LIVE BLOG: Boys state wrestling finals

Campbell coach Brian Weida spoke to Matt Aguigui, a finalist in the boys 160-pound weight class. Photo by Bruce Asato/Star-Advertiser
Campbell coach Brian Weida spoke to Matt Aguigui, a finalist in the boys 160-pound weight class. Photo by Bruce Asato/Star-Advertiser

TOP 5 TEAM STANDINGS BEFORE FINALS: Punahou 138.5, Lahainaluna 134.5, Kamehameha 129, Campbell 127, ‘Iolani 103.5

Campbell and Kamehameha have four state finalists followed by Punahou with three. Kapolei, Kaiser, ‘Iolani, Lahainaluna and Pearl City have two each.

TOP 5 FINAL TEAM STANDINGS (WILL POST ASAP): 1. Lahainaluna, 158.5; 2. Punahou, 146.5; 3. Kamehameha, 143; 4. Campbell, 139; 5. ‘Iolani, 107.5.

Boys 106

No. 1 Jayson Pagurayan (Kapolei) vs. No. 2 Corey Cabanban (Saint Louis)
Pagurayan pinned his first opponent but went the distance in his next two bouts. Cabanban pinned all three of his opponents. Pagurayan was third at state last year.

>> Cabanban in the final as a freshman and gets a loud roar from the pro-Saint Louis crowd. Pagurayan shoots in for a single leg but Cabanban drops to a knee and grabs his knee. Cabanban powers around and takes his back to score two points. Pagurayan is able to escape just before they go out of the circle to get a point back. They start over and Cabanban uses his speed to twist around and again secure the back for two points. Pagaurayan gets to his feet but is taken down with 4 seconds left before he can score. 4-1 Cabanban after 1.

>> Cabanban providing to be too quick as Pagurayan struggles to find any room to get up. Cabanban has Pagurayans right arm wrenched behind his back before they go out of bounds 45 seconds in. Back in the middle and Paguryan with a nice move quick to get out for two points. Great reversal by Cabanban who has Pagurayan flat on his back for a quick second. 6-3. Back in the middle they go with Pagurayan on bottom. He can’t get off a fast start like the last time and ends up on his stomach. Cabanban again pins Pagurayan’s arm behind his back. Round ends with Cabanban holding a 6-3 lead.

>> Cabanban starts on bottom and is almost out in 10 seconds before Pagurayan flings him down to the met. Pagurayan tries to take his mount and wrap his legs around Cabanban for a body lock. They restart after some dead time. Cabanban up quickly and both guys are standing and he gets out. Pagurayan gives up the point to go for takedowns but instead Cabanban with a great move and he gets him on his back. He’s close to the pin. Pagurayan holds on but it’s a huge round as Cabanban finishes big to win 12-3. The 4-in-4 is in play.

No. 2 Corey Cabanban (Saint Louis) def. No. 1 Jayson Pagurayan, 12-3.

Boys 113

Jordan Kannys (Kaiser) vs. No. 2 Triston Santos (Campbell)
Kannys Pinned his first opponent and beat top seed Cameron Kato of Punahou by default. Santos won all three of his matches by decision, the last two by two points.

>> Santos shoots in right away but Kannys sprawls and Santos has nothing. Inching toward the edge of the circle now and Santos is back up. He tries to spin around take Kannys back but Kannys is quick enough to shield himself and stay in front. A minute in and they restart. Santos cant get a graps of Kannys legs. No score after 1.

>> Santos starts on bottom. Kannys grabs Santos’ left foot to keep him from standing but Santos eventually wriggles free for a point. Santos has a bearhug now and they force each other to two knees. Kannys tries to go low and get under but Santos nearly throws him to the side. Out of bounds. Restart. Santos gets leverage underneath and putts Kannys down and spins around to get full control and the two points. Kannys stuck on his front and it’s 3-0 after 2.

>> Kannys on bottom to start Round 3. Kannys goes low and grabs the leg of Santos and uses his quickness to spin around him for two points. Santos gets the reversal to go up 5-2 as they go off the mat. 1:18 left at the restart with Kannys on bottom. Santos nearly is all the way on his back as he tries to secure Kannys back but quickly flips it around and holds Kannys down. Two points for Santos. He’s in control now. Santos trying to get hooks in with his feet and it ends with Kannys spinning over and Santos riding it out.

No. 2 Triston Santos (Campbell) def. Jordan Kannys (Kaiser), 7-2

Boys 120

No. 1 Blaysen Terukina (Kamehameha) vs. Sean Urabe (Punahou)
Terikina has dominated all three of his opponents, winning the first by pin and the next two by major decision. Urabe pinned his first opponent and squeaked by his semifinal 5-4 over Iolani’s Jordan Ng. Terukina finished third in the last two state tournaments. Urabe finshed sixth last year in a different bracket. Terukina beat Urabe 3-2 in the ILH championship last week.

>> A rematch of a very close ILH title match from a week ago. Terukina shoots in for a single leg and has it. Urabe spins to try and avoid the point but Terukina then powers through to putt Urabe on his butt and get the two points. They restart in the middle with Urabe in the down position. He gets to his feet quickly but Terukina holds him for a bit and then forces him back on the met as they tumble out of bounds. Terukina content to let Urabe get to his feet just so that he can fling him back down to the mat without giving up a point. Another restart and this time Terukina jumps on top of him immediately. 2-0 Kamehameha after round 1.

>> Injury timeout for Terukina. Looks like he might be bleeding from the nose. He’s fine and they start with Urabe on top. Terukina out in three seconds for a point. Pretty neutral after that. Urabe seems a little tentative.

>> Terukina rides him out of bounds. Injury timeout again as Terukina is in fact bleeding from the nose. Terukina rides him out of bounds again. Restart and Terukina grabs a leg. He controls with a full nelson and drags Urabe back to the middle. Urabe to his feet but can’t escape Terukina’s grasp. Urabe finally gets a point as it looks like Terukina just let him go after he got up. Quick whistle and they tend to Terukina again. Third stoppage to check on Terukina, who leads 3-1 with 46 seconds remaining. Urabe hasn’t been able to do anything with both standing and Terukina almost scores a takedown but they are out of bounds. 28 seconds remaining. Terukina gives up a point for stalling in the final seconds but that’s it.

No. 1 Blaysen Terukina (Kamehameha) def. Sean Urabe (Punahou), 3-2

Boys 126

No. 1 Shandon Ilaban Totten (Kapolei) vs. No. 2 Joseph Fong (University)
Ilaban pinned his first opponent easy but eked by Iolani’s Jake Nakasone 9-8 in the semis. Fong won his first match by decision but pinned his next two opponents. Ilaban was third at states last year.

>> Fong, a sophomore, is the only finalist from University High. Totten’s left leg is heavily taped. He shoots in for a double leg and scores a quick two points but Fong gets the reversal. Another two points for Totten who is favoring that leg a little bit when he sprawls. Fong has been able to get two quick points after getting taken down. Totten doesn’t mind as he again shoots in and puts him. He spins around on top and BOOM. He gets the pin at 1:39.

No. 1 Shandon Ilaban Totten (Kapolei) def. No. 2 Joseph Fong (University), fall, 1:39

Boys 132

Kaysen Takenaka (‘Iolani) vs. Chance Ikei (Kaiser)
Takenaka pinned top seed Josh Gallarde of Campbell in the quarters. Ikei has gone the distance in all three matches, beating second seed Josh Rosen of Punahou 3-1 in the semis. Ikei is going for his second straight state title. Iolani’s Brad Takenaka was a two-time state champion in 1990-91.

>> Can Takenaka, a freshman, finish the run? Ikei eventually gets control of a leg and spins around to the back for two points. He lets Takenaka back up for a point. Lots of hand fighting as they go out of bounds. Ikei uses his power to pick up Takenaka near the edge of the circle and throw him down for two points. Ikei takes his back and has control. Good first round for Ikei.

>> Ikei hangs on near the edge and gets the reversal for two more. Takenaka up quick and gets a point. The two are back to standing. Takenaka looked close to gaining some points but Ikei is too far outside of the circle. They restart. Great move by Ikei who gets to the side of Takenaka and pins his leg with his foot before spinning over to his back for two points. Half nelson applied by Ikei who rides it out on top.

>> Ikei on top to start the final round. Takenaka needs a miracle to become the second freshman winner tonight. Ikei rolls over on his back and almost allows himself to pinned before quickly turning back over. Almost a huge mistake. They stop it with 1:32 left as the referee goes over to the scorers table. Not sure what that was. Ikei again almost gives Takenaka a huge scoring chance but recovers quick enough to stay on top. Ikei again lets himself get on his back and Takenaka finally takes advantage but Ikei spins to his back so it’s only two points. Ikei reverses at the end to win but man he gave up some chances.

Chance Ikei (Kaiser) def. Kaysen Takenaka (‘Iolani), 10-4

Boys 138

No. 1 Joshua Crimmins (Punahou) vs. No. 3 Robert Campos (Lahainaluna)
Crimmins won his first match by two points over Zack Diamond and won his next two matches by one point each. Campos has been unchallenged so far, with a pin and a major decision and a 7-3 win in the semis. Crimmins was third at state last year and lost to Josh Terao in the 2013 final. Campos was fifth at state last year.

>> Great opening sequence as Camps shoots in. Almost has the takedown, the Crimmins grabs the leg and spins and he almost has the takedown and then Campos gets it back and eventually scores the two points. Crimmins with an escape after a restart. Crimmins sprawls on the takedown attempt. Campos tries to overpower him and goes low for the leg. Crimmins holds on to a leg for dear life and doesn’t give up the takedown as time expires.

>> Campos starts on bottom. It takes a minute but he finally escapes for a 3-1 lead. Crimmins can’t find anywhere to shoot in and it stays 3-1 after 2.

>> Crimmins works an escape and tries to make it a reversal. They are close to the edge. He gets it but they are slow on the call. The ref looks like he needs hlp. He eventually gives the two points as they restart in the middle. All tied up with 90 seconds to go and Campos is out at the 1:19 mark to go up 4-3. Crimmins hasn’t had much luck with both men standing. He shoots in there though and gets deep on Campos. Campos holds on and flattens Crimmins out on his back. Now Campos has the leg and get gets the big takedown for two points. That could be it. He outworked Crimmins on the leg there. Crimmins back up and tries to spin Campos around but they go out of bounds. Eight seconds left. Campos lets him up. Crimmins shoots in. Two seconds left. Restart. The clock goes too fast. Still two seconds. Campos holds on. Crimmins is crushed. He shakes the other team’s hands but walks off and slams his headgear to the ground before going through the curtain.

No. 3 Robert Campos (Lahainaluna) def. No. 1 Joshua Crimmins (Punahou), 6-4

Boys 145

No. 1 Brian Pascua (‘Iolani) vs. No. 2 Thomas Stevenson (Baldwin)
Pascua pinned his first two opponents and won his third match my major decision. Stevenson beat Cole Chandler 2-1 in his second match but had no problems other than that. Pascua lost to three-time champ Brayden Akeo in the state final last year. Stevenson was third last year in the same bracket.

>> Stevenson proving to be a tough customer early as he stuffed two takedowns that looked like were going to be points. Pascua gets one in the final 20 seconds however to take the lead.

>> Stevenson on top to start. Pascua up quickly and it’s 3-0. Stevenson explodes and nearly has Pascua down for 2 but Pascua switches to his side and then almost judo throws Stevenson right out of the circle. No points either way. Pascua spins around for the two points and then tries a belly-to-back suplex of sorts but they are out of bounds. 5-0 Pascua as Stevenson can’t get at least one point in the final 20 seconds.

>> Pascua is one strong dude. He gets Stevenson off his feet again and puts him back down to avoid giving up the escape. Stevenson seems out of ideas as every time he gets to his feet, Pascua locks up and gets him airborne before driving him onto the mat. Dominant performance by the ‘Iolani running back.

No. 1 Brian “KJ” Pascua (‘Iolani) def. No. 2 Thomas Stevenson (Baldwin), 5-0

Boys 152

No. 1 Liam Corbett (Leielhua) vs. Kulana Salera (Moanalua)
Corbett is’s top pound-for-pound wrestler. He won his first match 9-6 but pinned his next two opponents. Salera has gone the distance three times, his largest margin is three points. Corbett, who transferred from Radford, lost to Bubba Jaramillo in last year’s state final and finished third the year before that.

>> Salera doing a good job of neutralizing any Corbett takedown attempt early. Very stagnant first round.

>> Corbett opts to start on bottom. Salera gives up a point for stalling and Sorbett then explodes out in a matter of seconds to go up 2-0. As soon as Salera finally tried something, Corbett reversed the attempt, grabbed the leg, and scored two points. 4-0 after 2.

>> Salera scores a point as Corbett lets him up. Corbett is steady, never lets himself get in any trouble. Salera has mounted zero offense in this match. Corbett seems content to ride it out on the feet. Corbett seems more concerned with his hair getting in his eyes than his opponent.

No. 1 Liam Corbett (Leielhua) def. Kulana Salera (Moanalua), 4-1

Boys 160

Matthew Aguigui (Campbell) vs. Connor Villarmia (Damien)
Aguigui beat top seed Tylker Yoshikawa of Mid-Pacific 9-5 in the quarters. Villarmia took out second seed Jacob Naosusuga of Damien 10-8 in the semis. Neither of these guys have placed at states.

>> Which Cinderella will take home the gold? A lot of action early without any scoring. Villarmia gets a single leg and turns it over for two points. He flattens out Aguigui on his stomach. Ref calling for action. Villarmia gets in the hook with his left leg. Ref gets them back to the middle for not enough action. They spin around about 3 full rotation before Aguigui gets the escape in the final 6 seconds.

>> Nothing from Aguigui early on. Again they are restarted for lack of action. Aguigui gets to his feet but is ridden to the mat. Villarmia not letting him out of his grasp. A warning is issued. 28 seconds left. Aguigui gets to his feet but is ridden down again by Villarmia. Round over.

>> Round 3 starts with Villarmia up 2-1 and on bottom. 30 seconds in and Villarmia pops out to make it 3-1. Villarmia still being aggressive and shoots in for a single leg. Aguigui gets caught and Villarmia spins him over for two points. That was it right there. Aguigui struggling to get to his feet. Aguigui sneaks out for the two-point reversal. He comes close to turning it over. 15 seconds left. Villarmia trying to hold on. Aguigui trying to push him over but Villarmia escapes for two points and the place explodes as Villarmia does a backflip in victory.

Connor Villarmia (Damien) def. Matthew Aguigui (Campbell), 7-3

Boys 170

No. 1 Thomas Rosen St. John (Lahainaluna) vs. No. 3 Kevin Efta (Kamehameha)
St. John cruised to the final, pinning his first two opponents and stopping the third with a technical fall. Efta went the distance in his first two bouts and won his semi by forfeit. St. John has finished sixth in the last two state tournaments.

>> Efta scores the first takedown of the match roughly halfway into the first period. St. John with the escape and reversal to go ahead 3-2. St. John working a crossface to try and turn Efta over. 3-2 after 1.

>> St. John methodically working Efta over and secures the pin with 32 seconds left in the second period.

No. 1 Thomas Rosen St. John (Lahainaluna) def. No. 3 Kevin Efta (Kamehameha), pin, 1:28, R2

Boys 182

No. 1 Joseph Hoshino (Kamehameha) vs. No. 2 Maui Lee (Pearl City)
Hoshino needed only one pin to get through and was pushed by Campbell’s Micah Tynanes 4-1 in the semis. Lee went the distance in all three matches, never winning by more than 5. Lee was fourth at state last year, Hoshino took third.

>> Scoreless first period. They stayed locked up nearly the entire time but neither could do anything out of it.

>> Hoshino scores a quick escape to go up 1-0. More of the same to follow.

>> Hoshino locks his hands under Lee’s chin and nearly turns him over for a pin but gets two points. He gives up the free point on an escape and rides out the win.

No. 1 Joseph Hoshino (Kamehameha) def. No. 2 Maui Lee (Pearl City), 3-1

Boys 195

No. 1 Boman Tokioka (Kamehameha) vs. Robert Straton (Punahou)
Tokioka is a returning state champion. Tokioka has gotten stronger as he has gone along in this tournament, winning his first two by decision and his semi by pin. Straton pinned his first two opponents and won his semi by decision. Tokioka won 8-7 in last week’s ILH final scoring a takedown in the final 10 seconds.

>> Tokioka gets a hold of Straton’s leg and pulls him standing back into the middle as Straton hops on one foot. Tokioka goes for the trip and Straton tries to get out of bounds before he goes down but Tokioka is given the two points.

>> Tokioka with the early escape to go up 3-0 in the second period. Tokioka takes a poke in the eye and immediately ask for injury time. Straton explodes out of the restart and picks up two impressive points. Tokioka has his leg again as they get to their feet but Straton is off the mat. Tokioka is given a point. Straton nearly pulls off a takedown but Tokioka reverses and get a very close takedown near the edge for two points. Close call. 6-2 Kamehameha.

>> Tokioka stays in control from the top this period and rides it out, leaving no doubt after the close ILH final.

No. 1 Boman Tokioka (Kamehameha) def. Robert Straton (Punahou), 6-2

Boys 220

No. 1 James Sullivan (Campbell) vs. Jackson Fuamatu (Pearl City)
Sullivan beat Fuamatu in a close match for the OIA title last week. Sullivan pinned his first two opponents and won his semi by a narrow 1-0 score. Fuamatu won all three of his matches by decision. Fuamatu took sixth at state last year, Sullivan has never placed.

>> Sullivan gets a takedown near the edge of the mat to start off. Fuamatu recovers in the last second and nearly has the reversal but isn’t given points as time runs out.

>> Fuamatu starts on bottom. He’s out in 10 seconds. They go head-to-head now. Fuamatu looks a little winded. Sullivan gets 2 points to go up but Fuamatu with an escape. 4-2. Sullivan getting the better of it standing. Fuamatu is really winded.

>> 1:08 left and Fuamatu lets Sullivan up for a point to go down 3. He needs something crazy here and gets it with a quick takedown. He lets Sullivan up. 45 seconds left. Sullivan up 2. Fuamatu shoots in and Sullivan stuffs it but Fuamatu gets underneath. No points. Fuamatu working hard with the double leg. Suulivan now goes and gets his back with 13 seconds left to tie it. Sullivan near an escape and he looked to get it with five seconds remaining but they say he didn’t. It shows 6-6 on the scoreboard. They will go to sudden death.

>> A minute is put on the clock. They go head-to-head. Sullivan shoots in but it’s weak and Fuamatu stuffs it and then throws Sullivan down near the edge of the mat. The whistle blows. Ref gives him two. It’s over.

Interesting few calls in that one…

Jackson Fuamatu (Pearl City) def. No. 1 James Sullivan (Campbell), 8-6

Boys 285

No. 1 Tristan Ludiazo (Campbell) vs. John Patrick Oishi (Radford)
Ludiazo, a defending state champ, needed multiple overtimes to beat Oishi in the OIA final last week. Ludiazo pinned his first opponent in under a minute and won the next two by decision. Oishi did the same. Ludiazo was fourth at state in 2013, Oishi has never placed.

>> Crowd is abuzz over this one. Ludiazo tosses Oishi out of bounds and Oishi runs right back to the center and gets i his face. Ludiazo shoots in for a big takedown but he’s out of bounds. Ludiazo goes low and gets that takedown. Huge thud as the two land hard on the mat. Oishi back up and Luduiazo shoves him off. 2-1 after 1 in favor of Campbell.

>> Ludiazo escapes from the bottom in four seconds and then throws Oishi to the mat. Oishi up and Ludiazo just shoves him away. Back at it they go. They stay tied up but just push each other back and forth. No serious moves. Ludiazo backs off and they go again. Ludiazo tries to go low after a restart but Oishi does a good job fighting him off. Ludiazo up 5-2 after 2.

>> Ludiazo lets Oishi up to start the final period. It’s 5-3. Oishi hasn’t scored a takedown all match. Can he do it here? One minute to go. Oishi stuffs a takedown. He walks him out of bounds with 51 seconds to go. Restart and Ludiazo charges in but Oishi gets away. Ludiazo keeping him at bay but still being aggressive. It’s over.

No. 1 Tristan Ludiazo (Campbell) def. John Patrick Oishi (Radford), 5-3


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    What happen to 106 OTSUKA (MIL)

  2. Anonymous March 8, 2015 10:58 am

    Otsuka was definitely a state contender

  3. Jake t March 8, 2015 11:20 am

    Heard about him. He was seed 6?

  4. Iolani boy March 8, 2015 1:32 pm

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