Boys P4P: Cabanban ends season on top

Corey Cabanban of Saint Louis is the top boys wrestler in the final pound-for-pound rankings for 2016-17. He is followed by (2) Iolani's KJ Pascua, (3) Micah Tynanes of Campbell, (4) Iolani's Dane Yamashiro and (5) Campbell's Zayren Terukina.
Corey Cabanban of Saint Louis is the top boys wrestler in the final pound-for-pound rankings for 2016-17. He is followed by (2) Iolani’s KJ Pascua, (3) Micah Tynanes of Campbell, (4) Iolani’s Dane Yamashiro and (5) Campbell’s Zayren Terukina.

Corey Cabanban of Saint Louis ends the wrestling season atop the pound-for-pound rankings after sweeping through states on his way to his third title. He will undoubtedly begin his quest for No. 4 atop the rankings next year.

Cabanban had his share of opposition during his run, beating Mililani’s Casey Nitta 2-0 before being pushed a little bit by Moanalua’s Logan Garcia in the final. He wasn’t alone, each of the top wrestlers endured a few nervous moments during the tournament.

‘Iolani’s Dane Yamashiro rises to his rightful place in the fourth spot after pinning his way though the tournament. Only Leilehua’s Brett Barefoot was as dominating.

The top 10 is largely made up of boys who swept the three major tournaments, winning states, league and Officials.

The biggest drop involved Kapolei’s Jayson Pagurayan, who suffered an injury at the worst possible time but still gutted out a sixth-place finish to become the first in Hurricanes history to place at states four times.

As always, these rankings are completely subjective.

1. Corey Cabanban, Saint Louis
2017 state champion (120), 2016 state champion (113), 2015 state champion (106)
2017 ILH champion (120, 2016 ILH champion (113), 2015 ILH champion (108)
2016 Officials champion (120), 2015 Officials champion (113)
State championships: Pinned Dylan Olson (Pahoa) 0:49; Beat Casey Nitta (Mililani) 2-0; Pinned Jayson Pagurayan (Kapolei) 2:39; beat Logan Garcia (Moanalua) 7-2.
ILH championships: Beat Noah Brigoli (Iolani), 17-3 TF
Officials: Beat Isaac Hokama (Roosevelt), 13-4; Beat Noah Brigoli (Iolani), 22-5; Beat Kawehi Gillcoat (Lahainaluna), 13-5; Beat No. 7 Jayson Pagurayan (Kapolei), 5-4; Beat Logan Garcia (Moanalua) 7-2.

2. KJ Pascua, Iolani
2017 state champion (170), 2016 state second (152), 2015 state champ (145), 2014 state second (138)
2017 ILH champion (170), 2016 ILH champion (152), 2015 ILH champion (147), 2014 ILH champion (138)
2016 Officials champion (170), 2015 Officials champion (152), 2014 Officials champion (145)
State championships: Pinned Jeron Justo (Moanalua) 2:57; Beat Daniel Ochoa (McKinley) 5-2; Beat Micah Wong-Lau (Kahuku) 8-3; Beat Noah Respicio (Campbell) 7-5.
ILH championships: Pinned Chasyn Aipoalani (Kamehameha), Pinned Kekuewa Wong (University)
Officials: Pinned Devon Miller (Campbell), 3:17; Pinned Spike Kahalewai (Nanakuli), 3:31; Beat Noah Respicio (Campbell), 7-5; Pinned Kasey Kikuyama (Pearl City), 2:36

3. Micah Tynanes, Campbell
2017 state champ (220), 2016 state champ (195), 2015 state third (182),
2017 OIA champ, 2016 OIA champ (195),
2016 Officials champ (220), 2015 Officials champ (195)
State championships: Pinned Huakai Self (Moanalua) 1:12; Pinned Jonah Caminos-Freitas (Leilehua) 3:10; Beat Makananui Kaahanui (Iolani) 6-2; Pinned Isley Busch-Matu’u (Castle) 3:28.
OIA championships: Pinned Jon Inano (Radford), 1:05, Pinned Jonah Caminos-Freitas (Leilehua) 0:40; Pinned Isley Busch-Matuu (Castle) 1:23
Officials: Pinned Hunter Guerrero (Saint Louis), 0:10; Pinned Isley Busch-Matuu (Castle), 4:35; Beat Makananui Kaahanui (Molokai), 6-1; Pinned Trinity Fautanu (St. Francis), 1:28

4. Dane Yamashiro, Iolani
2017 state champ (285), 2016 state champ (285)
2017 ILH champ (285), 2016 ILH champ (285)
2016 Officials champ (285)
State championships: Pinned Paulsson Solomon (Pearl City) 0:58; Pinned Chance Rodrigues (Maui) 0:34; Pinned Noah Feitosa Leite (Baldwin) 1:53.
ILH championships: Pinned Ben Scott (Saint Louis), Pinned Cody Bollig (Kamehameha)
Officials: Pinned Roman Moeone (Pearl City), 0:43;Pinned Jace Filipo-Rodrigues (Waianae), 0:49;Beat Dominic Tominiko (Saint Louis), 8-2;Beat Noah Feitosa Leite (Baldwin), 11-4

5. Zayren Terukina, Campbell
2017 state champ (132), 2016 state third (126)
2017 OIA champion (134), 2016 OIA champion (126)
2016 Officials champion (132)
State championships: Pinned Jhael JB Jose (Leilehua) 1:53; Pinned Zeff Dudoit (Lahainaluna) 1:45; Beat Colby Watase (Iolani) 5-2; Beat Christian Tavares (Radford) 7-1.
OIA championships: Pinned Justin Yuen (Kaiser) 0:41; Pinned Charles Freitas (Pearl City) 3:18; Pinned Elijah Diamond (Mililani) 1:00; Beat Christian Tavares (Radford) 5-0.
Officials: Pinned Jonathan Domingo (Pearl City) 2:42; Beat Koali Nishigaya (Saint Louis) 7-1; Beat Charles Freitas (Pearl City) MD 15-3; Beat Matthew Perez (Kamehameha) MD 11-3

6. Makoa Cooper, Pearl City
2017 state champion (152)
2017 OIA champion (154)
2016 Officials champion (152)
State championships: Pinned Andrew Olson (Mililani) 1:23; Pinned Zachary Bell (University) 0:58; Beat Kamakanamakamae Tapia (Kamehameha) 16-4; Beat Nicholas Mair (Kaiser) 16-4.
OIA championships: Pinned Jeremy Eda (Waipahu) 0:35; Pinned Andrew Olson (Mililani) 1:36; Beat Nicholas Mair (Kaiser) 16-5
Officials: Pinned Kainalu Reyes-Hackney (Saint Louis) 1:09; Beat Jake Angelo (Iolani) TF 16-0; Beat Nicholas Kim (Mililani) 5-4; Beat Nicholas Mair (Kaiser) MD 16-5.

7. Kysen Terukina, Kamehameha
2017 state champion (113)
2016 Officials champion (113)
2017 ILH champion (113)
State championships: Pinned Joseph Anzaldua (Leilehua) 3:18; Pinned Elijah Asuncion (Moanalua) 1:55; Beat Elijah Kaawa (Saint Louis) 9-1; Beat Landon Obra-Nakata (Damien) 7-2.
ILH championships: Beat Casen Watanabe (Punahou) 5-3; Beat Landon Obra-Nakata by forfeit
Officials: Beat Elijah Kaawa (Saint Louis) 7-1; Pinned Kekoa Catiel (Lanai) 1:07; Beat Andre Pagurayan (Kapolei) 2-1; Beat Landon Obra-Nakata (Damien) 6-1.

8. Brandon Burgos, Aiea
2017 state champion (160), 2016 state fourth (170)
2017 OIA champ (162)
2016 Officials champ (160)
State championships: Beat Richard Adniwin (Moanalua) 13-5; Beat Mason Canonico (Punahou) 13-4; Beat Trever Kahunahuna (Kamehameha) 4-3; Pinned Laakea Joy (Baldwin) 1:59.
OIA championships: Pinned Vance Kelihoomalu (Halau Ku Mana) 5:49; Beat Jared Kaneko (Kalani) 9-4; Beat Kawena Esperas (Castle) 10-3.
Officials: Pinned Reeno Pascual (Lahainaluna) 5:24; Pinned Andrew Olson (Mililani) 5:37; Beat Kaysen Takenaka (Iolani) 16-6; Beat Braden Suzuki-Scott (Kamehameha) 7-2

9. Alexandre Mimura, Pac-Five
2017 state champ (145), 2016 state third (138), 2015 state sixth (132)
2017 ILH champion (145)
2016 Officials champion
2016 MIT champion
State championships: Beat Justin Paaina (Kaiser) 19-4; Beat Jonathan Hobby (Kalani) 17-6; Beat Manu Wengler (KS-Hawaii) 19-3; Beat Zhacary Carreiro (Waianae) 9-1.
ILH championships: Beat Shane Yasunaga (Punahou) 20-5; Beat Kason Nitahara (Kamehameha) 18-6
Officials: Beat Johnathan Hobby (Kalani) MD 18-7; Beat Shyston Saragosa (Kapolei) MD 8-0; Beat Kason Nitahara (Kamehameha) TF 17-2; Beat Zhacary Carreiro (Waianae) MD 15-2
MIT: Pinned Keaka Kuaana (Lahainaluna) 3:10; Pinned Prince-Maui Aweau (Kapolei) 1:56; Beat Demytri Dameg (Lanai) 5-2; Beat Ryley Boutain (Benicia) 4-1.

10. Triston Santos, Campbell
2017 state champion (126), 2016 state second (113), 2015 state champion (113)
2017 OIA champ (128), 2016 OIA champ (113), 2015 OIA Champ (113)
State championships: Pinned Janoah Benauro (Mililani) 1:01; Neat Kaua Nishigaya (Iolani) 11-1; Beat Ansen Ursua (Saint Louis) 4-3; Beat Kainalu Estrella (Lahainaluna) 8-3
OIA championships: Pinned Janoah Benauro 0:35; Pinned Isaac Hokama (Roosevelt) 5:10; Beat Kaena Desantos (Leilehua) 10-2
Officials: Beat Travis Kon (Iolani), 15-0; Lost to Jayson Pagurayan (Kapolei), 7-3; Forfeited the rest of the bracket


11. Ke’ale Keliinoi, Waianae
2017 state champion (138), 2016 state second (126), 2015 state sixth (120)
2017 OIA champ (140)
2016 MIT champ (138)
State championships: Pinned Ryan Wahl (Radford) 1:53; Beat Alika Arecchi (Damien) 15-3; Pinned Antonio Ruiz (Moanalua) 2:19; Beat Steven Pangelinan (Campbell) 13-5.
OIA championships: Pinned Cody Uehara (Kalani) 1:21; Beat Jacob Yamaguchi (Kapolei) 8-1; Beat Steven Pangelian (Campbell) 15-7
Officials: Pinned Tahj Ressureccion (Leilehua), 2:23;Beat Zeff Dudoit (Lahainaluna), 15-2; Beat Steven Pangelinan (Campbell), 4-2;Lost to Joseph Fong (Pac-Five), 10-5
MIT: Pinned Cameron Nishida (Pac-Five) 2:59; Pinned Hauoli Caparida 2:51; Beat Noah Wusstig (Moanalua) 9-2; Beat Caele Manley (Molokai) 5-1

12. Brett Barefoot, Leilehua
2017 state champion (182)
State championships: Pinned Thaze Gomes (KS-Hawaii) 5:25; Pinned Ty Bates (Lahainaluna) 1:54; Pinned Lincoln Mussell (Hawaii Baptist) 2:49; Pinned Alize Wright (Campbell) 4:37
OIA championships: Pinned Kailer Okura (Kalani) 1:59; Beat Alize Wright (Campbell) 5-3; Lost to Gabriel Lelesch (Kailua) 12-3.
Officials: Beat Moses Sardinha (Campbell) 10-2; Pinned Charleston Naone (Nanakuli) 3:43; Lost to Alize Wright (Campbell) 9-4; Beat Gabriel Lelesch (Kailua) 9-7; Beat Gage Whitehead (Kahuku) 9-7.

13. Sai Fautanu, Iolani
2017 state champ (195), 2016 state second (182)
2016 ILH champ (182),
2015 Officials champ (182)
State championships: Beat Risein Campbell (Waialua) 10-2; Beat Fagatogo Sotoa (Kapolei) 5-1; Beat Jayden Ferreira (Baldwin) 3-2; Beat Damien Agao Casabar (Moanalua) 3-1.
ILH championships: Pinned Hunter Guerrero (Saint Louis), Lost to Amir Mirza (Kamehameha) 5-3.

14. Kainoa Torigoe, Iolani
2017 State champion (106)
2017 ILH champ (106)
2016 Officials champ, (106), 2015 Officials champ (106)
State championships: Pinned Michael Swezey (Radford) 4:14; Beat Alan Sanchez (Lahainauna) 14-4; Beat Triston Baron (Roosevelt) 10-1; Beat Hunter Nagatani (Waipahu) 6-4.
ILH championships: Pinned Makana Young (Saint Louis), Beat Brant Porter (Kamehameha) 8-3
Officials: Beat Colby Ravida (Baldwin) by MD, 17-7; Pinned Joe-Kila Faafiu (Leilehua) 0:56; Beat Brant Porter (Kamehameha) 7-2; Pinned Jayse Lalim-Rillon (Molokai) 5:01

15. Logan Garcia, Moanalua
2017 state second (120), 2016 state champ (106)
2017 OIA Champ (122), 2016 OIA champ (106)
State championships: Pinned Noa Helm (KS-Maui) 0:59; Pinned Justin Abe (Punahou) 0:32; Beat Kawehi Gillcoat (Lahainaluna) 10-5; Lost to Corey Cabanban (Saint Louis) 7-2.
OIA championships: Pinned Elani Nagatani (Waipahu) 3:11; Beat Isaac Stalcup (Leilehua) 15-14; Pinned Jayson Pagurayan (Kapolei) 5:47
Officials: Pinned Justin Abe (Punahou) 2:15; Beat Casey Nitta (Mililani) 8-3; Lost to Jayson Pagurayan (Kapolei) 11-8; Beat Isaac Stalcup (Leilehua) 5-3; Beat Kawehi Gillcoat (Lahainaluna) 6-4

16. Kainalu Estrella, Lahainaluna
2017 state second (126), 2016 state second (120), 2015 state third (113)
2017 MIL champ (128), 2016 MIL champ (120), 2015 MIL champ (113)
2016 Officials champion (126)
2016 MIT champ (132)
State championships: Beat Joshua Matsumoto (Mid-Pacific) 11-4; Pinned Kaai Tamboan-Kaeo (Waianae) 2:41; Beat Nicholas Stefanelli (Punahou) 4-3; Lost to Triston Santos (Campbell) 8-3.
MIL championships: Pinned Trystan Ahyat (KS-Maui) 1:14; Beat Souta Nardi (Baldwin) 17-7
Officials: Beat Zachary Urabe (Punahou) TF 19-3; Beat Anson Ursua (Saint Louis) MD 15-6; Beat Kaua Nishigaya (iolani) 12-5; Beat Nick Stefanelli (Punahou) 3-1.
MIT: Beat Evan Nishida (Pac-Five) 18-3; Pinned Billy Treu (Baldwin) 1:59; Beat Joshua Matsumoto (Pac-Five) 18-9; Beat Juaquin Samaniego (Molokai) 19-7.

17. Lincoln Mussell, Hawaii Baptist
2017 state third (182), 2015 state fourth (160)
2017 ILH champ (182)
2016 Officials champ
State championships: Beat Kailer Okura (Kalani) 14-3; Beat Felix Dellatan (Waianae) 10-8; Lost to Brett Barefoot (Leilehua) 2:49; Beat Kawika Andrian (Pearl City) 13-3; Beat Gabriel Lelesch (Kailua) 4-2.
ILH championships: Pinned Demitries Dulay (Damien), Pinned Sheydan Dano (Kamehameha)
Officials: Pinned Felix Dellatan 3:58; Beat Gabriel Lelesch (Kailua) 5-3; Beat Gage Whitehead (Kahuku) 5-3; Beat Alize Wright (Campbell) 6-3
MIT: Pinned Alid Schmidt (St. Thomas More) 0:50; Pinned Jeron Justo (Moanalua) 0:41; Lost to Aaron Bito (Moanalua) 8-5

18. Joseph Fong, Pac-Five
2017 state third (138), 2016 state fourth (132), 2015 state second (126)
2017 ILH champ (138), 2015 ILH champ (128),
2016 Officials champ (138)
State championships: Pinned Dillon Raquel (Leilehua) 1:28; Beat Jacob Yamaguchi (Kapolei) 3-0; Lost to Steven Pangelinan (Campbell) 5-3; Beat Kanoa Richardson (Kamehameha) 9-4.
ILH championships: Beat Alika Arecchi (Damien) 9-2; Beat Kainoa Richardson (Kamehameha) 14-3
Officials: Beat Elijah Ukauka (Castle), 9-0;Beat Dayton Espisito (Roosevelt), 4-3;Beat Caele Manley (Molokai), 8-1; Beat Ke’ale Keliinoi (Waianae), 10-5

19. Jayson Pagurayan, Kapolei
2017 state sixth (120), 2016 State sixth (120), 2015 state second (106), 2014 state third (106)
2016 OIA champ (120), 2015 OIA champ (106), 2014 OIA champ (106),
2014 Officials champ (106), 2013 Officials champ (106).
State championships: Pinned Koby Chun (Kaiser) 0:52; Beat Elani Nagatani (Waipahu) 14-5; Lost to Corey Cabanban (Saint Louis) 2:39; Lost to Justin Abe (Punahou) 0:26
OIA championships: Beat Casey Nitta (Mililani) 10-6; Pinned by Logan Garcia (Moanalua) 5:47
Officials: Pinned Dare Umimaka (Castle), 0:12; Triston Santos (Campbell), 7-3; Beat Logan Garcia (Moanalua), 11-8; Lost to Corey Cabanban (Saint Louis), 5-4; Lost to Justin Abe (Punahou) 0:26; Beat Kawehi Gillcoat (Lahainaluna) by default

20. Jayden Ferreira, Baldwin
2017 state fifth (195)
2017 MIL champion (197)
2016 Officials champion
2016 MIT champion
State championships: Pinned Zion Lista (Farrington) 4:21; Beat Legend Matautia (Punahou) 9-3; Lost to Sai Fautanu (Iolani) 3-2; Lost to Risein Campbell (Waialua) 3-1; Pinned Amir Mirza (Kamehameha) 2:52.
MIL championships: Pinned Christopher Bacos (Baldwin) 1:18; Pinned Jonathan Aunese (Maui) 3:08
Officials: Pinned Kyler Navarro-Hiwauli (Waianae) 3:55; Pinned Rustin Worley (Leilehua), 1:16; Pinned Atiui Valu (Waianae) 1:42; Pinned Sheydan Dano (Kamehameha), 3:13
MIT: Beat Andrew Choi (Kaiser) 16-8; Beat Fagatogo Sotoa (Kapolei) 4-3; Beat Damien Agao Casabar (Moanalua) 7-6

21. Kasey Kikuyama, Pearl City
2017 state third (170), 2016 state fifth (160),
2017 OIA champion (172)
State championships: Beat Salvador Gonzalez (Roosevelt) 4-0; Pinned Kekuewa Wong (University) 3:44; Lost to Noah Respicio (Campbell) 8-3; Pinned Darius Mynar (KS-Maui) 1:43; Beat Micah Wong-Lau (Kahuku) 6-4.
OIA championships: Beat Mark Guillot (Radford) 2-0; Pinned Micah Wong-Lau (Kahuku) 4:19; Beat Noah Respicio (Campbell) 12-4; Beat Keanu Punley (Leilehua) 7-3
Officials: Pinned Zander Manuel (Punahou) 0:34; Pinned Keanu Punley (Leilehua) 4:23; Beat Kamaki Gouveia (Baldwin) 8-6; Pinned by KJ Pascua (Iolani) 2:36

22. Amir Mirza, Kamehameha
2017 state sixth (195), 2016 state fourth (195)
ILH champion (195)
State championships: Beat Apakasi Felemi (Lahainaluna) 6-2; Pinned Atui Valu (Waianae) 3:49; Lost to Damien Agao Casabar (Moanalua) 3:34; Lost to Fagatogo Satoa 2:27; Lost to Jayden Ferreira (Baldwin) 2:52.
ILH championships: Beat Legend Matautia (Punahou) 6-3, Beat Saiaga Fautanu (Iolani) 5-3
Officials: Beat Huakai Self (Moanalua) 5-3; Pinned Austin Morris (Campbell) 5:01; Pinned by Trinity Fautanu (St. Francis), 3:29; Lost to Isley Busch-Matuu (Castle) 5-3; beat Legend Matautia (Punahou) 5-2.

23. Nick Stefanelli, Punahou
2017 state third (126), 2016 state fourth (120)
2017 ILH champion (126)
State championships: Beat Isaac Hokama (Roosevelt) 13-1; Beat Kaena Desantos (Leilehua) 4-3; Lost to Kainalu Estrella (Lahainaluna) 4-3; Beat Kaua Nishigaya (Iolani) 1-0; Beat Ansen Ursua (Saint Louis) 6-4.
ILH championships: Beat Joshua Matsumoto (Mid-Pacific) 12-1; Beat Ansen Ursua (Saint Louis) 6-5
Officials: Pinned Ezra Bantolina (Moanalua) 0:59; Beat Grant Kawasaki (Aiea) 9-1; Beat Souta Nardi (Baldwin) 8-1; Lost to Kainalu Estrella (Lahainaluna) 3-1.

24. Noah Respicio, Campbell
2017 state second (170)
State championships: Pinned Darius Mynar (KS-Maui) 3:03; Beat Chasyn Aipoalani (Kamehameha) 9-6; Beat Kasey Kikuyama (Pearl City) 8-3; Lost to KJ Pascua (Iolani) 7-5.
OIA championships: Beat Leighton Russell (Kailua) 10-4; Lost to Kasey Kikuyama (Pearl City) 12-4; Beat Salvador Gonzalez (Roosevelt) 5-1
Officials: Beat Cyrus Asuncion (Damien) 15-0; Beat Nathan Miller (Mililani) 13-5; Beat Gianni Oyadomari (Kapolei) 9-6; Lost to KJ Pascua (Iolani) 3:31; Beat Keanu Punley (Leilehua) 9-3; Beat Gianni Oyadomari (Kapolei) 4-3.

25. Colby Watase, Iolani
2017 state third (132), 2016 State fifth (113), 2015 state fourth (106), 2014 state fourth (106)
State championships: Pinned Naikoa Simao (Waimea); Beat Kaau Estrella (KS-Hawaii) 4-2; Lost to Zayren Terukina (Campbell) 5-2; Beat Colby Jhael JB Jose (Leilehua) 2-0.
ILH championships: Lost to Matthew Perez (Kamehameha) 6-4


  1. Joshua February 23, 2017 2:17 pm

    How does Garcia drop so low when he just beat Santos and his lost was against the number 1 p4p?

  2. Noname February 23, 2017 3:32 pm

    He lost to Pagurayan and Nitta from Mililani who isn’t ranked

  3. RickJames February 23, 2017 6:00 pm

    He was ranked way to high to start and had multiple losses. Bumping up two weight classes is not easy, he also lost badly in the finals and did not look compeitive.

    Not to much people believe that he could beat a healthy Pagurayan.

    He is lucky to be ranked

  4. Saberz February 23, 2017 6:06 pm

    I thought Garcia did great considering he went up two weight classes and avenged both of those defeats . Not to mention he hasn’t even turned 16 yet and corey who is awesome is already 18 . And I do think the 120 division was best in state this year.

  5. Joshua February 23, 2017 6:11 pm

    He didn’t lose badly he lost to the best in the state in my opinion . He could of stayed at 113 and easily won or maybe even went up to 126 like the other boy and had a better shot . But he went to face the best and I have a lot of respect for that . Dosnt happen very often . I look forward to watching all these awesome athletes next season.

  6. Noah February 23, 2017 6:33 pm

    Where is Ruiz at on this??

  7. RickJames February 23, 2017 7:22 pm

    Bull Crap!

    If he wanted to got to 113 than Go! He got beaten like a drum…Not sure what you was watching but it was not impressive at all, Pagaruyan would of done way better. He beat a cripple to win OIA. Unfair to say “IF” he did this or that, the champ at 113 is no joke give him credit. I feel he would do the same, he lucked out on getting to the finals. Age does not matter, you can make excuses all you like but guess what they will graduate the same year.

  8. HImatside February 23, 2017 7:47 pm

    Great job by HPW for the coverage of wrestling, if not for you guys their would be none. Ruiz had a bad injury if not I believe he’d be on the list somewhere. All state champs deserve their ranking but all List are always subjective and rightly so, good for discussion. True P4P Will usually come from lighter weights! Next year will be exciting with Cabanban, Garcia, Cooper, Terukinas ect. KEEP UP THE COVERAGE!

  9. Noah February 23, 2017 7:57 pm

    I’m just saying gotta hand it too the kid, he tore his ACL in Maui but still was able too place top 4 at State, and the kid dislocated his elbow right before OIAs. He’s not even ranked here, crazy.

  10. QuietThinker February 24, 2017 7:50 am

    Well first off SHAME ON YOU
    RickJames for calling any wrestler a cripple. How dare you speak that way!! These wrestlers get on and off the mat each and every week to compete for their family and friends and we all should be proud of each and every one of them.

    Second, Garcia did pin Paguryan for an OIA title with ONE hurt/injured ankle. But remember this, Cabanban also Pinned Paguryan at states in the semis with TWO hurt/injured ankles. So you need to get your facts before opening your mouth!!

    Third, credit is always given when credit is due. You cannot take away the fact that once a state champ, always a state champ!

    Always wish for the best and keep positive vibes!!


  11. RickJames February 24, 2017 1:13 pm

    1.cause (someone) to become unable to move or walk properly

    The guy came in on crutches, crawled to the middle of the mat and let it fly but in no way was he 100%; he was a cripple.

    The difference, that was not the first time Cabanban beat Paguarayan

    Like I said jumping up two weight classes is no easy task.

  12. 808matworxs February 24, 2017 8:24 pm

    I think that you guy’s are doing a great job at hawaii prep world with updates and stat’s throughout the wrestling season. I think that 195# Agao (MOA) should be considered on the p4p list he did defeat MIRZA (KAM) p4p ranked 22 and came in second for MIT, OIA, and STATES

  13. Eyespyguy February 27, 2017 8:31 am

    Congrats to those that won a state title but the meaning of P4P Is the absolute best regardless of class or title. 195# class has been the weakest this year. With 120 being the toughest both Cabanban & Garcia beat 126# champ Santos. also 126 was also pretty tough with Santos landing there, next would be 132#.

  14. 808matworxs February 28, 2017 4:45 pm

    As true as that may be the p4p top 25 still has 3 wrestlers that are from 195# class, but yes everyone is free to there own opinion. I always thought that if the wrestler placed higher than his or her opponents in the “state tournament” than they should at least be considered ranked higher.

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