Football Tour: Pac-Five

by Paul Honda on August 14, 2013

Tour stop: Friday, Aug. 9, 2013


They’ve got fairly good numbers, just not a lot of experience. And that goes right to the focal point of the offense at Pac-Five, where Anthony Canencia is at the controls.

Canencia is a gifted point guard who plays for University High. In fact, because of his track record — broken collarbone as a freshman, broke the other collarbone as a sophomore — Junior Rainbows basketball coach Walt Quitan is a bit nervous about Canencia’s decision to play football as a senior.

Junior year? Canencia sat out, was healthy for basketball for the first time in years, and had a splendid season as their floor general.

(Note: When Pac-Five played Radford on Saturday, Canencia threw 66 passes. He stayed healthy.)

They lost a lot in the offseason, including standout defensive end Titus Failauga, to graduation. Yet Wolfpack coach Kip Botelho always finds a way to keep his team competitive.


Tsubasa Brennan WR 5-11 165 Jr.


Reece Alvarado WR 5-8 150 Sr.


Anthony Canencia QB 5-7 150 Sr.


Roycen Routt RB 5-9 155 Sr.


Austin Silva LB 6-0 230 Sr.


Lance Caraang OL/DL 6-1 257 Sr.


Tyson Kaloa OL/DL 6-1 225 Sr.

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