Punahou’s Kobayashi is ILH player of the year

Punahou senior Chris Kobayashi is the 2016-17 ILH Division I boys basketball player of the year. Photo by Cindy Ellen Russell/Star-Advertiser.
Punahou senior Chris Kobayashi is the 2016-17 ILH Division I boys basketball player of the year. Photo by Cindy Ellen Russell/Star-Advertiser.

The 2016-17 Fab. 15 All-State team in boys basketball will be released in Sunday’s Honolulu Star-Advertiser. Punahou’s Christopher Kobayashi figures to make the team after being named the ILH Division I boys basketball most valuable player. Maryknoll’s Kelly Grant is the ILH coach of the year in Division I. Below are the complete ILH all-star teams as voted on by league coaches.

Division I

Most valuable player—Christopher Kobayashi, Sr, Punahou
Coach of the year—Kelly Grant, Maryknoll
Hugh Hogland, Sr, ‘Iolani
Kobe Young, Jr, Kamehameha
Jaylen Cain, Jr, Maryknoll
Zayne Chong, Jr, Punahou
Jaymason Nunuha, Sr, Saint Louis
Helam Baldomero, Sr, ‘Iolani
Justin Genovia, Jr, ‘Iolani
Kamren Victorino-Kato, Jr, Kamehameha
Kaulana Schmidt, Sr, Maryknoll
Zion Shepherd, Sr, Mid-Pacific
‘Iolani: Cole Hogland, Jr.
Kamehameha: Laamea Frank, Jr; Christmas Togiai, Fr.
Maryknoll: Isiah Gelacio, Jr.
Mid-Pacific: Cade Coito, Sr; Jacen Kimura, Sr.
Punahou: Hunter Hosoda, Jr; Duke Clemens, Soph; Kaulana Makaula, Soph.
Saint Louis: Noa Purcell, Jr.

Division II

Most valuable player—Kameron Ng, Soph, St. Francis
Coach of the year—Ron Durant, St. Francis
Shaun Apiki, Sr, Damien
Micah Mitchell, Jr, Hawaii Baptist
Dominic Venezia, Sr, Le Jardin
Manoa Kual’ii-Moe, Jr, St. Francis
Charles Fox, Sr, University
Kolin Galdiano, Jr, Damien
Ty Minatoya, Sr, Hawaii Baptist
Maxwell Wiemken, Soph, Hawaii Baptist
Supilani Mailei, Sr, St. Francis
Travis Kaloa, Sr, University
Le Jardin: Jerry Lawson, Sr; Charles Abe, Jr.
St. Francis: Noah Kurosawa, Sr.
University: Denver Tong, Sr; Otto Taylor, Jr; Leif Ericson Fautanu, Soph.

Division III

Most valuable player—Frederick Harris, Sr, Christian Academy
Coach of the year—Carey Won, Assets
David Zimmerman, Sr, Assets
AJ Ulufale, Jr, Assets
Reid Kim, Sr, Hawaiian Mission Academy
Eli Busenbark, Jr, Honolulu Waldorf
Jake Arakawa, Sr, Island Pacific Academy
Kealoha Garvin, Soph, Assets
Rylie Schenbeck Chang, Sr, Christian Academy
Dakota Fisher, Jr, Christian Academy
Frank Schmidt, Sr, Honolulu Waldorf
Yoshimi Matoba, Soph, Honolulu Waldorf
Damien: Brayden Marumoto, Sr; Justice White, Sr.
Hawaiian Mission Academy: Joey Domingo, Sr; Allan Sison, Sr; Noah Bryant, Soph; Makael French, Soph.
Island Pacific Academy: Nathan Bek, Jr; Jordan Carrancho, Soph; Christopher Gionson, Jr.
Lanakila Baptist: Jeffrey Mangahis, Soph.

Division I-AA

Most valuable player—Joseph Sealey, Jr, Maryknoll
Coach of the year—Gary Pacarro, Punahou
Jodie Kim, Sr, ‘Iolani
Drake Lee, Sr, Kamehameha
Seyddrick Lakalaka, Sr, Punahou
Nicholas Buto, Jr, Punahou
Dallas Dunaway, Jr, Punahou
Zachary Choo, Sr, Saint Louis
Brenner De Mello, Sr, ‘Iolani
Daynon Dang, Jr, Kamehameha
Ikaia Bernardino, Sr, Saint Louis
Braeden Meyer, Sr, Saint Louis
Seth Hiro, Jr, Saint Louis
‘Iolani: Carter Lau, Sr; Adam O’Leary, Jr.
Kamehameha: Akamu Makua, Sr; Kaethan Kahana, Jr; Tyler Park, Jr.
Maryknoll: Reyn Enomoto, Jr.
Punahou: Alama Uluave, Jr.


  1. Tafena_Costa March 10, 2017 8:26 am

    I’m just trynna understand how and who does the voting for the leagues on O’ahu. The only awards for the OIA were made it seems by the ScoringLive website staff. Didn’t look like there was a coaches vote for OIA East/West. Is that who is in charge of the league’s post-season all-star teams? The ILH looks like it is a purely voted by coaches. And then the Advertiser will handle the entire state’s selections? Clarification anyone, please.

  2. matt hogland March 10, 2017 9:37 am

    Hugh Hogland team Iolani was
    1 st place ILH regular season
    1 st place ILH tournament
    won the extra playoff game
    Hugh led the ILH in
    Scoring – Rebounding – Assists- Blocks
    and changed 100’s of shot on D
    3 point shooter
    few rebounds
    few assists
    few blocks
    subbed out on defense

  3. Education First March 10, 2017 10:52 am

    Didn’t Punahou beat Iolani for the ILH Title? And didn’t Punahou make it to the State Championship game? I think Punahou beat Iolani straight up 3-2.

    Here are both of their stats (assuming it’s accurate on scoringlive).

    Points Per Game: Hogland (14.8 – Season & 15.0 – ILH) vs. Kobayashi (14.2 – season & 14.7 – season).

    Rebounds: It doesn’t show but I am going to assume Hogland has more per game.

    FT % – Hogland – 53.6 & vs. Kobayashi – 95.5%

    Going on these numbers it’s quite close for scoring. I think the difference is team success. Both are good players.

  4. Sue Chun March 10, 2017 3:19 pm

    Mr. Hogland needs to check some of his “facts.” Many of his son’s points are a result of his height. Chris’s team, Punahou, won the important game that gave them the coveted seed in the state tournament. The recognition is very well deserved. Congratulations to Hugh for being on the first team.

  5. Coach_B March 10, 2017 3:27 pm

    @matt I understand where you are coming from but most of these post-season awards are heavily influenced by team achievement/success. Its the same in football where the state champ and runner-up have 80+% of the all-state team and such. Not saying what’s right or wrong, and both have an argument to be made for them, but that’s just how these things work out

  6. Sue Chun March 10, 2017 3:53 pm

    Yes. Basketball is a team sport.

    Here are some published stats that are not mentioned above:

    ‘Iolani player. 15. ppg. 210 total pts. 2. 3-pt shots. 37% ft ave.

    Punahou player. 14.7 ppg. 206 total pts. 37. 3-pt shots. 95.5 ft. ave

  7. AOK March 10, 2017 8:43 pm

    Watch the game and it’s obvious to see who had a bigger impact.

    I’d take Chong over Kobayashi all day, everyday. Watch next year, when he’s the featured scorer. His stats will be way better than Kobayashi’s ever was LOL

  8. Redlentless Fan March 10, 2017 9:45 pm

    @Matt is spot on. @Sue I think you might not understand what happened in the ILH. Or maybe you do? There was a 3-way tie for first in the regular season (Punahou, Iolani and Maryknoll). By PURE luck of the draw (literally), Punahou scored the #1 spot, Maryknoll scored the #2 spot. And Iolani got the #3. They had THE toughest road. To say “Many of his son’s points was because of his height” is actually pretty comical. What does that matter? It’s like saying many of Villa’s points was because he was fast (more to it of course, but just making a point). I for one believe that the TRUE state championship game was between Kahuku and Iolani. Game went into OT. When Kahuku played Punahou, wasn’t even THAT close of a game. And do you know why we had a hard time against Iolani? Because of Hogland. He was a difference maker. Kobayashi didn’t even make the all-tournament team. But that being said, is Kobayashi an awesome player? Yes. And he seems to have been slighted all these years. He didn’t make the FAB 15 last year. And he made the ILH 2nd team last year. He seemed to have always been under the radar. Do I think Hogland would’ve been a better choice? Yes. But that’s a matter of opinion. I’m sure others have their own take on this. And I’m sure some believe a totally different player is more deserving. But congrats to all the boys nonetheless!

  9. Redlentless Fan March 10, 2017 9:48 pm

    @AOK Chong should do some serious okole kicking next season. His for the taking. Let’s hope their coach can finally get them a championship. If not, what a waste of some talented players.

  10. The Watcher March 11, 2017 6:46 am

    Punahou won’t win. They coach is a dufus. Also, regardless of who gave Kahuku a better game, Punahou went farther in the season all the way to the finals. There are many variables why the Iolani game vs. Kahuku was closer than the Punahou vs. Kahuku game. It’s all about match-ups. That doesn’t mean they are a better team. Head to Head is always the #1 variable when comparing two teams. Punahou beat Iolani 3-2. Both kids are good. The award could have gone either way. Obviously the voters and coaches felt having the better season was the criteria.

  11. Redlentless Fan March 11, 2017 6:59 am

    @Watcher you’re right, it probably did come down to who had the better season. As for Punahou, if they can’t take a state championship in the next two years (at least ONE of those years), that’ll probably be it for their coach. Talk about a team that’s loaded, with several young talented kids. I thought this was going to be their year, but then Kahuku shows up 3 new studs. It should be Punahou’s year next year (unless Kahuku or some other school all of a sudden finds “new blood” from the mainland or internationally). But that’s another story that unless the OIA and ILH can get a handle on will just keep getting worse and worse. Talking about finding a loophole in the whole recruiting scheme.

  12. Tafena_Costa March 11, 2017 10:34 am

    @Redlentless Fan… These comments have already established Kobayashi was on the team that won the league, made it to the finals of the state tournament. I see nothing wrong with looking at team success as one of the first criteria in deciding this. To say the guy had no advantage because of his height is not comical. It’s very reasonable – especially for BASKETBALL in Hawai’i of all places where he had no equal in stature. Your comparison of Hogland’s height advantage to Villa’s speed advantage, to me, was swing and a miss. You tried to make a point by comparing a pg who had to come down break full-court pressure, handle the ball, initiate the offense, find teammates, and then get his own looks in between all that to a center who just had to get in position in the paint and received touches on the majority of plays.
    If you are a “Redlentless Fan” you understand that the best thing that happened to ‘Iolani in the semifinals for Kahuku was Fotu getting into foul trouble early. When dude came back in for OT, he couldn’t be stopped. The ILH should be the last league in the state crying about non-ILH teams getting acquired talent.

  13. Redlentless Fan March 11, 2017 10:56 am

    @Tafena. You’re missing my point completely. Is it Hogland’s “fault” that he’s a 6’9″ guy in Hawaii? Is it Avea’s “fault” that he’s a 6’6″ guy in Hawaii? Don’t you think that Avea scored a lot of points because he too is “tall”? So should that be listed as a “just because”? And yes, Fotu getting into foul trouble was a HUGE advantage. But so what. That can be said of every single “key” player who gets in foul trouble. That’s why those guys especially need to be more careful. I’m public school all the way. The irony of this whole recruiting thing is BOTH SIDES (ILH and OIA) are both pointing fingers at each other when they should just be pointing fingers at themselves. Does the ILH recruit? Heck yah. They can call it whatever they want. Financial aid whatevers. But bottom line is recruiting. And OIA does the same with their “district exemptions” and stud athletes all of a sudden moving with aunty, uncle, grandparents, etc. SAME SMELL. DIFFERENT NAME. Oahu is infamous for recruiting in both public AND private schools PERIOD. Show me a Div 1 public or private school (from Oahu) who has won a state championship … And I guarantee they have recruited and/or “district exempt” kids on their roster.

  14. Tafena_Costa March 11, 2017 11:13 am

    @REDlentless fan … Not Hogland or Avea or anybody else’s fault for how tall (or short) they are. But Avea was not even the OIA East player of the year. He was 2nd team which was really ridiculous that he wasn’t 1st. It seem like most people go beyond the ILH season and take into account how the teams finished in the state tournament. Comparing the two ILH front-runners, one guy’s team made it to the finals and the other’s placed 4th in the state tournament. This year’s ILH was Hogland’s to lose, but I completely see why coaches went with the player on the more successful team.

  15. Redlentless Fan March 11, 2017 11:32 am

    @Tafena totally agree with you about Avea. Such a talented player. If he doesn’t make it on the Fab 15 list something is seriously wrong. Not too many Hawaii players move on to play Div 1 ball, and he’s one of them. So you would think he should make the list. But sometimes things don’t make sense (like him not making first team OIA). And I get how a player on the higher finishing team got the nod. That’s the way it goes. Lots of talented players in both the OIA and ILH for sure.

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