.35; 4. Jared Gaastra, Lahainaluna, 1:45.92; 5. Kaeo Kruse, Kamehameha, 1:46.87; 6. Jackson Evans, Hawaii Prep, 1:47.80; 7. Jake Gaughan, Punahou, 1:47.98; 8. Allen Hayakawa, Mid-Pacific, 1:48.04.

Lileikis breaks the state mark but sounded disappointed he fell short of the national mark. He will go for that Saturday in the finals. Island School freshman Akira Williams had the fourth-fastest time coming in but was disqualified after a false start.

Girls 200 IM

Notes: Aimee Iwamoto of Moanalua comes in with the top time. If she wins it would be the third year in a row a senior has won. Moanalua has never had a girl win a gold medal at the state swim meet. Lara Yasumi of Kaiser is right behind her, though.

Results: 1. Lia Foster, Punahou, 2:07.43; 2. Aimme Iwamoto, Moanalua, 2:09.52; 3. Lara Yasumi, Kaiser, 2:12.37; 4. Echo Baraquio, Maryknoll, 2:12.59; 5. Katie Jefferson, Hawaii Prep, 2:12.74; 6. Maile Lawson, Hawaii Prep, 2:13.55; 7. Jamy Lum, Punahou, 2:13.56; 8. Ku’ulei Patterson, Kealakehe, 2:14.22.

Boys 200 IM

Notes: ‘Iolani’s Sung Je Lee is seeded first but he has defending champion Christian Nishimura of Moanalua right behind him in what promises to be a tight race.

Results: 1. Sung Lee, ‘Iolani, 1:53.89; 2. Albert Lee, ‘Iolani, 1:58.59; 3. Jeffrey Collins Kaiser, 1:59.99; 4. DongJin Hwang, Kalani, 2:00.26; 5. Joseph Ahia, Roosevelt, 2:00.91; 6. Dong Hyeon Hwang, Kalani, 2:01.93; 7. Christian Nishimura, Moanalua, 2:02.92; 8. Taiyo Endo, Puanhou, 2:05.25.

Girls 50 Freestyle

Notes: Le Jardin’s Clancy Doyle is the favorite and is within a second of Keiko Price‘s record for MIlilani in 1994. She would be the first athlete from Le Jardin to ever earn a gold medal in the meet.

Results: 1. Clancy Doyle, Le Jardin, 24.00; 2. Sydnee Whitty, Punahou, 24.16; 3. Rebecca Buenrostro Gallimore, Baldwin, 24.75; 4. Natassia Dunn, Punahou, 24.88; 5. Karly Noetzel, Hawaii Prep, 24.99; 6. Paris James, Kalani, 25.02; 7. Mailani Wendt, Kapolei, 25.03; 8. Sophie Harrison, Honolulu Waldorf, 25.16.

Boys 50 Freestyle

Notes: Ju Yeub Yoon is seeded first and trying to become the first swimmer from Roosevelt to take a gold medal since Jon Allen took a bunch of them in 1992. This will be the sixth straight year the event will have a new winner.

Results: 1. Albert Zhi, Maryknoll, 21.33; 2. Tyler Kawakami, Punahou, 21.56; 3. Joshua Bandt, Kealakehe, 21.85; 4. Chase Nakamura, ‘Iolani, 21.86; 5. Jun Yeub Yoon, Roosevelt, 21.92; 6. Aaron Wong, Hawaii Baptist, 22:01; 7. Bobby Ky, Punahou, 22:06; 8. Mitchell Hampton, Punahou, 22.25.

Heartbreak for first alternate, Raymon Tutewohl, who was beat out by .01 seconds.

30-minute break

Girls 100 Butterfly

Notes: If Sophie Harrison can hold off Punahou’s Maddie Balish she will break all kinds of new ground. She would become the first athlete from Honolulu Waldorf to ever win a gold medal and would be the first freshman to win the event since Danielle Jeffries of Maui in 2012.

Results: 1. Kysha Ahura, Maui, 57.76; 2. Paris James, Kalani, 58.46; 3. Sophie Harrison, Honolulu Waldorf, 58.48; 4. Maddie Balish, Punahou, 58.61; 5. Hiilani Hopkins, Kamehameha, 59.26; 6. Lyra Gonzalez, Punahou, 59.37; 7. Kelee Shimizu, Waiakea, 59.45; 8. Katie Jefferson, Hawaii Prep, 59.67.

Waiakea’s Kelee Shimizu sneaks into the finals despite coming in seeded outside the top 12.

Boys 100 Butterfly

Notes: M.J. Mao of Maryknoll is trying to win as a junior, the first time an underclassman has won the event since Renny Richmond for Seabury Hall in 2012. Maryknoll has never had a state gold medalist before.

Results: 1. M.J. Mao, Maryknoll, 47.66; 2. Bobby Ky, Punahou, 51.54; 3. Shawn Fujii, Kalani, 51.74; 4. Jackson Evans, Hawaii Prep, 52.15; 5. Maverick Donohue, Baldwin, 52.43; 6. Zachary Safford, Kauai, 53.32; 7. Jonathan Oba, Roosevelt, 53.70; 8. Christian Saito, Baldwin, 53.94.

Mao misses the stat record by .09 seconds.

Girls 100 Freestyle

Notes: Sacred Hearts sophomore LeGrand Pound is back to defend her title and try to get halfway to the first four-year sweep of the even since Mililani’s Keiko Price from 1993-96. The ILH has won ever race since 2005 when Kapolei’s Meredith Egloria ruled. Pound already has two golds from last year, she is the only girl from Sacred Hearts to win gold.

Results: 1. Le Grand Pound, Sacred Hearts, 52.80; 2. Sydnee Whitty, Punahou, 53.08; 3. Kira Parker, Hawaii Prep, 53.60; 4. Kimberly Guevara, Maryknoll, 53.75; 5. Payton Bosque, Kamehameha, 54.29; 6. Sydney Wagner, Lahainaluna, 54.55; 7. Mailani Wendt, Kapolei, 54.75; 8. Natassia Dunn, Punahou, 55.52.

Surprise here is Roosevelt’s Taylor Brooks declaring a flase start and not finishing. She had the fourth-fastest time coming in.

Boys 100 Freestyle

Notes: Aukai Lileikis of Punahou is ahead of Kanoa Keleoaloha of Kamehameha’s record set last year, 44.41 to 44.70. Lileikis did not swim in this event last year. The ILH has won every year since 2009, when Pearl City’s Daren Choi took it.

***Lileikis sets record No. 2 tonight as he finishes in 44.02 seconds, breaking the previous mark of 44.70.

Results: 1. Aukai Lileikis, Punahou, 44.02; 2. Albert Zhi, Maryknoll, 45.92; 3. Tyler Kawakami, Punahou, 46.92; 4. Dawson Sloan, Mid-Pacific, 47.11; 5. Chase Nakamura, ‘Iolani, 47.28; 6. Michael Hampton, Punahou, 48.59; 6. Joshua Bandt, Kealakehe, 48.59; 8. Aaron Wong, Hawaii Baptist, 49.14.

Girls 500 Freestyle

Notes: Nohea Likeikis of Punahou is trying to become the first freshman to win the event since Christel Simms of Punahou in 2006. That would set her on her way to becoming the first to sweep the event for four years since Celeste Jacroux of Punahou in 1992.

Results: 1. Maia Petrides, Mid-Pacific, 5:04.53; 2. Jasmine O’Brien, Seabury Hall, 5:04.78; 3. Cagla Brennan, ‘Iolani, 5:04.99; 4. Nohea Lileikis, Punahou, 5:06.23; 5. Mina Poppas, Waiakea, 5:13.70; 6. Cameron Lyon, Punahou, 5:14.07; 7. Lara Yasumi, Kaiser, 5:14.51; 8. Frida Breglund, Hawaii Prep, 5:16.77.

Boys 500 Freestyle

Notes: Dongjin Hwang of Kalani is doped first since defending champion Aukai Lileikis will not be trying to defend his title. He could become the first OIA swimmer to win the event since Moanalua’s Andrew Lester in 2005.

Results: 1. DongJin Hwang, Kalani, 4:38.85; 2. Dong Hyeon Hwang, Kalani, 4:42.99; 3. Michael Petrides, Mid-Pacific, 4:43.49; 4. Jack Machorek, Kauai, 4:45.33; 5. Kaeo Kruse, Kamehameha, 4:46.36; 6. Jared Gaastra, Lahainaluna, 4:46.73; 7. Allen Hayakawa, Mid-Pacific, 4:49.48; 8. Denison Piosalan, Saint Louis, 4:50.19.

Girls 200 Freestyle Relay

Notes: Hawaii Prep is doped first and has never won the event and the school has never had a girls team take a relay although HPA’s boys have taken many.

Results: 1. Hawaii Prep (Karly Noetzel, Kira Parker, Taylor Doherty, Frida Berglund), 1:39.56; 2. Punahou, 1:40.31; 3. Baldwin, 1:41.64; 4. Le Jardin, 1:42.52; 5. Kamehameha, 1:44.32; 6. Kalani, 1:44.50; 7. Lahainaluna, 1:44.54; 8. Hilo, 1:44.95.

Boys 200 Freestyle Relay

Notes: Punahou is trying to win the event for the third year in a row. That hasn’t happened since Iolani from 2001-2004.

Results: 1. Punahou (Aukai Lileikis, Bobby Ky, Sean Kwon, Tyler Kawakami), 1:27.29; 2. Roosevelt, 1:29.83; 3. ‘Iolani, 1:29.96; 4. Mid-Pacific, 1:31.73; 5. Hawaii Prep, 1:32.39; 6. Baldwin, 1:33.62; 7. Seabury Hall, 1:34.39; 8. Moanalua, 1:35.35.

Girls 100 Backstroke

Notes: Punahou junior Lia Foster has been the fastest this year. She won the event as a freshman but finished second to Kapolei’s Leilani Herrera last year. She will be going for her fifth state gold. The only other sophomore who failed to defend was Kamehameha’s Kaili Chun in 1978, but she went on to win as a junior and a senior.

Results: 1. Lia Foster, Punahou, 57.54; 2. Kysha Altura, Maui, 59.50; 3. Erika Kakazu, Honolulu Waldorf, 1:00.14; 4. Echo Baraquio, Maryknoll, 1:00.64; 5. Taylor Doherty, Hawaii Prep, 1:00.91; 6. Rebecca Buenrostro Gallimore, Baldwin, 1:01.21; 7. Kamea Kim, Kamehameha, 1:02:15; 8. Katie Woo, Punahou, 1:02.69.

Boys 100 Backstroke

Notes: Sung Je Lee of Iolani will try to become the first Raider to win the event since Mark Ekert in 2004.

Results: 1. Sung Je Lee, ‘Iolani, 53.96; 2. Frederik Moller, Hawaii Prep, 54.61; 3. Amos Jun, ‘Iolani, 54.73; 4. Sean Kwon, Punahou, 54.85; 5. Kekoa Vieira Punahou, 54.99; 6. Kainoa Yee, Hanalani, 55.66; 7. Jaeson Lee, Punahou, 55.87; 8. Denison Piosalan, Saint Louis, 56.22.

Girls 100 Breaststroke

Notes: Punahou junior Maddie Balish is expected to repeat and be one year away from becomeing the first girl to threepeat since Kristine Hayashi of Baldwin in 1993-96.

Results: 1. Maile Lawson, Hawaii Prep, 1:05.87; 2. Maddie Balish, Punahou, 1:05.90; 3. Jamy Lum, Kamehameha, 1:06.03; 4. Aimee Iwamoto, Moanalua, 1:06.47; 5. Mari Yasumi, Kaiser, 1:07.44; 6. Lyra Gonzalez, Punahou, 1:08.19; 7. Ku’ulei Patterson, Kealakehe, 1:08.76; 8. Lauryn Gillis, Maui, 1:09.47.

Boys 100 Breaststroke

Notes: M.J. Mao of Maryknoll is seeded first but he has Moanalua’s Christian Nishimura right behind him. Sam Levin won as a sophomore last year but is not qualified this year. Maryknoll has never had a state swim champ.

***Maryknoll’s M.J. Mao sets a new state record at 54.61 seconds, breaking the previous mark of 55.72 seconds set by Baldwin’s Jonah Hu in 2014.

Results: 1. M.J. Mao, Maryknoll, 54.61; 2. Albert Lee, ‘Iolani, 58.81; 3. Edmund Shiu, Maryknoll, 59.90; 4. Christian Nishimura, Moanalua, 1:00.40; 5. Maverick Donohue, Baldwin, 1:00.41; 6. Kanoa Sawai, Kamehameha, 1:01.13; 7. Evan Fukumoto, Punahou, 1:01.18; 8. Joseph Ahia, Roosevelt, 1:01.67.

Girls 400 Freestyle Relay

Notes: Punahou is seeded first, an ILH school has won this event every year since Waiakea took it in 2003.

Results: 1. Punahou, 3:37.18; 2. Hawaii Prep, 3:42.65; 3. Kaiser, 3:43.91; 4. Kamehameha, 3:44.08; 5. Kalani, 3:46.32; 6. ‘Iolani, 3:48.55; 7. Mid-Pacific, 3:48.84; 8. Lahainaluna, 3:49.83.

Boys 400 Freestyle Relay

Notes: Punahou is the top seed followed by Iolani and Mid-Pacific. Iolani has not won this event since 2010 and the Owls have never won it.

Results: 1. Punahou, 3:16.88; 2. Mid-Pacific, 3:18.16; 3. Maryknoll, 3:20.36; 4. Kamehameha, 3:22.76; 5. Kalani, 3:25.41; 6. Roosevelt, 3:27.10; 7. Hawaii Prep, 3:27.22; 8. Kauai, 3:27.35.


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