Kamehameha lets go of baseball coaches

Kamehameha celebrated after Kalamaku Kuewa (21) scored the winning run in the bottom of the seventh inning against Saint Louis in a game last year. Photo by Bruce Asato/Star-Advertiser.

Kamehameha has let go of all of its coaches on the varsity and junior varsity baseball teams, Hawaii Prep World has learned.

The move comes with preseason tournaments beginning next month for the varsity team, which had planned a trip to California. That trip will no longer be made.

Thomas Perkins, who was hired in January 2015 to replace Billy Pieper, led the Warriors to two state tournament appearances in three years. Kamehameha advanced to the state semifinals a year ago before losing to Waiakea.

This will be the fourth varsity coach at Kamehameha since 2013, when Vern Ramie completed his final season after 22 years as the head coach.

Associate athletic director Ed Paola will oversee the varsity and junior varsity programs during the transition.

No intermediate coaches were let go.


  1. Too Much Whining January 29, 2018 8:02 am

    anywaaaays!! your’re a piece of work! Always crying and whining about stuff you can’t change. Poaching student athletes? Everyone has a choice – they can either accept the invitation or not. Nobody is holding a gun to anyone’s head forcing them to go to a private institution. You make it sound like people are being taken hostage. Enough with your whining…

  2. diamonds808 January 29, 2018 8:56 am

    For everyone who cries “favoritism”, this is NOT little league where everyone has to play. Isn’t the team’s goal to win and don’t you normally win with your best players? Favoritism is having kids that are not supposed to be on the team, on the team or playing a kid who is obviously less talented than another. If parents can’t face the fact that your kid may not be as good as another, then either learn to suck it up or don’t have your kid play! If you only want to complain about the coaching, then you should apply to be one and dedicate all your time to the team instead of complaining about it! I don’t know the real reason for both coaching staffs to be let go but I do know one coach who gave his heart and time to these boys over the years because he is an alumni who always wants to give back to the school. It’s sad to think that the AD is that weak not to investigate further and come out and state the real reason for this. Sad to think how the ADs are more apt to side with parents to “avoid controversy” – well, you’ve just created another.

  3. The Founder - Charles Reed Bishop January 29, 2018 8:57 am

    Exhibit A why Hawaiians can’t move forward on anything. Always busy fighting amongst themselves.

  4. Umpire January 29, 2018 9:09 am

    This is sad news. As a baseball umpire we avoid the politics of this type / of all types. That aside, Coach Perkins was a good coach in that he kept a good attitude and was always fair and respectful when dealing with the umpires. He cultivated that with the coaching staff as well.

    Regardless of the reason for his release, and the release of the rest of the staff, baseball in the ILH will be different as a result.

    Still, this isn’t the only shake-up seen. There have been others, and there will be more…Each parent, player, AD, coach, etc. will have to determine what is most important to them. Hopefully it will always be the “student” part of the term “student-athlete.”

  5. TrueDat January 29, 2018 9:18 am

    Coach Gus got problems of his own at STL. Big problems.

  6. Mr. Buttermaker January 29, 2018 9:53 am

    to all myopic parents…please read the matheny manifesto.


  7. WORD! January 29, 2018 10:24 am

    #1 diamonds808:
    Your comment is SO darn accurate and true! This is SO ridiculous!

  8. ILH January 29, 2018 10:54 am

    Just some thoughts:

    The trip to California “was” scheduled for 2nd week of Feb, 1st full week.

    Tryouts officially start today, last week of January.

    How do you determine who goes. Fairly?

  9. Tedium January 29, 2018 11:33 am

    24 hndcp
    The golf tournament you played supported I MUA. It is not Kamehameha baseball. The golf tournament was not a fundraiser for the kamehameha cali trip. You can email imuabaseball@gmail.com if you have any questions.

  10. Truth Hurts January 29, 2018 11:54 am

    #30 & 43, please stop spreading your “ILH recruiting” propaganda. That is old, tired, and not limited to the ILH. Or do you already forget how long Daniel Fotu was a student at Kahuku HS last year? His sister still lives here, playing for HPU, but he’s back in New Zealand? Maybe not so much about wanting to be with family…

  11. Baseball fan January 29, 2018 12:11 pm

    You get chosen by who is returning to the varsity squad and who the HEAD COACH thinks is capable of playing at a Varsity level. It is HIS decision. NOT the parents. Not the AD. He is the one out there and he is the one who the school hired to make those decisions.
    Also, Kamehameha administration should look at which parents Glennie Adams is close with. I bet if they look close, she only gave a parking pass to 1 parent. And coincidentally it’s the MAIN MOM complaining! Her friend is upset because her son doesn’t get through playing time that SHE thinks he deserves. Ridiculous. Again…do everyone a favor Glennie and retire.

  12. The Real Deal is Back January 29, 2018 12:20 pm

    They should take GPAs into consideration when deciding which student/athletes make the KS teams. Education is the primary reason for being at school at NOT the fleeting and temporary glory of HS athletics. GPAs > Home runs. I never played HS athletics because of a medical condition but that made me expand my horizons. Got pretty good at hip hop dancing.

  13. Just my thoughts... January 29, 2018 1:04 pm

    Kamehameha, like many other big schools (i.e. Mililani, Campbell, Punahou, etc), will always be challenged with too many talented players in practically every sport. Players that are destined to sit on the bench, probably are good enough to start at smaller programs. So the onus goes back to the player/parents, if they would consider moving schools IF their priority is playing time. But you have to ask yourself, would you rather start for a sub-par team, or bench on a typically more successful one? Or, you can elect to remain where you are and focus on the more important subject of the two (sports vs education)….ensure your child does well in the classroom to allow for a wide array of college opportunities…imagine initially receiving scholarships for Academics, and then having athletics as a secondary opportunity? And even for D3 schools, no such thing as Athletic scholarship….in the end, wouldn’t you want a college graduate who achieved the highest possible accolades in school, who will then most likely transition to a great paying career? Bottom line, there needs to be TRUST….in that the Coaches will do what they can to put the team in a successful position, being as bias and fair as possible. All parents will be jaded in supporting their own child 110%, that is understood. But what if a player isn’t up to the standards of what the Coaches believe could or should be on the field? That player should be motivated to work harder, practice longer, get individual help, whatever it takes to improve in whatever deficiencies are known….could be strength/conditioning, speed, hitting, fielding, pitching and maybe even mental fortitude. If there’s no room for improvement and you’ve done all you can do, but still not playing, then maybe the next best thing is a willingness to accept your role….and to stay engaged with the team through good and/or bad times. It’s not your teammates fault that you’re not playing. Accepting a role as a backup player is tough, but every team needs a bench. Players competing at a high level for starting roles or playing time is a healthy team environment. But in the end, some will start/play, others will have to sit. Accept whatever role comes your way. Otherwise, it just makes for difficult and sticky situations IN and OUTSIDE of the playing field.

    BTW – Regardless of who the next Coach will be, this challenge will still be there…it’s just about the number of talented players, and the limited number who can take to the field. Just like Jimmy Garoppolo sitting behind Tom Brady….he has since moved and is in a better situation…

  14. "Say her name, say her name" January 29, 2018 1:06 pm

    Much Mahalo to #5 Baseball fan!

    Been waiting patiently for someone to spell the truth out, although everyone involved in KS baseball already knew it. Thanks for printing it!!!!!

  15. i knew it... January 29, 2018 1:32 pm

    to baseball fan (#5 comment),
    was wondering how come she was the only privileged one that could park in the STAFF reserved area beyond the armed bandit!!!! now I know! thanks for sharing…

  16. Eric January 29, 2018 1:49 pm

    After reading all these posts, I still don’t get how the JV coaches got dismissed as well. What’s the connection to the trip, parent complaints, GA, etc.?

  17. IIMUA January 29, 2018 2:14 pm

    anywaaaays!! – really no point in trying to explain how students and their families apply, test, interview, and then get accepted – after which they consciously make a CHOICE about going to a private school! Poaching and turning kids in to mercenaries? You’re not too bright for sure…but everyone else knows this except you. Stop before you make yourself look stupid again…oh wait, too late!

  18. Open your eyes January 29, 2018 2:58 pm

    @Baseball fan

    Spot on! KSK hired the coach to pick players and run the team then let him do so! This ain’t park league. It’s really hard for that parent to accept that it ain’t park league anymore. I swear the moms are the worse. No clue! Totally warrants admin digging deeper into this situation.

  19. ILH January 29, 2018 3:22 pm


    I agree that all returnees should be able to travel and that the HC has the ultimate say…..but….. how does a coach determine or justify who he thinks is capable of playing at the varsity level and even more importantly, get to travel??? I would think that this is the crux of the matter.

    Im so surprised it got this far.

  20. Awrite!! January 29, 2018 3:27 pm

    Anywaaayss!! is the bitter Punahou football Alum!

    The funny thing though is that the HPW admins do not block his ip address thus allowing him to falsely continue to represent Kahuku. If he was making an ILH school look bad the HPW would block him in a hurry.

    Kahuku will always be Enemy of the State.

  21. bumbuchas January 29, 2018 3:28 pm

    Eh Billy, where da rest of the responses? had like some 40 something, now only get 7? rest got deleted?

  22. bumbuchas January 29, 2018 3:31 pm

    oops, now I see the link; “older comments”. sorry. wanted to get entertained by reading some of the comments made.

  23. ILH January 29, 2018 3:35 pm

    I left out, how do you determine, fairly, who gets to travel amongst those that are not returnees?

  24. CryBAbay January 29, 2018 4:02 pm

    ILH – That’s the burning issue the some parents are sour about. There difference makers were already going on the trip….the ones who are doing the complaning were the one that if they went would have rode the bench up in Cali. Coach just saved lots of waster money. The varsity coaches watch the lower levels so coaches already know whose going to be able to help the team. Parents argue fairness which is a valid point but they don’t argue if their son talent wise belonged. The same parents grumbling have a long history of doing so. Grow up! Just worry about getting your son ready for PAC 12. LOL

  25. YOU ASKED January 29, 2018 4:25 pm

    ILH. Coaches do what college and major league scouts do. They observe. Coaches watch the players when they are on intermediate. They watch them when they are on JV. They watch the players when they play summer and fall ball. They look for talent, but they also look for attitude.
    What does the player do when he strikes out or makes an error? What does the player do when his teammate strikes out or makes a mistake. Does he pay attention during the game or does he play around? How does the player behave off the baseball field? Does he show up for conditioning? Is he respectful to people in authority? How does he treat his peers? How does he treat people younger than him? What kind of student is he? Does he answer emails and text messages in a timely manner? Does he follow directions? And after looking at all these things, he picks. In the end it may come down to who he thinks can take on the responsibility of traveling.

  26. Adding some... January 29, 2018 8:42 pm

    16. Eric – The JV coaches shouldn’t have been hired in the first place. The head JV coach was an assistant coach last year when the whole staff got let go because of multiple problems. They rehired that assistant to be head coach. That shouldn’t have happened but I think it was a push from Perkins to hire him in the first place….dumb idea. Maybe the school wanted to avoid problems with that hiring too…

  27. Rhonda Akima January 29, 2018 10:56 pm

    THIS POST IS TO ALL THOSE WHO DIDNT READ THE TERMS ABOUT PERSONAL ATTACKS – stop your whining and blaming. Whah whah whah .

    Only had to read up to the second comment – and it makes me sick. diamonds808 – You don’t know anything about what happened and I know for sure you know nothing of the AD, I guarantee, “she” is Waaaayyyyy smarter, way more qualified then you can ever hope to be, better, professional, has more integrity, has more friends, sound more intelligent then you, IS more intelligent then you will ever be… you probably drink beer at the park and talk crap about others every single night … unless you know facts, don’t blame the AD. A typical response.. And you want to talk about weak, leave your name …
    And baseballfan – you sound jealous – another person who sits in the parking lot complaining about everyone – how the hell do you know how many parking passes the AD gave out!! You sound so ignorant and jealous …
    Mine is Rhonda Akima

  28. Johnny bravo January 29, 2018 11:52 pm

    16 Eric The JV coaches shouldn’t be coaching anyway there sons play. Thats why the parents are speaking out its so unfair to most of the kids. Plus they have no baseball education to teach the kids all they did is tell them to run and not help them to work on things to make them better like no hitting coach no catchers coach or infield coach all they did is bunt all the time even with 2 outs bunt lol. And the Vars had a dad coaching to they had a lot of problems to last year the son graduated were is he now. Ih not there any more only there for his son not the other kids so sad.

  29. pssh January 30, 2018 1:54 am

    Rhonda Akima? really? No personal attacks? DUH! You just did it yourself! Now you look like the idiot!

  30. Get Over it January 30, 2018 3:19 am

    You people have way too much time on your hands. Bottom line. They got fired, admin will have to replace them obviously yet you’re all still whining. Get over it, and move on. Easy to be tough and talk tough behind a screen Though. How about you all stop whining and arguing like children and be an example to these boys and face the facts? Grow up.

  31. Missed you January 30, 2018 4:40 am

    “Punahou Parent” and “Rhonda Akima” :
    We missed you at tonight’s meeting! Wish you were there!

  32. Rhonda Akima January 30, 2018 7:10 am

    Pssh – you missing the point … When you talk crap and verbally attack someone leave you name … I did it to prove a point … doesn’t feel good right? Especially to someone I know nothing about ..

  33. An outsiders perspective January 30, 2018 7:51 am

    Seriously you people have too much time on your hands. This article is from days ago, yet you’re all still on here whining and crying about who’s fault it is. Bottom line ; they got fired by the Admin! NOT a parent, NOT a child. No one controls the decisions of the school, but the school itself. Why not just face the facts and get over it instead of crying about it on here and trying to put blame on the innocent… Seriously, a lot of growing up needs to be done. Are you people even fighting about this for the kids? Or for your own private grudges? Grow up and move on.

  34. Johnny bravo January 30, 2018 8:31 am

    Rhonda Akima you are right what your saying. I do see your point. And there the ones talking shit about everyone else and there kids. But there the ones all up in the coaches you no what so there kid can play so sad. There the one saying stop crying if your kid dont het a chance to play. They for get people like them thats why kids het hard time to get playing time. And we all no that alot of kids should have been playing when they were alot better then some of the kids that was playing. But cause of some dads was coaching or some parents was so high up the coaches you no what. So the people that are saying that the parents should stop crying. Put your self in that kids shoes and see how you would feel knowing that you are better then that kid but still sitting on the bench. Ask some of the parents from last year’s team did the COACH really put his best players out there or in the right position. Im know they can tell you the truth. No one knows how much tension they had on the team. So who is to blame for that the AD or the COACH.

  35. ILH January 30, 2018 8:50 am

    So putting your name makes it ok to talk crap about someone?

    Forget about that.

    Lets talk about the Athletic Culture that exists up on the hill and how it contributes to the underachievement of the athletic teams despite the vast wealth of athletes.

  36. Stay Calm January 30, 2018 9:03 am

    @RhondaAkima, calm down. I understand you’re trying to stand up for your friend, but it’s no use profiling complete strangers on the internet as beer drinkers in the park just because they write things that upset you. I get it. You support your friend and feel these attacks on her are unwarranted. Go be a friend to her. Comfort her. IMHO, it’s just a waste of time getting into a flame war on the internet. Too many trolls, like “The Founder” in comment #3, throwing out ridiculous statements to get a reaction.

    However, from another perspective, I’d like to throw my support out to the (former) KS Baseball coaching staff and players. It’s terrible timing to fire the entire HS staff, Varsity and JV, the weekend before tryouts. I don’t feel like this was completely thought out, which has been a shortcoming of this department in recent years. Hopefully, everything will work itself out for everyone involved, but this event has already created a ripple effect in other sports programs in the department.

  37. Marvin Gaye- What's going on? January 30, 2018 9:33 am

    KHS. Laughingstock of ILH!

  38. Rowanda Ahkeeema January 30, 2018 11:08 am

    Rhonda Akima – Being smarter or having more friends than someone doesn’t make you a better person…you can still be shady AF. If a special parking pass was given then the AD should have no problem answering why. You think parents don’t notice that one parent has a special parking pass when she doesn’t even work at the school? They have every right to point it out. If you know the answer then let everyone know so the issue can be put to rest here if not then let the investigation take its course. As far as your personal attacks and stereotyping people is really petty. Grow up.

  39. Fair? January 30, 2018 11:36 am

    How many of the players that were on the traveling team and trying out for baseball attended the “supposedly mandatory weightlifting and conditioning “
    From the Varsity Head Coach? Go ahead, call and ask the conditioning coach, ZERO!!! But you see, that’s how it goes up there!

    Johnny Bravo, everything you’ve pointed out is exactly true and on point. They can lie all they want but the truth has been displayed for years!

  40. Drama January 30, 2018 12:34 pm

    Drama! Love it! When’s the movie coming out?

  41. Equality ? January 30, 2018 12:57 pm

    There was no abuse, there was no danger or safety issues for the kids, So how’s this one to answer some of your questions to maybe why the coaches were released? How is it a player last season made the team but played in another league while on the KHS team? This action could’ve disqualified the entire KHS baseball program and this with the coaches knowledge! How’s this for being fair?

  42. what the... January 30, 2018 1:09 pm

    AD is so dumb. Why should coach invite all the returnees when theres only a limited amount of spots open to play? you donkeys would really pay to have your son sit on the bench in California? I get it, he didn’t comply until 5 days before the trip… but seriously, why would he invite all these players to pay to go on a trip that they wouldn’t even get to play in??? umm, hello! its not favoritism, its the varsity team! i know we don’t like hearing that our kids aren’t up to par… it fricken hurts! but some things aren’t personal even when we take it personal! Its just baseball and if you think its tough now wait til college ball and the major league… thats just the way it is! Play hard or got cut

  43. Tired January 30, 2018 2:18 pm

    Bottom line, the one issue that we were ALL informed about that affected ALL the players is:

    1- The Head Coach was supposed to invite ALL RETURNING PLAYERS TO PARTICIPATE IN GOING ON THE TRIP, he DIDNT do that. Instead he picked a few and didn’t inform any of the other players.

    None of the Non-invited players or parents knew about this until they received the 2- letters from the AD this past week! None of the parents or kids did anything to cause this!

    The Coaches not following the instruction from their bosses that were mutually agreed upon is what caused this!

    This is a part of the message from the Athletic Department so all parties can see at least part of the the true reasons for their dismissal. Whatever else transpired Is THEIR business. The Admin spoke with the coaches about their findings from their ongoing investigation but can’t reveal this due to confidentiality between the school and the coaches so why don’t you just respect that! Oh I’m sorry, you don’t have to follow rules because you’re a bully!

    To those who don’t know, Here’s part of the letter we received from the Athletic Department :

    *(This letter is in regard to an upcoming trip the baseball program is taking to Los Angeles from February 7-11, 2018.

    When this trip was approved certain agreements were made with the Head Coach. This included that an invitation

    be sent to all returning varsity and junior varsity players from the 2016-2017 school year. We were recently made

    aware that this was not done; thus legitimate concerns were raised. Specifically, that it appeared the Head Coach had

    preselected the team based on those that were invited. We have had a lengthy discussion with Coach Perkins about

    this matter. We have discussed, at length, how to address this matter.)*

    The Athletic Department then sent out the letter of invitation that was dated 12/2/17, that was supposed to go out to ALL players on that date but instead was sent to all the non-invited on 1/24/18, (a month and a half later) with only 5- days to commit to the trip and come up with the funds. Parents weren’t even aware of any of this so the information given to the admin making them aware this had happened probably transpired from those going on the trip talking about it?

    The non-invited players and families ” had no clue.”

    To #11: first of all it’s so sad to see how ugly people can be inside.

    To set the record straight: you’re the main one who wanted Tommy and his wife removed! You’ve grumbled about how they ran the team for the past 2- years! You couldn’t stand the influence she had on the team. You grumbled about her telling the boys what drills they had to do, grumbled about her being in the dugout taking score and about her working out with the boys in the weight room! It was admirable that he included her and she was “helping” as the other assistant coaches do . She wasn’t a parent to a player, she was the wife of the head coach! You are the one who after KHS lost the States said “ it’s Tommys fault they lost!” You were so upset that they lost because you wanted him to retire! This whole issue you have is REALLY about your plans for trying to get on the coaching staff once Tommy left and how your plans got messed up. You’re upset because you had it all planned out how you guys were gonna take over the team which guaranteed your kid a free pass as a near future catcher!

    So many of us know Tommy is a very nice person. So are his assistant coaches! So many of us really like Coach Darryl, Coach Alex and Coach Bu! It’s sad that this happened, really sad but that doesn’t mean anyone was to blame for it! They ( the coaches) know exactly why they were let go. They HAD to be given a reason WHY. The admin doesn’t just fire a group of coaches and give them zero explanation! Obviously they choose NOT to share those reasons with YOU and you can’t stand it!

    You’re so used to forcing yourself into the middle of everything! You constantly keep telling them who “YOU” think they should or shouldn’t choose. You’re always in their faces and in the players faces! You were the ONLY parent who would literally go AND STAY in the weightlifting room while the boys were doing their weightlifting program with the coaches and certified weightlifting coach ( oh wait, you grumbled about him too, that’s right, you told us, including some of the boys how he got his certification online and was a joke, and what he was doing with the boys was BS especially how he didn’t know what he was doing) whereas ALL OF THE BOYS liked him, coaches liked him and the parents liked him ) so you stopped your son from going, which also meant you stopped him from participating with the TEAM.

    You’re the exact parent you’re grumbling about! Look in the mirror and practice what you preach! You NEVER let the coaches coach without putting your 2 cents in nor were you ever just a parent who let his kid be with the team WITHOUT you being there. The boys roll their eyes and walk the other way every single time they see you coming their way!

    Now to keep trying to convince the coaches and parents you’re a cool wise mouthed dedicated parent who truly cares about what happened to them you continuously bad mouth, accuse and after 4- days since this all happened, you keep stirring the pot by putting the blame elsewhere and talking negative hurtful things like you ALWAYS tend to spit!

    Really you’re just mad because now you won’t get any freebies or guaranteed shoe ins for your son! Not enough he got a free pass in to the school because you work there?? Don’t point fingers and put the blame on parents, administrators or try to single out people for an entire staff being let go! What are you going for? Hoping that someone’s child gets hurt or the parent gets hurt or even maybe hurts themselves because of the constant attacks, harassment and bullying you’re displaying? What you’re doing MR. “IT” …IS CALLED BULLYING!

    I have heard so many parents grumble about the way things were in the athletic department at all levels and in all sports! Things that happened that led up to the release of the coaches have been going on for years. Parents speak about some of the issues that go on with their teams in every single sport!
    You continue to stir the pot with all this gossip you spit, instead of trying to help make the program better for the kids! What positive outcome do you think will come out of all your negativity? In the past you talked crap about all the coaches except one.. even personal things about one close to your family! That is just your nature and it’s sickening!

    All the kids want and deserve to have is a FAIR chance! No favoritism, No outside favors, No parents or relatives coaching.. just their fair chance to play!

    You need to stop being a bully and in every bodies business! And please do investigate the amount of passes the AD gives out! You’ll find out that you don’t have those facts straight either.

    BTW, why is it you park at the field yet you grumble about others doing it? You have nothing to do with athletics, you work in the elementary level, yet you use your parking privileges that’s supposed to be used DURING SCHOOL HOURS to park at the exact same area you’re grumbling about AFTER SCHOOL HOURS?

    Like it’s been said by many, it’s people like you who abuse your privileges from KS and bully your way around , just because you work there, yet if anyone else has a reason to park somewhere or has business at the school you bad mouth, cry and bully them publicly!

    As for you #14, simply irrelevant! ( “pay n play” nuff said.) No one has done anything to you.

    Grow up and Move forward

  44. ILH January 30, 2018 3:54 pm

    Thank you for the clarification.

    I hope that things work out for the kids. Spoke with one of the seniors yesterday and he just wants to move forward.

    So much collateral damage.

    It makes my heart feel better that the school made it clear that all returnees for J.V and V be extended an invitation because that is the right and fair thing to do. So what if my kid is one bench warmer let me decide if I going spend my $$ to have him go,

    If only they had followed directions.

  45. Tired January 30, 2018 4:29 pm

    To #44. Exactly..that’s part of all it was. Doing what was agreed upon and what was right. Not admins fault, not parents fault and not the players fault. The school had an agreement with the coaches that wasn’t implemented. It’s every child and parents right to decide if and how they want to spend their money, even if the child was or wasn’t going to sit on the bench.

  46. Askingg January 30, 2018 5:16 pm

    Tired – How do the JV coaches firing fit into this? Did they also hide invites some of their returning jv players too?

  47. Tired January 30, 2018 5:46 pm

    ( the JV coaches were introduced before Christmas break and the letter was dated 12/2/17)
    I don’t really know if they knew about it or not? I’m not sure when the decision was made about who was taking over the JV position. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

  48. ONLY 1/2 THE TRUTH January 30, 2018 5:50 pm

    Kamehameha Athletics is not telling the entire story. They are deserving of some of the blame for the “Invitation Fiasco”. Find out why Coach did not invite all the returning Junior Varsity and Varsity players and then you might understand.

  49. Marvin Gaye- What's going on? January 30, 2018 7:05 pm

    Feel sorry for some players and their parents. How will these kids survive in the adult world when mommy and daddy not going be there to hold their hand and make all their decisions for them. When there not around to protect them from potential hurt feelings anymore. Your kids are in high school now. Time to start cutting the umbilical cord. At least a little.

  50. Marvin Gaye- What's going on? January 30, 2018 7:34 pm

    Ho’oponopono! Yah right! Half the parents there dont even know the meaning of Ho’oponopono. So sad.

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