LIVE BLOG: Kahuku 56, De La Salle 51, F

Day 3 of the ‘Iolani Prep Classic is underway, a menu of four consolation matchups and four championship-bracket games beginning at 9 a.m.

Monday’s games

Kapolei 58, Waiakea 46
Corona del Sol (Ariz.) 83, Punahou 67
Mount Vernon (N.Y.) 96, Waianae 27
Mid-Pacific 42, Kaiser 34
Southwind (Tenn.) 47, Kailua 38
Findlay Prep (Nev.) 95, ‘Iolani 37
Oak Hill (Va.) 89, Dr. Phillips (Fla.) 48
Kahuku 56, De La Salle (Calif.) 51

De La Salle (Calif.) warming up.
De La Salle (Calif.) warming up.
Samuta Avea warming up.
Samuta Avea warming up.
Dan Fotu warming up.
Dan Fotu warming up.
Jessiya Villa warming up.
Jessiya Villa warming up.

Game 16, 8 p.m.
Fourth quarter
Fotu misses a wing 3, Viloria fouls Pratt. That’s the seventh team foul, not good. Pratt shoots 1-and-1. They don’t miss. He hits the first, misses the second, 39-32.

Turnover Kahuku, but DLS misses at the rim in a crowd and Fotu way up high for that. Yes, he was a volleyball player. Villa drives hard in transition, fouled and may have tweaked an ankle. Makes both FTs, 41-32.

Turnover Spartans. 6:57. Avea’s man slips as he crosses over, but he misses the layup and they miss to putback tries. DLS in transition, borderline blocking foul on Viloria. DLS makes one FT.

Pratt drives right for a layup, 41-35. Villa with a tough fadeaway J from the wing, short and Akana is NOT happy.

DLS misses, Kahuku ball, Akana calls time out. They’re losing their cohesiveness and he knows it. 41-35, 5:14. It’s clear Villa is a mismatch for any of the DLS guards in transition, but in halfcourt set, Fotu is a good play and so is Avea. Fotu is 8-for-8 at the line in the tourney.

Fotu iso low post, step back fade, all net. WOHHHHHH. DLS misses twice in the paint and Fotu scoops it in mid-air like a condor, Kahuku ball, 4:00.

Shot clock winding down, Avea’s long 3 misses but Ah-Hoy corrals it in the corner. His pass is tipped, DLS in transition, ball knocked out of bounds, 3:33.

Orr trying to work the pick and roll high, but Fotu is magnificent hedging him. He short-arms his long 3 thinking it might get blocked. How do you measure that? His wingspan and his hustle, and he was backing off to play the drive or recover when Orr missed short.

Fotu to the line, makes both, makes the second, KAH 45-35.

Savarani 3, good. Why are they letting him shoot? He’s deadly, 45-38. Avea forces his way into the paint, fouled, misses the first FT. Makes the second, 46-38. Kahuku staying in man. Pratt tries his right-side drive again and Fotu spikes it to the door. Fans erupt. Time out, DLS. They’ve had to play man the last two possessions. Even with the 35-second shot clock, they don’t feel like they can afford to sit back in that zone.

Nicely-drawn play, Orr drives from the corner to the paint, bounce pass to Savarani in the corner, but he’s short on the 3. Fotu cuffs the rebound. Stoppage for blood on Fotu’s jersey, but they can’t figure out who’s bleeding. It’s not him. 1:55. Both teams in the bonus.

Inbounds pass, Villa slips and DLS scores on a layup. Kahuku pushes the other way and Avea euro-steps for a layup, 48-40. Udenyi called for a charge in the paint. 1:22.

Inbounds in the backcourt to Villa, and he works upcourt on the right side, draws a double team, drives again and is fouled, 1:15. 1-and-1. Hits the first, 49-40.

Second shot long, DLS misses, and Sauvao is chasing the PG, Orr, fouling him as he drives to the basket. Not a shooting foul, 1-and-1, 1:08. Orr swishes. These guys do not miss. Second shot good, 49-42.

Avea to Fotu, layup :55, 51-42. Foul on Kahuku, Orr to the line, :49.1. Two-shot foul, he’s long on the first. Wow. Second FT good, 51-43.

Spartans foul Marcus Damuni, a sophomore, 1-and-1, he misses. Pratt’s elbow J misses, Villa rebounds. Fouled. :31.8, double bonus. First shot is a brick, his hand has to be bothering him by now. Second is good, 52-43.

Orr is a tough customer, goes end to end and hits a bank shot with Ah-Hoy all over him. Time out, DLS, :25, 52-45. DLS down to its final time out. Kahuku has two. Both teams in double bonus.

I’d be surprised if Akana doesn’t keep Fotu in the backcourt as a target along with Villa and Avea. Fotu passes to Avea, fouled with :23 left. Swishes the first, 53-45. Second tumbles in, 54-45.

Orr drives left and is fouled, technical foul on Avea with 17.5 seconds left. Not good. Orr hits two FTs, 54-47, and now he’ll shoot the shooting foul FTs. Makes both, 54-49. That’s 4 points and could be more.

Orr in NBA range on the pick and roll, Fotu hedges and retreats and Orr launches, just short. They shouldn’t let him have that. Jump ball on the rebound, DLS ball, :09.7

Inbounds pass to Orr, who drives and scores, time out, DLS, 54-51, :04.4. This should’ve been over, but Avea overreacted to a bad call. Lesson learned, hopefully.

DLS fouls Ah-Hoy before the inbounds pass. He’s shooting two.
First is all net, this game should be over. 55-51. Second shot all net. Orr’s prayer at the buzzer misses. The magic is real for Kahuku. They will face Findlay Prep tomorrow night in the semifinals.

Third quarter
DLS running its set to a tee, pass to Udenyi out of bounds. Villa pushes hard, misses a 5-foot runner over Sean O’Donnell. DLS 3-pointer from the wing by O’Donnell, 25-19.

Kahuku loses the ball, Udenyi on the ground with it, bench calls time out, 6:45.

Udenyi misses a bunny, Villa pushes into the heart of the DLS defense, scores at the rim, 27-19. Relentless.

Ah-Hoy playing hard defense on his man near midcourt, crowd wants a 5-second call. He tips the ball away, dives, mad scramble, and Headley ends up getting fouled on a follow shot. Hits one FT, 27-20.

Fotu works the baseline post, misses a 15-footer, hustles back and takes a charge from Udenyi. That took some guts. Good call.

Another iso, but this one is closer to the block for Fotu, who is patient this time, saves the dribble and spins baseline for a reverse layup. Nice. KAH 29-20.

Pratt drives, gets his shot over Fotu, 29-22. Villa misses a shot and nobody is back, easy layup for O’Dea, 29-24. DLS 2-3 zone is a problem for Kahuku. Turnover, push downcourt and Kevin Savarani is open in the corner, swish, 29-27.

Fotu drives for the reverse again, fouled, makes both FTs, he’s 8-for-8 in the tourney. KAH 31-27. Savarani drives from the high post, fouled by Fotu. Pure shooter. Two shots, sinks both. 31-29.

Avea launches from the left wing, 3. Zonebuster. KAH 34-29.

O’Dea drives and is fouled by Wright, shooting two, :55. These Spartans do not miss FTs. O’Dea makes both, 34-31. DLS tries to surprise Kahuku with fullcourt pressure off the made FT, but Villa blazes right by, feeds Wright in the high post, elbow J is good, 36-31.

Time out, DLS, :22.

Spartans miss a tough corner shot, rebound Kahuku with :10 left. Akana hollers for them to push. Avea dribbles from the left wing to top, lateral to Villa, who swishes a 23-footer at the buzzer. This is becoming magical.

End Q3: Kahuku 39, De La Salle 31.

Kahuku playing effective basketball, but for a second game in a row, they’re not in a great offensive flow. Doesn’t matter right now. They scrap for every loose ball, Avea is at rim level on most of his rebounds, and they’re winning the battle in transition enough for a nine-point lead. Avea is looking more confident, but not enough to attack the rim continuously; he’s a good FT shooter. And Fotu clearly isn’t totally comfortable with isolations. Maybe he’s just too excited. Maybe the fact that UH coach Eran Ganot is here gave him the jitters. Probably not. Avea is at his best when he can break down a defense and find open cutters, which he did twice for assists. Would be interesting to see him work the pick and roll with Villa, either handling the ball. They did it once the other night.

Second quarter
Fotu iso again, gets picked. They didn’t run isos for him last time.

Avea driving in transition, too crowded, loses the ball. Kahuku trying a bit too hard right now. DLS looks more loose and in system.

Avea pushing under control, dishes to Codie Sauvao, who passes right back, layup, 17-10. Udenyi fouled by Fotu, two shots. Misses both. Long rebound, Sauvao called for a foul.

Udenyi works the low post on Fotu, has a shot, passes instead. Fotu has octopus arms. 3-pointer misses for DLS, but the ball is stripped out of Villa’s hands, off his leg, DLS ball again. They are scrappy.

Udenyi with a wild shot on a drive, out of bounds, KAH ball. Avea wing J is short. He could pump and drive all night, I think. Hesitating just a bit. Fotu on the wing with the ball, drives and travels. He’s a junior, looks like he’s pressing a bit.

DLS trying to go inside-out as much as possible, but Kahuku’s defense rotating nicely. 3-point leaner is way short, tipped out of the key by Avea and Villa picks it up. Two on one, he spins into the lane and is fouled. Hits the deck hard and a trainer is looking at his right hand. He’s trying to make a fist. Time out, Kahuku, 2:59.

Is Dan Fotu an iso guy? He seemed more comfortable against Mount Vernon as a hub in the middle, passing, driving, crashing the offensive boards. Maybe Coach Brandyn Akana wants to see what he can do in game setting. A big game.

Villa hits one of two FTs, 18-10. Udenyi catches an inbounds pass and Villa is stuck with him on a switch. Udenyi recognizes it immediately and attacks before Fotu can recover for a block. Layup good, 18-12.

Villa attacks hard, bucket and foul, 21-12. He is relentless even after the injury to his shooting hand. Udenyi in the post, traveling. I keep wondering what he would do as a defensive end. Long arms.

Villa inbounds pass to Fotu on the wing, pass right back to Villa, who hits a smooth 12-foot floater. He’s got a lot of different shots. Dare I say Steve Nash-ish? KAH 23-12.

Orr fouled on a drive, two FTs. Makes both, 23-13. Mark Visoria in the game for Kahuku, corner 3 an air ball. He hit two against Mt. Vernon. DLS pushes and Headley is all alone for a layup, 23-16. Villa fouled, misses the 1-and-1.

End Q2: Kahuku 25, De La Salle 16.

First quarter
De La Salle in man defense, Sean O’Donnell on Kahuku PG Jessiya Villa.
Samuta Avea nails the pull-up jumper from the wing, KAH 2-0. He looked strong in warmups. Hit a lot of jumpers, even had a cuff dunk that I missed. Ankle seems fine.

Connor O’Dea, a 6-3 senior, shooting two for DLS. Hits one, 2-1. Turnover Kahuku, big Emeka Udenyi drives, shot blocked by Kahuku C Taimoana Wright.

Another offensive board for DLS. Colby Orr drives and dishes to Udenyi for the layup, DLS 3-2. Eric Headley, a 6-4 senior, playing tough defense on Avea, but he persists and drives the baseline to draw a foul. Villa on the inbounds pass does the ol’ Scottie Pippen move, passes off the back of a Spartan defender, grabs the ball and banks it in, KAH 4-3.

No trapping by DLS, straight fullcourt man. Villa drives strong left, stops and hits from 7 feet, KAH 6-3.Kahuku in man defense, Justin Pratt drives down the middle and is fouled. Kahuku fans booing. Late call, but there was a pileup there. Pratt hits one, 6-4.

Red Raiders run the call from the bench, double high screen, Villa dribbles left (that’s his strong side?) and pulls up from the wing, all net, and the foul. WOW. FT short, KAH 9-4. Udenyi rebounds. He reminds of Christian Okoye,

Udenyi misses a putback, Red Raiders on the run. Villa pushes hard, straight into a backpedaling Udenyi, shot misses, foul called. Villa at the line, hits the first. Here comes the righteous Kiwi, Dan Fotu, with 1:54 left in the first. Last time, he didn’t play until the final 4 minutes of the first half. He just got here a week ago from New Zealand by way of Fiji.

O’Dea drives right at Fotu and scores, no fear, 11-6.

Villa drives hard, trying to draw contact, no call, air ball. Orr drives hard on the break, scores, 11-8. Fotu posts about 15 out on the baseline, drives by his man, travels as the help defender arrives. High-low pass to Headley, layup and DLS is within 11-10.

DLS crowding everyone and Kesi Ah-Hoy decides to drive from near midcourt, spin move and all the way for a layup. Nice move, 13-10. Then he swats a shot by DLS at the buzzer.

End Q1: Kahuku 13, De La Salle 10.

The last of today’s eight games will tip off in 12 minutes. Of the three Hawaii teams that reached this quarterfinal round, two have been eliminated: Kailua and ‘Iolani. Kahuku is the last hope for island fans.


Game 15, 6:30 p.m.
Fourth quarter
Reserve center David McCormack (6-10, Jr.) got some run in the third quarter. He’s starting the fourth. He had an offensive board and tried to throw it down on the other side of the rim, but was fouled during the third. He gets a pass in stride and throws it down.

Third quarter
I checked with tournament official Eddie Maruyama. He said the normal two-tech/suspension rule does not apply to this tournament. Nobody can remember anyone ever getting two techs, though I’m pretty sure it’s happened at least once in these near-three decades. Anyway, that’s good news for fans.

End Q3: Oak Hill 66, Dr. Phillips 34.

I’m pretty sure both coaches are reminding their guys that getting technicals isn’t a good idea. I’m not sure, but normally, a disqualification after getting two technicals in a game is a mandatory one-game suspension.

Also, the gym was almost filled to capacity for the Findlay-‘Iolani game, and it’s even tighter for the Oak Hill-Dr. Phillps game. And now there are more fans filtering in dressed in red: Kahuku fans here for the battle with De La Salle. That would be a heckuva football game, too.


Second quarter
The Warriors began to establish physical dominance in the paint despite the shot-blocking heroics of the Panthers. Dr. Phillips was within 21-15 when Oak Hill went on a 7-2 run to open an 11-point lead.

Things getting testy during this Oak Hill run. A little jawing as both teams line up for free throws on the Warriors’ offensive end. A minute later, technical fouls assessed, one on each team. Unnecessary. Oak Hill is on a 19-5 run and now leads 40-20 after a coast-to-coast drive through traffic for a monster slam by center Billy Preston, a 6-9 senior.

End Q2: Oak Hill 40, Dr. Phillips 21.

First quarter
The Warriors led 12-9 after one quarter.


Lamine Diane, a 6-6 senior, warms up for Findlay Prep before the Pilots' game with ‘Iolani. Monday, Dec. 19, 2016
Lamine Diane, a 6-6 senior, warms up for Findlay Prep before the Pilots’ game with ‘Iolani. Monday, Dec. 19, 2016

Game 14, 5 p.m.
Fourth quarter

Third quarter
The Pilots keep rolling along, dropped the fullcourt pressure, but got a lot of action for Reggie Chaney and 6-11 sophomore Ador Athuai.

End Q3: Findlay 67, ‘Iolani 24.

Second quarter
More dominance by the Pilots, though the Raiders did get on the scoreboard with a 3 by Bailey Alabanza with 7 minutes to go. Lamine Diane has been playing defense like a man possessed. Everywhere. Arms, legs, furious energy in surplus. I like him a lot. He’s got six boards, four on the offensive end, with five steals, a block and a dime, and he’s scored 10 points.

P.J. Washington? If he’s not the best all-around player in the nation, I might be surprised. He’s going at his speed, completely in control, rebounding and dishing and occasionally throttling anyone near him at the rim with his strength and hops. He’s got seven points, 11 rebounds, two assists and three blocks. And two steals.

Hugh Hogland came alive in the second quarter and scored four points. He’s starting to be patient and use his footwork and fakes to McHale himself into better scoring position. ‘Iolani hasn’t seen this kind of court speed all season, but they’re breaking the press with some regularity now. Scoring is just so difficult against a team this long and tall and active.

Does Findlay Prep beat Oak Hill? Findlay doesn’t have quite the depth of Oak Hill, but Oak Hill went from Virginia to Indiana to Honolulu and might be a bit fatigued by the end of this tourney. Who stops Washington? Right now, slight edge to the Pilots.

First quarter
Findlay Prep is ranked No. 1 in one publication and no lower than No. 4 in others. They are a machine. I would say they are hosts from Westworld, designed and built to destroy all opponents on the court.

Complete domination by the Pilots, who forced six turnovers, blicked five shots, missed two dunks and still controlled every inch of the floor.

End Q1: Findlay 19, ‘Iolani 0.


Game 13, 3:30 p.m.
Fourth quarter
Southwind incredibly cold against this 2-3 zone, but they cut the lead to 36-33 on a steal by Anderson on a lazy pass by Marrotte after a rebound. Another steal, air ball shot on a runner. Time out, Kailua, 6:16.

Southwind’s press is killing the Surfriders. Andreson scores on a fastbreak follow, and then Freeman hits a 3 for a 38-36 lead. They waited all this time to unleash the press and Kailua has six turnovers in its first seven possessions of the fourth quarter.

Inbounds pass tipped by Freeman and he scores, 40-36. Mejia putback, 40-38.

Freeman drives and scores. Time out, Southwind, 4:12, 42-38. The only reason they didn’t press earlier, I’m guessing, is because they only play five or six guys all game. Kailua completely baffled by the traps and pressure. The broke a softer version of this press easily earlier in the game. But the heat is on now.

Mejia has it on the block, small defender tries to flop. Layup is there, he passes it out.

Southwind runs that double trap screen again on Kailua’s guards, Freeman shoots and scores, 44-38. Turnover, Kailua, and that’s seven (at least) in this quarter. SW taking air out of the ball again.

Couple of open looks deep for Torres-Kahapea, misses both. Foul, time out, SW, 1:51. Kailua has only two fouls.

Freeman follows his own shot on the baseline, easy layup, 46-38. Kailua quick 3, misses.

Freeman shooting two, :35.8, makes one, 47-38. Kailua inbounds pass stolen and time runs out.

Third quarter
Torres-Kahapea rains a wing 3, KAIL 26-21. Anderson slices through the guards and sinks a floater over Mejia, 26-23. Marrotte with a power move on the low post, deuce, 28-23. Jones with a 3 from the wing, 28-26.

Robson with a corner 3, good, assist Torres-Kahapea, 31-26. Time out, SW, 2:51.

Kailua doing the little things, big offensive rebound after a long prayer shot to beat the shot clock. Marrotte wide open for a layup, nobody sees him, but he gets the ball on the baseline, 15-foot J, all net, 33-26.

SW cold from the field, Mejia in halfcourt offense, loses the ball, retrieves it, fouled on a lefty shot. Awkward, but it worked. Makes one FT, KAIL 34-26.

Reserve center William Knox with a nice power move on Mejia in the paint for 2. Kupahu-Phillips drives baseline, feeds Mejia for a layup. Last shot of the quarter, Freeman drives baseline, kicks to Jones in the corner, all net at the buzzer.

End Q3: Kailua 36, Southwind 31.

It’s a perplexing scenario, maybe, how Kailua finds ways to beat big teams like ‘Iolani and Corona del Sol (Ariz.), and has a 23-21 halftime lead on Southwind (Tenn.), but has lost its share of games to smaller, faster teams. This Southwind squad beat Punahou in the opening round.

It shouldn’t be confusing, though. Punahou doesn’t usually zone, and Kailua has stayed in a 2-3 all first half, managing to challenge most of Southwind’s interior and perimeter shots. Kailua is long and strong, a tough deal for teams that think they can outmuscle a Hawaii high school team. Kailua coach Wally Marciel isn’t shy about using any defense that will work best. This works best.

Second quarter
Aaron Mejia’s layup is swatted by 6-8 Kameron Jones, but Hapaki Kupahu-Phillips sinks a 3, KAIL 14-12.

Keoni Serikawa Jr. layup, pass from Kupahu-Phillips, KAIL 16-14. Kupahu-Phillips to the line, 1-and-1, 6:24.

Kupahu-Phillips misses a 1-and-1, ball off Southwind. Jaguars struggling now to get open looks against Kailua’s 2-3 zone. Marrotte picks up his third foul, 5:20.

Jaguar fastbreak, Christian Jones dishes to Freeman, layup. Blazing speed. 16-16. Freeman with a wing 3, he is ON FIRE, SW 19-16. Time out, Kailua, 4:15. They need Freeman to cool off in this air-conditioned gym.

Jones is special. Defensively, nimble and active, tips away an entry pass, recovers instantly. And at 6-8, he’s only a sophomore. Robson with a bad pass, no spacing, turnover. But Kupahu-Phillips takes the ball hard to the rack and scores, 19-18. Jones with a SLAM, Southwest 21-18.

Kupahu-Phillips at the line, makes one, 21-19. Robson hustles back and steals a pass. He drives left and his layup is capped by Jones. Freeman still heat checking, another miss. It’s a knuckleball rotation on his shot from 3.

Mejia with a spin move, goes to the left hand, bank shot. Sweet. 21–21. Shot clock under :10, Serikawa drills an elbow J.

End Q2: Kailua 23, Southwind 21.

First quarter
Here we go, our first quarterfinal of the day. Southwind was outstanding on the opening day of the tourney, routing Punahou. Kailua was superb against Arizona’s No. 1 team (6A), Corona del Sol.

Christian Mejia battling for an offensive board, fouled. Swishes both FTs, KAIL 2-0. The Jaguars use an interesting trap-block style double screen on Kailua’s guards to free a shooter for clean look. Tie, 2-2.

Zachary Marrotte with a nice pump fake, baseline drive reverse layup, KAIL 4-2. Carlos Marshall with a smooth wing 2, 4-4. Marshall with a wing 3, all net, SW 7-5.

Everett Torres-Kahapea J, 7-7. Markylan Freeman J in the paint, SW 9-7. Freeman runs the break, feeds Andrew Anderson, 11-7.

Marrotte drives from the wing, layup, 11-9. Marrotte passes to Makana Robson on the elbow, he doesn’t want to catch it. Got a look on his face like he does not want to play against these big boys. Steal by SW, Freeman hits one, 12-9.

Mejia takes an entry pass, powers to the bucket for 2. That’s somebody who came to play. 12-11.

Kailua holds for the last shot, having trouble against on-ball pressure. Robson passes to Torres-Kahapea, almost stolen. Torres-Kahapea trying to drive, too crowd, no spacing. Pass goes out of bounds. Freeman whistled for an offensive foul, Mejia stands there and takes the hit.

End Q1: Southwind 12, Kailua 11.


Game 12, 1:30 p.m.
Fourth quarter
Shepherd hustles for a tip-in. They can’t contain him. 32-19.

Nalu Coito with the runner in the paint, tumbles in, 34-19.

Time out, MPI, 5:59.

Jaymin Khan-Smith hits two FTs, 34-21.

Brandon Yasue crashes the offensive glass and scores, hits the FT, 34-27, 4:12.

Kyle Lagana FTs for MPI: makes one, 35-27. Shepherd back in, and instant steal. Time out, MPI, 2:52.

Shepherd in the post, catches one-handed and powers into the paint, fouled. Kawazoe asking for a hook call. Makes both FTs, 37-27, 2:34.

Time out, Kaiser, 2:19.

MPI turnover as the shot clock expires. Khan-Smith 3-point shot good from the right wing. Time out, Kaiser, :30.0, MPI 39-31.

Thompson swishes two FTs, :30, 41-31.

Third quarter
Brayden Nueku with the three-point play, driving and using the euro-step to get contact from Murayama. 18-13. Shepherd scores, but Shaun Kim drives on the fastbreak and scores, 20-15. The Cougars have awaken.

Shepherd open on the low post twice, nobody will pass him the ball. Thompson drives from the top and gets hammered. Makes both FTs, 22-15. Backcourt violation on Kaiser, no pressure by MPI. Pups.

Shepherd hedging a lot and being disruptive. Pokes the ball away, heads downcourt, gathers the ball and his jump hook tumbles in, 24-15.

Shepherd hits two FTs, MPI puts a 2-2-1 press on and Kaiser coach Branden Kawazoe instantly calls time out, just a second before his team turns the ball over. 2:14, 26-17.

MPI holds for the last shot, entry pass to Shepherd, who powers in for a 5-foot jump hook. Nobody wanted to body up on him. Pups.

End Q3: MPI 30, Kaiser 19.

Second quarter
Sloppy offense, some bad decisions. MPI calls time out, 6:28. Coach Ryan Hirata is not fond of freelancing plays that lead to turnovers. That clip board must be hurting. His guys should know better than to do that. They should chip in to get him a gift certificate from Fisher Hawaii for Christmas.

Another turnover on a long pass downcourt. Hirata sends senior guard Travis Murayama and sophomore center Cameron Hersh to the scorer’s table.

5:10, we have a shot-clock issue. Officials fix the problem. Whatever it was. Kimura, another senior, also back in. That gets the steady crew back in for MPI.

Another miss for Kaiser. They’re not getting any touches in the high or low post, no activity in the paint against that 2-3 zone. Zone offense is usually behind man offense for young teams during preseason.

Owls nearly throw the ball away, save by Colin Ramos to Kimura, who gets a high screen from Hersh, maneuvers his way through the zone and hits a tough floater from 10 feet out that tumbles in, MPI 17-4.

First quarter
Owls off to a 9-2 lead. They’re playing 2-3 zone, which is really testing the patience of a very young Cougars squad.

Robert Thompson, a 6-2 freshman, with a putback and fouled. FT good, 12-3. MPI’s three-quarter press causing problems for Kaiser.

Owls get an offensive board from Zion Shepherd, hold for the last shot. Jacen Kimura slices through the middle and feeds Shepherd for a bucket and foul. FT good, :04.

End Q1: MPI 15, Kaiser 4.


Game 11, 12 p.m.

Corona del Sol (Ariz.) coach Neil MacDonald and Punahou coach Darren Matsuda chat after their game. The Aztecs, ranked No. 1 in Arizona (6A), defeated Hawaii's No. 1 team, Punahou, 83-67. Monday, Dec. 19, 2016
Corona del Sol (Ariz.) coach Neil MacDonald and Punahou coach Darren Matsuda chat after their game. The Aztecs, ranked No. 1 in Arizona (6A), defeated Hawaii’s No. 1 team, Punahou, 83-67. Monday, Dec. 19, 2016

Game 10, 10:30 a.m.
Fourth quarter
Kobayashi hits a 3, but the Aztecs keep rolling. Tip-in by Grier bumps the lead to 65-55, time out PUN, 6:32.

Steal by Lee, push and bounce pass to Barcello, layup. CDS 67-55. High-low pass to Shelan Yarde, reverse layup drops and he’s fouled. 69-55, 5:43. Time out, PUN. Yarde hits the FT, 68-55, the Aztecs’ biggest lead.

Down 73-60, Mausolf corner 3 cuts the lead to 10. Barcello knocks down two FTs, having a great second half. 75-63. Punahou within 75-65 when Alexander swishes a corner 3. That might be the dagger.

Alexander injured at midcourt passing the ball over a trap as his coach is trying to call time out, 2:32. Tweaked his right ankle. He had a clutch second half.

Turnover by CDS, but Punahou throws it away, Chong with an entry pass that’s stolen, Lee with the flush on the other end, 80-65. Quite a game for the future Commodore.

Punahou not fouling, 1:10 left. Barcello drives, feeds Dalen Terry, a 6-3 freshman, bucket and foul. 82-65, 1:00. FT good.

Third quarter
Punahou executing against CDS’ man defense well. High-low pass to Clemens, layup. Clemens crashes the offensive glass, layup. Fouled, air-ball FT. Think he’s a little tired. Him getting extended minutes against this level of competition is going to pay off big time down the road.

Turnover, CDS, showing signs of fatigue maybe. Makaula driving layup and Punahou leads 44-43. Barcello leads out on the break, fouled on a drive. Makes one FT, PUN 44-43. I must say this is probably the best basketball game I’ve seen at 11 a.m. in ages.

Onwordi, a 6-2 senior, open in the corner, defense late to recover and he’s fouled on the drive. Not a great FT shooter though. Makes the second, tied 44-44.

Cortez Feria with the offensive board for Punahou, fouled, 5:17. Misses both. Ke‘ala Martinson slices into the paint and scores, PUN 46-44. CDS pushes as always, Alexander lefty layup. Coach Neil MacDonald calls time out, 4:43. The Aztecs playing hard, not playing as quickly as they did at the start. Lee is not playing with a furious anger, though he nearly tipped in an offensive board with an acrobatic move.

Steal by CDS, lead pass to Lee but he misses. Martinson scores again, but Shane Grier drills a 3 from the top and CDS leads 49-48. Time out, PUN, 3:30.

Buffanblu coach Darren Matsuda in disbelief after Mausolf is called for an intentional foul when Lee drives on a fastbreak. Lee hits both FTs, CDS 51-48.

Aztecs stepping up. Lee comes alive with a coast-to-coast reverse layup and CDS, now in the bonus, gets fouled. Barcello hits two FTs, CDS 59-50. That’s an 8-2 run.

Barcello misses a baseline J with :05 left and the Buffanblu are off to the races. Chong fouled with :00.3 left, hits both FTs.

End Q3: Corona del Sol 59, Punahou 52.

Second quarter
Josh Onwordi misses two FTs for CDS. Duke Clemens hustles after his low-post miss, fouled. Makes one of two, tied 21-21.

Melek Alexander shooting 1-and-1 for CDS, 7:20. Makes one, 22-21. Punahou pushing, wild pass, turnover and Lee is full blast the other way, draws a shooting foul. Makes one, CDS 23-21.

Aztecs covering Kobayashi closely now, pass from Makaula to Clenens, foul. Clemens hits one of two FTs, 23-22.

Barcello drives on Kobayashi, lefty runner is wild off the side of the backboard. Barcello passes to a teammate on the break, Chong swats it to the wall. Eric Black Well, a 6-foot freshman, drains a 3. CDS 26-22.

Makaula battling on the boards, scores and fouled. Misses the FT, 27-24. Blackwell with a nice drive on the break, draws contact and hits the layup. Defender straight up, good no-call, CDS 29-26.

Clemens with the entry pass from Makaula, works and scores, fouled. He’s getting extended play this morning. I like his skill set and footwork, here’s his breakout game. Only a sophomore and also one of the top offensive linemen in the state. Makes the FT, 29-all.

Seth McCollum with the nice bucket inside, fouled, hits the FT, CDS 34-29. Kobayashi with the 25-foot trey from straightaway, nothing but net. Defender raises his hands as his coach yells. What else could he do? CDS pushes fast, nice reverse layup by Barcello. They’re making a fast team (Punahou) look slow at times. CDS 36-32.

Kobayashi beats the shot clock with a pull-up wing 3, all net. Barcello in a dead sprint with the ball, beats everyone for a layup. Judd Cockett is a rocket getting back to intercept a long pass, they push upcourt and Chong rains in a corner 3, 40-38.

Lee caps the half with a pull-up 3 from the top as Cockett plays the drive. Rattles in with :02 left. What a half.

End Q2: Corona del Sol 43, Punahou 38.

First quarter
Vanderbilt commit SABEN LEE IS PLAYING WITH A FURIOUS ANGERRRRRRR. He’s dunked twice already, once on a breakaway, lightning. 4-0 CDS. We wondered if they’d come in with a toned-down, vacation-mode approach after losing their opening-round game, but no. They playing like they didn’t have breakfast. Hungry. Punahou? They arrived here late and didn’t start warmups until just 15 minutes before game time.

Punahou cuts it to 6-5, but Lee blocks a corner 3 by Kaulana Makaula, goes coast to coast and draws a foul. Hits both FTs, 8-5.

Zayne Chong with his second 3, 10-8. Buffanblu getting killed on the boards, allergic to boxing out right now.

Beau Whittaker playing early and doing well with a layup and a board that triggers the break. Chris Kobayashi corner 3 all net, PUN 15-13.

Kobayashi with a wing 3, all net, PUN 18-15. Buffanblu run their horns set and it’s an easy layup for Cole Mausolf. He’s another guy who is a matchup problem, a 6-4 3-point shooter with a knack for getting open. PUN 20-17.

Mausolf blows by Lee, misses the layup. Arizona commit Alex Barcello with a layup, CDS up 21-20. Lee open on the break, misses the dunk, ball jams on the front of the rim. He’s gassed, played the whole quarter, going full tilt on defense.

End Q1: Corona del Sol 21, Punahou 20.

Pre-game: This is Arizona’s No. 1 team in 6A against Hawaii’s No. 1 team, Punahou.


Cheering their team on: Grant Duncan, Duncan McKenna and Kai Terada-Herzer.
Cheering their team on: Grant Duncan, Duncan McKenna and Kai Terada-Herzer.
Kapolei vs. Waiakea, Monday, Dec. 19, 2016.
Kapolei vs. Waiakea, Monday, Dec. 19, 2016.

Game 9, 9 a.m.
Fourth quarter
Waiakea in 2-3 zone and Montgomery swishes an elbow J, 46-33. Nice and easy shot by the Kapolei WR. Jerek Prudencio blocks a shot by Nedd at the rim, but Montgomery is there for the easy putback. Mattos with a bucket, 48-35. Need easy layup off a pass, 50-35.

Higa, who is 5-7, with an offensive board, baseline drive and dish to Nedd for an easy bucket. Nedd with an offensive board putback, 54-36. Hate to say it, but Waiakea is allergic to boxing out.

Amuimuia fouls out with 4:07 left. Del Prado with two FTs, makes both, 56-36. Coach Gary Ellison has rolled in his reserves since the second quarter, lots of action for all the ‘Canes.

Kojima with a hustle play, gathers an offensive board, runner in the lane good, 56-38. Misses the FT.

Mattos with a steal, foul by Kapolei. No bonus yet. Waiakea with some nice drive and dish action and freshman Kiai Apele is wide open. Passes up the 3. Time out, Kapolei.

Solo Sims with his first bucket of the game, a 3-pointer, and the Kapolei bench yells in approval.

Kenneth Bugado with a wing 3 on a pass from Apele, 58-46.

Third quarter
Hurricanes own the boards and they’re running the floor well. Carter with a nice bounce pass from one of his posts, layup. Montgomery with an offensive board, feeds Nedd for an easy layup. It’s 37-22, 5:17.

Treysen Ishimoto with a corner J, just inside the line, 37-24. He’s got four points in this quarter. Carter to the line. Aggressive to the hole, makes good decisions, under control and very quick. Like his game. Misses the second FT, but there’s a lane violation. Higa checks in for Carter, what a luxury. Higa good enough to start on most OIA West teams, if not all. ‘Canes in 2-3 zone. Ishimoto from the top and his runner tumbles in. He’s on a mini-tear.

Steal by Waiakea, Ishimoto with a running hook shot and it’s swatted. Hurricanes pushing and Hezekiah Del Prado all net with the corner 3, KPO 42-26. Higa fouled, makes both FTs, 44-26.

Mattos leaps to steal a pass, perfect lob pass downcourt to Shaun Kojima for a layup and foul. Misses the FT, 44-28. Kojima with a wing 3, 44-31. Mattos hits a runner in the lane with :04 left.

End Q3: Kapolei 44, Waiakea 33.

Second quarter
Wesley Amuimuia with a pull-up 3 as the shot clock winds down, but Ja’Shon Carter drives for a layup in transition and scores, hits the FT, 16-10. Another fastbreak and another layup for the ‘Canes, 18-10. Waiakea coach Paul Lee has seen enough, time out, 5:21.

Amuimuia misses an open 3, nobody rotates back to play defense and it’s an uncontested layup for speedy Isaiah Higa. The ‘Canes are outrunning the Warriors. Amuimuia fouled, 1-and-1, misses, and Carter drives for another layup.

Mattos hits a floater in transition, 22-14. Zoar Nedd, a 6-4 junior, fouled in the paint, shooting two for Kapolei, 3:02. Makes on, 23-14. Both teams looking to run. Kapolei doing a better job getting back and protecting the rim.

Getting in the bonus is becoming a big factor for Waiakea. Mattos 1-and-1, makes both, 23-16. Carter blows past his man, hits the 10-foot J, 25-16. Mattos answers, 25-18. Kapolei shot misses and Marquis Montgomery, another 6-4 junior, with the putback. Zero box out. This Waiakea team could use a 17-year-old version of its head coach. Paul Lee was a helluva baller for Hilo back in the day.

Nedd with the open 15-footer in the paint, good, 29-18. Mattos fouls Nedd near halfcourt, 1-and-1. Nedd misses.

Mattos with a drive and elbow jumper, misses, hustles for the board, misses a tough 5-footer as time runs out.

End Q2: Kapolei 29, Waiakea 18.

First quarter:
Pre-game: Local teams always fill the consolation bracket, but the intrigue for hoopaholics is a matchup like this: perennial Big Island Interscholastic Federation contender Waiakea and OIA West power Kapolei. Both teams lost their opening-round games.

Even at this early hour, neither team is flat. The Hurricanes went eight deep. Both teams playing man defense. Calvin Mattos with a nice steal and layup for the Warriors before the end of the quarter. Kapolei ran flex in the final minute. They’re getting decent looks.

End Q1: Kapolei 12, Waiakea 7.


  1. Manley December 19, 2016 8:23 pm

    Why doesn’t oc16 have preseason games?

  2. anywaaaays!! December 19, 2016 8:53 pm

    Paul Honda, under your halftime report for the Kahuku game, 9th sentence you got Savea’s name and not Avea. Maybe you still thinking Rocky Savea LB for Kapolei? ok bye!

  3. rrforlifebaby December 20, 2016 7:45 am

    Way to go Boiz!!!

  4. kahukuwrckless December 20, 2016 8:13 am

    @anywaaaays!! Paul Honda is biased against Kahuku so he constantly misspells all our boys names.

  5. Education First December 20, 2016 9:29 am

    If Kahuku can teach their boys more fundamental concepts of defense, I can see them winning states. Their help was slow. They didn’t hedge on pick and rolls, and often matched up incorrectly. Their on ball defense was stellar. Their PG from what I saw the last few games in the best player in the state. Akana really gets those kids to play hard.

  6. Paul Honda December 21, 2016 12:44 pm

    I get hard time live blog when the game is so fast, plus keeping stats and shooting video. Mahalo I will fix the mistake.

  7. Knation December 22, 2016 4:27 pm

    @ Paul honda. Hey don’t listen to kahukuwrckless. It’s not even the real kahukuwrckless.I personally know the kid who is only a freshman in high school. This is probably the same guy who’s using red x trying to make kahuku look bad.

  8. Paul Honda December 22, 2016 10:26 pm

    Fixed it. Please forgive me, kahubiawbf.

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