LIVE BLOG: Findlay, Oak Hill oust puny humans

Oak HIll's Lamine Diane attempted a between-the-legs dunk in warmups on Monday. Photo by Paul Honda/Star-Advertiser.
Oak HIll’s Lamine Diane attempted a between-the-legs dunk in warmups on Monday. Photo by Paul Honda/Star-Advertiser.

Rise and shine, it’s time for eight more games at every hoopaholic’s favorite Christmas treat, the ‘Iolani Prep Classic. We’re in Day 4, which begins with the No. 1 team in Hawaii, Punahou, playing one of the BIIF’s top teams, Waiakea. The day will end with the underdog Kahuku Red Raiders against Goliath, Findlay Prep, the No. 1 team in the country.

Tuesday’s games
Punahou 69, Waiakea 51
Waianae 46, Kaiser 42
Corona del Sol (Ariz.) 76, Kapolei 46
Mount Vernon (N.Y.) 74, Mid-Pacific 36
Kailua 57, Dr. Phillips (Fla.) 48
‘Iolani 52, De La Salle (Calif.) 40
Oak Hill (Va.) 72, Southwind (Tenn.) 59
Findlay Prep (Nev.) 87, Kahuku 43
Slam Dunk Contest: Champion, Saben Lee, Corona del Sol

Game 24, 8 p.m.
Sorry, no blog. Had to keep my stats (full box) for print story.


Game 23, 6:30 p.m.
Fourth quarter
Oak Hill’s 1-3-1 zone with Preston on top is a major obstacle for Southwind. They’re attacking with a one-out set. When they go two out, they’re not attacking gaps or hitting from the corners. This might be Oak Hill’s vice-grip Christmas gift to the rest of the field. I’m pretty sure some other coaches are taking notes.

Shuler with a pull-up baseline J, then a tip-in, 60-43. Time out, Southwind, 4:58. Coleman passes to Wigginton in the corner, who returns the dish and Coleman all net from the wing, 63-43.

2:43 left, 65-50, Oak Hill starters still in. Preston hits two FTs, 67-50. Freeman mangled on a 3-point shot, hits the shot and FT, four-point play. Steal at midcourt by Southwind, traveling.

Preston snatches an offensive board, fouled, shooting two. Misses both. Freeman misses a pull-up 3. Alexander corner 3 good, 70-54.

Third quarter
Wigginton with seven points in less than 2 minutes, 42-29, Oak Hill. Time out, Southwind.

Marshall drives baseline SLAAAAMMMM! 44-33. Wigginton hits two FTs, then Kameron Jones with a slam, 46-35. Weird to say, but Oak Hill is playing with finesse and Southwind is playing with force. Jones too quick on the glass, putback for 2, 46-37.

Oak Hill just too strong offensively, getting a high-percentage shot every time. Preston’s turnaround J in the paint caps a nice run before the end of the quarter

End Q3: Oak Hill 54, Southwind 39.

Second quarter
Shuler and Wigginton with 3-pointers and Oak Hill has an 18-12 lead. Freeman off the dribble, all net from the top with Shuler draped on him. Preston, the 6-9 senior, hits from the top, 21-15. Steal by Shuler on Freeman, layup, 23-15, time out, Southwind, 4:58.

Oak Hill in an extended 2-1-2 halfcourt look, no trap and Preston way up on top, turnover, by Carlos Marshall on a drive in the paint. Preston travels in transition.

Oak Hill in halfcourt offense, refuses to pass to McCormack in the low post. Bad skip pass stolen by Marshall, two-handed slam, 23-17. Shuler hits, 25-17. Alexander slices through for a layup, 27-17. Freeman from 3 with Alexander in his face, all net, 27-20. WOW.

Coleman scores, fouled, short on the FT, 29-20. Boyd offensive board, pass to Kameron Jones, layup, 29-22. Freeman from 27 feet, covered, and hits from the right side, 29-25. Wigginton drives from the top, kicks to Shuler, corner 3 all net, 32-25.

Preston fouled at midcourt, :01.6, 1-and-1, makes both, 34-25

End Q2: Oak Hill 34, Southwind 25.

First quarter
The Southwind Jaguars open in a 2-3 zone. Matt Coleman scores, OAK 2-0. Oak Hill in man defense, already one steal. This time, rebound, push and Devontae Shuler fouled on the break. Makes one, 3-0.

Wide open 3 for Markylan Freeman, who scored 22 yesterday. Misses.

Freeman misses a contested 3 and Oak Hill is off to the races. Ty-Shon Alexander scores on the break, 5-0. Blur. Billy Preston fouled on the break, makes both FTs, 7-0.

Oak Hill shot-clock violation. The zone stumped them just once.

Robert Boyd (6-6) takes 6-10 David McCormack into the paint, reverses and hits a nice 10-foot J, 7-2. Lindell Wiggington explodes to the rack, 9-2. Freeman runs off a double screen to the wing on an inbounds play, wing 3 good, 9-5.

Shot clock winding down, Freeman squares up from 24 feet straightaway, all net, 9-8.

End Q1: Oak Hill 9, Southwind 8.


Game 22, 5 p.m.
Fourth quarter
DLS bringing fullcourt pressure, lob to Hugh and he heads downcourt, but Udenyi hustles to tip the ball away, turnover.

Hugh fouled bringing the ball up as everyone else is smothered. 1-and-1, makes both, 44-32, 6:54. Udenyi hustling, draws a foul, makes one FT, 44-33.

Hugh backs Udenyi down, goes strong left, layup and foul. FT misses, 46-33. Saraveni open again, that’s his fourth trey, 46-36. Amazing.

Lee blocks Pratt’s layup from behind, off Pratt out of bounds, 4:20. Udenyi pokes the ball from Hugh on another back-down, fastbreak and layup for the Spartans, 46-38, 3:52. Stoppage of play, wet spot.

Genovia beats the defender off the dribble, all the way to the hole for a layup, 48-38. Genovia beats the defender again, dish to Hugh, layup, 50-38. Time out, IOL, 2:07.

Orr drives, Hugh blocks it and Genovia scores, 52-40.

Third quarter
Saravani hits another 3, DLS cuts it to 28-20. Cole drives, bucket and foul, misses the FT, IOL 30-20. Orr drives into the paint, leans into Hugh and banks it in, 30-22. Udenyi sags into the paint to help, ball swings to Hugh on top, 3 is good, 33-22. Orr drives lefty, again uses his body as a shield and makes the tough layup, 33-24.

Kawika Lee, wide open, wing 3 good, 36-24. O’Dea offensive foul on the screen, I think. Time out, IOL, 2:53.

Shot clock running low, Alabaraza fouled on a corner J, makes both FTs, 38-24. IOL loses track of Savarini again, hits the 3. That’s three treys. He was dangerous yesterday against Kahuku, too. 38-27. Noah Bumanglag FTs, makes one, 39-27. Lee with a tough shot, Cole keeps it alive and Lee hits the putback.

Pratt with an easy layup, 41-29. Hugh out of the game right now. No, he’s back in. Baldomero fouled by O’Dea, 1-and-1. Makes one, 42-29. Orr drives hard, IOL gives a foul, :05. Inbounds pass to Udenyi, covered by Hugh, but he finds Pratt wide open on top, 3 is good at the buzzer. DLS getting major defensive breaks from IOL, making the Raiders pay. It’s a 10-point game, could easily be 19 or 20. Bad defense.

End Q3: ‘Iolani 42, De La Salle 32.

Second quarter
Hogland helps on Orr, who misses, but Udenyi has the putback. Hogland passes to his brother Cole on a cut for a layup, IOL 13-9.

Hogland on the high post against Headley (6-4), works and drives left, easy layup, 15-9. Headley drives, his shot pinned on the glass by Hogland. Genovia drive, IOL 17-10. Justin Pratt 3, 17-12. Both Hoglands take a breather. O’Dea drives left, Alabanza stands in and takes the charge.

Genovia fouled on a drive, 1-and-1, 3:44. Hugh back in. Genovia makes both, 19-12. IOL very patient, running motion, Hugh sets up and Cole lobs it, Hugh scores on 3 defenders, 21-12.

Hugh to Helam Baldomero in the left corner, all net, 24-12. Cole with another perfect entry lob and Hugh scores easily. They double him after the touch, but not before and he’s maneuvering perfectly, 26-12, time out, DLS, 1:12.

IOL with a 2-1-2 three-quarter press out of the time out. Kevin Savarani with the straightaway 3, 26-15. Cole with the leaping offensive board and putback, 28-15. DLS gets a putback by Pratt at the buzzer, no box out.

End Q2: ‘Iolani 28, De La Salle 17.

First quarter
Cole Hogland hits two FTs, brother Hugh works the low post and hits a turnaround J from 5 feet as ‘Iolani takes a 5-0 lead. Time out, DLS. Colby Orr with a layup, 5-2. Justin Genovia drives hard on the right, hits a twisting layup, fouled, misses the FT, 7-2. Orr is something else, he can motor all day. Reminds me of Jeff Hornacek, wears the same number (14), too.

Connor O’Dea with the bucket in the paint, then hits a corner 3, IOL 9-7. Genovia tucks under the DLS man defense and scores in the paint, 11-7. DLS is tall across the board, all 6-1 to 6-4, and strong. Hugh Hogland is the big man at 6-9, but he’s going to need some physical help down low.

Emeka Udenyi pokes the ball from Hogland when he brings it to chest level, but Hogland sprints back and rejects a layup and the follow shot. IOL with some semi-hard fullcourt pressure, conservative enough with three defenders in the paint. Hogland (Hugh) out and IOL running motion, unusual to see since Hugh is usually on the court, of course.

IOL in trouble, but DLS fouls Cole Hogland with :04 on the shot clock. Alabanza misses everything on a tough drive, but DLS misses a 3 and Cole, who is 6-4, towers above with the rebound.

Hugh back in and DLS switches to 2-3 zone, a concession to his game. But IOL misses an open corner 3, DLS holds for the last shot. Orr well defended, misses a tough runner in the paint, rebound by Cole Hogland.

End Q1: ‘Iolani 11, De La Salle 7.


Game 21, 3:30 p.m.
Fourth quarter
Torres-Kahapea with a tough 3, contested, Smith with the monster board, pushes and feeds Jordan Poventud for the layup, 41-41.

Mejia bucket, 43-41. Kailua is working the shot clock down to :15 before attacking each time. This time, they lose the ball, Mejia scoops it up and feeds Hapaki Kupahu-Phillips in the lane for a layup. Kupahu-Phillips hits an elbow J and it’s 47-41.

Mejia blocks another shot, that’s two possessions in a row. Kailua ball. Marrotte drives from the right wing, basket and foul, 3:23. FT good, 50-41, 3:23. Another miss near the basket by the Panthers and Mejia pulls the board down. He’s owning the paint now. Time out, Kailua, 2:57.

Mejia misses a tough baseline J, but the Panthers are whistled for carrying. Ball inbounded from midcourt, Mejia passes to Kupahu-Phillips, layup and foul. FT good, 53-41, 2:27.

Love misses a wide open 3, but Je’Quan Burton hits after Poventud hustles after the rebound. Kailua misses a 1-and-1, and Love hits the 3 this time, 53-47, 1:12. Kailua letting the Doctor back in this.

Torres-Kahapea fouled, shooting 1-and-1, 1:10. First shot, all net, 54-47. Second shot, long. Foul called on Kailua (no bonus yet), but there’s a technical foul assessed to Smith. Torres-Kahapea will shoot two, makes one, 55-47. Torres-Kahapea makes one, 56-47.

Panthers at the line, Smith makes one, then shoots from his chest, a bullet at the rim and one of the refs calls a violation. Which it’s not. They re-shoot. He makes it. Thought for a second there was a strange rule change about missing FTs on purpose.

Third quarter
Kailua takes the lead behind an 8-1 run to start the second half. 3-pointers by Torres-Kahapea and Zach Marrotte, and Christian Mejia’s layup puts Kailua ahead 32-30.

Panthers coach Anthony Long hollering at the referees for a 3-second call on Christian Mejia, no whistle. Marrotte with an easy layup on the break, assist Torres-Kahapea. Panthers get a layup inside on a drive, 34-33.

Torres-Kapahea hits two treys in the final minute, including a corner 3 at the buzzer. Knocked down, no foul called.

End Q3: Kailua 41, Dr. Phillips 37.

Second quarter
The Panthers have Kailua out of the zone and into man, and right away they run a high-post handoff play, two guys coming for handoffs. 29-19.

End Q2: Dr. Phillips 29, Kailua 24.

First quarter
The Panthers jump to an 8-1 lead before Everett Torres-Kahapea hits a 3, fouled, adds the FT, four-point play, 8-5. Panthers trying to trap out of halfcourt defense in the 3-point arc.

Daniel Love 3, Nick Smith drive, 18-11. Love with another 3, wide open over Kailua’s 2-3 zone, 21-11.

End Q1: Dr. Phillips 21, Kailua 13.


Game 20, 1:30 p.m.
Fourth quarter
Great chance for reserves to play, both teams.

Third quarter
Knights opened the lead to 38-22, but can’t put this away. It’s 40-26 after Shepherd pinned a layup by Brandon Scott on the glass, and then Gregory Calixte, the Knights’ 6-8 center, was called for pushing Kimura. He had already pushed Kimura to the ground and stepped over him, no call, a few seconds earlier. He’s frustrated about something.

Both teams cold, maybe getting tired here. Time out, MPI, 2:59. MV coach Bob Cimmino staying on top of his Knights with a little fire, a little mellow chat, depending on the situation.

End Q3: Mount Vernon 48, Mid-Pacific 31.

Second quarter
Morgan with a lefty layup, nice drive, 19-10. Got hit on the thigh, wincing. Shepherd is working his tail off on both ends, not getting help under the glass. One of his teammates was lost after boxing out. His man got the board and his back was still to the man. MPI coach Ryan Hirata had a constructive chat with his guy. Time out, MPI, 4:50, 24-12.

Morgan in the high post, dishes to Eric Monroe, all net from the corner. Always great to see a great shooter willing to be a distributor from the post. MV 30-14.

Owls steal, Shepherd layup, and then he hustles back to swat a shot out of bounds. Owls blow a 2-on-1 fastbreak, and Morgan swishes an elbow J. MPI throws it away against fullcourt pressure.

End Q2: Mount Vernon 34, Mid-Pacific 20.

First quarter
Owls in 2-3 zone and Noah Morgan swishes his first two 3-point attempts. MV 6-0. Morgan inside, layup, 8-0. Time out, MPI, 5:16.

Jacen Kimura wing 3 on a pass from Zion Shepherd, 8-3. Travis Murayama cuts to the bucket, bounce pass from Shepherd, layup, 8-5.

Shepherd drives hard, fouled, makes one. He doesn’t dribble before the shot, kind of rushes. 8-6.

Knights with two layups, second one on a fastbreak, goaltending by Shepherd. 12-6. Truth Harris trey from the top, 15-6. Robert Thompson wing 3, 15-8. MV high-low pass to Morgan, easy layup, 17-8.

End Q1: Mount Vernon 17, Mid-Pacific 10.





Game 19, 12 p.m.
Fourth quarter

Third quarter
Aztecs taking command now. Man defense is suffocating the Hurricanes, who can’t get a second shot. They’re missing Marquise Montgomery (6-4, Jr.). Lee is outrunning everyone downcourt and slicing through at will. They lead 55-30, more subs in for the Aztecs. They clearly look like the No. 1 team in Arizona (6A) now.

End Q3: Corona del Sol 63, Kapolei 35.

Second quarter
Kapolei 2-3 zone forces a turnover, Isaiah Higa with the layup but Barcello rises and swats it off the glass. He leads the break and feeds freshman Eric Blackwell for a layup.

Barcello corner 3, good, 26-14. Another freshman, Dalen Terry, swishes a wing 3, 29-16. The second unit is mostly in, with Lee out there, and they maintain the lead. It’s 33-20 after a Lee layup on the break, time out, Kapolei, 3:27.

Shane Grier knocks down an open wing 3 and Barcello soars for a near-slam on a putback. Big run by the Aztecs.

End Q2: Corona del Sol 40, Kapolei 26.

First quarter
Zoar Nedd with a corner 3 and a layup, didn’t know he had 3-point range. Ja’Shon Carter also with a 3, but the Hurricanes haven’t slowed the Aztecs yet. CDS playing with lots of energy. Saben Lee is attacking the rim and Alex Barcello is doing Alex Barcello things. Grabbing loose balls, penetrating, hitting shots and dishing.

Both teams want to run. This will be fun. CDS uniforms look like the wrapper for Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups.

End Q1: Corona del Sol 21, Kapolei 14.


Game 18, 10:30 a.m.
Fourth quarter
Shaun Kim with five points, including a corner 3, to give Kaiser a 38-32 lead. Kade Ambrosio with a basket to cut the lead to four.

Turnovers and missed FTs hurting the Seariders, along with the fouls. Nueku at the line, 1-and-1, 4:17. Misses. Mitchell at the line, 1-and-1, 4:05. He makes both, 38-36. Jaymin Khan-Smith at the line for Kaiser, 3:48, 1-and-1. Makes both, 40-36.

Bucket by Waianae, #4, not on the roster. But he fouls at midcourt. Kim sinks both FTs, 42-38. Wela Kalulu shooting double bonus, makes one, 42-39.

#4 is John-Gilbert Ramos, fouled at midcourt. Makes one, 42-40. Turnovers each side. This is sloppy. Time out, Waianae, 2:09. Inbounds, 5-second violation on Waianae. Kalulu drives, feeds Kahikina for a layup, Waianae ties it at 42, 1:35. Kaiser time out, 1:26.

Mitchell drives baseline, feeds Taukolo, who drives for a layup, :50, Waianae 44-42. Time out, Kaiser, :33.7.

Kaiser gets two good looks, but Yasue and Cyrus Singelman miss layups. Kalulu at the line, :12.6, makes both, 46-42. Time out, Kaiser, :12.0.

Waianae fouls Kim at the 3-point line, :04.8. He misses the first, misses the second. And the third. Kaiser won’t foul, game over. That was an oddly fitting way to end this one.

Third quarter
Mitchell up high for the alley-oop lob on an inbounds pass, SLAM. That puts Waianae up 25-23. Mitchell very active in Waianae’s man defense, causes two turnovers. Hits a FT, 26-23. Manu Taukolo with a nice turnaround jump hook in the low post, 28-25.

Mitchell with a jump hook from 12 feet out, WAIN 30-25. Brayden Nueku hits two FTs for Kaiser, 30-27. Jacob Summers adds two more FTs, 30-29. Steal and layup by Keliinoe Meyers, 32-29. Brandon Yasue with the jump hook in the lane, 32-31.

Another foul on Waianae, which makes it six in the second half already with :33 left in the third quarter. A combined 11 fouls by both teams in less than 8 minutes. Nueku hits two FTs, Kaiser leads 33-32.

End Q3:

Second quarter
Blaze Kahikina, a 6-3 junior, with two buckets in the paint and Douglass Mitchell with a layup. Seariders cut the lead to 16-14 against Kaiser’s second unit.

Waianae had the bonus for most of the quarter, but missed several FTs. They’re hitting now, though, and have tied the game at 23.

First quarter
Stoppage with 2:38 left after a Waianae player took a shot to the mouth or nose. Blood on the end of the court. Kaiser has made three treys and leads 14-7.

End Q1: Kaiser 16, Waianae 10.


Game 17, 9 a.m.
Fourth quarter
The Warriors stood toe to toe with the No. 1 team in the state, but the Buffanblu relied on savvy defense and opportunistic plays off their press to pull away. Waiakea showed it can handle fullcourt pressure for most of a game, but the lack of a strong post scorer and defender is its kryptonite.

Third quarter
Kaulana Makaula, Kobayashi getting the minutes now and Punahou is on a 9-0 run, opening a 31-30 lead to 40-30 with 2:27 left. Warriors are wobbling now, struggling in the backcourt when they were handling the pressure well in the first half.

Layup by Makaula and it’s 42-30, an 11-0 run. Rewind back the one-point lead earlier; during a time out, Punahou assistant coach Darnell Arceneaux lit into the guys and woke up the bench and probably most of the 100 people here in the gym. No cussing, of course, just good, healthy, intense volume.

Kobayashi drives, fouled, hits both FTs. Steals a pass on the press, layup. Time out, Waiakea, 46-30, 2:27. That’s a 15-0 run by the Buffanblu.

Mausolf corner 3, good, 49-30. 18-0 run.

Wesley Amuimuia ends the drought for Waiakea with a wing 3, 49-33. Calvin Mattos carried them for two quarters, but even he can’t stop Punahou’s run by himself.

End Q3: Punahou 49, Waiakea 33.

Second quarter
Waiakea is battling hard and has tied the game at 17, 19 and 21 so far. Punahou has played two early morning games in two days and it might not suit their normal schedule, but credit to Waiakea for playing with energy and intensity.

This is matchup that fits for Waiakea, a fast, smaller team against a finesse team like Punahou that relies more on speed and fullcourt pressure than sheer girth and strength inside. Waiakea had major problems stopping Kapolei in the paint yesterday. Also, Coach Darren Matsuda is giving his reserves extended playing time. They are already a big part of the rotation, but Chris Kobayashi sat for most of the second quarter.

Cole Mausolf hits a foul shot late in the quarter.

End Q2: Punahou 23, Waiakea 21.

First quarter
Sorry, I got here late in the quarter. It’s been awhile since I covered every game of the Classic, so it’s go home after the last game and up early to get here for the 9 a.m. tip best I can.

End Q1: Punahou 14, Waiakea 11.



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