Video: #1 Punahou vs #4 Farrington

by Paul Honda on November 26, 2013

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

A remarkable, heart-wrenching season came to an end for the Farrington Governors in this semifinal loss to top-seeded Punahou. The Buffanblu showed their might and depth in a 48-6 win.

In Part 3, Farrington coach Randall Okimoto talks about the season and points to recruiting as a topic that should be discussed.

“I know nobody likes to bring up the word, but the ‘R’ word, when you look at the three schools that won their league championships, they recruited the best. I know guys don’t want to bring that up, but I think the public needs to know the truth about that. That’s the reality of what happened this year. I mean, you look at the two teams in the state championship, they recruited very well. They’re very well-coached, but they also have players from all over the state.”

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