Chevron state wrestling seeding meeting

Kahuku's Teniya Alo can expect a high seed as she goes for another state crown. Kaiser's Roselani Ikei will get a tougher road. Dennis Oda / Star-Advertiser
Kahuku’s Teniya Alo can expect a high seed as she goes for another state crown. Kaiser’s Roselani Ikei will get a tougher road. Dennis Oda / Star-Advertiser

Official brackets:

State Wrestling (Girls) 2017 Brackets v1

State Wrestling (Boys) 2017 Brackets v1

And away we go. Remember, these lists are far from official and only the top five wresters in each weight class are truly seeded. Everything is slotted after that to make matches. The official brackets will be out later today. Those are Officials.

The criteria on the board here at Iolani’s Sullivan Center are as follows:

1. head to head current season
2. State placement in current weight class last season
3. Major tournament placement in current season
4. Common opponents
5. Major tournament placement in a different weight class in the current season
6. Head to head last season
7. State placement in a different weight class last season
8. Major tournament placement in current weight class last season
9. Major tournament placement in different weight class last season
10. Coaches vote
11. coin flip.

Rankings for major girls tournaments are 1. Officials, 2. Paani, 3. Garner Ivey
Rankings for major boys tournaments are 1. Officials, 2. Garner Ivey

This goes really fast, I will try to list what I can. I started with the champions that I know.

Ed Paola of Kamehameha is running things and Rick Williams of Aiea is manning the computer as always.

Boys 106
Torigoe gets No. 1 with no discussion, everything follows cleanly after that.

1. Kainoa Torigoe, Iolani
2. Colby Ravida, Baldwin
3. Hunter Nagatani, Waipahu
4. Kobby Faeldonea, Keaau
5. Marcus Charles, Island
6. Brent Porter, Kamehameha
7. Timothy Nakamoto, Waiakea
8. Alan Sanchez, Lahainaluna

Boys 113
OIA gets an alternate in, Joseph Anzaldua, no arguments at all about seeds.

1. Kysen Terukina, Kamehameha
2. Andre Pagurayan, Kapolei
3. Waylon Spain, Waiakea
4. Ikua Tihada, Lahainaluna
5. MItchell Funasaki, Mililani
6. Landon Obra-Nakata, Damien
7. Kolby Inouye, Baldwin
8. Carlos Beltram, Keaau

Boys 120
ILH and BIIF fighting their runners up against each other, BIIF backs down. Pahoa’s Dylan Olson is in as an alternate, but he draws Pagurayan at the fifth spot but would get the BIIF champ in the second round. They change it and give Koby Chun of Kaiser to Pagurayan and put Olson against Cabanban.

1. Corey Cabanban, Saint Louis
2. Logan Garcia, Moanalua
3. Kawehi Gillcoat, Lahainaluna
4. Johnny Tunufai, Waiakea
5. Jayson Pagurayan, Kapolei
6. Noah Brigoli, Iolani
7. Trey Conrado, Kea
8. Colby Hanley, Kin

Boys 126
Estrella gets the top seed because of Officials. Galanto gets the third seed over Stefanelli and the ILH does not dispute it. Stefanelli deserves the No. 3 and some coaches are accusing the ILH of hiding their kid. ILH’s response is you don’t hide by going after the No. 1 seed, they stay at No. 4. The critirea only comes into play if someone disputes it, and ILH didn’t dispute it so it stands. BIIF2 vs. OIA2 almost came down to a coaches vote, but the BIIF concedes.

1. Kainalu Estrella, Lahainaluna
2. Triston Santos, Campbell
3. Elison Galanto, Keaau
4. Nicholas Stefanelli, Punahou
5. Corey Agena, Waimea
6. Ansen Urusa, Saint Louis
7. Souta Nardi, Baldwin
8. Jericho Manning, Pahoa

Boys 132
Perez vs. BIIF champ gets some discussion but second at Officials carries it for the second seed.

1. Zayren Terukina, Campbell
2. Matthew Perez, Kamehameha
3. Gabriel Esperanza, Baldwin
4. Kaau Estrella, KS-Hawaii
5. Naikoa Simao, Waimea
6. Christian Tavares, Radford
7. Kailee Hamada, Hilo
8. Zeff Dudoit, Lahainaluna

Boys 138
1. Joseph Fong, University
2. KeAle Keliinoi, Waianae
3. Demytri Dameg, Lanai
4. Jackson Miles, Keaau
5. Aukahi Kalamam Kai
6. Kainoa Richardson, Kamehameha
7. Kyle Ortiz, Hilo
8. Caele Manley, Molokai

Boys 145
Ballesteros gets the second seed over a head-to-head win over Carreiro.
1. Alexandre Mimura, Mid-Pacific
2. Jake Ballesteros, Lanai
3. Zhachary Carreiro, Waianae
4. Manu Wengler, KS-Hawaii
5. Kaimana Tampos, Waipahu
6. Kason Nitahara, Kamehameha
7. Izik Nakamasu, Hilo
8. Hauoli Caparida, Molokai

Boys 152
MIL is standing up for Leanio of Kauai since there is no rep here. They are not about to argue against Cooper, who won Officials. Everyone says Leanio deserves No. 2 and if he drops below that he could become a bracket buster. The issue seems to be why Kauai doesn’t show up and the meeting proceeds without anyone officially speaking on Leanio’s behalf. They vote whether to speak on his behalf and it comes out 2-2. The HHSAA boss says to allow the MIL to speak up for the KIF so that he doesn’t wreck the entire bracket. Usually Kauai just takes the No 5 or wherever he falls, but Leanio seems to be a different animal and it seems they haven’t had a wrestler good enough to have it be an issue. The issue ends with the committee saying they don’t want to punish a kid for not having representation and he will be seeded second. Then fourth seed comes down to a coin flip BIIF (Mamone) vs. the MIL (Dunwell). Kauai seeded second is causing big problems, putting ILH runner up (Tapia of Kamehameha) against MIL champ but ILH is fine with it. Big matches in the first round, Tapia of Kamehameha vs. Dunwell of Lanai on one side and Madison Leanio vs. Kainalu Tumpap of Saint Louis on the other side. Nicholas Mair and Jake Angelo could meet in the second round. Paola ends the meeting by saying he is going to put a proposal before Hiada in the summer to allow leagues to speak for different kids.

1. Makoa Cooper, Pearl City
2. Madison Leanio, Kauai
3. Jake Angelo, Iolani
4. Sergio Mamone, Hilo
5. Samuel Dunwell, Lanai
6. Lucas Tamayose, Kin
7. Cassen Christian, Moanalua
8. Hansel Kaumoauna, KS-Hawaii

Boys 160
Nobody argues the top two seeds, third is MIL vs. BIIF, Joy gets it. Kamehameha’s Trever Kahunahuna and MIL’s Reeno Pascual comes down to a vote. Kamehameha wins the vote 3-1. Kahunahuna did all of his damage in a higher weight class.

1. Brandon Burgos, Aiea
2. Kaysen Takenaka, Iolani
3. Laakea Joy, Baldwin
4. Brenden Figueroa, KS-Hawaii
5. Braeden Jansen, Kap
6. Kawena Esperas, Castle
7. Haili Kapela, Konawaena
8. Reeno Pascual, Lahainaluna

Boys 170
Moanalua gets an alternate in, it’s Jeron Justo who gets to wrestle Pascua.

1. KJ Pascua, Iolani
2. Kasey Kikuyama, Pearl City
3. Darius Miner, KS-Maui
4. Tyler Boromeo, Pahoa
5. Keanu Punley, Leilehua
6. Chasyn Aipoalani, Kamehameha
7. Jashen Matheiu, KS-Hawaii
8. Enoka Phillips, Lahainaluna

Boys 182
1. Lincoln Mussell, Hawaii Baptist
2. Gabriel Lelesch, Kailua
3. Malosi Abrahama, Kea
4. Ty Bates, Lahainaluna
5. Brett Barefoot, Leilehua
6. Sheydan Dano, Kamehameha
7. Hauoli Sineci, Hana
8. Kawika Andrian, Keu

Boys 195
1. Amir Mirza, Kamehameha
2. Jayden Ferreira, Baldwin
3. Sotoa Fagatogo, Kapolei
4. Radon Miles, Kea
5. Damien Agao Casabar, Moanalua
6. Saiaga Fautanu, Iolani
7. Ethan Ramos, KS-Hawaii
8. Jonathan Aunese, Maui

Boys 220
Big Island beats the ILH for the third seed via coin flip. Two alternates get in.

1. Micah Tynanes, Campbell
2. Samiuela Oto, Baldwin
3. Christopher Kubota, Hilo
4. Brock Ai, Kamehameha
5. Maka Kaahanui, Molokai
6. Islaey Busch-Matuu, Castle
7. Dominic Tominiko, Saint Louis
8. Setu Vole, Kea

Boys 285
Pearl City’s Paulsson Solomon gets in as an alternate and will face Yamashiro. Wow, Kapolei’s Isaac Alapai and Lennex Alo of Kahuku in the first round right now with the winner getting Boling. wow.

1. Dane Yamashiro, Iolani
2. Noah Feitosa Leite, Baldwin
3. Asaac Alapai, Kapolei
4. Joseph Hooper, KS-Hawaii
5. Chance Rodrigues, Maui
6. Cody Bollig, Kamehameha
7. Michael Gopaul, keaau
8. Ezeliel Samuelu, McKinley

OIA: Isaac Alapai, Kapolei

Girls 225
A whole bunch of byes in this weight class, three of them. BIIF wins a coaches vote for the fifth spot over the OIA, 3-1.

1. Roxie Umu, Keaau
2. Lavenia Fotu, Farrington
3. Celine Gomes, Baldwin
4. Mildred Keopuhiwa, Waianae
5. Olivia Mataele, Pearl City
6. Kulia Shores-Ulep, KS-Hawaii
7. Kania Faletoi, McKinley
8. Sehja Pedro, Molokai

Girls 184
Going to have some byes in this bracket, they can’t fill it. There are no alternates for the three spots. Not much discussion on seeds, the top three get byes. Khalif-Apo gets Waianae’s Lily Carrero.

1. Jennie Fuamatu, Pearl City
2. Saje Pedroza-Kanemitsu, KS-Maui
3. Maimiti Otare, Keaau
4. Anela Kahuili-Apo, Kamehameha
5. Jaye Lee-Kaiwi, Baldwin
6. Richann Benedito, Moanalua
7. Mahelani Ramirez, Aiea
8. Taylor Chan, Keaau

Girls 168
Two alternates here, OIA and BIIF. Congrats Angel Basa of Mililani. Kala took the top spot for her Paani placing and Ayers No 2 as a state placer.

1. Saydie Kala, Baldwin
2. Ivory Ayers, Keaau
3. Michelle Tanuvasa, Pearl City
4. Chynna Ancheta, Mid-Pacific
5. Alyandina Bushe, Kapolei
6. Ailani Lanoza, Lahainaluna
7. Tahani Tanele, Damien
8. Kaipoina Bailey, Konawaena

Girls 155
Three and four went for quite a discussion before Labanan took it. Freitas gets No. 5 because of her placing at Officials. Leilehua’s Samantha Murrulos almost made it in but was skipped over because the same school can’t have two entrants and Corbett rules here. OIA coach pointed it out. Farrington’s Sailor Taumua gets in as an alternate. Tough to place the Kauai champ, they have to redo it and they slot her in

1. Kelani Corbett, Leilehua
2. Kayla Araki, KS-Hawaii
3. Tara Labanon, Damien
4. Jaydin Hue Sing-Ammasi, Baldwin
5. Kahiau Freitas, Kamehameha
6. Jacqueline Fuamatu, Pearl City
7. Brianna Rivera, Campbell
8. Tianna Avanila, Kea

Girls 145

No argument for Peralta, she will get to face OIA 7 in the first round. Kira Jhun. They put Punahou alternate Soho Divers in that spot against Peralta.

1. Angela Peralta, Radford
2. Shannon Jaramillo, Lahainaluna
3. Iwa Worthington, Assets
4. Asinalu Holika, Hilo
5. Keeana Popejoy-Kanamu, Kin
6. Kaleinani Makuaole, Waianae
7. Chynasty Acia, Keaau
8. Salamasina Sotoa, Kamehameha

Girls 138
Vierra gets top seed because of her performance at Officials. Diaz vs. Sanborn comes down to a coaches vote until the OIA points out that Sanborn was third at Officials so no vote needed.

1. Zion-Grace Vierra, Kamehameha
2. Kauanow Keahi, Lahainaluna
3. Cassandra Tongi, Kahuku
4. Isabelle Tayo, Kea
5. Halle Sakai, Kai
6. Lainey Sanborn, Sared Hearts
7. Jaynah Dias, Kamehameha, Hawaii
8. Taye Mowat, Molokai

Girls 132
Two alternates got in, one from MIL and one from OIA

1. Teniya Alo, Kahuku
2. MIL: Taylor Pelegrino Hayase, Lahainaluna
3. Gionne Aniban-Morse, Kea
4. Charlize Jasmine Pascual-Tabuyo, Mid-Pacific
5. Kelsey lee Bicoy-Juario, Molokai
6. Roselani Ikei, Kaiser
7. Sunni Chow, Kamehameha
8. Waihulakapu, Keu

Girls 127
1. Jahnea Miguel, Baldwin
2. Anuhea Hamilton, Waianae
3. Kasey Pule, KS-Hawaii
4. Paige Respicio, Kamehameha
5. Chanelle Hunter, Pearl City
6. Alyssa Fusato, KIN
7. Kayla O’Sullivan, Maryknoll
8. Berri Lagmay, kea.

Girls 122
Nobody argues against Abe, MIL wins over ILH after a little discussion that might have included a head-to-head.
1. Mikayla Abe, Pearl City
2. Ashley Taguiam, Lahainaluna
3. Laynee Pasion, St Francis
4. Danakai Reilly-Gober, Kea
5. estrella-Beauchamp
6. Hannah Kannys, Kaiser
7. Ilima kepano-Gerrera
8. Kalsey Kimura, Iolani

Girls 117
ILH gets the top seed, MIL wants no.2 due to a head to head victory at Moanalua Duals and OIA says it doesn’t count because it is not a major tournament but head to head is head to head. Lot of discussion over No. 5 but Nanakuli gets it, coaches are really fighting for their kids no matter what school they wrestle for.

1. Taryn Ichimura, Punahou
2. Nanea Estrella, Lahainaluna
3. Allie Mahoe, Kapolei
4. Akua Albino-Kaupu, KS-Hawaii
5. Jaelynn Miner, Nanakuli
6. Alexis-Nova Posiulai, Kamehameha
7. Taryn Bonham, Hawaii Prep
8. Keeya Bicoy, Molokai

Girls 112
Higa gets no opposition as a state champion. This one was very cut and dried and went less than five minutes.

1. Macy Higa, Roosevelt
2. Alexis Encinas, Lahainaluna
3. Charlotte Taylor, Kea
4. Reiko Ramirez, Mid-Pacific
5. Nia Matutina, Kin
6. Tiare Ikei, Kaiser
7. Robyn Yim, Iolani
8. Alana Dickens, Konawaena

Girls 107

Gooman wanted the top spot but defending state champ in the weight class trumps it. KIF champion drops out of the fifth seed but drops because it is physically impossible to put them there without busting the bracket with OIA vs. OIA. Everybody agrees that Kauai isn’t where they belong, but they do not attend the meeting. Everybody also agrees that the bracket needs to be expanded with more kids to make it work.

1. Iverly Navarro, Lahainaluna vs. Lauren Peiler, Punahou
2. Ashley Gooman, Kamehameha vs. Francis Reverio-Harris, Kahuku
3. Haylee Fujioka, Roosevelt vs. Tehya Almeida, Kil
4. Ashley Falces, KS-Hawaii vs. Kristen Bareng, Aiea
5. Khaitline Bernaldez, Moanalua vs. Rita Morales, Waianae
6. Madison Vierra, Baldwin vs. Dania Furuya, Univertisy
7. Kaitlin Ito, Hawaii Baptist vs. Kaya Akana, Waimea
8. Sneha Nair, Hawaii Prep vs. Isabel Masiglat, Mililani

Girls 102
OIA and MIL are going for the top seed, they are going down the line and Chaves gets it because of her state placing. Kawamura gets the third seed for the ILH, BIIF is arguing that they are being punished for not being able to travel to Officials and making a choice between Moanalua and Officials. Now the BIIF is fighting for No 3 against Kawamura and losing on the criteria. Hoshino’s previous state championship made her the strongest non league champion. OIA 1-2-3 are on the same side and the OIA catches it. They are adjusting it and OIA gets the five spot.

1. Chelsey Chaves, Maui
2. Brianna Leong, Leilehua
3. Brooke Kawamura, Kamehameha
4. Mia Lum, KS-Hawaii
5. Xiaolin Mai, Roosevelt
6. Kolby Low, Kea
7. Sami Saribay, Lahainaluna
8. Bailey Hoshino, Punapu

Girls 97
No argument about Navarro, BIIF wants No. 2 but the OIA fights for Mahoe and wins. Fernandez is deemed to be the strongest No. 2 from the leagues, I missed why. It was quick.

1: Ira Navarro, Lahainaluna
2. Allicia Mahoe, Kapolei
3. Gracie Miranda, Waiakea
4. Sarah Obra-Nakata, Punahou
5. Sarai Valdez, Kai
6. Tianna Fernandez, Baldwin
7. Kacy Lei Quillopo, University
8. Sabannah Ramos, Leilehua

This creates a lot of OIA-OIA matchups, but can’t be helped. Ariel Goo vs. Ramos, Baron vs. Pau-Exabe.


  1. Interested in progress February 12, 2017 2:23 pm

    Kala was 6th at Pa’ani not top.

  2. Underdog February 12, 2017 3:02 pm

    Isn’t Shannon Jaramillo from Lahainaluna??

  3. Interested in progress February 12, 2017 3:07 pm

    Jaramillo was from Lahaina earlier in the year. Maybe just a typo(like many others as he’s typing quickly).

  4. Nathan February 12, 2017 3:39 pm

    Thank you for doing this and thank you Coach Todd from the MIL for sticking up for KIF wrestler and that bracket. Sounds like you were the voice of reason.

  5. Jerry Campany February 12, 2017 4:08 pm

    fixed, thanks. Just as Interested in Progress said, it goes really, really quickly and there are probably more than a few typos. Just trying to get the information out there quickly, I will read it over again when I get home.

    Interesting issues this year. As always, these seedings are far from official.

  6. NotSooSilentObserver February 12, 2017 4:16 pm

    Anyone know how Ferreira of Baldwin did not receive the 1 seed at 195?

  7. Alex February 12, 2017 5:20 pm

    Quick question on the 145 bracket. Why does Zhach Carriero have the 3rd and 5th seed?

  8. Jerry Campany February 12, 2017 5:24 pm

    Carreiro should be 3, Kaimana Tampos is 5

  9. Jerry Campany February 12, 2017 5:27 pm

    So your matchups at 145 are:
    Mimura vs. Paaina
    Hobby vs. Hauoli

    Tampos vs. Laborte
    Baker vs. Wengler

    Carreriro vs. Severs
    Morimoto vs. Nitahara

    Nakamasu vs. Yasunaga
    Wusstig vs. Ballesteros

  10. Jerry Campany February 12, 2017 5:32 pm

    By 195 I was a little behind but I don’t remember much discussion. Probably, and I am only guessing, when the HHSAA asked for a No. 1 seed the ILH piped up and nobody contested it.

  11. Rick Garcia February 12, 2017 10:21 pm

    They are making the OIA girls meet up again on the same side of the bracket. Our girls are basically re-doing OIAs at state. This isn’t right and needs to be fixed.

  12. from the stands February 12, 2017 10:31 pm

    Jerry, thanks for your time & effort, it truly is appreciated. Love hearing the details on how various issues are sorted out.

  13. from the stands February 13, 2017 6:27 am

    Boys 152 – Why was Cassen Christian(MOA) given the 2nd OIA spot when Aaron Mair(KAS) finished second at OIA Championships? Chirstian(MOA) finished 3rd at OIA’s.

  14. Mark B. February 14, 2017 12:34 am

    Aaron Mir may have done better at the other tournaments as opposed to Cassen Christian. You may want to check the Garner Ivey, Officials and Moanalua tournament results to see how they fared.

    I’m sure the OIA representatives were given the criteria for each wrestler from their team coaches in which their seeding positions were determined.

  15. Friendly neighborhood Spider-Man February 14, 2017 7:45 am

    It’s Nicholas by the way. And he placed second at officials. (To cooper) First in east. And second at OIA. (To cooper again). At OIA he beat Campbell who beat Moanalua. So I’m not sure why it is like that.

  16. Edward Kealanahele III February 16, 2017 1:57 pm

    Looking what seed is brandi kealanahele

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