Hall Pass: Kawika Lam

Kawika Lam is the only boy to win gold medals in tennis four years in a row.
Kawika Lam is the only boy to win gold medals in tennis four years in a row.

It seems like Punahou never loses in tennis, mostly because of athletes like Kawika Lam.

Lam won three singles titles and a doubles crown in his four years of prep tennis and for that will be inducted into the Enterprise / HHSAA Hall of Honor on June 7 at Dole Cannery Square’s Pomaikai Ballroom.

The Punahou boys tennis team won its 25th straight state title this season, with 12 individual champions and 16 doubles champions during the span. That’s a lot of supremely talented players, but none of them are quite like Lam. Erik Shoji is the only other Punahou boy to make the Hall of Honor as a tennis player, and he made his most of his hay in volleyball to go with a single state doubles title.

Lam is only boy to win state titles four straight years, teaming with Zander Kim for the doubles title as a freshman in 2012. They were the top seeds in the tournament and rolled through their competition, losing 14 games in six matches. Lam and Kim split up the next year and both went into the singles bracket, where Lam was awarded the top seed as the ILH champion. Lam swept his way to the final where he met Kamehameha’s Marcel Chan, who beat Kim in the quarterfinals.

Lam avenged his teammate’s loss with a 6-4, 4-6, 7-6 (6) thriller for his first singles title. He was ranked 29th in the nation among 16-year old boys at the time.

Lam was ranked 48th among boys under 18 years old as a junior, and he cruised all the way to the final again where he found a new rival. He lost the first set to Hawaii Baptist’s Jeffrey Liang 7-6 (6) in the singles championship match after not losing one in the run-up but rebounded to win the next two sets 6-0, 6-2 for his second crown.

With the memories of Mililani’s Alyssa Tobita’s loss to freshman Taylor Lau of St. Francis the previous year fresh on everyone’s mind, Lam met Liang again in the final as a senior. Tobita, a 2014 Hall of Honor inductee, lost to Lau in a bid for a fourth singles title in her final match.

Lam had no problems, though, taking care of his friendly rival 7-5, 6-3 to complete his perfect run through high school.

Lam is the only boy to win state titles four years in a row and the first to win three successive singles titles since Punahou’s Bill Bartlett from 1975-77. Bartlett lost to Kalani’s Bob Deller in the singles semifinals in 1974 before starting his run.

Even though the sport of high school tennis will lose its most successful boy and most influential coach (Buffanblu coach Rusty Komori stepped down after Lam’s win), the game is in a good place as far as the Hall of Honor is concerned. A tennis player has been inducted four years in a row, with Lam following Tobita, Kamehameha-Hawaii’s Shaun Kagawa and Kristine Felix of Baldwin, although the latter pair excelled at other sports.

Tennis players in the Hall of Honor
1992 Ryan Ideta M Lahainaluna
2000 Erin Hoe F Mililani
2000 Bradlee Lum-Tucker M Kauai
2001 Edward Ruhland M Hilo
2002 Tiana Lum-Tucker F Kauai
2008 Erik Shoji M Punahou
2009 Kristin Lim F Punahou
2012 Kristine Felix F Baldwin
2013 Shaun Kagawa M Kamehameha-Hawaii
2014 Alyssa Tobita F Mililani
2015 Kawika Lam M Punahou

Adrian Murrell, Leilehua, 1989 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Agenhart Ellis, Kamehameha, 1991 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Kamuela Borden, Iolani, 2015 (Photo by Jay Metzger / Special to the Star-Advertiser
Gabbie Ewing, Hawaii Prep, 2015 (Jamm Aquino/Star-Advertiser)
Lena Hayakawa, Mid-Pacific, 2015 (Jay Metzger / Special to the Star-Advertiser)
Sabrina Hollins, Waipahu, 2015 (Cindy Ellen Russell)
BJ Hosaka, Hawaii Baptist, 2015 (Bruce Asato)
Ian Kahaloa, Campbell, 2015 (Craig Kojima)
Kanoa Kaleoaloha, Kamehameha, 2015 (Jay Metzger / Special to the Star-Advertiser)
Kawika Lam, Punahou, 2015 (Jay Metzger / Special to the Star-Advertiser
Sarah Lau, Kamehameha, 2015 (Craig Kojima)
Micah Ma'a, Punahou, 2015 (Cindy Ellen Russell)
Kanawai Noa, Punahou, 2015 (Dennis Oda)
Tiyana Hallums, Kamehameha, 2015 (Cindy Ellen Russell)
Teshya Alo, Kamehameha, 2016
Emalia Eichelberger, Punahou, 2016
Mariel Galdiano, Punahou, 2016
La'akea Kaho'ohanohano-Davis, Baldwin, 2016
Kaeo Kruse, Kamehameha, 2016
'Aukai Lileikis, Punahou, 2016
Vavae Malepeai, Mililani, 2016
Lalelei Mata'afa, Lahainaluna, 2016
Austin Matautia, Moanalua, 2016
Chanelle Molina, Konawena, 2016
Shandon Hopeau, Kapolei, 2016
Emma Taylor, Hawaii Prep, 2016
Kayla Afoa, Kamehameha, 2017 (Cindy Ellen Russell / Star-Advertiser)
Jocelyn Alo, Campbell and Kahuku, 2017 (Jamm Aquino / Star-Advertiser)
Lia Foster, Punahou, 2017 (Photo by Dennis Oda / Star-Advertiser)
Hugh Hogland, Iolani, 2017 (Photo by Cindy Ellen Russell / Star-Advertiser)
Kekaula Kaniho, Kahuku, 2017 (Photo by Cindy Ellen Russell / Star-Advertiser)
Kesi Ah Hoy, Kahuku, 2017 (Photo by Jamm Aquino / Star-Advertiser)
Celena Molina, Konawaena, 2017 (Photo by Jamm Aquino / Star-Advertiser)
Kristen O'Handley, Kaiser, 2017 (Photo by Jamm Aquino / Star-Advertiser)
K.J. Pascua, Iolani, 2017 (Photo by Jamm Aquino / Star-Advertiser)
Ava Shipman, Seabury Hall, 2017, (photo by Barry Frankel / Special to the Star-Advertiser)
Tua Tagovailoa, Saint Louis, 2017 (Photo by Dennis Oda / Star-Advertiser)
Dane Yamashiro, Iolani, 2017 (Photo by Craig Kojima / Star-Advertiser)
Alohi Robins-Hardy, Kamehameha, 2013 (Photo by Craig T. Kojima / Star-Advertiser)
Alyssa Tobita, Mililani, 2014 (Photo by Michael Darden / Special to the Star-Advertiser)
Amosa Amosa, Campbell, 1984 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Ana Vidinha, Punahou, 1992 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Ashley Ruff, Kamehameha, 2002. (Star-Advertiser photo)
Bern Brostek, 'Iolani, 1985 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Brandon Brooks, Punahou, 1999 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Breland Almadova, 'Iolani, 2009 (Jamm Aquino / Star-Advertiser)
Brendyn Agbayani, Saint Louis, 1993 (Photo by Dennis Oda / Star-Advertiser)
Brian Norwood, Radford, 1983 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Bryan Clay, Castle, 1998 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Byron Beatty, Kahuku, 1987 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Carl Fraticelli, Kalaheo, 1984 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Carly Kan, Punahou, 2013 (Photo by Cindy Ellen Russell / Star-Advertiser)
Casey Flores, Konawaena, 1996 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Courtney Kessell, Kailua, 2005 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Dakota Grossman, Seabury Hall, 2014 (Photo by Bruce Asato / Star-Advertiser)
Debbie Lambert, Punahou, 1994 (Star-Advertiser photo)
DeForest Buckner, Punahou, 2012 (Photo by Jamm Aquino / Star-Advertiser)
Derrick Low, 'Iolani, 2004 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Endia Abrante, Kaiser, 1998 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Eri Macdonald, Punahou, 1999 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Erin Stovall, Iolani, 1997 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Fiona Nepo, McKinley, 1995 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Gerald Welch, Saint Louis, 2000 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Glenn Freitas, Waianae, 1992 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Hoku Nohara, Kamehameha, 2007 (Photo by Jamm Aquino / Star-Advertiser)
Jacob Edwards, Kau, 2010 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Jarrett Arakawa, 'Iolani, 2009 (Photo by Jamm Aquino / Star-Advertiser)
Jasmine Mau, Punahou, 2014 (Photo by Dennis Oda / Star-Advertiser)
Harrison "Jeeter" Ishida, Punahou, 2008 (Photo by Jamm Aquino / Star-Advertiser)
Jodi Jackson, Punahou, 1995 (Craig T. Kojima / Star-Advertiser)
Joe Igber, 'Iolani, 1999 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Joel Lane, Saint Louis, 1993 (Photo by Dennis Oda / Star-Advertiser)
Joelynn Naki, Baldwin, 1993 (Photo by Dennis Oda / Star-Advertiser)
Joey Bunch, Radford, 1983 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Jonathan Spiker, Saint Louis, 2003 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Joshua Terao, Mid-Pac, 2014 (Photo by Cindy Ellen Russell / Star-Advertiser)
K. Mark Takai, Pearl City, 1985 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Kanani Herring, Kamehameha, 2008 (Photo by Cindy Ellen Russell / Star-Advertiser)
Kawehena Johnson, Kahuku, 2013 (Photo by Jamm Aquino / Star-Advertiser)
Kawika Shoji, 'Iolani, 2006 (George F. Lee / Star-Advertiser)
Kealoha Pilares, Damien, 2006 (Photo by Jamm Aquino / Star-Advertiser)
Keelan Ewailiko, Baldwin, 2013 (Photo by Dennis Oda / Star-Advertiser)
Keiko Price, Mililani, 1996 (Photo by Dennis Oda / Star-Advertiser)
Kekoa Kaluhiokalani, Waianae, 1990 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Kena Heffernan, Punahou, 1992 (Photo by Dennis Oda / Star-Advertiser)
Keoni Ruth, Kamehameha, 2003 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Kirk Uejio, 'Iolani, 1998 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Kolten Wong. Kamehameha-Hawaii, 2008 (Photo by Bruce N. Omori / Special to the Star-Advertiser)
Kyle Pape, 'Iolani, 2005 (Photo by Cindy Ellen Russell / Star-Advertiser)
Larry Khan-Smith, Campbell, 1986 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Larry Tuileta, Punahou, 2014 (Photo by Bruce Asato / Star-Advertiser)
Lauran Dignam, 'Iolani, 2002 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Lia Galdeira, Konawaena, 2012 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Lauren Ho, HBA, 2006 (Photo by Dennis Oda / Star-Advertiser)
Maile Golden, Waimea, 1988 (SB Photo)
Manti Te'o, Punahou, 2009 (Photo by Jamm Aquino / Star-Advertiser)
Marcus Mariota, Saint Louis, 2011 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Matt Bell, Farrington, 2004 (Photo by George F. Lee / Star-Advertiser)
Matt Stevens, Hawaii Baptist, 1997 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Miah Ostrowski, Punahou, 2007 (Photo by Dennis Oda / Star-Advertiser)
Micah Christenson, Kamehameha, 2011 (Photo by Dennis Oda / Star-Advertiser)
Mysha Sataraka, Punahou, 2012 (Photo by Cindy Ellen Russell / Star-Advertiser)
Nancy Hoist, Konawaena, 2004 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Natasha Kai, Kahuku , 2001 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Pam Nihipali, Kahuku, 1983 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Pomai Kapule, Kailua, 1997 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Richard Torres, Kahuku, 2007 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Robynn Bicoy, 1984 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Sarah Palmer, HBA, 2010 (Dennis Oda / Star-Advertiser)
Stewart Chong, Punahou, 1993 (Star-Advertiser file)
Tamari Miyashiro, Kalani, 2005 (Photo by George F. Lee / Star-Advertiser)
Tani Costa, Kalani, 2009 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Tino Sellitto, Pac-Five, 1983 (Photo by Dennis Oda / Star-Advertiser)
Tita Ahuna, Kamehameha, 1984 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Tuli Peters, Kahuku, 2003 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Vera Simms, Mililani, 2000 (Photo by Dennis Oda / Star-Advertiser)
Billy Pieper, Kamehameha, 1996 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Yoshi Honda, Radford, 1983 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Zhane Santiago, Kahuku, 2011 (Photo by Jamm Aquino / Star-Advertiser)

Hall of Honor Members

1983Joey BunchRadford
1983Michael FettersIolani
1983Eugene FontanillaMaui
1983Guy GasparWaimea
1983Yoshi HondaRadford
1983Linda JacksonMililani
1983Charles MoetuluiFarrington
1983Pam NihipaliKahuku
1983Brian NorwoodRadford
1983Joy PurdyHana
1983Tino SellittoMaryknoll
1983Koldene WalshLeilehua
1984Reydan "Tita" AhunaKamehameha
1984Michael AmongMaryknoll
1984Amosa AmosaCampbell
1984Robynn BicoyMolokai
1984Bradley EstabilioKohala
1984Carl FraticelliKalaheo
1984Ross KagawaWaimea
1984Sean KinilauSaint Louis
1984Donny MaaMid-Pacific
1984Thia PalakikoWaianae
1984Kalani PerryKamehameha
1984Troy YokoyamaBaldwin
1985Todd ApoKamehameha
1985Bern BrostekIolani
1985Tracie HuddyCampbell
1985Mike KuenzliKamehameha
1985Anthony Lazaro Jr.Waimea
1985Clayton MahukaNanakuli
1985Debbie NamohalaWaiakea
1985Souk NgonethongKaiser
1985Peter RantaKalaheo
1985Aaron SumidaKonawaena
1985K. Mark TakaiPearl City
1985William "J.J." VroomMaui
1986Mona AfalavaKahuku
1986Matthew CerizoSt. Anthony
1986David CooperSaint Louis
1986Garrett GabrielMaryknoll
1986Naomi HelenihiKamehameha
1986Patrick HigaIolani
1986Lawrence Khan-SmithCampbell
1986Nina LiahjellKaiser
1986Talbert Lum HoWaiakea
1986Melissa PachecoWaimea
1986Trevor SchirmanPunahou
1986Simanua TiatiaFarrington
1987Byron BeattyKahuku
1987Bruce FerreiraHilo
1987Thomas Heffernan Jr.Saint Louis
1987Tamara Al KaluauKailua
1987Nuuanu KauliaWaianae
1987Jennifer KokubunMaui
1987Daniel MafuaKaimuki
1987Teddi PilaIolani
1987Pio SagapoluteleMaryknoll
1987George Smith IVAcademy of the Pacific
1987Richard StevensonKahuku
1987Francine VillarmiaAiea
1988Jarinn AkanaMolokai
1988Shane BellHonokaa
1988Shannon CabunocSaint Louis
1988Dawson CarvalhoKapaa
1988John CorreaSaint Louis
1988John FeingaKahuku
1988Jacob GarciaPunahou
1988Maile GoldenWaimea
1988D. Kalei NamohalaWaiakea
1988Diana OtaMililani
1988Walter SantiagoKahuku
1988Nadine TakaiPearl City
1989Benny AgbayaniSaint Louis
1989Michelle ArnoldKamehameha
1989Jason CabralLaupahoehoe, Hilo
1989Gregory GonsalvesKapaa
1989Jennifer KaeoWaiakea
1989Micah MatsuzakiSaint Louis
1989Adrian MurrellLeilehua
1989Kanoa OstremPunahou
1989Rynee RodriguesBaldwin
1989George StewartUniversity
1989Pablo VenencianoMolokai
1989Peter ViliamuWaipahu
1990Teddy AgullanaCastle
1990Tupu AlualuSaint Louis
1990Melanie AzamaIolani
1990Solene DuvauchelleMolokai
1990Alika FuentesMaui
1990Jerry KaekaKalaheo
1990Kekoa KaluhiokalaniWaianae
1990Silila MalepeaiSaint Louis
1990Christian MillerPunahou
1990Jolynn SamanaKailua
1990Charisse Kaui WakitaHilo
1990Kevin WongPunahou
1991Ink AleagaMaryknoll
1991Agenhart Ellis IIIKamehameha
1991Matthew GonsalvesKapaa
1991John HaoSaint Louis
1991Ryan HoopiiIolani
1991John LimahaiKailua
1991Jason LopezBaldwin
1991Shon MalaniLaupahoehoe, Hilo
1991Itula MiliKahuku
1991Albert NihipaliKamehameha
1991Stephen VierraKahuku
1991Deirdre WisneskiWaimea
1992Kalei ArnoldKamehameha
1992Violet CarrilloKapaa
1992Glenn FreitasWaianae
1992Kena HeffernanPunahou
1992Ryan IdetaLahainaluna
1992Marcus MalepeaiKailua
1992Ikaika MalloeKamehameha
1992Kaipo McGuireSaint Louis
1992Robert MedeirosHilo
1992Alyson "Kahea" SchuckertHonokaa
1992Ana VidinhaPunahou
1992Simeon VierraKahuku
1993Brendyn AgbayaniSaint Louis
1993Tod BelloHilo
1993Stewart ChongKamehameha
1993Nani CockettKamehameha
1993Auli'i EllisKamehameha
1993Perry LamPunahou
1993Joel LaneSaint Louis
1993Joelynn NakiBaldwin
1993Dustin PetersonHawaii Prep
1993Robby RobinsonMid-Pacific
1993Taylor ShigemotoKauai
1993Kevin WilsonAiea
1994Brian Ah YatIolani
1994Davin AlipHonokaa
1994Jodi BensonMoanalua
1994Eleu KaneKamehameha
1994Leah KarrattiWaimea
1994Todd KingIolani
1994Debbie LambertPunahou
1994Jerry LeaenoCampbell
1994Alika SmithKalaheo
1994Kahi VillaKamehameha
1994Ray WilhelmBaldwin
1994Adam WongIolani
1995Prestine FosterBaldwin and Hilo
1995BJ ItomanIolani
1995Jodi JacksonPunahou
1995Regina KaaihiliKamehameha
1995Greg MillerKalaheo
1995Fiona NepoUniversity
1995Kautai OlevaoKahuku
1995Heather OnumaHawaii Prep
1995George Ornellas IIISaint Louis
1995Fred RobinsKamehameha
1995Donny UtuPunahou
1995Kenn WakakuwaHilo
1996Darnell ArceneauxSaint Louis
1996Richard CarlisleIolani
1996Jason ChingPunahou
1996Sarah ClarkHawaii Prep
1996Darolyn CustodioMcKinley
1996Casey FloresKonawaena
1996Tiana FuertesIolani
1996Robert KemfortMaui
1996William Pieper IIKamehameha
1996Keiko PriceMililani
1996Valasi SepulonaFarrington
1996Rachel WatsonKamehameha
1997Kristin AndersonMililani
1997Sean JardinWaimea
1997Pomai KapuleKailua
1997Melanie KeolanuiHilo
1997Parker McLachlinPunahou
1997Robert McLeanSt. Anthony
1997Tehani MiyashiroPunahou
1997Marjorie NepoMcKinley
1997Michael SouzaPunahou
1997Matthew StevensHawaii Baptist
1997Erin StovallIolani
1997Edward Ta'amuIolani
1998Endia AbranteKaiser
1998Ing AleagaAiea
1998Brandy Choy FooKailua
1998Bryan ClayCastle
1998Jason GesserSaint Louis
1998Kelly KaaihiliKamehameha
1998Aina KohlerLahainaluna
1998Mindy MarquesWaimea
1998Onaona MillerPunahou, Hilo
1998Jill OnoIolani
1998Alohalani SantiagoBaldwin
1998Kirk UejioIolani
1999Cord AndersonIolani, Hawaii Prep
1999Brandon BrooksPunahou
1999Kristopher Cuaresma-PrimmMid-Pacific
1999Toniuolevaiavea FonotiKahuku
1999Kyle FukuchiMililani
1999Joe IgberIolani
1999Lily KahumokuKamehameha
1999Mi-Suk LeeKonawaena
1999Eri MacdonaldPunahou
1999Dana Navarro-AriasMaui
1999Joseph SiofeleSaint Louis
1999Shane VictorinoSaint Anthony
2000Houston AlaKamehameha
2000Kawika CascoLahianaluna
2000Timothy ChangSaint Louis
2000Victoria ChangPunahou
2000Erin HoeMililani
2000Mitzi IngIolani
2000Chad KapanuiRoosevelt
2000Kealani KimballKamehameha
2000Bradlee Lum-TuckerKauai
2000Jason MandaquitHilo
2000Vera SimmsMililani
2000Gerald WelchSaint Louis
2001Pesefea FiaseuSaint Louis
2001Aaron FranciscoKahuku
2001Nicole GarbinBaldwin
2001Natasha KaiKahuku
2001Rachel KyonoKauai
2001Aritta LaneAiea
2001Milia MacfarlanePunahou
2001Brandy RichardsonKalaheo
2001Mark RodriguesKauai
2001Edward RuhlandHilo
2001Joelle SugaiAiea
2001Shannon TabionBaldwin
2002Brandon AlaKamehameha
2002Ikaika Alama-FrancisKalaheo
2002Abraham Apilado Jr.Waimea
2002Mahie AtayBaldwin
2002Bart-Thomas Kainoa CascoLahainaluna
2002Lauran DignamIolani
2002Jarett HamamotoWaiakea
2002Todd IacovelliPunahou
2002Tiana Lum-TuckerKauai
2002Tyler PerkinsKamehameha
2002Ashley RuffKamehameha
2002Ashley SwartKaiser
2003Krisha KaiKahuku
2003Kanoe Kamana'oIolani
2003Rachel KanePunahou
2003Ku'ulei KarrattiKa'u
2003Tuli PetersKahuku
2003Keoni RuthKamehameha
2003Zoie SevillaBaldwin
2003Jonathan SpikerSaint Louis
2003Hongzhe SunIolani
2003Koren TakeyamaBaldwin
2003Daniel TautofiKaimuki
2003Caylene ValdezMoanalua
2004Matt BellFarrington
2004Tamarah BinekWaiakea
2004Todd BlankenshipIolani
2004Jordon DizonWaimea
2004Tia FergusonSeabury Hall
2004Nancy HoistKonawaena
2004Kami KapakuBaldwin
2004Derrick LowIolani
2004Kyle TevesKealakehe
2004Sunshine Misa-UliFarrington
2004Abel WernerMcKinley
2004Sam WilhoiteKalaheo
2005Shanna-Lei DacanayPunahou
2005Spencer HafokaKahuku
2005Jessica HanatoKonawaena
2005Trenson HimalayaBaldwin
2005Courtney KessellKailua
2005Michael KopraHawaii Prep
2005Tamari MiyashiroKalani
2005Kyle PapeIolani
2005Brashton SateleWord of Life
2005C.J. TausagaAiea
2005Futi TavanaKauai
2005Fran WeemsKealakehe
2006Lauren HoHawaii Baptist
2006Kealoha PilaresDamien
2006Dylan RushKonawaena, Ka'u
2006Jeremy Kamaka'alaKamehameha
2006Kenny EstesWaimea
2006Junior AleKahuku
2006Kawika ShojiIolani
2006Tye PerdidoSeabury Hall
2006Careena OnosaiWord of Life
2006Brandon LowSaint Louis
2006Camila Ah-HoyKahuku
2006Gerritt VincentKamehameha
2007Reece AlnasKamehameha-Hawaii
2007Jazzmin Awa-WilliamsKonawaena
2007Brandon HardinKamehameha
2007Keisha KanekoaHonokaa
2007Ashley MedcalfChristian Academy
2007June Ann LuskBaldwin
2007Spencer McLachlinPunahou
2007Hoku NoharaKamehameha
2007Miah OstrowskiPunahou
2007Keone ReyesKaimuki
2007Scott SmithSaint Louis
2007Richard TorresKahuku
2008Tani AderFarrington
2008Lake CascoLahainaluna
2008Daniel ChowPunahou
2008Kanani HerringKamehameha
2008Tiffany Ikeda-SimaoKauai
2008Jeeter IshidaPunahou
2008Shawna-Lei KuehuPunahou
2008Dara PagaduanKamehameha
2008Erik ShojiPunahou
2008Jamie SmithIolani
2008Kolten WongKamehameha-Hawaii
2008Michelle YoshidaPunahou
2009Breland AlmadovaIolani
2009Tani CostaKalani
2009Jray Galea’iKahuku
2009Taylor IberaFarrington
2009Bryce JenkinsLeilehua
2009Kristin LimPunahou
2009Kela MarcielIolani
2009Bailey MassenburgKing Kekaulike
2009Aisha PricePunahou
2009Meleana ShimKamehameha
2009Christel SimmsPunahou
2009Manti Te’oPunahou
2010Jarrett ArakawaIolani
2010Chaz BajetKamehameha
2010Taylor CrabbPunahou
2010Jacob EdwardsKa'u
2010Ryan HoKamehameha
2010Danna Lynn Hooper-JuarioMolokai
2010Kamie ImaiWaiakea
2010Lawrence LagafuainaAiea
2010Ku’uipo NakoaHawaii Prep
2010Sarah PalmerHawaii Baptist
2010Courtney SenasMililani
2010Andrew SkalmanIolani
2011Kalei AdolphoMolokai
2011Micah ChristensonKamehameha
2011Chrissy ChowPunahou
2011Caprice DydascoKamehameha
2011Koa Ka’aiKamehameha
2011Leisha Li’ili’iCastle
2011Marcus MariotaSaint Louis
2011Pierce MurphyIsland School
2011Zhane SantiagoKahuku
2011Shea ShimabukuroKauai
2011Kailea Tracy-VisintainerSeabury Hall
2011Maiki VielaLahainluna
2012Dawnyelle AwaKonawaena
2012Shane BrostekHawaii Prep
2012DeForest BucknerPunahou
2012Keiki CarlosMid-Pacific
2012Lorens ChanIolani
2012Mindy ChowPunahou
2012Kristine FelixBaldwin
2012Benetton FonuaKahuku
2012Lia GaldeiraKonawaena
2012Misty Ma’aKamehameha
2012Mysha SatarakaPunahou
2012Pasoni TasiniBaldwin
2013Raion BlackChristian Academy
2013Keelan EwalikoBaldwin
2013Michael FisherHawaii Baptist
2013Kawe JohnsonKahuku
2013Shaun KagawaKamehameha-Hawaii
2013Carly KanPunahou
2013Alex MasaquelIolani
2013Dane PestanoKamehameha
2013Bree RapozaKamehameha
2013Renny RichmondSeabury Hall
2013Isaac SavaiinaeaPunahou
2013Aofaga WilyKahuku
2014Alyssa BettendorfSeabury Hall
2014Evan EnriquesKamehameha-Hawaii
2014Dayton FurutaMililani
2014Dakota GrossmanSeabury Hall
2014Sarah LivaMililani and Hanalani
2014Jasmine MauPunahou
2014Jacob McEnroeFarrington
2014Alohi Robins-HardyKamehameha
2014Ryan StackKamehameha
2014Josh TeraoMid-Pacific
2014Alyssa TobitaMililani
2014Larry TuiletaPunahou
Kamuela BordenIolani
2015Gabbie EwingHawaii Prep
2015Tiyana HallumsKamehameha
2015Lena HayakawaMid-Pacific
2015Sabrina HollinsWaipahu
2015BJ HosakaHawaii Baptist
2015Ian KahaloaCampbell
2015Kanoa KaleoalohaKamehameha
2015Kawika LamPunahou
2015Sarah LauKamehameha
2015Micah Ma'aPunahou
2015Kanawai NoaPunahou
2016Teshya Alo
2016Emalia Eichelberger
2016Mariel GaldianoPunahou
2016Shandon HopeauKapolei
2016La'akea Kaho'ohanohano-DavisBaldwin
2016Kaeo KruseKamehameha
2016'Aukai LileikisPunahou
2016Vavae MalepeaiMililani
2016Lalelei Mata'afaLahainaluna
2016Austin MatautiaMoanalua
2016Chanelle MolinaKonawaena
2016Emma TaylorHawaii Prep
2017Kayla AfoaKamehameha
2017Kesi Ah HoyKahuku
2017Jocelyn AloCampbell and Kahuku
2017Lia FosterPunahou
2017Hugh HoglandIolani
2017Kekaula KanihoKahuku
2017Celena MolinaKonawaena
2017Kristen O'HandleyKaiser
2017KJ PascuaIolani
2017Ava ShipmanSeabury Hall
2017Tua TagovailoaSaint Louis
2017Dane YamashiroIolani


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