LIVE BLOG: Girls state wrestling finals

Lahainaluna's girls wrestling teams gets ready for the finals. Photo by Bruce Asato/Star-Advertiser.
Lahainaluna’s girls wrestling teams gets ready for the finals. Photo by Bruce Asato/Star-Advertiser.

TOP 5 TEAM STANDINGS HEADING INTO FINALS: Lahainaluna 170.5, Kamehameha 150, Campbell 126, Kahuku 116, Pearl City 111.5

Lahainaluna has five girls wrestling for state titles with Pearl City second with four. Campbell, Punahou, Kahuku 2 each.

TOP 5 FINAL TEAM STANDINGS (WILL POST ASAP): 1. Lahainaluna, 203.5; 2. Kamehameha, 177; 3. Campbell, 132; 4. Kahuku, 127; 5. Pearl City, 123.5.

Girls 97

No. 1 Bailey Hoshino (Punahou) vs. No. 2 Alexis Nelson (Waianae)
Hoshino was tested by only one opponent, beating Roosevelt’s Manjam Tamang 4-3. She pinned her other opponent in 25 seconds and won her semifinal match 12-1. Nelson pinned her first two opponents on Friday and beat Maui’s Chelsey Chaves 6-2 in the semifinals. Nelson finished fifth at state last year.

>> Both girls start out cautious. Nelson shoots for a single leg and is close to the takedown as Hoshino holds her off. Nelson trying to circle around but Nelson is keeping her from gaining enough control to score the points. Half nelson by Hoshino and Nelson can’t get it. Whistle blows with three seconds left and they start over. No points for either in Round 1.

>> Hoshino starts out on bottom and is up in 25 seconds to score a point. Nelson shoots in and gets the two-point takedown 10 seconds later to go up 2-1. They restart in the middle with Hoshino down. Nelson holds her down with a full nelson but Hoshino powers up and then secures Nelson’s back for two more points and a 4-2 lead. Nelson tries to explode up but is held down and then flattened out. Round over.

>> Nelson on the bottom to start the final round. Nelson gets to a knee but Hoshino throws her back down on her stomach. Nelson struggling to even get to a knee. Hoshino with great control. They restart with 1:13 left. Nelson can’t get anything going from the bottom position as Hoshino holds on. Nelson is given a point and they retsart in the middle. 25 seconds left. Nelson gets to her feet but Hoshino gets her back down. Nelson struggled to a knee but Hoshino holds on. 10 seconds. They go out of the circle. Nelson has nine seconds to get up. Nelson tries to explode but can’t. It’s over.

No. 1 Bailey Hoshino (Punahou) def. No. 2 Alexis Nelson (Waianae), 4-3.

Girls 102

Kalissa Pundyke (Campbell) vs. Kyla Aruda (King Kekaulike)
Pundyke, the OIA runner up, is through to the final without beating a seeded wrestler. She pinned her first opponent in 34 seconds. Aruda, also unseeded, beat ILH champion Hilinai Meyer and OIA champion Brianna Leong on her way to the final. Aruda was fourth at state in 2013.

>> Aruda trying to from second in the MIL to first in states. Pretty good battle between the two going on to start. Had my view blocked and all of a sudden Aruda has Pundyke in huge trouble. BOOM. It’s over, just like that. Aruda wins by pinfall. She is pumped up. What a run through states for Aruda.

Kyla Aruda (King Kekaulike) def. Kalissa Pundyke (Campbell) by fall, 1:28, R1.

Girls 107

No. 1 Alexis Encinas (Lahainaluna) vs. No. 2 Mikayla Abe (Pearl City)
Encinas blew out her first two opponents before beating Marissa Guerra of Hilo 7-4 in the semis. Abe was unchallenged in her first two matches before beating ILH champion Brooke Kawamura of Kamehameha 4-3 in an overtime thriller in the semis. Encinas was fifth in state last year.

>> Abe has a hold of Encinas’ leg but they go to the ground and Encinas ends up on top of Abe. Close to a pin. Abe is holding on for dear life as Encinas tries to finish it. Abe holds on for close to a minute but Encinas finally gets it.

No. 1 Alexis Encinas (Lahainaluna) def. No. 2 Mikaya Abe (Pearl City) by fall, 1:37.

Girls 112

No. 1 Diamond Freitas (Lahainaluna) vs. No. 2 Taryn Ichimura (Punahou)
Freitas pinned her first two opponents before winning 8-4 in the semis. Ichimura won her first match by two points, her second by three and her semifinal match by two. Freitas was fifth at state last year and fourth the year before.

>> They get near the edge of the circle when Freitas bearhugs Ichimura around the waist and gets her off of her feet for a slam and two points. Freitas secures the underhook on Ichimura’s right shoulder and flips her over. She’s almost got it. It ends up being three points as Ichimura breaks free and spins to her back. Dominant first round for Freitas.

>> Freitas just overpowering here as she gets two more points 25 seconds in. Ichimura is just stuck on her stomach on the mat as Freitas tries to pull her over on her back. She’s just going for the pin for extra team points now. Ichimura on the restart spins round and takes Freitas’ back for two points. She made that look easy. Freitas struggles to get out of bounds and does to force the restart. Freitas can’t get the one point in the final 23 seconds as Ichimura drags her down.

>> Freitas starts the third on bottom and gets the escape 20 seconds in. They battle near the edge of the mat. Freitas goes speed to get that takedown and has Ichimura again in trouble. Ichimura slips out of bounds to get out of a bad situation. Ichimura can’t slip out the back side. Freitas going for the pin as she powers her shoulder over. She can’t get it but wins comfortably.

No. 1 Diamond Freitas (Lahainaluna) def. No. 2 Taryn Ichimura (Punahou), 12-2

Girls 117

No. 1 Alexis Ford (Pearl City) vs. Kristen Kojima (Roosevelt)
Ford wasn’t pushed until the semis, winning her first match by pin and second by five points before taking her semi by three. Kojima has pinned all three opponents she has faced in the tournament. Ford beat Kojima 7-6 in an exciting match for the OIA championship.

>> Kojima’s left elbow is taped up pretty good. A lot of hand fighting early. Ford eventually forces Kojima off the mat. Uneventful scoreless first round.

>> Ford starts on the bottom in Round 2. Kojima controlling the right leg of Ford. Ford powers her way up and out for the first point. Another stalemate for most of the round after that. You wonder if they figured each other after the OIA title match.

>> Is it possible for Ford to hold Kojima down a full 2 minutes to win 1-0? Both are on their feet after about 30 seconds but Ford rides her out of bounds. Still no escape as we near a minute remaining. Kojima can’t find any room to escape. Ford has to hold on for another 20 seconds. Kojima is face down on the mat. She tries to explode with her hips. Ford is riding her out. Kojima can’t move. It’s over. Second straight one-point win for Ford over Kojima.

No. 1 Alexis Ford (Pearl City) def. Kristen Kojima (Roosevelt), 1-0

Girls 122

No. 1 Teniya Alo (Iolani) vs. No. 2 Taylor Rabara (Baldwin)
Alo has pinned all three of her opponents. Rabara pinned her first two before winning 7-0 in the semifinals. Rabara was fifth at state last year, Alo is a freshman.

>> Alo has been limited in practice all year after hurting her shoulder early in the season. Alo looks fine here as she quickly puts Rabara down on the mat but can’t quite finish it. Takedown and near-fall gives her five quick points. Rabara is able to get back up and out for a point however. Restart in the middle. Rabara has a hold of Alo’s foot while they stand and Alo hops on her other foot once before going to the ground but not giving up position. Restart with 22 seconds remaining. Alo with a standing scissors attempt to get the takedown. Wow. 7-1 after 1.

>> Rabara starts on the bottom in Round 2. Also gets control of her shoulders and rolls her over for the pin.

No. 1 Teniya Alo (Iolani) def. No. 2 Taylor Rabara (Baldwin), fall, :24, R2

Girls 127

Anela Wasson (Kahuku) vs. Asia Lien Evans (Pearl City)
Both wrestlers are unseeded. Wasson pinned her first two opponents before taking down top seed Maria Garcia of Roosevelt 5-2 in the semis. Evans has pinned all three of her opponents. Wasson was fourth at state in 2013 and sixth last year in the same bracket as Evans. Evans was a state finalist in 2013 and slipped to third last year. Evans beat Wasson 7-2 in the OIA semis last week.

>> Wow 2 seconds in and Evans just bullrushes Wasson right off the mat. A point goes on the board and I don’t know why. They take it off. Evans shoots in for a single leg and takes the back of Wasson for two points at the 35-second mark of the round. It stays that way through the round.

>> Evans decides to start the round standing and gives up the point but scores an immediate two-point takedown eight seconds in. They restart in the middle at the 1:19 mark but Evans doesn’t let her up this time. They restart with 26 seconds left and Evans gets control of the shoulders. She gets two points right at the end to make it 4-1.

>> Wasson looks tired for the final two minutes. Evans having a difficult time getting up however and Wasson comes close to turning her over. Wasson coming close to a near fall at the end but Evans holds on.

Anela Wasson (Kahuku) vs. Asia Lien Evans (Pearl City) def. Anela Wasson (Kahuku), 4-1

Girls 132

No. 1 Teshya Alo (Kamehameha) vs. No. 3 Alexandria Simon (Molokai)
Alo is going for her third straight state title. She has been on the mat for one minute in her three matches, pinning her opponents in 15 seconds, 13 seconds and 32 seconds. Simon won her first match 20-1, pinned her second opponent and won 9-4 in the semis.

>> Single leg, Alo quickly takes the back. She tries to rip Simon over but Simon staying on her stomach. They go out of bounds. Restart with Simon on the bottom. Alo has a hold of her but Simon won’t back down. Restart at 1:15. Also with the half-nelson but Simon is keeping her from flipping her over. Alo gets one hook i with her leg and straightens her out but is now on her back trying to get Simon out from behind, Simon won’t give it up though. Simon flexing out her left arm. Restart at 32 seconds. Simon survives the first round and it’s just 2-0.

>> Alo on bottom to start. Simon overcommits trying to hold her down and Alo tosses her over, gets on top, and finishes it 21 seconds into the second round.

No. 1 Teshya Alo (Kamehameha) def. No. 3 Alexandria Simon (Molokai), fall, :21, R3

Girls 138

No. 1 Breanna Dudoit-Vasquez (Lahainaluna) vs. No. 2 Netanya Kang (Pearl City)
Dudoit Vasquez is going for her second straight state crown to go with the third place she earned in 2013. Kang took sixth last year in Dudoit-Vasquez bracket. Dudoit Vasquez pinned two of her three opponents in under a minute, Kang has two pins as well, but one of them was in the second round.

>> Little mix-up with TV forces both wrestlers to stand on the mat opposite each other and wait. They had to wait about a minute. Dudoit-Vasquez just flings Kang to the side and takes her back for two points. Kang gets to her feet twice but is taken back down twice, including once with a belly-to-back suplex.

>> Dudoit-Vasquez is up early and then she turns and charges right in and bullies Kang to the mat. She lets Kang up to give up a point. Dudoit-Vasquez playing with Kang’s headgear now and Kang come sup with the big takedown. Kang has her back now. Dudoit-Vasquez explodes to her feet and Kang isn’t strong enough to get her back down. Point for Dudoit-Vasquez. I haven’t spelled her name right once on the first try yet. BDV leads 6-3 after 2.

>> Kang needs 20 seconds to get out of it to make it 6-4. Kang searching for the double. BDV goes down to one knee to try for a takedown but Kang stuffs it. 1:16 remaining. Kang needs a takedown. BDV being patient. Kang trying to tie up. She explodes but it’s stuffed. Again and BDV stuffs it. Kang getting frustrated. 18 seconds to go. BDV comes at her. It’s over.

No. 1 Breanna Dudoit-Vasquez (Lahainaluna) def. No. 2 Netanya Kang (Pearl City), 6-4

Girls 145

No. 1 Carly Jaramillo (Lahainaluna) vs. No. 2 Angela Peralta (Campbell)
Jaramillo had a bye in the first two rounds and pinned both of her opponents after that. Peralta also had a bye and pinned her next two opponents. Jaramillo is going for her third straight state title, Peralta was third in a different weight class last year. This might be the bout of the night.

>> Collar-and-elbow tieup early. Peralta separates and shoots for a single leg. Jaramillo flattens out and is now trying to wrench the leg of Peralta and she gets it for two points. That was straight up power. Jaramillo has her back and Peralta isn’t going anywhere. Peralta finally gets to a knee with 18 seconds left but Jaramillo rides her back down. 2-0 after 1.

>> Jaramillo with the reversal 19 seconds in. Peralta just can’t find any room to breathe once she gets on the mat. Jaramillo will not let her go. Jaramillo eventually gets her by the shoulder and turns her over. She’s squeezing. Time is called with two seconds remaining. Peralta is hurt. Jaramillo gets four points as Peralta was in a potentially dangerous spot with her left shoulder. 8-0 lead after 2.

>> Didn’t see how Peralta got on the board but Jaramillo has this on cruise control.

No. 1 Carly Jaramillo (Lahainaluna) def. No. 2 Angela Peralta (Campbell), 8-1

Girls 155

Avei Lualemaga (Aiea) vs. No. 3 Shanacie Keaweehu (Kahuku)
Lualemaga pinned her first two opponents before beating Cendall Manley 8-6 in the semis. Keaweehu pinned her first two opponents in under a minute each before outlasting No. 2 Saydie Kala of Baldwin 4-2 in the semis. Neither of these two girls have placed at states.

>> Both girls at a standstill. Scoreless first period.

>> Second period starts with Lualemaga on bottom. She gets to her feet immediately but can’t break free and is taken back down. She’s up again and tries to run around the mat but is tripped up by Keaweehu.

>> Lualemaga comes back from 4-0 down to get the pin in 26 seconds of the third round. She gets her hand raised and immediately breaks down and starts crying. That came out of nowhere.

Avei Lualemaga (Aiea) def. No. 3 Shanacie Keaweehu (Kahuku) by pin, :26, R3.

Girls 168

No. 1 Caragh Morris (Campbell) vs. No. 3 Callan Medeiros (Kamehameha)
Morris pinned both of her opponents after a first-round bye. Medeiros only had to win one match, getting a bye in the first round, pinning her second opponent in 2:34 and winning her semifinal match by forfeit. Morris was in last year’s state final but lost to Kapolei’s Jocelyn Tabion.

>> Morris is all business as she scores two quick points in 30 seconds. Medeiros does a helluva job to get to her feet and pry Morris’ hands apart to get for the escape. Medeiros looked like she took a finger to the eye but it doesn’t stop. Morris goes low and gets her second takedown.

>> Medeiros on bottom and gets a reversal 30 seconds in for two points. Could have maybe been more there but they got too far off the mat and had to restart. Morris having a hard time escaping from the bottom. Wow Morris warned for inaction and then gets turned over easily. Medeiros near a pin and she has it. Morris is down on her stomach.

No. 3 Callan Medeiros (Kamehameha) def. No. 1 Caragh Morris (Campbell), pin, 1:37, R2

Girls 184

Jocelyn Alo (Kahuku) vs. No. 2 Sarah Miner (Aiea)
Alo pinned both of her opponents in the first round, including top seed Leilani Camargo-Naone of Kamehameha. Miner also pinned both of her opponents in under a minute each. Miner pinned Alo in exactly a minute for the OIA championship last week. Alo was third in state last year and Miner was fifth, but in different weight classes.

>> Much better start for Alo than in the OIA’s. No score after a minute as Miner hasn’t even tried much yet. Scoreless after the first period.

>> Miner down to start the second period. Miner escapes out after 12 seconds and reverses Alo right int a tough position. Alo able to get to her feet but only for a second. Alo is able to get up a second time and spins over to get the reversal. Tied at 2 and Alo flattens Miner on the ground. Times runs out. All tied up. Miner is on the ground and hurt. She points to her left shoulder. She’s visibly in pain.

>> Miner will give it a go. Alo starts on bottom. Alo gets out and scores two points on the reversal. Miner pulls out a crazy reversal out of nowhere just as it seemed she was out of it and has Alo’s back. Alo gets up and is thrown down and immediately the referee calls timeout. Alo’s left knee is giving her problems. Miner’s left shoulder is hurting as well. Both of these girls are hurting. Tied 4-4 with 46 seconds remaining. Alo starts from the bottom. Miner holding on for dear life. Alo is up. Alo gets out with seven seconds left. Miner grabs her shoulder in pain and hits the ground. It’s over. Best match of the night by far.

Jocelyn Alo (Kahuku) def. No. 2 Sarah Miner (Aiea), 5-4

Girls 220

No. 1 Lelelei Mataafa (Lahainaluna) vs. Sabrina Hollins (Waipahu)
Mataafa had only two matches in this tournament, beating her opponents in 33 and 11 seconds. Hollins pinned her two opponents in 35 and 39 seconds. Mataafa, a junior, is going for her third straight state title. Hollins has never placed at state.

>> Mataafa wins it in 28 seconds for her third straight title. I basically missed it.

No. 1 Lelelei Mataafa (Lahainaluna) def. Sabrina Hollins (Waipahu) by fall, :28


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