50th Annual Hawaii Interscholastic Athletic Directors Association Conference

June 9-11, 2010

Waikiki Beach Marriott Hotel

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Note: all approved proposals go to the HHSAA executive board for vote

GROUP 1 — Chair: Greg Gonsalves (KIF), Recorder: Albert Paschoal (MIL)


1. Eliminate all non-participants from walking on lane before and during competition

Committee: 25-5-0 passed


2. Oiling patterns of lanes shall be the same for both HHSAA practice sessions and HHSAA tournament play.

Committee: 29-0-0 passed


3. HHSAA qualifiers from the same school will be placed on the same pair of lanes during the HHSAA tournament

committee: 26-3-0 passed



1. As amended: hold HHSAA championships on a Saturday when an adequate venue is available

Committee: 28-1-0 passed


Cross Country

1. Have committee review projected state championship course prior to acceptance as viable course for championship.

Committee: 26-2-1 passed



1. As amended: Be sure all fields at HHSAA Soccer Championships are played with width of 65 yards and a length of 120 yards.

Committee: 29-0-0 passed


2. Allow MIL to return back to rotation for Boys and Girls Division I soccer every 3 years per gender

Committee: 6-16-7 DEFEATED — Minority Report requested by MIL

Note: 20 minutes of discussion

AMENDMENT TO ADD BIIF: 46-35-9 approved

AMENDMENT: 58-25-5


HHSAA Consolation Games

1. Tournaments that include an eight-team field will have a three-game guarantee for all the schools participating.

Committee: 10-16-3 DEFEATED

APPROVED 60-30-0

GROUP 2 — CHAIR: Jo Ito (ILH), RECORDER: Josh Morse (ILH)

Canoe Paddling

1. Increase the eligibility roster for Boys and Girls Teams for the State Tournament from eight to 10 participants.

Committee: 27-0-1 passed



1. Maintain the start dates but insert an additional week to the WInter Sports Season. Adjust each of the winter state tournament weeks to one

Committee: 28-0-1 passed


2. Change the over-hydrated disqualification rule to a reading of 1.000 on the refractometer and allow a wrestler who is disqualified with over-hydration to maintain his/her three opportunities to certify.

Committee: 28-0-1 passed


3. As amended: If a defensive wrestler in a nearfall situation signals with the “tap-out” gesture and the match is stopped because of the signal, then the wrestler will default the match, except if the tappet gesture is due to an illegal hold on the part of the offensive wrestler

Committee: 28-0-1 passed



1. To restore the HHSAA judo tournament to 16-person brackets

Committee: 17-10-2 passed

APPROVED 54-30-5

2. As amended: This recommendation would add to the list of Flagrant Hanskumake and would disqualify a contestant from competition, medals and points. Performance of reckless actions, i.e. intentionally kicking, slapping, shoving which could or does cause injury or intimidation would be regarded as flagrant hanskumake.

Committee: 28-0-1 passed



1. As amended: To ban the use of composite bats for HHSAA tournament play with the recommendation that the Executive Council examine the same issue for softball.

Committee: 29-0-1 passed

AMENDMENT: 66-13-10



1. Use the double first base in the HHSAA State Softball Tournament.

Committee: 21-8-0 passed


GROUP 3 — CHAIR: Steve Perry (BIIF), RECORDER: John Woolverton (BIIF)


1. As amended: Allow two designated coaches per school for boys and two designated coaches per school for girls contact with players from green to tee. This must not impede pace of play and player is still responsible for HHSAA policy on pace of play.

Committee: 20-6-1 passed

APPROVED 51-35-1

2. Girls golf to follow same HHSAA qualification guidelines as for boys golf

Committee: 19-7-2 passed

DEFEATED 24-59-0

3. Boys State Berth Formula — amend to a participation-based formula.

Committee: 12-15-0 DEFEATED — Minority Report requested by the MIL

DEFEATED 25-53-3

4. As amended: If a given league is unable to provide an alternate for one of its own players that withdraws from the HHSAA tournament, the tournament’s host league will then be allowed to fill the vacancy with one of its alternates. No other league will be allowed to fill this vacancy.

Committee: 28-0-0 passed


5. As amended: If possible, teams from the same league (BIIF, OIA, MIL, ILH and KIF) shall not be scheduled to play one another in the first match of the HHSAA Tennis Tournament.

Committee: 28-0-0 passed

APPROVED 60-29-0


1. Tennis to use the HHSAA formula to calculate representation at the HHSAA Tourney.

Committee: 26-0-1 passed


2. Using the regular scoring system, from the first round until and including the semifinals, state tournament matches shall be 2 out of 3. Regular scoring, 12-point tiebreaker at 6 games all. In lieu of a third set, a 10-point tiebreaker will be used to determinate a match tied at 1 set each. In the finals and playoff for third and fourth place, matches shall be regular scoring, and 2 out of 3 tie-break set (play out the third set).

Committee: 28-0-0


3. Add to section V. Entries: The best participants without affiliation to any league will be seeded according to ratio as determined by the USTA (1 seed for every 4 entries).

Committee: 28-0-0 passed


4. As amended: If possible, teams from the same league shall not be scheduled to play one another in the first match of the HHSAA Tennis Tournament.

Committee: 28-0-0 passed


5. As amended: Cotton T-shirts will not be permitted, including PE school uniforms. Tennis shirts which are a fabric such as Dri-Fit (NIke), Climacool, Formotion (Adidas), Coolmax (Prince), Play Dry (Reebok), HealGear (Under Armor), etc. are acceptable tennis attire. For boys and girls, sleeveless attire is acceptable.

Committee: 28-0-0 passed


6. The HHSAA Uniform Policy can be assessed by the Referee, Chair Umpire or Roving officials. If it is discovered ate the play has begun that a player has committed an infraction of the HHSAA Uniform Policy, then all points that have been played will stand.

However, the player must be properly attired before continuing play. If the discovery occurs after the match is over, the match still counts. No penalties will be retroactively assessed once the match is complete.

Any player or doubles team who commits an infraction of the HHSAA Uniform Policy that requires them to leave the court or takes longer than 20 seconds to have proper attire brought to them, will be penalized as follows:

a. A player who leaves the court or does not have the proper attire available within 20 seconds upon discovery of the uniform infraction will be assessed a Point Penalty.

b. A player who leaves the court or does not have the proper attire available within 40 seconds upon discovery of the uniform infraction will be assessed a Game Penalty.

c. A player who has not returned or does not have the proper attire available within 60 seconds upon the discovery of the uniform infraction will be defaulted.

After the code violation penalty has been assessed and the official verifies the proper attire, they will be offered a change of attire bathroom break to correct the discrepancy and continue play. Players will be allowed reasonable time for a change of attire break in conjunction with the uniform policy.

Committee: 28-0-0 passed


Track and Field

1. Recommendation that entries for the state Track and Field meet be considered “closed” at the conclusion of the seeding meeting.

Committee: 25-3-0 passed


2. Recommendation that advancement to finals for relay teams be by place and time.

Committee: 15-12-1 passed

APPROVED 60-30-0

3. As amended: Recommend to move the start date of the 2010-11 Track and Field season from Week #33 to Week #32

Committee: 27-0-1 passed


GROUP 4 — CHAIR: Joel Kawachi (OIA), RECORDER: Karen Iha (OIA)


1. To award D-II Championship and Runner-Up trophies in all sports that currently do not declare champions. Schools use accepted league criteria to declare D-I or D-II in all sports. Have all championships as we currently have them. The highest D-II finishers would be the champion and runner up. If D-II school was the overall winner they would still be the D-II champion, highest D-I finisher would be D-I champion, etc. If no D-II team(s) place as a team(s) in a state tournament, no D-II champion and/or runner-up.

Committee: 8-23-7 DEFEATED — Minority Report requested by the BIIF

APPROVED 45-37-9

2. As amended, excluding football, use only the formula calculation to assign league representation into the HHSAA State Tournament starting in the 2010-11 school year. (No league gets an automatic berth.)

Committee: 27-5-8 passed

DEFEATED 26-64-0

3. If representation for the final berth in any HHSAA Tournament needs to be determined*, the site of the playoff game will be determined by HHSAA, and HHSAA will subsidize the traveling team (2x the # of starters and 2 coaches) for air and ground, and the cost of officials.

* play-in (tiebreaker) game

Committee: 21-9-10 passed

Amendment example (play-in/tiebreaker): One team travels (Waiakea to Kaiser) and is subsidized by HHSAA. If home team (Kaiser wins), it pays its way to state tourney.



4. Approve the proposed 2010-11 State Tournament Schedule

Committee: 40-0-0 passed




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