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Yau’s air riflery mark still safe

By Jerry Campany on October 25, 2016

Kalaheo’s Justin Pascua Lauren Kadooka of Kailua took individual titles at the Civilian Marksmanship Program / HHSAA Air Riflery Championships at Blaidell Arena. The results can be found here: Kailua’s Lauren Kadooka led all qualifiers in the morning with a 551 score and 20 bulls-eyes thanks to a stellar prone score of 196. She then beat all comers in the finals to take the title with a 640 score. Kadooka’s qualifying score is the fourth-highest score by a girl in the event’s history. Only six others have broken the 550 mark. The boys are currently on the range gunning for Yau’s mark or at least Kenneth Tong’s boys record of 553. Kadooka finished 19th last year. Her 10-point margin […]

HHSAA air riflery coordinator Chang retires

By Nick Abramo on October 28, 2015

After 17 years, Ed Chang, the Hawaii High School Athletic Association air riflery coordinator, is retiring. The following story announcing Chang’s retirement is posted on the HHSAA’s website.

Moanalua, Kalani, Pearl City unbeaten

By Nick Abramo on October 1, 2015

Unbeaten Pearl City holds first place in both the Oahu Interscholastic Association West boys and girls air riflery standings. In the OIA East, two undefeated teams — the Moanalua boys and Kalani girls — lead the standings. OIA standings and recent results follow. OIA air riflery standings (as of Oct. 1) East Boys Moanalua, 8-0 Kalani, 7-1 Kailua, 5-3 Kalaheo, 5-3 Kaiser, 4-4 Roosevelt, 3-5 Kahuku, 2-6 Kaimuki, 2-6 Castle, 0-8 East Girls Kalani, 8-0 Kailua, 7-1 Kalaheo, 5-3 Moanalua, 5-3 Roosevelt, 4-4 Kahuku, 3-5 Kaimuki, 2-6 Castle, 1-7 Kaiser, 1-7 West Boys Pearl City, 7-0 Leilehua, 6-1 Kapolei, 5-2 Waianae, 3-3 Radford, 3-4 Waipahu, 2-5 Campbell, 1-6 Waialua, 0-6 West Girls Pearl City, 7-0 Waialua, 5-1 Leilehua, 5-2 Kapolei, 4-3 […]

Pearl City, Kalani undefeated in air riflery

By Nick Abramo on September 24, 2015

Pearl City’s boys and girls teams are both 6-0 and in first place in the Oahu Interscholastic Association West air riflery standings. Kalani (7-0) leads the OIA East boys standings, and Kalani (6-0) is in the top spot in the the East girls standings. The latest standings and the latest match results follow. OIA East air riflery standings (as of Sept. 24) East Boys Moanalua, 7-0 Kalani, 5-1 Kailua, 5-3 Kalaheo, 4-2 Roosevelt, 2-2 Kaiser, 3-4 Kahuku, 2-4 Kaimuki, 1-6 Castle, 0-7 East Girls Kalani, 6-0 Kailua, 7-1 Moanalua, 5-2 Kahuku, 3-3 Kalaheo, 3-3 Roosevelt, 2-2 Castle, 1-6 Kaimuki, 1-6 Kaiser, 1-6 West Boys Pearl City, 6-0 Leilehua, 5-1 Kapolei, 4-2 Waianae, 3-2 Radford, 2-4 Waipahu, 2-4 Campbell, 1-5 Waialua, […]

Pak, Wasano post high scores in OIA air riflery

By Nick Abramo on September 21, 2015

Pearl City’s Kiara-Lin Wasano and Moanalua’s Matthew Pak were the high scorers in Oahu Interscholastic Association air riflery matches at various sites last Wednesday. Results of recent matches in September follow. Note: completed matches only; some matches held were not completed. OIA air riflery Sept. 16, 2015 Boys matches >> Kailua 1,855.14, Kahuku 1,165 High scorers—Kailua: Chevy Oshiro 486.03. Kahuku: Joseph Waite 470. >> Moanalua 2,007, Kaiser 1,702 High scorers—Moanalua: Matthew Pak 518. Kaiser: Royce Mendes 447. >> Waipahu 1404.02, Waialua 445.08 High scorers—Waipahu: Patrick Cortez 421.02. Waialua: Kainoa Benson 445.08. >> Kapolei 1968.17, Campbell 876 High scorers—Kapolei: Adonis Dela Merced 508.02. Campbell: Nathan Lindgren 376. >> Leilehua 1,862, Waianae 1,557.13 High scorers—Leilehua Micah Olivas 508. Waianae: Joel Endo 463.07. […]

4 OIA schools capture air riflery matches

By Nick Abramo on September 3, 2015

Four Oahu Interscholastic Association boys air riflery teams won matches on Wednesday. Scores and top shooters follow. OIA boys air riflery Wednesday, Sept. 2 at various sites >> Moanalua 1,902, Castle 839. High shooters—Moan: Justin Enoki 508. Cast: Garrett Cho 439. >> Kalaheo 1,738, Kailua 1,723. High shooters—Kalh: Jack Carvalho 462. Kail: Mario Formisano 482. >> Kalani 1,832, Kaimuki 1517. High shooters—Kaln: Nicholas Ventinilla 494. Kaim: Isaac Waikiki 442. >> Kaiser 1,565, Kahuku 991. High shooters—Kais: Josh Olson 399. Kah: Joseph Waite 468. OIA girls >> Moanalua 1,743, Castle 1,565. High shooters-Moan: Queenique Dinh 448, Cast: Jessica Leong 415 >> Kailua 1818.2, Kalaheo 1805.05. High shooters-Kail: Lauren Kadooka 502.07, Kalh: Erin Musson 477.01 >> Kalani 1986.31, Kaimuki 1334.01. High shooters-Kaln: […]

Kadooka, Ventenilla start air riflery season strong

By Jerry Campany on September 1, 2015

Kailua’s Lauren Kadooka was the OIA’s top shooter as air riflery season began over the weekend, leading Kailua to a win over Moanalua. Kadooka shot a 526.09 to lead all scorers in the Surfriders’ 1,806.18-1,793 win. Jennifer Loui of Pearl City was another sure shot, carding a 523.17 in the Chargers’ win over Kapolei. Nicholas Ventenilla of Kalani was the high scorer on the boys side, shooting a 507.14 in a win over Kaiser. Other top scoring boys were Mario Formaisano of Kailua and Micah Olivas of Leilehua with a 497. Here are the complete results: Match Results Aug 29

Takakusagi, Hines receive NIAAA scholarships

By Nick Abramo on June 30, 2015

Melia Takakusagi and Raymond Hines were awarded National Interscholastic Athletic Administators Association scholarships at the recent Hawaii Interscholastic Athletic Directors Association conference at the Hilton Waikoloa Villiage earlier this month. Takakusagi participates in air riflery for Waimea and Hines is a water polo player and paddler for Mid-Pacific.